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At Dolphin Bay / 海豚灣戀人

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At Dolphin Bay / 海豚灣戀人
Angela Zhang, Ambrose Hsu, Wallace Huo, Penny Lin, Liang Xiu Shen, Ge Wei Ru, Liu Rui Qi, Deric Wan
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Broadcast Year: 2003
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Yes
Legend has it a dolphin once helped to reunite a pair of tragic lovers. From then on, the well-adored animal became the guardian of love. At Dolphin Bay, a tale of love and myth continues.

Two children Zeya and Xiao Pin Gai met at an orphanage. Seeing the latter was often bullied by the other kids, Zeya rose to the occasion to become her gallant protector. Alas, the young couple parted ways when the director of a big company Xu Ruogu arrived to bring his ‘grandson’ home. Zeya promised to come back for Xiao Pin Gai, but when he finally makes good his promise 20 years later, his childhood friend is nowhere to be found. Where the orphanage once stood is now a cluster of skyscrapers.



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  • Chantikaorshop

    i like wallace huo and angela zhang.. I like wallace huo and angela zhang,, when they play the movie again? they fit

  • Jazzaboo12

    I love it the begining`s cute and i love it it`s sooooo awesome