18 Jin Bu Jin / 18禁不禁?

18 Jin Bu Jin / 18禁不禁?
Ah Ben, Di Qiu, Ah Mei, Xiao Cao, Xiao Xun, Michelle Zhang, Amanda Zhou, Carmen Tang, Chen Jian Zhou, Faye Zhan, Ming Jin Cheng
Genre:Comedy, School, Romance
Broadcast Year:2007-04-29
English Subtitle:No
Comedic exploration of the differences between the sexes. As their high school lives collided between the guys and girls, conflict is a must with these kids.
  • serene123

    i  love  you 

    • Bleah

      go eat shit 🙂

  • Ltphamxp

    can someone sub these episodes please, itd be great 😀

  • Qiao

    nice drama ! rate 4 stars .. it tells topic that teenagers would go through and lesson learnt

  • Kitty Mama

    One of the most underrated Taiwanese drama. It’s like high school version of scrubs minus the medical stuff. Well executed compare to its low budget. 

  • Nauxnart

    I uploaded English sub on YouTube. Search sfxun for the channel to watch the videos.

  • DwnHell

    This so is awesome bwhahah 
    i love watching love story