Mean Girl Ah Chu / 惡女阿楚

Mean Girl Ah Chu / 惡女阿楚
Joanne Zeng, Sam Wang, Chen Yi, Genie Zhuo, Gu Bao Ming, Liang Zhe, Billie, Zhang Ke Fan, Wang Li Ren, Gao Ming Wei, Ge Lei, Xie Zheng Hao, Chen Wen Xiang, Lu Man Yin, Hu Kang Xing, Guo Ding Wen, Ya Li, Ban Tie Xiang, Xiang Bo Tao
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2007-08-17
English Subtitle:Yes
Ah Chu is a mean girl. Well, she looks that way. But, under her tough exterior, she is a kind-hearted and charitable modern day female chevalier. One day, this girl encounters a gentle and honest man named Ling Ping Zhi. But he's never been away from his mother and is very naive. Therefore, Ah Chu displays her chivalry and saves the bachelor in distress. Later when he enters the showbiz, she helps him manoeuvre the dangers of show biz.
  • Pearl

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    • Pearl

      this drama was a complete fail; can genie please stop being in dramas that are so badly rated! the dramas she is in are such FAILS!

      • Guest

        She was really good in say that you love me a 2012 drama