My Lucky Star / 放羊的星星

My Lucky Star / 放羊的星星
Jimmy Lin, Yoo Ha Na, Hong Xiao Ling, Leon Jay Williams, Lee Wei, Wang Dao, Dong Zhi Cheng, Huang Yu Rong, Chen Wei Min, Zheng Xiao Hui, Tsai Pei Lin, Guo Shi Lun, Niu Cheng Ze, Meng Ting Li, Song Zhi Ai, Fu Pei Ci, Li Zhi Qin, Cheng Bo Ren, Lin Yi Hong, Renzo Liu, Liang Xiu Zhi, Xie Qi Wen
Broadcast Year:2007-03-11
English Subtitle:Yes
DVD version Episode 21-31 Downloads: Like the boy who cried wolf, Xia Zhi Xing had lied one too many times. So when she did tell the truth, nobody believed her except for the most unlikely person, Zhong Tian Qi, a runaway young master of a jewelry empire. His belief in her inspired her to become a real jewelry designer instead of a lying, scheming jewelry con artist. In the process, she taught him the real value of jewels that he is destined to inherit.
  • love it a lot!!! hope to see more of Xia Zhi Xing and Zhong Tian Qi!!! 😀

  • Amanda Yap

    <3 good drama!

  • really good drama!!…But is there any more good dramas of Jimmy lin? Because they don’t seem to have any here…only this one…

    • Pearl

      watch single princesses and blind dates

  • Pearl

    4 stars



  • Miriam

    this is the most hilarious series that i have watched. very enyoyable!!

  • Miriam

    jimmy lin is one of the most handsome chinese stars we have . he seems to not have aged.

    • moon


      he is the most handsome and great guy.

  • simplyashley


  • Miriam

    well, i stand corrected. when i post the “this is the most hilarious series….”, i was still watching the first few episodes.and it was really funny. But then, the series turned melodramatic……but still quite entertaining. altho i haven’t finished this one,( i am now in the middle episodes), i can prematurely judge this as ONE OF THE BEST 2007 taiwan drama series.

  • Miriam

    the background song of this series sounds very much the song of jacky chan kim tai hee movie THE MYTH-ENDLESS LOVE

  • Miriam

    one of my all-time favorites.

    • jarensen_my <3

      can you give ur list of ur all_time favz i hope i may find sum gud drama ther…to watch..!??!?

      • Miriam

        1) recommended… i watched these…..meteor garden, it started with a kiss, devil beside you, my lucky star(quite very good), fated to love you, my queen(story of older women who have not gotten married yet), it started with a kiss 2(ariel lin wonas best actress in drama), down with love(ella and jerry yan), the fierce wife(unexpected dark horse but i enjoyed this), in time with you(for me, this is the best last year) for 2012…fondant garden and absolute boyfriend.
         2) they said it is good….i haven’t watched these….. prince turned into a frog, hi,my sweetheart(rainie and show luo), black and white(vic zhou or zaizai starred in), my splendid life(jerry yan’s), autumn concerto (vanness), love you
         (rainie and joseph chang)

  • Everyone

    5 star :’)

  • Anonymous

    Recommending Autumn’s Concert, which will never be forgotten!!

  • Kewl

    I miss this kind of taiwanese idol drama! gives you a very special feeling 😀

  • Butterflies_01

    just wondering is ah xing (yoo hana) dubbed?

    • kawaiichan

      i think it’s because she’s korean and her chinese isn’t really good so sometimes she speaks korean when she has huge paragraphs of dialogue ^__________^”

  • Butterflies_01

    can anybody recommend a drama similar to this one?

    • Jocelyn

      try xia yi zhan xing fu. :))

    • Guest

       Autumn’s Concerto?

  • Janna

    I will love this drama forever and always.

  • julkku

    Can’t stop watching this<3!! Too goood
    Jimmy Lin<3

  • Maisee08

    I can’t stand this anymore!!! I love this drama so much and I don’t know where to buy the full set!!! HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Tobesto12

      Just download it and burn it to a cd

  • Maisee08

    Someone please help me find this full set drama!!! I dont want to watch it online, I want to buy the eng subbed full set!!!! HELP HELP!!! ebay, amazon, yesasia DOES NOT HAVE IT!! >__<

  • Anonymous

    anyone knows where i can buy this drama? i want it so bad!

  • tintin71

    comments are really good, i’m going to watch it now… 

  • James

    can reupload this drama to other filehost? Thanks!

  • Irine Mahardhika Putri

    kakak Jimmy Lin <3 <3 <3 <3 ?

  • Lovetwmandarin

    This drama was humdrum until Lee Wei and NiNi’s appearance… pity, one has to wait for 12 whole episodes.

  • Lovetwmandarin

    That dubbed voice for Yoo Ha Na needs to stop talking… it’s the most annoying voice in the whole wide world… don’t let that actress ever work again.

  • Tongsum

    Like this drama >3

  • Tongsum

    Just finished this drama. This is a great drama!! I can’t believe that this is from 2007 O_____O Definitely a drama worthy of re-watching later on. 

  • Eva15923

    how do you put english subs on? 

  • Anonymous

    this is quite funny.. and interesting too.. i lovee this. <3

  • JL

    This is one of my all-time favorites, and that’s saying a lot! ♥

  • jarensen_my <3

    this is da best drama ever and it alwayz b…and luv jimmy lin in dis drama da most…<3<3<3

  • anita

    alguien me puede decir donde la puedo encontar subtilada al español este dorama My lucky star porfavor
    grasias 😀

  • Billy

    Good series,enjoyed it all.
    Love Yoo Ha Na ! Very cute.

  • Bettina

    is ther an eng sub?

  • hoon hyun kang

    jimmy lin so handsome how i wish i could just meet him in person..

    🙂 unfortunately his already old by now…
     but still love him…

    • Gurlof3000

      But he still look young ! ^.^ <3

    • moon

      time is so cruel
      i wonder if this world can have another jimmy lin and gives us another beautiful story

  • Riki

    This is indeed a must-watch drama. Yoo Ha Na acting is superb here. She reminds me of the Korean actress, Lee Da Hae who acted in My Girl.  

    • Oreopandaa

      Goodness, and I thought I’m the only one who thought that!!

  • Minflower13

    love this drama it’s a must watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the main guy he is cute either as a bussiness man or a race car driver love the necklace they show on this show i give it a five star rating

  • Mai

    i am so in love with this movie, i watch it over and over again like there is no tomorrow

  • Kimi Zote

    very cute Actor and Actress,i like the characters of the zhong tian qi in all episode espicially when he risk his marriage proposal to protect ah xing and the way he proposed again her in front of the media,the more i see ,the more i like

  • Carmenn

    Seriously ! One of the BEST Taiwan drama I ever watched ! <333

  • love

    im obsessed with this drama 0:

  • Ericknsantamaria

    he is so cute but too bad hes married but hes a very good actor love him watch this drama every week

  • moon

    Jimmy Lin has a very beautiful and sexy eyes.

    how lucky kelly chen is
    to have a husband like jimmy lin
    oh god

  • yuan.yuen

    daebakkk oppa <3

  • KagKa

    Totally liked

  • KagKa

    Main girl reminds me of Ariel Lin