Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower / 一起来看流星雨

Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower / 一起来看流星雨
Zheng Shuang, Zhang Han, Yu Hao Ming, Wei Chen, Zhu Zi Xiao, Li Ying, Xiao Han, Wang Jian Xin, Peng Yang, Yin Ye Zi, Lu Hu, Ren Si Lu, Chen Yi Na, Chu Yi Nan, Cai Jun Tao, Jerry Huang, Li Dong Lin, Li Shi Peng, Ma Jian Qin, Xu Yang, Zong Feng Yan,
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2009-08-08
English Subtitle:No
Chu Yuyun is a hardworking, smart high school girl. Her biggest dream is to enter the prestigious Aliceton University. With help from her uncle, she finally gets in. Yun Hai, Duan Mu Lei, Shangguan Ruiqian and Ye Shuo are the four richest students of Aliceton. With their gorgeous looks, they became the idols of all the girls there. However, they’re unsatisfied with the lives that their parents forced upon them. In order to get the principle to kick them out of Aliceton, they performs a serious of pranks. While fighting for the justice of the victims of the pranks, Yuyun become the target of F4. Through fighting and arguing, they began to admire each other and became friends. Touched by Yuyun, F4 eventually becomes the top four students of the school. At the same time, they became loving, responsible males. Through the multiple struggles and hardships, Girl and F4 grew up. They learned to control their own lives, chose their own futures, and to strive for their dreams.
  • Rachael_tzy

    Why I can’t view the episodes ??

  • Tikitikie

    where’s the episodes?

  • Willis Melissa

    Y does it say yes 2 english subs but there arn’t any? I’m confused!

  • Tina

    The episode doesn’t have any engli9sh subtitles. Please this is the only available website beside mysoj, but they also have bunch of episodes that are not sub. please, if you can english subtitle as soon as possible.

  • Pearl

    4 stars

    • Pearl

      not as good as the taiwanese one but still give it 4 stars for the work put into it and the interesting thoughts behind it
      pretty original

      • Hermione

        the Taiwanese and Korean were horrible the girls were so ugly

  • Amanda_rox449

    awesome drama <3

  • erika

    Where can I see myself Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower are from romania and not find it please? I have seen and the other in Korea and I want to see it on this please

  • Erika

    Please answer me by email if possible Thank you very much [email protected]

  • AznGurlTht<3Dramas

    isnt this the same as boys before flower? the korean  drama.

    • Amu

      yes it is but this is chinese version

  • Redd W

    there are no english subtitles, even though the listing says that there are…

  • Crazy 1

    please please sub it!

  • kevinluv

    can I watch this on my ipod touch?

  • Jennytang427

    you can watch on it on your ipod touch

  • Why can’t i watch meteor shower 2 but i can watch meteor shower 1 and i really wanna watch the second season so please tell me why it doesn’t work.

  • subtitle pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Shilpajose27

    there are no subs for ep 36

  • Vol_pina 95

    subs for ep 26? or how can i see theme?

  • Aga1765

    how do I turn on subtitles?

  • Guest

    in which episode did yun hai start forgetting chu yu xun?

  • i dont see the subtitle 

  • Oh Weiqian

    Wow, first  the Taiwan ver., then the Japan ver., then the Korea ver. and now the China ver.? I think the story is getting over use over here. Lets hope the West don’t decide on making one next.

  • Anemon112

    hey, is anybody know where can  i found eng sub for
    21 to 32 episodes? i realy want to know what they are taking abaut:( i’m not satisfied only by watching:(
    i was  waiting for them to be together an now when that stubborn girl finaly do something abaut youhai I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TAKING ABAUT:(by the way mu lei in this version wasnt realy nice person like rui or else:(

  • Dorothy W Wong

    anyone know where to watch episode 30 with English subs?