Endless Love / 愛∞無限

Endless Love / 愛∞無限
Will Pan, Sandrine Pinna, Lin Yo Wei, Sumiya Nemi, Allen Chao, Wang Mon Ling, Bu Xue Liang, Huang Deng Hui, Huang Zhong Kun, Lu Man Yin, Ge Lei, Linda Liao, Chen Shi Ying, Zhang Jia Hui, Elmo Dai, Yan Jia Le
Broadcast Year:2010-08-22
English Subtitle:No
  • Guest

    Very nice drama!  It gets better as you continue watching and get into the story.  I am on episode 12 right now and absolutely hooked!  Good acting overall~

  • Guest

    Really really NICE.
    One of my favorites TW dramas < 3.

  • Genevieve

    Pls , make every ep got Engsub . Non chinese can watch too . It’s really a nice show .

  • why there’s no english subbed for episode 1 until 7?? T.T

    • Anonymous

      Watch it on viki.com

  • one

    how to download?

  • Argh!

    What is wrong with Episode 8???

  • LK

    Where is episode 6???

  • remii7

    what wrong with ep 13,14, and 15?

  • Yuuchan

    whats with ip.5???

  • Pearl

    3 stars

    • Pearl

      too draggy at the end

  • guest

    omg..too many things wrong…
    im not gonna watch…
    nopthing is more frustrating then watching
    the drama then suddenly has to go somewhere
    else searching for the broken/missing eps.. -_-“

  • Lil_azn_bub_letea

    the links after ep 12 dont work
    anybody have other links?

  • ww

    good job Wilbur!!!! Best Actor of the Gold Bell Awards!

  • YIN


  • Newlife

    為什麼? 5~8集都不能看?

  • Forlincr

    what happened to ep 6? can anybody fix it?

    • Mei

      Agree with u!…PLS help to fix it

  • guestEL

    serendipity fan subs did a good job hardsubbing (files available in avi and mp4 format)

  • Arfrank

    very very nice!!! The actors and story very well.

  • Stacyluu

    Do anyone knows how to save it into the player so I can watch with being online. thanks for letting me know.

  • Stacyluu

    Ooop! typo error, does anyone knows how to download to save in the player without being on the internet?

    • Trin

      Download realplayer and you would be able to do so. However, it might be very slow…

  • Viciousliltiger

    Wow. Can’t stand that Japanese bitche’s acting and funny Chinese. Fast forwarded every moment she was on..

  • there are no english subs wat do i do now…?!?!?!?

  • Yiling_amanda

    Alot of broken links~
    Kindly fix it Admins~~~~ Love you guys lots lots..


    can any1 see episode 8?

  • does anyone know how i can get that app on my phone…like i mean the one in the drama

  • Aqua_we07

    willber pan… he is not just good singer! he is good actor too!!!!

    this story really perfcet because of willber acting skill!


    does anyone know the song in the being of ep 1?

  • Elis Tyml

    Right now, I know why Will Pan won Best Actor from this drama. His acting is excellent. Sandrine’s acting is very good also. 

  • guest

    ep 6 part 2 not working?

  • 13anana13ri

    this drama is too underrated. 

  • Angela

    this is a good drama. will pan is good looking.

  • Emi

    Where can you download this drama with eng sub?

  • Ashiah

    good drama TBH, i like after xx years cliche in movie, so i can’t help to watch this, i like sandrine pinna, her face is unusual than any other oriental chinese face 🙂

  • Liwen LLW

    endless love ep 8 ? cannot watch .

  • LAT3344
  • nenith

    I want the sub