Summer's Desire / 泡沫之夏

Summer's Desire / 泡沫之夏
Barbie Xu, Peter Ho, Huang Xiao Ming, Canti Lau, Coco Jiang, Patina Lin, Fang Si Yu, Shen Jian Hong, Maggie Wu, Yang Han, Chang Kuo Chu, Zhang Ke Fan, Ke Huan Ru, Ying Cai Ling, Xu Ai Xin
Broadcast Year:2010-05-30
English Subtitle:Yes
Xia Mo and Luo Xi were orphans living at the same foster home. They became close friends after Luo Xi saved Xia Mo from an embarrassing situation at a singing competition. However, Luo Xi fell for Xia Mo. On the other hand, Ou Chen, a young master from a rich family, was deeply in love with Xia Mo, so he deliberately separate those two by sending Luo Xi to England. 5 years later, Luo Xi came back as a superstar with tons of fans, while Xia Mo was newly signed by a record label. Just when they met, Ou Chen lost his memory.
  • Sanny15

    this is a worth watching drama !! 🙂  

  • 9dior999

    Best drama Ever!!! Love Ou chen !! xx

  • Watch this drama making me even more loving ou chen peter ho!!!!!!!!!!! .<

  • baconalia

    the male actors are so hot!!!! 

  • joyann

    luo xi

  • Wanzhen2001

    ou chen

  • Fernyu2004

    love Peter Ho for playing Oh Chen- true love

  • Pearl

    5 stars

    • Pearl

      definitely worth watching but be prepared for bad ending b/c she ends up w/ peter ho instead of the hot xiao ming

  • Nicky121

    Love Lou Xi .He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Summer’s!

    hihi guys, sorry i am just being lazy to watch this drama yet. :p
    can anyone tell me xia mo ends up being together with luo xi or ou chen?
    hehe thanks <3

    • Guest

      no spoilers here. watch it. you will be surprised.

  • Hi

    is summer’s desire good?

    • Anonymous

      it’s the best drama you’ll ever watch, in my opinion. the romance in this drama seems so real it’s like they dated in real life

  • Sk


  • Miriam

    xia mo is the ice goddess personified. just wondering how the 2 hot male protagonists would fall for such type??maybe, opposite attracts?

  • Miriam

    it seems like the 2 male protagonists are so madly-in-love with xia mo, they are willing to even lose their life for her. the coolest(temperaament) one is xiamo, she said”i only want success.if i love you now, i will be at your side. if i don’t, i’ll be at his side”…episode 2

  • Miriam

    love triangle…. there would always be someone who gets hurt and i feel sorry for him.
    love triangle….. it’s a good thing this doesn’t often appear in real life (it’s hard already to find a boyfriend, what more of 2 boyfriends, hahaha) but in drama series.

  • Miriam

    their love for xiamo is too INTENSE. gives me the feeling that she is only a possession to be quarrelled over.
    i am now at episode 3 and enjoying it very much!

  • Miriam

    episode 7, part 6…..huge mistake……the butler told the old master, “the therapist suggests shao ye(young master..ou chen)to start a new life to erase painful memories (of his mother’s death)” GEE, he was a baby when his mother died. how could he have painful memories about it?

  • Miriam

    Episode 8….. i PITY the 2 guys because they were fighting for XiaMo who i think does not DESERVE either one of them. I don’t like the character of XiaMo here in this series.

  • Miriam

    episode 8…. she is NOT worth you kidney, OuChen.

  • Miriam

    this is the first drama series wherein the lady protagonist SEEMS EVIL to my eyes. The first time that i DON’T LIKE the main female character. Note: I love BOTH the 2 guys fighting for her love but i think they should just FORGET her. she is NOT WORTH fighting for!

    • Miriam

      episode 9 part 7. she said, ” in this life, there are more imnportant things other than LOVE”to think that these 2 love her so DEARLY but love is not that important to her but family obligations????she should become a NUN. she is so great!!!

  • Miriam

    rating…. it started all right then it went downhill. a little above passing…. about 3.5 STARS with 3 as passing.

  • Miriam

    that is what makes taiwanese drama series different from the others…. it has long conversational scripts that DON’T BORE you and the pacing is a little bit slow to show character development of the story. Because if Pacing is too fast, you won’t be so emotionally attached to the characters.
    Actually, although i don’t love XiaMo here and it has affected my rating of the series; compared to PSMAN, this series is way way better!

  • Wen

    Summer’s Desire is based on a book

  • Anonymous

    This drama was so cold because of Xia Mo – I can’t see her true feelings and I quit watching it by the second episode I think, and only saw the last episode, which truly dissappointed me.. I mean.. I didn’t like it at all… too cold, not full of emotion.. weird..

    • Love143

      You need to see the whole drama to understand

  • Yang_fan330

    i used to dislike this show so much.. but after giving it another chance.. i found it so touching… 夏沫 was only trying to protect herself and save her only family… and although torn between past and present feelings.. in the end, she finally made her choice and acted upon it, happily ever after. <3<3

  • DS

    really good story lines. i usually hate watching romance because of the over dramatic scenes. but each episode is intense and reveal each reason why it happen

  • Xkalaxina

    Fawwkk, Xia Mo shud be with fkin Luo Xi. Ugh >:l All those tears. FFor nothing omfg >:l

  • Xkalaxina

    She’s totally not worth it. What the fawk. She had the best guy. The best guy anyone could’ve asked for. Luo Xi. He was loyal. Loved her. WHATS WRONG WITH HER >.> OMG AND SHES SO FAKE =w =

    • me

      its ok 🙂 that makes him available. go get him 😀

    • Jenny

       Noo Xia Mo And Ou Chen is a perfect match

  • loveautumnsconcerto

    i envy xia mo a little bit. although her family ends up like this, but shi find her true love. She becomes with many celebrities friends and she is also famous. beside this, there are two handsome and rich guys, who love her deeply.

  • Ou Cheng and Xia Mo, they really match each other. At first, I was afraid that Peter Ho might be left behind. But finally….. Peter Ho is really a great actor. Fighting Peter Ho!!!!!!!!!

  • lotuslily

    i really like this drama. the characters are dysfunctional but there is no clear black and white character which makes it interesting. Also like the way the characters develop. Such an emotional drama… made me cry non-stop esp towards the end!

  • Jenny

    why everybody hate Ou Chen he cute <3

  • Anonymous

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  • Agrenacia88

    I love this show – a lot, simply because it’s really refreshing. I know that is it based on a novel. Am reading it now, and am gripped by the tranquility of the female character.
    For once, I actually see a strong female character who is not 1) Annoyingly stupid 2) Cute or plain dumb 3) Victimised. She fights for her own future, she attempts to change her own fate, even though she does not appear morally right, at times. Though morals in it itself, are questionable. Yet, I love that she is flawed. I love the intensity of Ou Chen’s possessiveness, and his ultimate transition where he considers ‘her as free’, while ‘he belongs to her’.Lou Xi would have fared better in the novel, in the drama, though he had his ‘moment’s, felt that it was only brought up through Xia Mo (Barbie Hsu)’s acting. Though, to be fair, I thought that it was an adequate effort.Barbie Hsu, as Xia Mo is perfect. 

  • Runacselling

    Very good~ I love it!!

  • Human

    I cannot see?!

  • Hohliu

    Hi, just wondering about this missing series? has it been removed temporary?

    • Michelle23

      yh, a shame really

      • cutiepie2399

        ut its back again!!

  • Michelle23

    It’s working again!!! 

  • cutiepie2399

    u guys wouldnt believe how much i love this drama,, i have watched it like a billion times!!!!!! a must watch!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Ashiah

    this drama is too underrated i think, its very good, barbie hsu acting was superb, the plot and ending is kinda unusual but very interesting, 4.5 out of 5, must watch!!!!!

  • Tseemee

    Love this drama! I think it’s a wonderful creation. Peter Ho is my fav
    Chinese actor. He’s so nice and love his smile.He only
    smiled a few times at the end because of his character.

  • Loesong

    It’s a good movie, good acting… I like this drama !

  • angelpwu

    All the characters were so enigmatic, like none of them had a clear characteristic yet they are so defined character wise.

  • secret

    OMG! Summer’s Desire clearly got me addicted hahahaha. it only took a few days to finish. for some reason 14 Episode was to short but at the other hand it was worth watching…

  • deidra crawford

    i love ou chen !!!!!! he so goood looking 🙂
    ok i feel bad for luo xi but i completely suppport ouchen and xia mo 🙂 they are cute together 😀 love it

  • moonmystery

    honestly i wanted Luoxi as the one who ends up with Xiamo. But…. if i
    think about it, this drama is one of the rare ones where the unlikely
    guy, ouchen, ends up with the main girl. Usually we can tell right away
    who would get the girl…. and I seriously thought it would be LUOXI!!!

  • I love this drama.. I Super like with this drama when Ou Chen n xia mo could end up together.. So addicted… Su su love Ou Chen, xia mo!!

  • sofia chen

    i always supported ou chen he was my fav i always thought he deserved love and he was not afraid to chase after what he wanted the only reason he let go was to keep the one he loved happy but the ending was worth it they will be happy

  • lilipoetry

    Summer Desire is one of my favorite drama.

    It’s really worth to watch and never feel bored.

  • Love143

    Summer’s desire is so good I loved the ending

  • stephy905

    Summer’s Desire is my favourite drama.
    This is already the third time that I watch this drama.
    It’s really never make me feel bored.

  • lovethis

    I’ve come back to watch it again. Had such great memories with it, and the ost here are amazing <3