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Skip-Beat! (Extravagant Challenge) / 華麗的挑戰

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Skip Beat Skip Beat! (Extravagant Challenge)
Ivy Chen, Choi Si Won, Lee Dong Hae, Bianca Bai
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 15
Broadcast Year: 2011-12-18
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Yes
Manga Synopsis – Sixteen year old Mogami Kyoko sacrificed her life to support her boyfriend, Sho, so he could become a successful singer. One day, Sho suddenly breaks up with Kyoko, leaving her with nothing, and Kyoko vows revenge. She decides to delve into the entertainment world and become even more successful than Sho to get back at him. Kyoko therein meets Ren, another actor in her agency, who helps motivate her to become a top entertainer.



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  • cutiepie2399

    Donghae <3 !!!!!!!!! Omg, i hope there is a season 2, i cant wait :)

  • Telusakin

    how dare they make a tv series about it

    • Maggie

      Why would you even care!!! if you don’t like the tv series then don’t watch it

  • amNadia

    I know I’m gonna get lots of hate but the manga version is better. Nice show and all but still can’t beat the manga. I’m sorry no offense

    • moonmystery

      i completely agree. The manga IS better. But this is good too. I laughed a lot. Good stuff. good stuff.

  • 9dior999

    Manga and anime version r both WAAYYYY betta than dis

  • Sosorichmond

    manga is better but they still didnt finish it. i hate that they need to hurry up. because the main character reminds me of me!

  • Nessz

    simply wonderful to watch, i am also a fan for the anime and manga, but this is well done in my opinion and many others that I have come across.

  • Mimi

    is this a good drama? I’ve read most of the manga and watched all the anime episodes but wanted to try this out too lol – love skip beat so much :’)

  • SuperJ2000

    They will start filming season 2 of skip beat early in 2014. Hopefully this will describe how the last episode ended.

    • jjlt

      ??really//where did you get the information??

  • Kristi Scharine

    There’s a Statement on Wiki under Skip Beat Search that says that they will be starting a Season 2 of Skip Beat in 2014 and it was just updated on the 12th of this month. And it hasn’t disappeared yet, so I’m hoping it’s true then again I don’t know how realiable Wiki is. I was told it could never be used for writing papers so I’m not sure how reliable it is.

  • Cammie

    At first, I watched this because of Super Junior :P SIWON IS SO HOT!!! Donghae too!!! But I started to fall in love with the plot and all the characters. I haven’t read the manga or anything so I’m not in the place to judge this ^^” But I have to say this show is pretty awesome! It’s just that I think a season 2 is DEFINITELY needed!!! The ending is kinda vague :( Not much of Donghae’s character was mentioned. Wonder who she will get tgt with in the end! xP

    I WANT A SEASON 2!!!! xDDDD NOW NOW NOW, hahaha.

  • ninuna

    Skip Beat is supposed to be a JAPANESE DRAMA why is it TAIWANESE???? IT’s originally Japanese manga turned JAPANESE ANIME and now a TAIWANESE DRAMA nandeee???!!!!

  • ninuna

    Taiwan had already adapted atazura no kiss to playful kiss/started with a kiss and now skip beat seriously no originality much???????!!!!

    • melissa

      lol long as they have paid the rights of making that series,why not?does that make them not original?as youve said “adapted” why are u over reacting?then dont watch lol stupid commenter.

  • kate

    I want season 2 of Skip beat. Same actors pleaseee. Simon and Donghae are both handsome. Ivy Chen is so adorable and cute. I just hope there will be more focus on the Love triangle :)

    • andrea

      it’s siwon…

  • May Argana

    I love skip beat i hope that they will continue the drama <3, the love triangle must be there :)

  • Jade

    Skip beat season 2 please… Same actors though.. And i hope that the love triangle will be emphasized.. Season 2! Season 2! Season 2! Season 2!!!!

  • Kaizii

    PART 2 Please!!!!!!!! :(

  • Kaizii

    Skip Beat is Trending! I am looking forward for Skip Beat Part 2. please please

  • Oh Kaye

    Season 2 please? Same characters too ♥
    Im looking forward to it.

  • Rhy

    I really love skip beat….When will they show us the part 2 or did they start to film it…looking forward to it…can’t wait to watch Siwon again…

  • Anjeline Alegado Samonte

    please….. season two of this drama.cause i really being bother by how it’s end i want to know what gonna be there status and even how does the relationship of lian and gongxi would grow so pretty please……i really came to love this movie.

  • Kieu

    Ninuna needs to stop being a hater. I love this drama! Ivy Chen is so adorable and I love her acting! I can’t wait for season 2!!! They did a superb job transforming it from the Japanese manga/anime into a live action show!

  • Rykah

    Part 2 where are you ? :’(

  • NIC

    Season 2 please!!! :D

  • Shine Light

    pllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want season 2