Love Recipe / 料理情人夢

Love Recipe / 料理情人夢
Kenji Wu, Li Jia Ying, Gui Gui, Rhydian Vaughan, Xie Qiong Nuan, Xiu Qin, Wang Yu Rou, Zhu Lu Hao, Yang Li Ying
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-09-04
English Subtitle:No
The current owner of Golden Chicken, Li An An, is determined to sell her family restaurant to the highest bidder. Unfortunately there is no buyer. She is forced to stay put and try to restore the restaurant back to its former glory. As her family story has it, a hundred years ago the restaurant became famous for a chicken recipe invented by a pair of star-crossed lovers who wanted it to embody their love. However, the recipe has gotten lost through generations and the restaurant was not the same anymore. Now, it's up to her to recover the lost recipe of love.
  • Pearl

    1 star
    definitely the worst draggiest, the ending doesn’t make sense is retard show EVER

    don’t watch it unless you want some twisted up we are siblings in the future show w/ a mix of cook/chef contest plus blindness for the climax-.-”””

    a total waste of my time

    I am not watching a gui gui film without arron yan!!!!! guilun guilun guilun like my petition! XD

    • QT

      The story was kinda crappy..not what i had suspected..! :L but it was okayy it was quite funny and the major reason is i watched it for Gui Gui! ^^ 🙂 
      and i wish Gui Gui and Aaron Yan would film another drama..their so cute together..! but very unlikely.. -.- Pilimit 2 ftw! ahaha

      •  i think most of watchers watch this drama because of the same reason as you =DDDD

  • Jessie

    I think most people watched this drama just for Gui Gui ! :L me too! but it wasnt a bad drama..i dnt think the main actors kenji wu and li jia ying are not too loveable in our views… :L
    but my dearest gui gui is too loveable in whatever drama she acts in xD <3 <3 <3

    • Jessie

      are too* 

  • Jingyuloveguilunforever!

    Other than Pi li MIT I wish guigui and Aaron would be acting together again! But it’s a sad thing that Arron got a lump in his chest. His report will be out after Chinese new year. Hope he get weel soon! Guilun forever! <3

    • Jingyuloveguilunforever!


  • anoniem

    I love Rhydiannnnn and Gui gui! omg omg

    • Didi

      Only parts worth watching in the whole drama!

  • gerilyn

    no eng sub?