Love You / 醉後決定愛上你

Love You / 醉後決定愛上你
Rainie Yang, Joseph Chang, Tiffany Xu, Tom Price, Renzo Liu, Di Zhi Jie, Song Xin Ni, Zhong Xin Ling, Xie Qi Wen, Na Wei Xun, Kingone Wang, Bu Xue Liang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-04-17
English Subtitle:No
When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one night, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discovers the next morning they almost got married.
  • jey dada

    super klig…. luv 8..

  • Jennyxin90

    i like it

  • Pearl

    1 star

    the draggiest show EVER

    • Kharn

      go fvck urself. then dont watch it. 

    • guest

      don’t wu ru

  • Kharn

    Joseph Chang is so handsomely funny! Good chemistry with rainie yang! liked the drama! so hilarious. 

  • Lolita

    lol!!! sounds lyk the commentators *above the subtitle* underestimated Joseph Chang’s hotness. omg he’s lyk waayyy hotter than Mike He. im tellin you! dont judge a damn book by it’s damn cover!! he’s JOSEPH IS SOOOOO FREAKKKINNNN HAAAWWWTTT!! nothing can contain his hotness, sex appeal and charisma as Song Jie Xu in this drama! best taiwanese ive ever seen yet!.

  • Carla_kc

    agreed!!! to those commentators who said joseph chang was oogly/ ugly not hot may now go to hell. thank you. best drama btw!!!

  • Amy_ramy_lola

    Hi Everyone:

    Alien Huang is amazing.  Not only is his music inspiring, unique, and speaking out to his audience, his acting and personality is one of a kind as well.  Even though Alien Huang only shows up on the second half of the drama, for Alien Huang, it is worth every second of it.  He is hiliarious, mostly when he first appear in episode 11, I believe, when he tries to steal the crissant for Xiao Ru from the guy with the dog who bought the last one from the bakery.  Alien Huang’s charming humor always brighten my day. In additon,I have fallen in love with his music after first listening to “For Myself.”  I hope that one day I will be able to escape my present life and have the courage to chase after my dreams and obtain the freedom that I have lost through time.  For those of you who feel that life is miserable, give Alien Huang album “Love Hero” a try, it will definately be that spark of light that you may be searching for in all that darkness.  Alien Huang . . . keep brighten those lost soul with your inspirational music.  ROCK ON . . . AND FOREVER LIVE ROCK MUSIC!!!!


    • XG

      Love Alien Huang <3

  • assej eam

    i really love”love you”… it is so beaautiful,funny and romantic…

    • Raini Yang

      this my favoret movie and my favorite atins in taiwan is raini yang abd joseph chang

  • Jashacute30

    i really love the taiwanese drama its  very funny and comedy ilove JV and karen nice COUPLE!! :)

  • Jashacute30

    i really love the taiwanese drama it is so funny and romantic karen and jv nice couple!!

  • Airracapundan

    hello po

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  • Khristianonera

    do you know that i really love that episode….

  • Gracelin1114

    I love Love You! 5 stars!!

  • Elwaldem

    This is my first time watch taiwan comedy drama
    and I like this drama very much. tumbs up!

  • Joy

    Joseph was acting in another movie with 小S, I was attracted by him, but I did’t even know his name. He was commented by Lin Chin Hsia in her book. I would to see more of his movie.

  • guest

    Overall great drama only complaint is that the way they wrote the story near the ending was really bad and disappointing…

  • Didi

    Suprisingly funny drama, not too over the top and never took itself too seriously.  Dragged out the ending a little longer than necessarily but still super cute.

  • bubbleebubbles

    love xiao gui in this drama <3 he's as hot as ever, so sad he isn't the male lead :/

  • Guest

    Last episode: 我要去埋单哦~

    laugh die me. lol

  • Joycelow9

    We might need to change the description a bit: When Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) meets Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) in a bar one day, where both proceed to drown their sorrows, only to discover the next morning they had got married to each other.

    • anon


  • jun hao

    More episode on Love You.

  • jun hao

    True love in true live on Love You was good.

  • Lasille


  • Purpiezxc

    LOVE this show !!! <333

  • JesmineSG

    FABULOUS DRAMA.Love how the story goes ,everything well planned,goes very smoothlym/ I always catch it on TV though.I LOVE COMEDIES~ Love the 幕后花讯 behind every episode. Joseph SHUAI dao omg.Rainie cutepie!! sweet couple. Look forward to see more of this drama. :D More episodes please? *v*  More drama of Joseph & Rainie!!!

  • Noraini Rahim

    I so love this drama mainly due to the wonderful acting of Rainie & Joseph as a adorable couple who persevered through the trials & tribulations of love….. (Noraini Rahim, Malaysia)

  • Lucifer

    I am so in love with this drama, really hope they can collaborate again.

  • Riki

    Awesome acting by Rainie and Joseph Chang. Love their cute moments together. This drama is funny and heartwarming. Highly recommend to watch. 

  • Mm

    awesome show

  • Julieycf

    When this drama was aired, I was liked who is this funny looking guy (Joseph Chang) and decided not to watch it. But after a few episodes, I must say that I am impressed with the whole thing (story, his acting) It is funny and it reminds me of Destined to Love You. Highly recommended!

  • Ashiah

    not into this drama, a little boring for me :p

    • Faith Liu

      It actually gets better…..!!! Continue!!! Be Patient!!!!


    Rainie really needs to get back to doing dramas. I really miss her. I have watch most of her dramas & just love her as an actress & singer. Her music is great (fav Taiwanese female ballad singer).

    I think she’s the most successful Taiwanese singer/actress. Rainie hurry up and take up a drama please!! :))

    • Anoymous

      I agree. All her dramas are always among the top rated dramas.LOL it’s like monopoly.

      And she really needs to get back to acting or Taiwan’s drama industry will fall soon cos most current TWdramas aren’t reallly that good as before.

  • Hpesoj Rock

    i love rainie yang