Office Girls / 小資女孩向前衝

Office Girls / 小資女孩向前衝
Alice Ke, Roy Qiu, Tia Li, Wen Sheng Hao, Janel Tsai, Guo Shu Yao, Patrick Li, Shen Meng Sheng, Lang Zu Yun, Jian Chang, Yan Jia Le, Wang Juan, Lin Jun Yong, Zhao Zheng Ping, Xiao Ba, Luo Ping, Michael Zhang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-08-21
English Subtitle:Yes
Shen Xing Ren is not the best or the hardest worker, neither is she the worst. She enjoys working because it gives her the money to enjoy life. She loves a good romance but will not bend over back for a man. She is the new generation of office girls.
  • Tad

    This drama looks pretty interesting!!

    • Blossom

      It is very entertaining! I hope everyone is enjoying it. 🙂

  • Smiling_tob

    quite lame leh.. the female lead nwadays nt very beautiful.. i guess thats the trend..

  • Liz

    Roy Qiu is soo good looking!!

    • AfdjkhJ


      • Nycz

        you should watch him in easy fortune happy life… you would change your mind after you watch him in that drama

    • Maha~

      dont listen to the random person who said dislike, ROY IS HANDSOME D: when i saw him in easy fortune happy life, i got a heart attack, fainted, then died, then resurrected just to see his smexyness again ^_______^

      • Blossom

        I wasn’t sure whether it was Roy…but his eyes…OMG…thanks for the confirmation!! 🙂

  • Zitaferreir

    Just wondering: why isn’t the upcoming section updated? Extravagant challenge is the only thing in there since over a year ago…

    • Coco4kpop

      That drama is going to be out around November of this year nd im goin to watch it becayse Super Junior’s Siwon nd Donghae is in it

  • tada

    Did the site break down?

  • Flish

    It says there’s subtitles. THERES NO SUBTITLES. The same with Hayate the Combat Butler. T_T

  • az

    tia is so pretty but she seems very sly in the drama, and roy qui is very good looking:)

  • fairiescc

    can’t wait for the ep 3~ aaa.. want to see Zi Qi and Xing Ren together. XD

  • fairiescc

    can’t wait for the ep 3~ aaa.. want to see Zi Qi and Xing Ren together. XD

  • Wee

    This drama is showing from mon~fri?

    • gb

      episodes only comes out every sundays 🙂

      • Wee

        Thanks for telling! 🙂

  • ht

    I thought this drama air every saturday 10pm? Why is it only released on sunday nights/monday mornings?

  • Sg

    Waiting for subs

  • Sg

    Ep 3 with subs does not work

  • Lina

    I watch cause of tia li! ~ 😀

    • Guest

      But she doesn’t look as pretty in this drama

      • Lina

        To me, she’s pretty in every dramas and ways. (:

        • Iamhahahaaaa99

          go die in a fire you’re such a troll!

  • Lina

    I watch cause of tia li! ~ 😀

  • Lina

    I watch cause of tia li! ~ 😀

  • =D

    nicez show

    • Guest

      Trying to promote my friend so yeah 🙂 Lots appreciated!

  • Ford_online

    Pls give us English sub asap…bastard…

    • Youidiot

      i am sure they are working as hard as they can already, if you are so impatient, go fucking learn chinese! barstard.

  • SweetCookizie.

    Why there is no topic for the new drama of Roy :(.
    “Waking up Love”, in chinese “Ai qing shui xing le”.
    Remake of ‘Prince turns into a frog’.
    Such a good drama, but it doesn’t exist on Sugoideas. Fffh


    OMG TIA is so FAKE!
    Come on, you guys can’t deny the fact that she cannot act at all! Her face is always so stiff and can’t even smile..

    • Lina

      She doesn’t know her to act. At least she tried. If you think she can’t act at all, then don’t watch her drama. Before you ever post things like this. You should think of her fans’ feeling.

      • abc321

        I think Annoymous is actually right. I am pretty sure that that person doesn’t mean any harm. The person is just saying the truth. At least the person didn’t like curse her out or something.  From this you can see that the person still has some respect for Tia.. and plus, this isn’t really tia’s drama, this is roy’s and alice’s drama… with her in it..

    • Kissradio123

      I find that “OMG” quite offensive to Tia. Even if you don’t try to express that in any offensive way, some things are just better keeping to yourself. Im not a great fan of her, but I still hope you can respect her and her fans

      • abc321

        Guys, everyone has their own opinion and this place is where we can give comments on any aspect of this drama. I disagree with you guys telling annoymous to keep his/her opinions to him/herself. It is his/her right. Leave him/her alone.. There wouldn’t be a point in this section if everyone was to keep their own opinions to themselves…

        • Kissradio123

          from what I’m seeing here is that anyone can give any offensive opinions and not respect her and her fans?

          • qqPaNDaaa745

            uhh.. y does it seem like u r making this such a big deal……………..

    • gg

      you are telling the truth….

  • Pearl

    I personally like this drama b/c it’s realistic; I am going to major in business too and I just want to be a average office girl that has a interesting romance
    isn’t that every girl’s dream?

  • Lina

    Frankly speaking, if you think giving comments is okay. then what if people gives such an offensive comments about you, you may feel alright. but tia’s fan dont like it. If you’re trying to compare tia and yourself, you are much far away from where she is standing.

    • Iamhaha998

      get a FUCKING LIFE. this isn’t a fan site forum~ take your pathetic little attitude elsewhere. people can say whatever the hell they want. who are you to judge?

      • Lina

        how about me saying offensive stuffs about you, do you like that? You should be the one to be getting a life, boy.  Mind your language. (:

        • Iamhahaha998

          you are stupid beyond comprehension. you don’t even speak english, stop annoying everyone with your engrish. it doesn’t make any sense!

          • Lina

            oh is that so. if you think your english is any better or you’re just comparing english. might as well go to some english drama website. Don’t try coming to chinese taiwan drama and talk so much cock.

    • guest

      well, Tia got big PLASTIC SURGERY, you can check the old pics of her. And then, she joined the singing competition in Shanghai, she failed so bad, everyone thinks she just have the “look” (while its fake too). And then she went back to Taiwan, go to those talk shows, obviously not a lot of people like her since she acts really ‘NOT natural’. AND thennnn,,, she is acting in drama right now, which is A BIG FAIL… SO …IT’S REALLY REALLY OK for people to judge her since she;s a public figure, Or if she cant, what else she can do to impress the fans???? just by the gossip she created with other celebrities??? or take some pics for modeling companies???

    • Youareapsycho

      you must be one of those crazy disturbed psycho stalkers who’s going after an obsession. If i were her, i’d file an injunction against you. psycho person! 

      • StupidCommenters

        You guys are so funny… full of nonsense and bs. Lol. Who cares who said what. Who cares which actress is good or bad? If you have a comment and you wish to say it, say it. If we ignore you, dont blame us.

  • =)

    love<3 episode 6  nicez =))))      haha~

  • guest

    “She enjoys working because it gives her the money to enjoy life.”
    This doesn’t seemed to be an accurate description for this drama.

  • *sigh*

    Roy’s got really nice and long eyelashes! *jealous*

  • Liemkh2k

    After My Queen this drama is a winner ,,, well scripted, well acted/executed and contains a good story line ….. A rarity in taiwanese drama.

    • Ziggy

      no no Liem, you can’t compare OG with My Queen. My Queen is smart, funny and moving. Ethan Ruan and Cheryl Yang have chemistry. It just works. BTW, I still hate han jia jia. I was so pissed off when she tried force kiss Lucas. That’s not right. I don’t know who’s more evil han jia jia or Wei En (The Fierce Wife). They’re both evil. they both deserve each other! urgghh!!!!

      but anyway, I like OG. It’s really nice.

  • Bachfifi

    I love Roy he is so HOT!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for uploading.

  • Sweety :)

    the videos don’t work. :(( can someone fix it up? PLEASE

  • Marianne

    I love to the the TWdrama Office Girls because it’s so funny for me.

  • Marianne

    I can’t watch the episodes in English subs with Renai Fan subs and i want to releases the episodes of the TWdrama very soon.

  • Bachfifi

    I don’t like Tia Li she is so evil in this drama!!!!!!!!

    • Tia Lee

      批評什麼? 你來演啊 很厲害嗎

    • Lina

      She suppose to be evil in this drama.

    • Ziggy

      The thing about Tia is that ….I don’t think i ever saw her smile or shown genuine compassion, empathy, etc. in Office Girls or in Hayate the Combat Butler.  She gives me an uneasy feeling with that goof ball smile and dead fish eyes.

    • DahGigi

      but shes hella pretty! id hit it!

    • Kitsune129

      i agree… she’s too evil…

  • That_lady Rachel

    any one know who many ep are there in this drama?

    • Ziggy

      It depends on the rating I guess. If the ratings are real good like Fierce Wife or ISWAK, the series may go onto 20 eps. But if they don’t do too well….like Hayate the Combat Bulter….12 eps max. It’s a numbers game.

  • Ziggy

    Roy Qiu has a very fit and athletic male figure. This guy definitely eats healthy. I don’t think he smokes or drinks. He’s blessed with really good DNA.

  • casey

    any spoilers for episode 9? can’t wait.

  • Meina Yu

    乐乐 is so funny, her voice is cute.

  • jhg bjkb 6343

    ugh, i can’t stand tia! so annoying!!

  • Nicky121

    I love Roy Qiu.He looks cute and handsome!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    roy qiu is so hilarious, love his character!

  • sushi8

    Does this release one ep a week?

    • Bear


  • Poison Ivy

    Roy Chiu was indeed a good actor. Just finished Waking Love Up, he played a mean businessman without much emotions to a man who longing for true love. In this Office Girl, he played a man who has yet to grow up… his voice, his behaviours, the personality.. so so convincing.  How come I never notice him till now?!

  • kkPanda

    Office Girl 真的勝過 In Time With You 嗎﹖﹖ 我還是喜歡In Time With You唉。。。

  • allen



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  • Ericyehyehyeh


    我可能不會愛你 才 2.09but i like in times with u better ><

    • Ericyehyehyeh

      the link isn’t a spam, its a statistic from Facebook 我可能不會愛你 ‘s official website

    • kkPanda

      WHAT﹖差那麼多﹖﹖﹖不會吧 >___< 我真的覺得 我可能不會愛你 好看多了﹗﹗﹗

  • Guest

    i love this show!! it’s the best tw idol drama i’ve seen in a long time i think 🙂 and it seems more realistic in a sense that it captures how some young people are struggling today with the current global economy!

  • limhee96

    I prefer the pace of this show. They are neither too fast nor too slow. They have great OST too. 🙂

  • Bachfifi


  • moon_dreamz


  • Ziggy

    I’m starting to dislike Kar Er. I’m really really starting to dislike her. Kar Er’s selfishness and insecurity obstructs an evolving love between Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren. What Kar Er is doing is not right and is not fair.

  • Sergiolocquiao

    i really like this drama 🙂

    • Ziggy

      me too!

  • Ken_locquiao

    i cant wait till ep. 11 pls hurry lol

  • royqiulover

    i <3 roy in this drama, he is sooo cute/hot luv his smile nd his eyes!!!! <3

  • Ziggy

    YES!!! He admits his love for Shen Xing Ren!!! This drama is too good! I’m totally addicted! GO QIN ZI QI! CONFESS YOUR LOVE TO SHEN XING REN! DO IT! DO IT NOW! COME ON!!

    • Ziggy

      oh btw, Qin Zi Qi, you need to dump Tia as soon as possible! A text message will do nicely!

  • Ziggy

    oh man! I gotta wait 5 more days for the next eps! so frustrating! 🙁

  • Tntgirl520

    roy is so sexyyy ohmygoooodness i need me a babe 

  • limhee96

    4 more days ! 

  • dennis

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  • Ziggy

    4 days!! urgghhh!!!!! too long!! too long! I want to see Qin Zi Qi confess his love to Shen Xing Ren now!!! urgghh!! so long the wait!

  • Ziggy

    Qin Zi Qi! this is what you need to
    say to Shen Xing Ren: “沈杏仁 我喜歡你!”




  • Ang

    dang roy is so freaken HOT!!! how could rainie leave him lol

    • amy

      he went out with rainie yang?

      • ROYLOVE


        • Wweee

          omg this fucka fcuked rainie

        • Ziggy

          wait a min. you said “used to be”! that means right now Roy’s single and unattached! hey…you got a chance with Roy! 😉

        • Lovetvxqforever22

          roy and xiao gui…rainie is one lucky gal

  • Marianne

    How many episodes are there in the TWdrama Office Girls? I don’t know.

    • Joycelyn


      • Liemkh2k

        20 episodes will be a challenge to make this drama not stupidly draggy. According to Wikipedia, this drama should last 16 episodes ….. however money talk … alas

        • Freesialin

          totally agree with you.

  • Marianne

    It doesn’t matter how to watch the TWdrama just for me.

  • Ziggy

    why is it so hard for qin zi qi to say “沈杏仁 我喜歡你!” When said it to Kar Er, he was so transparent and eloquent. Now I have to wait another week!! urgghh!!!!!

  • Ziggy

    Le Le and the manager? together as a couple? no way! no way! no way! it’s sick and perverted! no way! Le Le should go with the guy with the big glasses. He’s the one working in the same office as qin zi qin and Shen xing ren. That is a nice couple!

    manager + Le Le = forget it!

  • Giselle Kent

    OMG!! Tia Li/ 李毓芬 is sooo fake! Everything she has is not hers… FAKE EYELASHES, FAKE CONTACTS, FAKE LIPS… come on, a woman is only considers pretty when she has no make up, the bare skin woman… 李毓芬 has always wore something in all pics… everything is fake, of course, doesn’t look bad… But oh man, those wide and big lips are horrible. I think she can eat two hamburgers at one time… LOL!!! Too bug mouth is not good for a woman. Ok ugly 李毓芬, good luck and be yourself! Feel confident about yourself, ok? I totally think Alice Ke is much prettier… very very cute!

    • truth speaks all

      ahhh omg someone that actually understands what i am thinking too!! She really is fake!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

      • annonymous~

        So what about her being fake? At least if she isn’t gifted to be pretty, she tries to be by undergoing plastic surgery. In this world, if you don’t have anything, you should just try your best to achieve it. Seriously, I don’t think Alice is any better. Not that I support Tia or anything. But based on their acting skills, Tia is not that bad.
        And honestly la. So many people in the entertainment industry have undergone plastic surgery. Not only her. So just leave her alone. I think as an actress, she has done her best.

        • Daisy_tsm

          Ya agree

      • William

        Get a life la. Who do you think you are to judge others? If you are jealous that Tia is pretty after undergoing plastic surgery, get a life please. What’s the big deal when she undergo plastic surgery and doing make up to make herself prettier? If you look ugly than her, you will also do make up to make it look better right? Tia may not look pretty as Alice, but can you fking respect her and her fans? She tried her best to act in this drama yet you’re here giving bad remarks? Since you talk as if you better in acting, go and act her role.

    • Ziggy

      Tia…she’s not normal. Something is wrong with her.

    • Daisy_tsm

      Walao stop insulting her la!!! I am a fan of her and can u stop saying !!!!!!!!!!

  • PUSH

    Sucha awesome drama!

  • Z100loveer

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  • gb

    Does anyone know how many episodes is this drama going to have?

    • CoCo4Kpop

      I think it has 15 ep

      • E3dshi


        • Passerby

          18 episodes according to wikipedia

    • Freesialin

      Some news mentioned there will be 20 episodes.

  • Ziggy

    You know Qin Zi Qi’s boss. The guy who’s in love with Le Le. That dude’s got a lot of guts to run into the ladies room and try to “rescue” Le Le! I’m impressed! ok, it’s a sloppy rescue but hey I’m impressed.

  • Ziggy

    The cutest thing that Qin Zi Qi  did: He built a doll house for Shen Xing Ren. That was really cute. that was really sweet.

    The bravest thing Qin Zi Qi did: When he and Shen Xing Ren climbed on top of Shen Mama’s house to fix the leaking roof. In the middle of a strom! Thunbs up buddy!

    The dumbest thing that Qin Zi Qi did: He didn’t tell Xing Ren the truth about who he really is.

  • Vannaeus

    one more day to go and we shall see our OTP…love them both…hope more intensity on their chemistry but i guess sinces they are doing baby steps towards the unknown…i hope from the preview XR doesnt go with MN to Paris esp with Mama Shen being sick…

  • Masaki

    anticipating ep 13!!

  • 0.o

    Argh! 11 hours more to wait!

  • Marianne

    Thanks for the episode 13 of Office Girls. Thanks.

  • Marianne

    How many episodes are there in the TWdrama Office Girls? It will be 19 episodes i guess.

    • Ziggy

      I don’t know. I’m hooked on drama. Can’t get enough! I’m a drama addict! I hope Xing Ren doesn’t go to Paris!

    • Le3ping

      20 episodes

  • Bachfifi

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  • Ziggy

    omg! omg! the wait was worth it! you got to see eps 13!!!!! you got to go thru the whole thing but last part is a shocker! (Hint: Xing Ren does something to Qin Zi Qi while he’s sleeping. don’t worry it’s not that bad!) I love the part where he wrote to Xing Ren: “我很在乎妳” ( I care about you.)—-that is so sweet. I’m babbling all over the place! I’m so excited! can’t wait for eps 14!

  • Ziggy

    about that manager. The guy that’s in love with Le Le: do guys still go out and sing to their love? does your guy do that? that’s weird! I just feel it’s weird and old fashion.

  • aj

    would u know if epi 14 and onwards  are available already pls?

  • Rubycfc

    Can’t wait for ep 14, another hour to go…

  • Slk

    omg. still one hr to goo…

  • a line

    yay! it’s coming, can’t wait!

  • moon_dreamz


  • Ziggy

    EPS 14 IS THE BEST ONE!!!! Everything led up to this moment! QZQ confesses his love to SXR! And she accepts! yay!

    • FTWRoy

      Wow thanks a lot for spoiling….

      • a line


      • Ziggy

        hey…no problem. I’m so happy  for QZQ and SXR. 😛

  • a line

    I like this show… so interesting!… some show bores me after the leads finally become a couple… but this one makes me want to watch more! lovely!

    • Ziggy

      its interesting. it starts out small and then gradually over time it builds and it builds into a world where you see the characters as real people. Some characters like Tia are ones you love to hate. Some like QZQ/SXR you want to cheer on. Then of course you have the thing between Le Le and the Manager. It’s smart, It’s funny. I like these guys. I like this show. But I think we’re coming towar the end. Unless Tia does really crazy and drastic…ha! ha!

    • Daisy_tsm

      Ya lor !

       I love Kai er as she is pretty and her acting is good!
      The manager and lele are cute, while Qing zhi qi and Shen xing ren are cute too!!!!!!!!

  • fans

    love ep14!!

  • Daisy

    This is the nicest drama i ever watch for taiwan drama 🙂 This drama is 100% nicer than the stupid draggy+ lousy drama call 父舆子! Will support 小資女孩向前衝!!! ♥♥♥ I love Li yu fen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daisy_tsm

    Hope that lele and the manager will get  together 🙂

  • Jalcantara31

    I would agree episode 14 is the best of all episodes… It was so exciting and the scenes are so cute… Can’t wait to complete the episodes. I even watched it 4 times and i still can’t get over it.I  so LOVE this drama…swear..

    • Ziggy

      WOW…4 TIMES!! lol!!! but eps 14 is the best!

  • Masaki

    15 hours left!

  • That_lady Rachel

    how many ep are there 20?

  • Karin_chan_13

    Wad is the total number of episodes for this show????

  • Masaki

    maybe.. 15?


    3 more hours ! 😀

  • Jemweitern

    im waiting

  • may


  • Yumi

    where is 16??

    • gb

      next week!

  • Marianne

    I want to find the episode 16 of Office Girls and i want to find it.

  • Marianne

    I love this TWdrama and i love it.

  • Chinagirl1314

    OMG… Roy is super duper HOT!!

  • Chinagirl1314

    OMG… Roy is super duper HOT!!

  • guestar

    it would be nice that this show will never end… hehehe… love Roy, he is so cute and funny.. love his acting…

  • guestar

    it would be nice that this show will never end… hehehe… love Roy, he is so cute and funny.. love his acting…

  • Ziggy

    Short Summery “Office Girls”

    Eps. 12: Clever/Cute

    Eps. 13: Smart/Funny

    Eps. 14: Awww….so sweet **tears**

    Eps. 15: Repulsive/nasty/disgusting-Fair Warning: Coffee & guy in glasses scene. You should skip Ep 15.

  • Ziggy

    Short Summery “Office Girls”

    Eps. 12: Clever/Cute

    Eps. 13: Smart/Funny

    Eps. 14: Awww….so sweet **tears**

    Eps. 15: Repulsive/nasty/disgusting-Fair Warning: Coffee & guy in glasses scene. You should skip Ep 15.

  • Xiauy99


  • Gigi

    Le Le has big tits

  • Anparmusic

    this movie very goooood .i like this.

  • guestt

    ep 14 that song that zi qi sang what’s the title??

    • Karin_chan_13

      外加幸福 its the ending song for this drama

      • ogrocks

        it’s actually 微加幸福 by 郁可唯

    • hey

      You mean the one he play guitar and sing to xingren? if it is that one it is call ‘ 微加幸福‘

  • Jennifer Wu

    is it just me or is this drama getting more and more boring by the episode? even though the main is really cute (bring rainie yang’s ex)…..


    and serious, how many episodes are they gonna make? They have been dragging it on and on

  • asdfghjkl;

    Even with a cute guy in this, this drama is still pretty boring-.-

  • Hey

    This drama is nice! The leading male is cute & goodlooking. Well, i dont think it is getting boring but i think is getting more interesting. 

  • i think this drama has been dragged for way too long..i’m totally enjoy all the cute and flirty scenes of the two leads but it should just get to the point…Roy is really good looking in this drama though lol

  • Ziggy

    I just want to say one thing….no spoilers: what QZQ did for SXR is  soooo cuteeee!!!!!!!  awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leowdoreen

    How come Epi 16 Part 6 is nothing de???

  • Ziggy

    at first I was against it. I thought it wouldn’t work. But now, after what I’ve seen. I was wrong. I think Le Le and the manager relationship will work! Think about it: Le Le is strong, mature and independent. The manager is the opposite. They’re like yin and yang. Hot and cold. Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie. Their union brings the cosmos into balance. why not?

  • Hey

    Sorry but to ask when is the next episode coming out ?

  • Gigi

    Are the subtitles working for anyone? The subtitles aren’t working for me… bah

  • Bertz7

    how many episodes would this show be? 20?

  • Bertz7

    i hope they will take their own sweet time to make the ending, so that this show wouldn’t be spoilt by it’s ending which most shows did

  • 0.o

    i like this drama,it seems more realistic compared to some other shows,well just my opinion

  • Marianne

    I love to watch the TWdrama Office Girls and i love this one to me.

  • Marianne

    I love the episodes for me.

  • Juwu

    I think Office Girls it’s very good and I like it a lot.

  • Ziggy

    I don’t like Tia.

    • :/

      Tia makes this series worth watching

      • Ziggy

        Well that’s fine. You may like Tia, that’s entirely up to you., but I still don’t like her.

  • JACK


  • hey

    Why the next ep so late then will release. srsly, cant wait to watch the next ep! 

  • Jaychou-choudong

    I love this drama. After 10 months of drama-abstinence, this is terrific~ So much better than the other dramas on show atm. 

  • Juwu

    This is getting better and better. I really like it a lot and can’t wait for the next week to come.

  • Iy2chang

    The first ep part1 english sub doesn’t work = =…

  • Guest

    I have no idea!
    Can anyone tell me?

    • Gannima

      No idea what?
      Tell you what?

    • Not everyone can read/understand Chinese. Which is why there are two version. One is for those that do not understand it. 

  • guest

    Can someone help fix the
    epi 1 part 1..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    tqvm in advance 🙂

  • Nuna_lee31

    i like the idea of how this drama is so original and fresh.. 🙂

  • i like the way roy dresses in here 😉 but at the same time I kind of find it weird that they don’t think a “poor” guy can dress so well…

    • guest

      They thought that roy became that “poor” because he spent all his salary on buying clothes. (:

    • Ziggy

      now that you brought it up, it is strange strange that Roy dresses really well. He’s suppose to be poor but he dresses like a playboy. Real good. Real clean and nice and all. It’s like he has an in visible cleaning lady hiding in the background or something.

    • Sassy

      Here is why i think he still dresses well. if you noticed in the first episode, he brought his own clothes to the new place, from the US. so all the clothes he’s wearing now is from before, he didn’t spend any money buying clothes.

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  • Marianne

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    • Juwu

      23. It will end 1/29/12.

      • Ziggy

        I feel very very sad and disappointed 🙁

    • we have about another month of goodness to enjoy 🙂 hopefully the ending doesn’t disappoint! 

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    • phew! I thought they weren’t going to air because of New Years specials or something..guess not 🙂 yay! 

  • I can’t wait to see the episode where they finally find out about his identity…it will definitely be a surprise! Especially for the manager 😛 

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  • now that it’s holidays and i’m not as busy as before…sunday feels so far away…I want ep 20 already! 

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    How many episodes are there? Coz some says 20 and some says 23. If its 20, that means this weekend is final?!

    • I’m wondering the same thing. cause according to wiki site it says 23 episodes..but others are telling me ep 20. Personally I think theres more because if you look at the preview for ep 20, there’s no way thats the end

      • Kylie

        they might extend more

    • Nat

      who cares how many ep there is….just keep watching and stop wondering, find something else that is worth thinking about ><

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    yea i’m confuse too. is it 20 episodes or 23?  anyhow i really like this drama. the main character relationship aren’t two sweet but they’re still such a cute couple!

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    cant stand that kai er ,.. always comes between them. hopefully the director/producer gives us a good ending that roy and alice end up together.

    • Clen1610

      episode 20 is already updated till section 5 . can start watching

  • anyone know where I can see the preview for episode 21? I can’t seem to find it anywhere online..>.< thought they were gonna post it up on the official blog but I don't see it…

    • Juwu

      Because it’s near the end so they probably will not show any preview from now on…. But every  Thu. they normally will show some story line to the facebook or other TV show….

  • Trina

    Is anyone else having a problem with ep 18 ? Why won’t it play for me still ?

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    • loveu41

      total of 23 episodes

  • just watched the preview for episode 21! Gah I wanna know what happens..3 days seems so far away! 

    • Lindaskuo

      where did you find the preview? I would like to see! 

      • go to office girl wiki and scroll down to where it says “office girl official blog” and you see can see the updates there…or else you can like them on facebook. or subscribe to SETTV on youtube for their updates as well.

        was going to post up the link but it wouldn’t let me.

    • unknown

      Is there really ep 21? but why wiki put until ep 20 only.

      • wiki site might not be accurate. I also heard that they are making some changes as well…so maybe they are going to make it longer because if its good ratings. 

        The Chinese wiki site does say 23 episodes though….


    Zheng Kai Er is the ugliest person in the world!! she has such an evil heart!!!

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      • Raindrop :)

        oh ok. I get it now.. hahas.. Thanks

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    actually roy is really an actor he can do perfectly any kind of role,,, he has the look ,guts and talent!!!keep it up roy!!!!!!!!

    • Josh

      he is really good actor i like him a lot you should watch other shows he is in

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    gah…the scriptwriters…makes me hate the mom & kai er so much.  this better have a good ending…

    • dbskrawks

      yea it better be a good ending..since e ep 11 till nw only they kiss on e lips for one time~~ wish theyhad morekiss scenes and hug sceness. 😀

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    tat zheng kai er is so irritating! the look of her makes me puke! she tink she is veri pretty but she’s not! no wonder zi qi dun like her..

  • huifen

    If anyone hates Zeng Kai Er and Zi Qi’s mum, it just meant that they are good actresses.. I love Le Le’s cuteness and willingness, Xing Ren’s innocence and Zi Qi’s thoughtfulness.

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    • 旋風管家

      23 episodes

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    According to the wiki page,  their is now 24 episodes instead of 23….

  • Gary585376

    According to the wiki, their is now 24 episodes instead of 23

  • i like this drama, but when they are continuing this like material queen my nerves are wrecking again 🙂

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    真的是= =”

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      Yah! And i’m so looking forward to next episode!!

  • we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode 🙁 At least they aired the part I was looking forward to the most 

    “He is the director’s only son!” damn that part was pure epic! The expression on all their faces were priceless 😛 

    • Missmmha

      oh no! I read this before I watched it. You should put a spoiler warning 🙁

      • Jessicajieun

        Sorry guys but this isn’t a spoiler from jess. They already released that segment on their preview last thursday….settv already released the spoiler so if you kept up to date you would have known.

        • Ziggy

          i don’t have access to TW TV so there was no way for me know what would happen. I live in a different of the planet. Are you sure SETV released a spoiler? Releasing a spoiler by SETV before the that eps started doesn’t make sense.

          • I don’t have access to TW channels either. Everything can be found on the internet. They released a bit of a spoiler to get you excited to watch it. It got me excited for sure. 
            You can excess all their updates if you -like- them on facebook or check out SETTV official office girl blog 

    • Ziggy

      thanks for the spoiler jess! Now I don’t have to watch eps 22. ha! ha! 😛

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    Spoiler Alert!!!!! Spoiler Alert!!!!!  Spoiler Alert!!!!!  Now I got that spoiler nonsense out of way. If you look at everything from eps.1 to the present, QZQ never ever lied to SXR. What he said to her is the truth. QZQ is honest. As a matter of fact, because he is a guy he should have gone past second base. It never happen. That’s a good sign. This means he respects her.

    I think the reason why SXR is super pissed off is because she didn’t see past QZQ disguise. I think she was more angry at herself than at QZQ.

    • Ziggy

      If office girls was played in America by Americans, forget second base. By the 3rd eps it’s a home run! Everything on American TV is just trash.

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    sign ….12 more long days to wait for ep 23!!!!

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    Wah… Super nice lo! But I still miss the QZQ & STL duo act!
    Sigh… Long long wait… Can’t they like do cny special with the 2 ep finale or what?!
    Argh… I shouldn’t have watch before they finish the whole series! Now the wait is terrible!

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       ya this taiwan show is getting draggy….typical!

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          How do you even download episodes? someone help please

  • Just wanted to inform you all that don’t know already, there is an office girl app that is available for ipod touch, iphone and ipad. Just search for 
    小資女孩向前衝 in app store and you will have all the updates by the crew, settv and much more. 

    download away and enjoy! 

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  • Www Kiep_tha_huong

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    • Www Kiep_tha_huong


      • Www Kiep_tha_huong

        because 22/01/2012 (new year ) ? i’m…….

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    u guys need to be patient, and I believe ep.24 will be the final episode not ep.23.

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    Office girls Ep 23 airs in taiwan at 10pm, for one and a half hours. I guess it will only be uploaded after 11.30pm…

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  • wow, there’s more plot to the story. looks like there’s gonna be more episodes than expected. 

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    wow…looks like the final ep is gonna be 25 not 24.
    ep.23 basically has no climax at all tbh.
    I can’t believe they’re extending the series to 25.
    now this drama is becoming 小資女孩向”錢”衝…
    just end it c’mon.

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    I’m lov’ing it.<3

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    i really like this show… they selected a really great supporting cast.. the drama is basically carried by 邱澤,李沛旭, 蔡淑臻,溫昇豪 and 沈媽媽…

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    when ep 24 is out??:((

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    wts. ep 25 come out already…. dont keep us waiting

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    I give up..!
    A few episodes remain, but I give up. It took a long time for something real to happen, and I don’t think I want the last episodes to be packed. What were the other episodes for??
    Well.. maybe I should first say that I really enjoyed this drama… really much (the manager, Roy, Le Le… ). 
    What I didn’t like were only the composition of the drama and the fact, that there were too few kisses.. And no real, real kiss… (Of course I haven’t seen the last episodes .. I am not going to.. but that’s still too late for me..)
    The real kisses would for me have made the whole relationship more real and solid, but there weren’t any so it wasn’t so real and solid.
    Then.. I will only say..

    • Renesmee

      You’re right. This couple is definetly not the touchy feely kind, so there aren’t many kisses. However, the love and chemistry between them is real which is why the drama is worth watching, even though they seem to be dragging out the drama. But some kisses would be pretty fabulous nonetheless though…………

      • Anonymous

        Well.. the very first kiss, which Roy steals from her is really touchy and fabulous.. :p But you know.. you still miss it a lot… Sometimes I felt like screaming: KISS! KISS! KISS!.. but nothing happened.. so disappointment there.. but you’re still right.. 😀 I just felt myself drifting away.. :z (my bad.. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Well… (I saw the last episode) so I might as well take my words back (even though this drama is a little bit draggy) but it is definitely a really good drama – lacking a few more hugs and kisses, but it’s definitely worth watching..
          And I am going to say ROY!!! Again!!! I was so happy to see him as the male lead in this drama… since I saw him in easy fortune happy life (that was my first time wishing for the girl to get together – not with the male lead – but with the other male, person, whatever… because it was ROY!!!…
          He just makes you melt … and makes your heart melt… and just makes me happy that I am watching a drama with him in the lead… Do I have to elaborate??? 😀

  • Winnieypp

    Actually when is last episode?

  • Wai Wai

    I can’t really say I like this drama, there is no passion nor the least fundamental of love element. they are more like friends rather than lovers. But keep smiling Roy!

  • 25 will be the last!

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    YEAH! UPDATING!! <3<3

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    This is one of the best last episodes ever, 

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    this is one of the best and satisfying ending ever!!! yes, they fastfoward everything and cram it all up in one episode, but no, it didn’t feel rushed at all…it totally made up for the dragging episodes that they extended!!! i’m going to miss qi zi and xing ren!!!

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    I’m gald to watch the last episode of the TWdrama Office Girls and i’m finished it for you.

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    best ending  out of all the tw drama I ‘ve watched. The Script was well written and the actors were great and funny. 

  • I think the drama just got better on the last episode, and I kind of wished they showed more of what happened to them after marriage. Though that would make the drama even more draggy. Good drama none the less. 

    Cheers to all of those that stuck through from beginning to the end 🙂 

  • Ziggy

    ok!! you guys listen up!!! NO SPOILERS!!! I’ve been waiting for this part for a really really long time. I don’t want to miss it!  

  • shane

    This is truly the nicest ending i have seen in all the taiwanese drama hope to see more of this kind of ending next time. Just hope that there will be a part where they will film after they get married that would be great:)

  • Jani2xu

    good story, sweet ending. if only the events didn’t drag in the last few episodes, this drama would’ve been even better. nonetheless, it was entertaining and i’m glad i watched it.  

  • Yeah best drama ever

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    I’m very very very satisfied with the ending. Supremely satisfied. The end answers all the questions. For me personally, because of this ending, today is the best day of the whole year thus far. That’s how good I feel. I don’t know about you guys but I feel great! 

  • Roys supporter

    I am so happy for Roy who finally became the leading actor.  His acting is improving so much. I have noticed him since 福氣又安康. He has a pair of very charming eyes.  This new hair style suits him really well. 
    Keeping up Roy!!!!

    • Tw_meimoon

      I agree with your comments. Roy is a good actor. He is very cute. I like to watch more of his drama.

    • lovetwdrama

      i love roy in woody sambo
      with amber kuo and nicholas teo

    • utopia

      suggest you to watch 「螺絲小姐要出嫁 - Miss Rose」. He is the male lead too. Nice drama

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    best drama ever:)

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    English subs are out huh ><

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    Good Show!

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    wah ,there have abeutiful manager name shen xing ren

  • MJ

    Office Girls /  小資女孩向前衝 / Xiao Zi Nu Hai Xiang Qian Chong


    Alice Ke as as Shen Xing Ren 沈杏仁
     Roy Qiu as Qin Zi Qi 秦子奇
     Tia Li as Zheng Kai Er 鄭凱兒
     Wen Sheng Hao as Xu Cheng Feng 余承風
     Janel Tsai as Wei Min Na 衛敏娜
     Guo Shu Yao (郭書瑤) as Liu Yu Le 劉語樂
     Patrick Li (李沛旭) as Shi Te Long 史特龍
     Shen Meng Sheng as Qin Mu Bai 秦慕白
     Lang Zu Yun (郎祖筠) as Feng Ren Yue 封仁月
     Jian Chang as Tu Jin Quan 涂金泉
     Yan Jia Le as Chu Xiang Lan 褚湘蘭
     Wang Juan as Zhang Shu Fang 張淑芳
     Lin Jun Yong (林埈永) as Lu Ca 綠茶
     Zhao Zheng Ping (趙正平) as Hu Jian Zhong 胡建中
     Xiao Ba 
     Luo Ping (羅平) as Mike 麥可
     Michael Zhang as Jack 傑克 (ep1)

    Opening theme song: Bu Yao Bu Yao (不要不要) by Genie Chuo

    Ending theme song: Wei Jia Xing Fu (微加幸福) by Yisa Yu (郁可唯)

  • guest2

    Anyone know where I can watch this with english subs? The links don’t work anymore 🙁

  • Tw_meimoon

    Taiwan makes awksome idol dramas, their conversation is so funny and so touches.  they walk you to the inside of the story making you laugh and sad with them.  I’m so glade they are in the original voice.
    If you like Roy, you better not miss this drama!

  • JeriCA.zhu

    can’t watch it anymore the link is not working

    • Whitney.551

      why but i wanted to see

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    Drama Fever is showing it they have the copy rite so they have pulled all the video down grrrrrrr

  • link is dead, T_T

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    When will they reinstate the show.  I really enjoy watching it.

  • Yusdansi

    where can i continued see the eerie 

  • guest

    Ep 1-22 have been deleted… 🙁

  • Tw_meimoon

    Hi, guys~ you can watch this drama in

  • Starshock46

    is there going to be a second season?

  • guest

    which ep is the funniest? 

    • Fluffyteddybear

       Ep 15! LOL

  • guest

    very entertaining but drags on too much… between this and in time with you (which is aired almost at the same time in taiwan), i prefer ITWY.

  • hello, can you tell me how i can get all the soundtrack? please give me the answer.thx

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    where to watch with eng sub please.thanks

  • good show i thought the ending was the best.

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    why it cant be downloaded?

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    The best taiwan drama i ever watched

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    How manny episode have Office Girls… anyone know?

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    i see 25 Episode, next 40 confused

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    Realy great drama but what is the title of song

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    want to watch s2 for 小資女孩向前衝 plz ?
    it super awesome