Office Girls / 小資女孩向前衝

Office Girls / 小資女孩向前衝
Alice Ke, Roy Qiu, Tia Li, Wen Sheng Hao, Janel Tsai, Guo Shu Yao, Patrick Li, Shen Meng Sheng, Lang Zu Yun, Jian Chang, Yan Jia Le, Wang Juan, Lin Jun Yong, Zhao Zheng Ping, Xiao Ba, Luo Ping, Michael Zhang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-08-21
English Subtitle:Yes
Shen Xing Ren is not the best or the hardest worker, neither is she the worst. She enjoys working because it gives her the money to enjoy life. She loves a good romance but will not bend over back for a man. She is the new generation of office girls.
  • lambo ju

    wah ,there have abeutiful manager name shen xing ren

  • MJ

    Office Girls /  小資女孩向前衝 / Xiao Zi Nu Hai Xiang Qian Chong


    Alice Ke as as Shen Xing Ren 沈杏仁
     Roy Qiu as Qin Zi Qi 秦子奇
     Tia Li as Zheng Kai Er 鄭凱兒
     Wen Sheng Hao as Xu Cheng Feng 余承風
     Janel Tsai as Wei Min Na 衛敏娜
     Guo Shu Yao (郭書瑤) as Liu Yu Le 劉語樂
     Patrick Li (李沛旭) as Shi Te Long 史特龍
     Shen Meng Sheng as Qin Mu Bai 秦慕白
     Lang Zu Yun (郎祖筠) as Feng Ren Yue 封仁月
     Jian Chang as Tu Jin Quan 涂金泉
     Yan Jia Le as Chu Xiang Lan 褚湘蘭
     Wang Juan as Zhang Shu Fang 張淑芳
     Lin Jun Yong (林埈永) as Lu Ca 綠茶
     Zhao Zheng Ping (趙正平) as Hu Jian Zhong 胡建中
     Xiao Ba 
     Luo Ping (羅平) as Mike 麥可
     Michael Zhang as Jack 傑克 (ep1)

    Opening theme song: Bu Yao Bu Yao (不要不要) by Genie Chuo

    Ending theme song: Wei Jia Xing Fu (微加幸福) by Yisa Yu (郁可唯)

  • guest2

    Anyone know where I can watch this with english subs? The links don’t work anymore 🙁

  • Tw_meimoon

    Taiwan makes awksome idol dramas, their conversation is so funny and so touches.  they walk you to the inside of the story making you laugh and sad with them.  I’m so glade they are in the original voice.
    If you like Roy, you better not miss this drama!

  • JeriCA.zhu

    can’t watch it anymore the link is not working

    • Whitney.551

      why but i wanted to see

  • dd

    Drama Fever is showing it they have the copy rite so they have pulled all the video down grrrrrrr

  • link is dead, T_T

  • Guest

    When will they reinstate the show.  I really enjoy watching it.

  • Yusdansi

    where can i continued see the eerie 

  • guest

    Ep 1-22 have been deleted… 🙁

  • Tw_meimoon

    Hi, guys~ you can watch this drama in

  • Starshock46

    is there going to be a second season?

  • guest

    which ep is the funniest? 

    • Fluffyteddybear

       Ep 15! LOL

  • guest

    very entertaining but drags on too much… between this and in time with you (which is aired almost at the same time in taiwan), i prefer ITWY.

  • hello, can you tell me how i can get all the soundtrack? please give me the answer.thx

  • Cupcay

    where to watch with eng sub please.thanks

  • good show i thought the ending was the best.

  • zulaika

    why it cant be downloaded?

  • piupiu

    The best taiwan drama i ever watched

    • Julysa Torres


  • Ioana Iuliana Ionescu

    How manny episode have Office Girls… anyone know?

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  • Ioana Iuliana Ionescu

    i see 25 Episode, next 40 confused

  • Ana

    Realy great drama but what is the title of song

  • Wise Curry

    want to watch s2 for 小資女孩向前衝 plz ?
    it super awesome