Qing Shi Huang Fei / 倾世皇妃

Qing Shi Huang Fei / 倾世皇妃
Ruby Lin, Yan Kuan, Wallace Huo, Tony Yang, Hong Xiao Ling, Kara Hui, Dai Chun Rong, Wang Lin, Wang Yu, Liu Tao
Genre:Romance, Historical Fiction
Broadcast Year:2011-09-30
English Subtitle:No
Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. The first marriage protected her from being executed with her family. The second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. The third marriage saved her people, but killed the man she loved. Although her husbands loved her, they were equally keen on using her to consolidate power. Their betrayals pushed her to become an avenging angel who would kill anyone in her way.
  • B_p

    any one know what drama come after Qing shi huang fei?

    • Joyce

      Sealed With A Kiss….it’s really good in my opinion.

      • Aliciaatann

        yea! I know right. I was immediately addicted to the show after the 1st two episodes.

  • bubujinxinaddict

    it should be mei ren tian xia…the sequel to schemes of a beauty

    • Aliciaatann

      Lol, BBXJ is not sequel of MRXJ. The sequel is 唐宫美人天下.

      • Aliciaatan

        *QSFH is not the sequel of MRXJ.

        • guest

          oops i mean its a similar show

          • Aliciaatann

            you mean Palace Locked Heart Jade? (Gong Suo Xin Yu) Nope nope. The sequel to GSXY is Gong Suo Zhu Lian.

          • ;)

            really…where can i watch this 2nd season of the drama?

      • guest

        are you saying QSHF and 唐宫美人天 are related? will ruby lin be in it?

  • bubujinxinaddict

    @63c0059d2678394569e535a1f5931105:disqus yea http://www.viki.com/channels/3775-qing-shi-huang-fei

  • Bubble

    If you are thinking about watching this show and are expecting it to follow the book, don’t bother. 
    This is so different from the book, it’s utter nonsense to bear the same name.
    And overall, a very disappointing show.

    • openminded

      It is not necessary for a TV drama or movie to follow exactly the novel from which the drama pr movie is based on.
      Disappointing???  Individual taste.  Watching drama or movie is merely for entertainment, not to be taken too seriously.
      As the saying goes, “Actors/actresses are crazy, those who watch are fools.”

  • Sunny G.

    not bad of a drama, its very cute at the beginning but after episode 20-ish its just not that exciting anymore…too much poisoning and drama going on, and i wasn’t even that sad at the end because the “cute” factor of the couple totally wore off, and they are just tragic and sad…

  • Tuyen Ta

    How did this drama end? & Is it wroth watching?

  • Tuyen Ta

    How did this drama end? & Is it wroth watching?

  • Wen

    Not worth watching if you have watched 步步惊心. The book is so much better.

    • Teycs


  • openminded

    The description of the drama does not match the actual drama itself.

  • Joen

    I think Ruby acted too much in the beginning of this drama, but it getting better at the end.. I myself love to see Yan Kuan’s acting here 🙂

  • Winnie

    Episode 1 and 2 are no longer available? 🙁

  • QQ

    Don’t watch this one, it’s a real waste of time. Bad ending, bad story, bad everything…

    • openminded

       Why?  Just because you say so?  Lighten up.  It just a  drama.  Actors and actresses are crazy, those who watch are fools.

  • omg.. why does the latest series around all have such horrible endings. All their smarts turn into dumb blindness towards the end. And they basically killed everyone. We need to have a emo-warning for series like this so we don’t have to waste our time. 

  • “removed due to double post”

  • bluebunny

    I had high hopes for this drama given the description but like some
    comments before me it was a disappointment. Like any other historical
    mainland drama it’s full of schemes, tears, and hotness (from the Yan Kuan & Wallace Huo)!

    Ruby Lin’s character doesn’t become an “avenging angel”. I really was
    routing for her to become this strong woman throughout this drama but there were times when I
    was annoyed by her clueness. And I know that even though she didn’t love
    Lian Chen-how could she have slept with Qi You in LC’s kingdom when she
    was married to LC?! AND you want us viewers to sympathize with her?Moving on…it told go on & on.

    It’s too bad that Fu Ya & Lian Chen didn’t end up together. Yes, I
    know that both guys both hurted her and both had sad stories but I saw
    that LC’s love for her was truly genuine & I believe that she would had loved him in return.

    I gotta say that Ruby Lin (her acting has always been ok to me) was overshadowed
    by her two male co-stars. At the end of watching the drama, the guys
    left life a stronger impression on me ..but KUDOS to Wallace Huo who surprised me the most!

    • openminded

      What is so good about that Hou guy?
      Lighten up gal.  This is only a drama.  Qi you is the one that is truthful to Fu Ya not Lian Cheng who is the culprit that destroys Fu Ya’s happiness in Chu Kingdom.

      • bluebunny

         duh, i know it’s a drama! I’m just giving my 2 cents! Geez!!

    • Ai

       I totally agree with you! It is just wrong that she slept with another guy when was already married to LC.

  • ;)

    where can i read the book?which has been translated into english, or may be anyone could really tell me whats really in the book.the ending of this drama is really sad, jus hoping to know the real version of this story from the novel.

    • openminded

       The ending in the novel is just as sad – may be even sadder.

  • Amy

    Yes, Fu ya should end up together with Lian Cheng. Wallace acting improve a lot. Well done;)

    • openminded

      Why?  Just because you are crazy over that Hao guy?  Wise up gal.  His character is a bad guy – destroying Fu Ya’s happiness for his own interest.

  • openminded

    Weird  things noted from the drama.
    1.  Fu Ya worrying about the vow made under the  
         name of Pan Yu.

    2.  Knowing that Concubine Han poisoned her
         mother and not giving her the antidote, she still   
         allow her to live to cause the death of her
         mother.  She has enough evidence to get her
         husband the emperor Qi You to put the death.

    3.   Odd that Eunuch Hua as one who knows
          tradition Chinese medicine does not know that
          when sucking poison out from the victim, the
          poison  should be spat out.

  • Chhayhourtuon

    I very like this movie.

  • openminded

    The  drama is watchable.  But the make-up artist still have  room for improvement especially when making the characters looked their age.  The script writer for the drama also have plenty of room for improvement.

  • galaxy_2626

    Why are there no english subs? I desperately want to watch this drama till the end. 🙁

    • openminded

       Be patient. The subtitlers are doing their best. Don’t hurry them. They are only volunteers. They have other things to do.

  • Michelle23

    Good Drama

  • Sasha

    loved Yan Kuan in this drama :))

  • Bbeny

    What happened to all the videos?

  • Guest

    After episode 2….none of the links work

  • DanL

    Watched the drama recently though it is a bit late. In short, all the three main characters acted well. I felt that I have to give some credit to Yan Kuan for making a big impression in the drama. Probably because of the Qi You character buildup from being neglected, cold, introvert and keeping all the pain to himself to someone with hope, love and care.

    Storyline was interesting and I do agree that the ending could have been better.

  • cheryl

    daily motion is so slow. its annoying. I couldn’t watch it any more