Ring Ring Bell / 真心請按兩次鈴

Ring Ring Bell / 真心請按兩次鈴
Janine Chang, Peter Ho, Deng Yun Ting, Xiu Jie Kai, Serena Fang, Peggy Zeng, Lin Mei Xiu, Zhu De Gang, Na Wei Xun, Song Xin Ni
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-10-02
English Subtitle:Yes
Zheng Xiao Xiang first met the American born Chinese photographer when she was in a quarantine. When she met him again seven years later, she is a slovenly woman with a child. But this time around, she would undergo a dramatic change with him entering her life.
  • Ying_low

    Overall, great drama 😀 

  • Gigi_tsl

    Like to personally thank Peter and Janine for such a great performance . This will be definitely one of my favorite and memorable show.. From episode 1 to the last episode.. Every weekend of waiting . It was all worth it.. The word is amazing..

  • xuxuface

    Does anyone know the song name for the one where Janine and Peter kissed in the bar/ or the scene where both the “dads fight” for Duo Duo?

    • smiley face

      I would love to know too! I’m trying to find it!!!!

      • Swtaznngirly

        is it: 为自己加油

        • xuxuface

          thank you so much!! ,(:

  • qq

    The last two episodes are unnecessary and make the whole drama dull. 

  • finally figured out where that QR code leads to! haha, it takes you to download the drama app with their inside scoop n stuff and where they filmed places, character info, etc. xD

  • Twiss08

    Just finished episode one…oh, yea, I’m addicted! 🙂

  • bre

    awesome show loved it!!!

  • Ms Nancyliu

    does anyone know the song when like Xiao xiang is just talking and saying her happiness and like the dad and the sister gets back together and it goes like IM SORRRY…something like that and then in chinese

    • ABC

      让我罩着你 by Magic Power

  • Lilmisshyperrx3

    awww omg i love that little girl duo duo :’) already since ep 1 part 2! 

  • toucheee

    Honestly, i think the last few episodes were kinda crappy.. idk how you guys felt though. :/ 

    But overall, it’s awesome! enjoyed it. also, learnt some meaningful stuff too! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    Well.. I am kinda disappointed really. When I first saw this one I had so many expectations – the main one was a drama like Autumn’s Concerto; the second one: a drama that could give me both heartbreak and joy in more than one or two episodes. And a drama that I wouldn’t try to skip through… Sure.. this drama really had its moments, but sometimes it got reeeeeaaaally draggy.. And sure.. there was one kiss that really reminded me of Autumn’s Concerto (because it was so deep and so full of chemistry – it’s the kiss in the beginning where Jia Kai is upset and she kisses him, and later she says that it was only a kiss)…but that was that … Really.. I wanted more.. and I wanted everything to start really quick.. but there was all ways something keeping something from happening.. But good drama though .. 🙂 

    • Tinatgt

      I thinks it like 
      Autumn’s Concerto, too. And the chemistry love really touch my heart. 
      i can’t agree with you more.(including draggy parts)

    • Mel

      i had the same feeling with you at first, i thought it would be like AC….so disappointed though….

  • Anonymous

    the first few episodes was really good and the plot too, but i don’t know why, at the middle of the story, it was getting boring and disapointing 🙁
    but i still love the cast and will miss them 🙂

  • Ziggy

    I finally finished watching the entire thing. I almost feel asleep. yeah. that’s how bad the end turned out to be. It just dragged on and on and on with no end in sight. some parts didn’t make any sense. some parts were just repetitive and uncreative. at times it was just dull and lifeless. The ending felt rushed and unprocessed. I don’t know. You guys can say whatever you want to say. I felt it didn’t work. In the beginning, it was a great concept, but in the end they didn’t finish it, and as a result it didn’t work.

  • Ziggy

    KUDOS TO SUBBERS! Taiwan should hire these guys for directing/writing/producing ring ring bell!

    • Lollipop270200

      Like summer desire

      • Ryn_Sha91

        Summer Desire the main actress is not my taste

  • Love 2the Sky

    its kind of “My lucky star” and “Autumn’s Concerto” all together exept those dramas where realy good .
    Wachind this one is like having a Deja vu. It realy remainds me of so many other dramas so it became boring.

    • Mel

      yea, at first i thought this would be a great drama like My lucky Star and Autumn Concerto (both are my favourite dramas), i thought if would be touching , nice and all…but it turned out too sick. it gets bored and bored ep by ep. the storyline isan’t very good…not a good drama.. D:

  • Aly

    I love this drama! The best so far I’ve watched. Really love the main casts. And Janine’s acting is very good especially when she cries… I will automatically cry when I sees her cry… Her crying is really real and so is Peter Ho’s acting!

  • Melody

    A great drama.  Peter Ho’s acting is simply awesome.  I was doubting Janine but she acted well here with Peter.  Much more natural and more in-depth.  I absorbed it more after watching the second time.  Give a go!  You may like it!

  • Actually, I decided not to give this drama a try because I thought it might be lame!! OMG! It just exceeded my expectations… ^_______^

  • K.

    It would be soooo nice if you could add ratings (ex:4/5 stars) on dramas.  Another thing that would be great if you could add eng. subs to more of your dramas. U have no idea how happy it makes us non-chinese speakers. ^_^  thank you 

    • Doreenyongmk

      it is very touching show

  • MJ

    Ring Ring Bell / 真心請按兩次鈴 / Zhen Xin Qing An Liang Ci Ling

    Also known as: Real Love Please Ring the Bell Twice / 小襄的美麗人生 (Xiao Xiang De Mei Li Ren Sheng) 

    Opening theme song: Tou Tou De Ai (偷偷的愛) by Della Ding

    Ending theme song: Ming Nian Qing Ren Jie (明年情人節) by Della Ding and Peter Ho


    Janine Chang as Zheng Xiao Xiang 鄭小襄
    Peter Ho as Ren Jia Kai 任家愷
    Deng Yun Ting (鄧筠庭) as Wang Duo Li 王多麗
    Xiu Jie Kai as Wang Ke Jie 王克捷
    Serena Fang as Tang Ming Xin 唐明馨
    Peggy Tseng as Yang Kai Li 楊凱莉
    Lin Mei Xiu as Zheng Chen Ying Zi 鄭陳櫻子
    Zhu De Gang as Ren Guo Bang 任國邦
    Na Wei Xun as Ou Wei 歐威
    Song Xin Ni

  • Sasa

    anybody want dvd of this drama and “love keeps going” ? would like to give away for free (local area only)

    • Jody

      where is the local area?

      • Sasa


        • Eugenialeny

          hi love to have the dvd

          • sasa

            in Jakarta?

        • Kristeen

          huhu i want

    • Raelambofgod

      Interested.. But I am in Singapore.:(

      • Sasa

         when you are coming to Jakarta, I could send it to you:)

    • Gino

      would want it but i am also in Singapore and i dont think i would be going to Jakarta… sorry my geography not good so can someone tell me where is Jarkata???

  • Carrie_chenn

    This Drama Reallt Shoooooo Nice :’)

    • Carrie_chenn


  • Pearl

    2 stars not viral enough =.= unmemorable=.= chick flick much?

  • Gino

    SUPERR NICE!!! i would DEFINITELY recommend this to others that likes to watch taiwan shows.
    not long-winded like some shows, and has a little twist according to what i think. TRY TO WATCH THIS!!!

  • Jungeli

    great drama

  • Tracywang


  • Hayley Elf

    so gd!

  • piupiu

    Great drama … peter ho is just woww n the main actress good in her role

  • Amanda Carter

    great drama