Symphony of Fate / 命運交響曲

Symphony of Fate / 命運交響曲
Yang Mi, Feng Shao Feng, Chi Shuai, Guo Zhen Ni, Gao Hao, Zhang Lun Shuo, Amanda Zhou, Tao Hui Min, Chen Wei Min, Zuo Ling, Zhu Yu Shuo
Broadcast Year:2011-10-03
English Subtitle:No
The story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.
  • FashiongrlXD

    do you guies know why there was no new episodes for 命運交響曲 today?

  • Pearl

     can’t watch this anymore, the mean twin is insanely jealous and annoying and the nice one lies about her relationship w/ guys by not being open or telling her “sister” the truth about it

  • dreamalittledream

    which day are the eps uploaded? 

  • 1234

    Why arn’t the episodes uploaded today?

  • Dexzx


  • Mazdakenchung


  • Nw88288

    me too!  anxiously waiting for the next episodes!

  • Sef

    no new eps because tv version is still trying to catch up. today’s tv ep is 23-24

  • Kiseki1885

    how come the uploaded ones are faster than TV? where did you get the source then?

  • Like

    To whoever is posting the videos, could you link us to the original site? 

  • Guest
  • winnie

    Thanks for uploading it!

  • inheaven

    oh wow, it’s the end!!

  • Fan

    Whoever posted all these videos, THANK YOU!

  • wendy


  • Pearl

    2 stars

    • Pearl

      a typical pointless drama that has chaotic family issues 

      • Guest

        Dont watch then

        • Pearl

          actually, I skim over the whole drama haha so yes, I didn’t watch most of the drama XD and I don’t need you to tell me that thanks

          • drwu

            who are you to judge and rate this drama if you only skimmed through it? the website really doesn’t need you to give your wonderful star ratings to every drama or to spoil their endings.

          • Pearl

            actually it does: I would LOVE to havae someone rate the shows so I don’t have to waste my time watching them if they are just going to drag at the end!

          • Tangmi

             Actually if u think that it is bad, doesnt mean that it is bad to everyone…

          • Pearl

            It’s not bad to everyone but at least I can HELP the people that are LIKE me—> I didn’t say it will help EVERYONE; where did you get that?

        • Pearl

          yang mi is awfully pretty b/c of plastic surgery but I would rather watch arien lin who is not as pretty but a wonderfully actress then to watch her fake her way through this drama -.-””

  • dreamalittledream

    huh huh huh??

    wheres the ending kiss? 
    noooo =[ 

  • Unknownz

    Great drama but ending sucks! 

  • anyone

    can anyone tell me when did cheng hao find out the truth about an qi and an na?

    • Carol

      i think shoul be 25 or 26

      • Carol


    • qdcfutb

      nope is episode 29.

  • Key1

    i only watched the end , but i don’t see feng shao feng , what happend with him?

    • niuniu

      he died by a car accident

      • Xoxotvb

        Which episode does he die in?

        • oure

          episode 11

  • Marianne

    Thanks for watching the TV series, and i hope that they release the DVD soon.

  • Marianne

    I hope that they enjoy it and i love it.

  • B_p

    why is the music so loud, can almost not hear what they say

  • Pauline

    can’t stand with this movie, an qi is too fake. feel sorry for an na

    • SheraineLuvTaeyeon

      U mean An na is too fake or An Qi??

      • Pearl

        an qi

  • Pauline

    an qi mum is evil,and selfish. cannot watch it anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Having watched on, I would say the complete opposite.

  • Angel Devilgirl

    are all of you can tell me
    how to download this film??
    i really want to see it….
    but i can’t find it from sugoideas download center….
    can you help me??
    thanks before… ^^

  • SheraineLuvTaeyeon

    The guy who is call ‘ Tian You’ Is that Kyuhyun from SuJu??

    • Anonymous


    • All Rise Jinyao

      I almost thought it was him… just a slightly older and thinner version.

    • Jhvbukdkbkbjdfjkhvfd

      No he is not that is someone else

  • Spicy_aff

     where can i download this movie wit english sub? can anyone tel me please?

  • Aniqiyang

    i love this show! my fav drama!

  • Riles

    please tel me where i can watch this eng subbed!!!

  • Cr

    the description seems to be wrong. I have just finished watching this drama. The older sister (An Qi) did not seek revenge.

  • ilovericec:

    i noticed this is a remake of the kdrama Women In the Sun

  • Fy

    how to download this drama song?it’s nice

    • Yojkuv

      what song???

  • Sasha

    I only watched this because of Yang Mi and FSF, but i stopped as soon as he died.. 

    • JY

      he died too early.. :(

  • Clarine Phua

    it’s draggy

  • xxbaby

    the links don’t work

    • GUEST

      if the links not working that;s your computer’s problem!!!!!

    • Vaneslady


  • Msfenny

    why remove :(

  • mssvenize

    I have just finished watching this drama which is being broadcasting in Latin america, and i did not like how it ends….no kiss or hug :( ,
    also i think that An Qi should had a relationship with Tian You instead of Cheng Hao

  • Sorry

    My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this. I was bullied my whole life. On october i committed suicide. Now every week of my death I return. If u don’t repost this 5 times i will assume u were one if those people that wanted me to die and I will be by your bed with a knife on the day of my death at 2am Hurry u have 20 mins I’m waiting..