Lady Maid Maid / 愛情女僕

Lady Maid Maid / 愛情女僕
張棟樑, 喻虹淵, 蔡淑臻, 梁正群, 王凱蒂
Broadcast Year:2012-11-27
English Subtitle:No
  • Marianne

    I want in English subs, please come and get it.

  • bashful1215

    omg…. i can’t wait for next week…

  • Joyeew


    • guest

      向磊沒有吧? 但真的!我覺得舒宇很可愛! 

  • drama4ever

    She better end up with the 2. lead guy. I love him fare more than the first lead guy. A LOT MORE. I find the first lead guy irritating. U know those people who u just don’t like more and more by time. -.-
    Yep this is my 2. time posting this.
    Yep I’am still waiting 4 this 2 finish so I will know if she ends up with the 2. lead guy or not.

    • guest

      i wish also! but i doubt thats going to happen. I have a hunch that second lead guy is gonna end up with the new girl! shes pretty funny. 
      plus xiang lei deserves better because if hes with her, hes always going to love her more than she is and still think about xiao jie! 

      • 100

        Agree 100%

      • drama4ever

        Well that’s what I’am saying they should change. She should fall inLove with the 2. lead 110% so she won’t think about the 1. lead in that way anymore.

        • guest

          yeah i know what you mean but knowing her “fictional” personality shes “not like that” and i actually find her a bit annoying now because she keeps “idk who to chose but get mad when the one she ACTUALLY LIKE is not going after her anymore” 
           the way dramas are usually played out the second lead ends up happy too and i was wondering when they were going to bring her in, if ever but I like character! so im actually rooting for the 2nd lead with the new girl! 😀 

    • 100

      agreed 100%

  • guest

    Please fix Episode 59, part 3. 

  • guest

    always so bum weekends passes by so quickly but @ least theres new ep of this drama! 🙂 

  • Marianne

    Please help to subbed this TWdrama Lady Maid Maid on D-Addicts, please help to subbed on it.

  • Marianne

    I love this episode for me.

  • Nicholas<3

    gao xiao jie!!! iloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveu!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Marianne

    I love to watch this TWdrama Lady Maid Maid and I love this series for me.

  • Marianne

    Please subbed the TWdrama Lady Maid Maid on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  • Marianne

    Thanks for the last episode of the TWdrama Lady Maid Maid and thanks for all of you to watch for it. Xie Xie.

  • Marianne

    I hope that in English subs for the TWdrama Lady Maid Maid and I want to subbed on it.

  • o

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  • Qinn

    why can’t i watched this anymore?

  • TDQ

    Yes, i can’t watch anymore too… from last week?? Can pls reload?

  • Christina

    I just found out this drama, can reload?

  • Siying

    hi can you reload it again from youtube ?

  • Anti-Marianne

    idk why but I kinda like xiang lei and shu qi together :3 they look like they match each other more :3

  • Sorry

    My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this. I was bullied my whole life. On october i committed suicide. Now every week of my death I return. If u don’t repost this 5 times i will assume u were one if those people that wanted me to die and I will be by your bed with a knife on the day of my death at 2am Hurry u have 20 mins I’m waiting…

  • cheeiky

    Finally able to see chemistry between both the leads. It’s a bit draggy and find the drama title very interesting so I pick this drama to watch even though it’s so very long for a modern drama. Yep, also for Nicholas too! He may not be very good looking but he knows how to act.

  • me haha

    did anyone know what episode that cause
    fire burning