Love Me Or Leave Me / 我租了一個情人

Love Me Or Leave Me / 我租了一個情人
Chris Wang, Tiffany Hsu, Alan Ko, Lee Kang-Yi, Albee Huang, Derek Chang, LIER LIN
Broadcast Year:2012-11-08
English Subtitle:No
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  • yvonne94

    can’t wait .. wish its a goood drama .. 

  • Example

    what time would the drama start on 11-02?

  • Alice

    Ooooo….. Chris Wang on this drama and Annie Chen on another which on almost the airing time…y not putting them together again?

  • JW

    Oh geez, Chris wang and Annie both have 80 episode dramas airing….

    • peiyum

      who to choose …lol

      • JW

         Hard to choose, but I’m going to stick with this drama to start. I personally like the story line and cast a little better

        • i think love now is better than this drama they have a more enchanted and magical aproch

  • Ava

    Guess Chris is real into long shows huh….. 80ep again! Woooooaaaahhhhh

  • taiwanese drama love having 80 eps. this look promising hope it does not disappoint like the other 2 previous 80 ep dramas that already aired. 

    • yvonne94

       what drama have 80 eps before this ?

      • bananafluff

        Inborn Pair, Ti Amo Chocolate, and Sweet Sweet Bodyguard

  • I’m actually really excited for this. There was definitely some good camera shots/scenes in the short film. Loved it! 🙂 definitely loved the detail and artistic features it gave…

  • Mghaha

    again 80 Ep
    It going to be longer 

  • Lilbookworm7777

    yayy more 80 episode dramas!

    and this doesnt air until NEXT friday tho..i saw in a commercial that played in between Love, Now with AC

    • Lilbookworm7777

      Annie Chen I mean

  • Jenny Ng

    i hope can have the download option as well.

  • I love this TWdrama, thank you so much.

  • I want to subbed this TWdrama, please help us.

  • Storm_Grey3

    Title: 我租了一個情人 / Wo Zu Le Yi Ge Qing Ren
    English title: Love Me Or Leave Me

    Opening theme song:
    Ending theme song: Xing Fu Jiu Hao (幸福就好) by Soo Wincci (蘇盈之)


    曲別: 片頭曲  –  歌名: ??  –  演唱者: ??  –  作詞: ??  –  作曲: ??
    曲別: 片頭曲  –  歌名: 幸福就好  –  演唱者: 蘇盈之  –  作詞: ??  –  作曲: ??
    曲別: 插曲  –  歌名: 過得去  –  演唱者: 蘇盈之  –  作詞: ??  –  作曲: ??

    A girlfriend, who is fearful of marriage, hires a woman to test out her boyfriend’s faithfulness before marrying him. Her action produces an unintended consequence.


    Tiffany Hsu as Ji Qing 紀晴
    Chris Wang as Fang Hao Ming 方顥明
    Albee Huang as Zhao Shan Shan 趙珊珊
    Li Kang Yi as Liao Yi Ren 廖依人
    Alan Kuo as Ding Sheng Hua 丁勝華
    Chen De Lie as Wang Da Shuai 王大帥
    Dou Dou (豆豆) as Wang Dou Dou 王荳荳
    Wan Wei Qiao as Fang Yong Xin 方詠心
    Tao Chuan Zheng as Ji Shi Xian 紀世賢
    Lin Xiu Jun (林秀君) as Mrs. Fang 方母
    Lin Shu Yu as Zhuang Xiao Xian 莊小嫻
    Lin Mei Xiu as Zeng Hai Ling 曾海玲

    Prequel to this drama called “Love, Before” aired on October 22, 2012 on YouTube. 

    Credit goes to Chinese Wikipedia keyword is  我租了一個情人 and Drama Wiki

  • Do you have your English subs yet? Then go to D-Addicts for the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me. I want to subbed this TWdrama, please help us.

  • Oh come on, you have to subbed this TWdrama. I hope that they subbed it. Please help us.

  • Pirie

    I am sorry, what a waste of Chris Wang, just not a likable drama especially ‘cuz of Tiffany Hsu… not a very likable actress. Annie Chen and George Hu’s Love, Now is so much more fun, enjoyable and looking forward to watch. Love Me or Leave Me fell asleep at part 2, episode 1.

    • Pirie

      And Tiffany Hsu plays a mean bugger too… Poor Chris Wang.

      • Sorry, but I disagree. I mean I love tiffany hsu because she is the best bitch actress I’ve ever encountered. She’s very cold and beautiful, not ugly like most bitchy roles. So she does a good job, and if u watch her in real life, she is really nice and also a good girlfriend. I just may enjoy this drama more than love, now because Annie Chen bugs me really bad. I already had to put up with 80 episodes of her through her other drama with chris wang, but only watched it for him.

        • JWSplash

           Amen, I totally agree with you! I think some people are too quick to judge. Only one episode has aired and already all this criticism. At least give it few more episodes before deciding whether or not to continue watching it.

        • agreed. I like annie chen, but i feel like all her characters are kind of the same. to me, her acting is not all that great (esp. her crying @.@ just annoying…) ~ i gave up on love, now. i got bored watching the 1st episode of this drama, but i think i’m going to give it another try because i know tiffany is a great actress =3=

    •  totally agree. from the previews it looks good but i was so disappointed in ep 1 and in tifanny’s character and added that her acting/vibe gives of a b**** feel already did not help. on the other i thought annie and george drama would be boring but no b/c the characters/story itself is likable.

  • mochiballsrock

    if 趙珊珊 could be any more annoying -.-

  • JJ

    Really like the progression in episode 2. Great plot development thus far.

  • Please subbed this TWdrama, please help me.

  • I love this episode for me.

  • cutiepie2399

    this is a goo drama, it keeps me hooked!!!

  • Do you like this TWdrama? Well they like it.

  • Thanks for this episode for me.

  • I’m kind of annoyed with Albee cause she seems to be appearing in every drama even if its like for an episode.

  • Thanks for this episode, i love to watch it.

  • I want to subbed this TWdrama for me.

  • cutiepie2399

    good so far!!

  • ajw199039

    super sweet drama.i’d follow every single episode.

  • Elk

    All the actors and actressess are very attractive but there is no chemistry between the main female and male leads.

  • JessXian

    -.- i dont like this drama
    i tried to watch this because of chris wang but then the story line either not interested to me or just the girl main girl actress problem. to me they dont really match 😛

    • Guest

      Totally agree with you. It’s like there is no chemistry between Chris and Tiffany, and Albee is creepy. Poor Chris, this drama is DOA. Still find Chris Wang very talented and a gifted actor.

  • Marianne

    This episode is just for you.

  • Marianne

    I want in English subs for this TWdrama, thanks for everything.

  • Teramisus

    i did eng sub for some episodes. just go to the website amara universal subtitle. then in the search bar type loveme. have to choose to on the english subtitle. the option is just below the video.

  • stefanie

    only watched episode 2, already can’t stand watching Albee(San San). !@#!% b!tch!!!! Although its just a show but really make me so mad watching her…. 😛

    • Zinian_chelzkhie

      That means she’s a good actress..and she portrayed good her role as a bitch. I’m proud of her..I admire XiaoXun

  • Guest

    i wish they have more than 1 episode a week

  • fish

    so only 5 eps or what?

  • Sillygirl.

    faster done loading ~

  • Marianne

    I love this TWdrama for me.

  • Marianne

    I hope that in English subs on it. So be it.

  • pokypoky

    doudou is sO cute!! watched 2 episodes, i din enjoy the show but becos its yet another story about 小三, i may watch on…waiting to see how bad an ending that 小三 will get. to hell 小三s !

  • Joelyn

    episode 7 ?

  • JJ

    Oh goodness, the end of episode 7 is so sad. Poor Ji Qing. Hope everything turns out okay.

  • Joelyn

    may i know wheres episode 8? or the full story?

    • YNN

       Episode 8 doesn’t air until next week.

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  • Nytelord

    Ep8 T________T


    Where is my freaking ep8 T______T

  • Guest J

    I thought ep8 should be out now?!

  • Jasmin

    I thought ep8 should be out by NOW!?! where are you..?

  • Marianne

    You’re upload the episode 8 of the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me and i love this episode for me.

  • Marianne

    Thanks for this episode for me.

  • Marianne

    Do you have English subs yet? I have to look for it.

  • Marianne

    I love to watch for it.

  • 55j5wu5

    that's all I got.

    • hehehe

      it is by by2 (: 

  • Linda Pan

    What is the song that BY2 sings in episode 8???

  • Ehuang3544

    It is a great story and I love it.

  • Linda Pan

    What is the song that BY2 sings in episode 8???

    • Jasmine

      The song is 就这样吗
      super nice song!(:

  • thect

    what’s the song in ep 5 when she was talking to the mom about who to keep in her life and da shuai overhears? part of the lyrics is: wo men de ai jiu suan bu neng yong yuan..? thanks ! <3

    • Jani2xu

       幸福就好  (xing fu jiu hao)
      by (Soo Wincci) 蘇盈之

  • =)

    .. wait. what sickness does he have? my chinese sucks. sorryss.

    • Ann


  • Marianne

    Please subbed this TWdrama, will you help me?

  • Marianne

    I can’t find your English subs for the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me because i only want to subbed on it, I want to subbed this TWdrama as soon as possible.

  • Jani2xu

    can someone fix ep 9, part 4 please?  thanks!

  • Tcmilktea

    she has huge legs, and freaking ugly voice
    凸 小薰

  • oreobiscuits

    how many episodes in total for this drama?

    • person#1v

      16 ep according to wikipedia

  • Lynn6

    Not sure I look forward to episode 10…the preview on FB page shows that HM and SS are getting married…?!

  • Marianne

    I’m looking for the English subs version for the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me here. I need your help for the English subs that they used in this TWdrama. Please accept it.

  • Marianne

    I hope that the subbed this TWdrama at once.

  • oreobiscuits

    thanks for uploading, cant wait for next episode. ss deserves to be slapped and why is hm so stupid!!! 

  • LingQ

    Anyone know who’s the Eurasian guy in the show?

    • Lynn6

      Edwin Ji Yawen 紀亞文 – the one who dived into the water to save Ji Qing

  • Tazdevilusa


    • JJ


      • Tazdevilusa


  • vivian

    holy shit i wanna watch the next episode T_T 5 more days…

  • Meagan827

    hmmnn…I want more !! episodes please..!!!..can’t wait!!

  • oreobiscuits

    2 more days.. 兩天!!

  • LingQ

    Counting down~!! ^^

  • Esther

    Why haven out yet

  • jasmine

    Where’s episode 11? I’m waiting for that epic scene!

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to c episode 11…. But haven out yet pass 20min Liao 🙁

  • JJ

    Episode 11 best episode yet!! Hopefully part 4 can be loaded up soon. Thanks so much for all the uploading, I really appreciate it!

  • ska

    Please could anyone explain, is he going to die from his disease? Sorry my chinese sucks.

    • luke


    • Rylin

      NO, if he found suitable bone marrow to undergo the operation in 2years time then he wouldn’t die.

  •  趙珊珊 你真的是超级坏说是紀晴 欠你的还要还给你还有你说方顥明 只剩三个月,还要有你破坏紀晴和方顥明不让他们在一起,你活该被紀晴 slap .

  • Marianne

    Thanks for this episode, i hope that you like it.

  • Marianne

    I love this TWdrama for me.

  • Kim

    oooh, it’s onlt 2 epsisodes left 🙁 Want more!!

    • JJ

       Chinese version of Wiki says there are a total of 16 episodes…..

      • Kim

        ooh right! Didn’t see the + heehee… xP

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  • oreobiscuits


  • oreobiscuits


  • Marianne

    I like it.

  • Marianne

    I love this episode for me.

  • Marianne

    Do you have the English subs here? I want to subbed it.

    • Fluffyteddybear

       I thought you were doing subs?

  • Marianne

    What a nice episode for me.

  • lj

    one of my favourite drama, couldnt wait for next week for the new episode 

  • Tazdevilusa


  • wish 方顥明 the 病可以好 不会 死留下 紀晴 一个人,会跟 紀晴 结婚。

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  • Marianne

    Thanks for this episode, i hope that you like it.

  • Marianne

    Please subbed this TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me on D-Addicts and i have to subbed on it.

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  • Agneseng1594

    I like this drama very much can’t wait the ep14. Hope is a good ending.

    • guest

      yes, hope the ending will be a good one other wise CNY’s mood will be spoilt ! Anyway,  the Good should win the Evil !!

  • Marianne

    Thanks for this episode and i hope that they subbed on it.

  • Marianne

    I have to subbned this TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me on D-Addicts so that they have to subbed on it.

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    My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this. I was bullied my whole life. On october i committed suicide. Now every week of my death I return. If u don’t repost this 5 times i will assume u were one if those people that wanted me to die and I will be by your bed with a knife on the day of my death at 2am Hurry u have 20 mins I’m waiting

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      pls dont post these, they r against the law.

    • Howdareyou

      Remember that one day you have to face God for bullying the rest of us with such a lie.

    • green

      shouldnt waste your time on this though, u should see counsellor or whatsoever, too late to reply you amanda, hopefully you are still alive now, or perhaps RIP

  • Marianne

    I just have to subbed the episodes for the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me on D-Addicts so they want to subbed on it.

  • Marianne

    Please help to subbed the episodes for the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me and i want to find it.

    • Guest

      Who are you? Why do you keep posting the same comments?

  • Please upload a download link for episode 15!
    Thanks in advanced.

  • Jennifer Wu

    WTH I thought that EP 15 was the last episode…..i mean seriously whats gonna happen now? They have the baby and save Haoming again? O_o This is dragging on way too long. I mean towards the end of ep 15 everyone was happy & that’s usually how dramas end. But then, they have to make him sick again. -__- 

    Oh & by the way, there was no preview for an EP 16. (so maybe sugoideas didn’t know?)

    • JJ

       there is no preview for episode 16 because it’s the last episode. they want to keep the suspense and leave the viewers dying with curiosity

      • Jennifer Wu

        To me, after watching the last ep, this drama ended at EP 15 NOT EP 16. Because I want a happy ending and Ep 15 gave that to me.

    • maytan

      i still can’t sleep!!! cried so much dueing the last episode…..

  • MM

    My name is amanda todd now that u have started reading this. I was bullied my whole life. On october i committed suicide. Now every week of my death I return. If u don’t repost this 5 times i will assume u were one if those people that wanted me to die and I will be by your bed with a knife on the day of my death at 2am Hurry u have 20 mins I’m waiting

  • maytan

    so sad the series has come to an end….i cried so much with the last episode….

    • 妮可

      did you watch the finale? if so, where?

      • maytan

        live streaming….i remember ps我爱你…

        • maytan

          i mean live on television…i have ttv at home on cable tv….

          • 妮可

            damn it…i’m waiting for it to be posted here..don’t know why today its taking so long..the suspense is killing me :/

          • maytan

            wanna know the ending?

          • 妮可

            no thank you

      • maytan

        television broadcast

  • Guest

    please upload the last episode!!! 

  • Marianne

    Thanks for uploading the last episode of the TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me and thanks for all of you to watch for it. Thanks very much.

  • Marianne

    I want to subbed this TWdrama Love Me or Leave Me on D-Addicts. Please help to subbed on it.

  • green

    regardless of the sad ending, this will always be on one of my top list of favourite Taiwanese dramas

  • Jennifer Wu

    I can’t deal with a sad ending so Ep 15 was the last episode for me. 

  • Vvienlim

    So sad to see in such way.  Anyway PART 5 has problem and always hang. Can please quickly fixed it? Thanks.

  • waddup

    he really didn’t have to die….

    • Shanshan

      Oh yes he has to. After all the planning (videos for the wife to watch for her next 3 birthdays), the birthday parties, the video to be played at his funeral… He would be too embarrassed to have done all that and not to die at the end. That’s why he refuse going back to hospital for treatment, giving the lame excuse that his wife was about to give birth. So bingo he got worse and died and fulfilled his fantasy– die as a hero.

  • susan

    does any one know a link for the song “invisible person”? do you know who sang it and what is the title? thankss…

    • IMHO

      the song name is yin xing ren, sung by yuan cheng jie. You can copy this string of text to youtube to get the link.. 袁成杰隐形人

      • susan

        thank you so much!

      • Cheappy Stuffs

        Could u help me, then? What is the title of the song which is always played in the scenes of Yi Ren and Sheng Hua? The singer is a woman. Do u know what song it is?

  • Jani2xu

    worth the watch

  • JJ

     I think this was a fabulous drama, definitely worth watching! The life lessons and character development fused within this drama are wonderful. Watching, especially Ji Qing, growing and maturing during the course of the plot gave me a warm, cozy feeling!

  • Ling

    finally an ending that sort of reflects the uncertainties in life. an ending that is not ‘ the prince and the princess lives happily ever after , the end ‘ kind of plot. Even though, I must say as viewers we would hope for a happy ending but nonetheless, I could accept an ending like this. Life does not always turns out the way we want it to be. we have to constantly treasure what we have and owned. we must be contented with  what we have.

    I love the way ‘ hao ming’ plans everything ahead knowing that he doesn’t have much time left. In life, how many people can really plan ahead and be brave to face life-threatening illnesses? How many people are able to plan , prepare and live like there’s no tomorrow and to make sure even if they are gone , their love ones are well taken care of ?


    • Jani2xu

       i agree…i liked the ending. very bittersweet and a nice change from the happily ever after endings. 

  • Bi@tokyo

    This is definitely one of the best TW drama!!!! love the messages, the couragouscharacters and their loving relationships in Love Me or Leave Me.
    Although, the ending has left me heart broken, it has reminded me to treasure life and everyone around me.

  • vickie

    When i watching this drama saw chris wang (you sheng) be most father compare previous drama inborn pair. Doing keep fit .. cheer..

  • Cheappy Stuffs

    Could somebody help me? What is the title of the song which is always
    played in the scenes of Yi Ren and Sheng Hua? The singer is a woman. Do u
    know what song it is?

  • mswhite

    cheappy – its called 幸福就好 xin fu jiu hao