Miss Rose / 螺絲小姐要出嫁

Miss Rose / 螺絲小姐要出嫁
Megan Lai, Roy Qiu, Zhao Jun Ya, Tia Li, Stephanie Chang, Guo Xue Fu, Paul Hsu
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2012-07-22
English Subtitle:Yes
Luo Si Yi is highly competent in her job but very timid when it comes to love. One day, she finds herself working under new manager Gao Cheng Kuan, who is known to be ruthless in both love and business. He sees all his employees as screws that needed to be tightened or throw away if rusted. Will she be able to please the ever-demanding boss or will him mellow down and be one with the people?
  • Gary585376

    ROY QIU!! can’t wait for this drama! 😀

  • YAY!ROY!!!I wish the female lead was Tiffany tho.But Megan is very pretty too :]

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    I’m so excited to watch the episode 1 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and i love to watch it.

  • Marianne

    I can’t wait to watch it, thank you so much.

  • Pearl

    i don’t like it cuz office girls dragged too much 🙁

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    Miss Rose / 螺絲小姐要出嫁

    Title: 螺絲小姐要出嫁 / Luo Si Xiao Jie Yao Chu Jia

    English title: Miss Rose

    Main cast:

    邱 澤 as 高丞寬 – 32歲,光強LED公司執行副總

    賴雅妍 as 羅思儀 – 31歲,光強LED公司總經理資深秘書

    趙駿亞 as 湯以尊 – 32歲,光強LED公司研發部副總

    李毓芬 as 鍾小可 – 27歲,思儀的好友

    許騰方 as 關勝君 – 28歲,丞寬的助理

    郭雪芙 as  江薇安 (Vivian) – 28歲,億仁集團千金
    The rest of the cast:

    楊麗音 as  曾美女 – 53歲,思儀的媽媽

    趙正平 as 吳建樹 – 48歲,光強LED公司總經理

    姚采穎 as  宋廷嬡 – 31歲,光強LED公司業務部主任

    小 應 as  湯 姆 – 30歲,思齊丈夫,思儀的妹夫

    茵 芙 as  陳妙津 – 25歲,光強LED公司總經理秘書

    艾偉 as  江楚濂 – 55歲,億仁集團董事長

    張珮瑩 as  羅思齊 – 29歲,思儀的妹妹
    陳慕義 as  羅雲標 – 54歲,思儀的爸爸

    那維勳 as  康有為 – 33歲,光強LED公司業務部經理

    郎祖筠 as  Lily老師 – 40歲,仙姑婆

    柯一正 as ?? – ??

    陳雅琳 as  陳雅琳 – 主播

    管謹宗 as 陳經理 – ??

    陸一龍 as ?? – ??

    TV drama songs:

    片頭曲 – ?? – ?? – ?? – ??

    片尾曲 – 好難得 – 丁噹 – 陳韋伶、陳沒 – 陳韋伶

    插曲 – ?? – ?? – ?? – ??

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia keyword search is 螺絲小姐要出嫁

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    I hope that this drama have english subtitles <3

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 1 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    “This drama is currently airing” saids DramaWiki for the TWdrama Miss Rose, and i hope that you watch it. Thanks for watching with us.

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    I want in English subs for the TWdrama Miss Rose and i’m sure that you watch it.

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    I love this opening and ending themes of the TWdrama Miss Rose and i’m playing with you.

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      what the heck is “i’m playing with you?”

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    will it be english subtitles for this drama :O:O:O: plzzz fix it with english subtitles 🙁

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       I feel you D:

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    Will it have english subtitles? D: That would be nice.

  • Pearl

    i don’t like it it’s gonna drag like office girl

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    Oh Roy, Roy, Roy… Please no more English. All your cuteness and handsomeness evaporate after you utter those lines in a heavily accented English. If you are not ABCs like Wang Lee Hom, Sunny Wang, or Vaness Wu to name a few, then PLEASE do NOT make these otherwise wonderful actors like Roy Qiu speak English. It makes him look bad and dampens the viewers image of him. This is just my opinion.

    • hi

      I bet Roy hates speaking English lol but yeah his character always seem to require him to speak English.

  • Maryana Jo

     In any case Roy, English is not your mother tongue and this does not make you less of an actor. You’re still number one for me… whatever… 

  • leadingmaleisugly

    wow roy is so ugly. :/

    • It looks like he has too much make up in this one 🙁 I liked him more in office girls…

    • whatever

      i find the lead actress uglier.. 

      • kj

        megan lai is hella hot; she was intentionally uglified to fit her character~

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    Subssssss!!! Please!!!! O.O

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    I’m waiting for sub please



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    sorry to say, i cant stand the lead actress and her mother.. which is why im not going to continue to watch this.. and its sad because I really like roy since he was in easy fortune happy life

    • MJ

      If you’d rather ditch  Miss Rose, that’s your prerogative.

  • MG333

    I have never caught any of Megan Lai’s dramas previously and after the 1st ep, I can’t bring myself to continue watching this drama. I have always like RQ but ML just killed it for me here. ARGH!!!!

    • MJ

      If you’d rather ditch Miss Rose, that’s your prerogative.

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    deadly waiting english subtitle :((

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    no ep2 because of olympics

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    MG333 and nycz, don’t be disgusted with ML just yet…. this is only the beginning when they are trying to portray her character to be a tat forthright… watch on.. she’s getting sweeter and don’t miss roy’s fine acting in coming scenes… and more. thumbs up!

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    wait, what!? no episode 2 because of the olympic?
    holy crap!!

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    Hey can you upload english subs pls

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    how come no ep2?? =(

  • how come no ep2??

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    I lve this drama:) 

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    Where is the ep 2? 

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    this is so cute waiting for the ep2

  • him in office girls and the main actress looks better
    this is the reason im not watching this drama

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    when will it broadcast?? where are you, miss rose?

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    what’s happening?

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    go to youku or 56 website
    you will find it i guess

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    Episode 2 is supposed to be on in less than an hour. It wasn’t aired last week because of the Olympics.

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    Megan looks better with hair let down…

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    Lask week, they watch the 2012 London Olympics on TTV, now they finally watch the episode 2 of the TWdrama Miss Rose. I’m so glad after one week of on-holding the TWdrama. Thanks fo everything.

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    I need English subs for this TWdrama, can i help you?

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    Thanks for uploading the epsiode 2 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    I love to watch the TWdrama and i love it.

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    how many eps this drama have? 20?

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    why is it so slow for new ep to come out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    anticipating ep 3…

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    *shakes fist at heaven* 
    It says yes on English sub but there’s not. False advertisement! 

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    Hope there will be English sub soon!!!

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 3 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    If there’s a English subs for the TWdrama Miss Rose, you should get to the subbing group to work on it.

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    What a nice romantic comedy from Taiwan, and that’s funny for me.

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    What a nice episode for me.

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    I hope that in English subs for this TWdrama, please come and get it.

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    I love Roy and Megan for the TWdrama Miss Rose and i’m proud the two of them to act for it.

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    can’t stop laughing ^^
    deadly waiting for episode 4

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    Where is the English Sub? Please~~~ and thanks for all your hard work translating!!!

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    Why does it say yes to EnglishSubtitled and there is no English translation?
    I have found this with other Dramas on this site.
    Hope someone reads this and makes the corrections.
    Thank You 


    looking forward for english subtitles in every episode,, thanks in advance,, the cast of miss rose are doin good hope the story will loved by the audience GOOD LUCK!!!

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    I hope that in English subs for the TWdrama Miss Rose and i want to watch it.

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    Where are the English subs right here? I want to find it.

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    somethings is wrong with the ep 4 i can’t watch it help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    what’s a 502 bad gateway

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    because there’s no translation in eng…i just read the recaps of koala’s playground…it helps me to understand what’s going on in this drama…i like it..it’s really entertaining…

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    為什麼沒有繼續上傳呢???? 好想看喔……..

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    love it <3

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    Hi, to the person in charge of this site: do you eng sub the shows yourself? I would like to help translate some shows as I feel that some shows are really good and would be nice if more people can watch them.

    • Guest

      No, the subbed episodes are embedded from other sites such as V i k i

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    There are many episodes of the TWdrama Miss Rose in English subtitles, but they have to watch it.

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    Wow, what a nice higher ratings for the epsiodes 1 to 5 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and i love to watch. Thanks everybody.

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    thanks! 😀

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    great TV drama…highly appreciate the English subs now i know what’s happening… 

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    Anyone knows how many episodes this is going to be??
    The show is pretty good so far~ actually far better than I thought it would be~ the leads have pretty good chemistry…

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       I heard it has 20…but its just a rumor tho…

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    How come there is only one episode per week…i wish it can load up as fast as the queen of sop

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      cuhs it’s not hunan tv.

  • I like how two of the members from dream girls are in this together. Can’t wait to see more acting from them. 

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    Oh my Godness! Thanks a lot for english subtitle. I’m not very good at traditional chinese and now i can understand it because of subbing team. *Luv u*

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    I love this TWdrama and i love it.

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    I want to be nice with you.

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    Episode 6 isn’t sub in enghlish. Please sub in english 

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     07070707ˋˊ   12 minutes

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    the waiting is killing

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    It’s out!

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    Love the bit where he goes 那你好好照顾你的亲戚。。。姨妈。。。大姨妈!

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 7 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    I love this episode for me.

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    i like how this drama has so many songs from Della Ding’s latest album! 🙂

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    Ep7 is boring… Megan Lai got botox is it? Why she unable to express her character well? 

    • Couldn’t agree more,her face expressions annoys me. Oh,pls,I want to see real emotions oozing out from her.
      Anyway,I’m in here to see Roy and for his sake,I’m still hanging in here…hahaha
      I just hope he’s entertaining enough to keep me interested since I’m somehow irritated by Megan’s acting.

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    where is 8

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    ep 7 . plzzz add eng sub. i dunno anything what they said…… plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Thank you so much for your contribution on Eng sub! ^^

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    Why dose it take so long to get new eps. So annoying

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      There’s only one episode aired per week. Be patient.

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    can somebody tell me the title of the songs in the drama ? Thanks 

    • Jearlie

      the opening song is 打喷嚏! its my favourite for now! =)

  • Even though Roy is playing a different role in this drama, he still gives off the same look/expressions like he does from Office Girls. Not necessarily a bad thing, cause he’s good looking…but thought he would do something a little different this time around. Just my thoughts….

  • Ccam

    I don’t like Megan Lai’s face; she is not pretty.  She is also too tall for Roy.  They should have casted a better match for Roy.

    • Spreadyourwings

      Yeah same.. They should’ve fasted a better match for Roy! Roy is way handsome but Megan isn’t that pretty.. What a waste of Roy’s onscreen presence!

      • Spreadyourwings


        • Maybe they are going for the clique theme…”handsome guy falls for the “not-so-pretty” girl that happens to attract the handsome guy”. she’s starting to grow on me though…..

  • Ccam

    I think Megan Lai was the pole dancing girl in meteor garden 1 who like san chai’s village friend.  Even then in her younger days, she wasn’t pretty.  She still looks like a bird.

    • Fans

      everyone has to start somewhere.. i think the actresses all work really hard to make it some day. just like how Rainie succeeds too! 

  • Guest

    Megan Lai is very pretty. She is not the young cute girls where we keep seeing in posters and girl band. Her charm lies with her charisma and beauty. The type of beauty that is the more you look at her, the prettier she looks! 

    I think a good match goes further than height issue… 
     takuya kimura is not tall and all the female actress matches with him are taller than him too. 
    I think Roy and Megan has 默契.. you can see it when they show the makings of the drama! I really enjoy the drama a lot! =D thanks for uploading the drama! =D =D

    • Definitely agree with you. I was turned off at first because people in forums were commenting at how the actress wasn’t pretty. But after watching the first few eps, I definitely see what you’re talking about. She has that slight natural elegance in her beauty…the kind that, the more you look at her the more admired you become. Hopefully the drama continues to be good as it is! 

    • Ccam

      You must be “ooogly” to think that level is pretty…

      • Aaaaaaa

         You must be “close-minded” to think that people can’t think differently than you and have the same taste as you. Lower your pretty high expectations and pay closer attention to small insignificantly details, you’ll see she’s OK unless you like excessive botox’ed girls…

      • Wanda Martin

        you are uglier inside which is the worst ugliness to have the one from your heart.who are you to judge what is beauty or ugly? and call someone ugly.The level of pretty? what senseless crap is that?

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 8 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    I hope that you enjoy the episode 8 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for watching with us.

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      the 8th episode has no english sub why? please i want to know what they saying i looked all over how soon can it be sub in eng

      • TJ

        Episode 8 was aired just yesterday. It takes time to make english subtitles, please be patient.

        • Starfire

          how long does it take to get english subs?

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    Where is 9 why is it so slow

    • A new episode comes out once a week. You have to wait until next Sunday for episode 9 (It’s a long wait, we all know…) 

      • Minflower13

        but why the other drama comes out every day on the weekdays and there from the same place

        • most cases, dramas that have lots of episodes like for example 80 episodes – 200 episodes are aired everyday. It would not make sense if they were aired once a week, that would take us years to finish compared to episodes that only have less episodes. Hope that helps…

          • Minflower13

            k you got a good point but they don’t even tells us how many eps they have for miss rose

          • Yeah, not sure how many episodes, but I don’t think they will have anything more than 20. I think it might also be based on its ratings as well. If the ratings are good, I’m sure they will try to pop in more episodes. Personally, I think it will be too draggy if they have too many. 

  • lixss

    So far, the best looking couple is Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke. They look so cute and good together, unlike Roy and ….. Haiz… Maybe Roy too good looking that leading actress doesn’t look match with him. Megan Lai’s face seems so puffy in the drama

    • Can`t wait to see Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke together. I hope it`s not like “Office Girls” where they kind of started to get together at the end.

  • waiting 9

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    I’m waiting for the next episode for the TWdrama Miss Rose this Sunday night, and i hope that watch for it.

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    I’m so excited the episode 9 of the TWdrama Miss Rose this Sunday night, and i’m waiting for it.

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    will it be english subtitled this sunday?or will we have to wait longer for it to be subtitled?

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    aiya this show play once a week only, take very long to finish leh,should play everyday lor 

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 9 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    How many episodes are there in the TWdrama Miss Rose? There are 20 episodes. Thanks.

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    how long do i have to wait for episode 9 to be subbed in english?

  • 10

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    english subbb plzzzzzzzzzzzz for episode 9 plzzzzzzzzzz

    • It takes them a couple of days to get English subs ready. If I remember correctly, I always see it out about 4 days later. Hopefully that helps…..

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        • Sugarcubez

          its been 4 days now

          • sorry guys….cross your fingers that it will be out tomorrow! (I hope so too, it sucks having to wait almost 2 times as long as the rest of us who aren’t watching it with subs)!

          • Starfire

            oh i HOPE so! 

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        its been 4 days…i cant wait any longer!

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        does episode 4 already have english subs especially part 5?

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    plz sub episode 9 plzzzz

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      im getting annoying i know lol i just love this drama

      • It’s out now!! I didn’t expect it to take that long! 

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    I always watching the TWdrama Miss Rose and i love to watch it.

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    I’m waiting for the episode 10 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and i’m so excited to me.

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    Counting down….to watch Roy…so handsome

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    i dont like the story how is changing i have a feeling  Miss Rose is going to stay with her ex dont like this at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love the opening and ending themes of the TWdrama Miss Rose and i love to play with you.

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        i hope they are sooner than the last ones! 

  • I want to know what happens! At this point, I wish everyday was Sunday 🙂 

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    Why do it take so long for it to be translated into english? I hate that I started watching this drama.

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      because translating chinese in to english is hard and this is a chinese base web site so it takes longer

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      lol….. no respect for translators whatsoever

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    how many espiode in total?

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    Is anyone else having problems viewing Ep. 10 (English Subbed)?  I get the following message when I try to view it “We’re sorry, but we couldn’t load this YouTube video because embedding has been disabled.” Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

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       Me, too! :'(

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      Now I get “We’re sorry, but the video you’re looking for has been deleted by the Channel Manager” 🙁

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      it’s fixed already. i could watch it just now. just follow the link given on the embedding. maybe you want to try using a different browser like google chrome?

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    Wow, what a nice episode ratings on the episode 11 of the TWdrama Miss Rose is 38% and i’m enjoy on it.

  • 12………..

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    anyone knows how many eps  this drama has?

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      I think 20 eps

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    Once upon a love ep4 missing for download

  • where can i see the english sub?

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  • how many days to sub for ep11?

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    I think ppl need to stop asking when the next episode is coming up. Be patient. There will be one episode every Sunday night, which means you’ll get to see it here on Monday morning (East) or Sunday night (West). The episode listing is the most current. I would like to thank the uploader for always keeping the episodes current. Thank you.

    • do you know where can i watch ep11 with sub?

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         Where did u find Ep. 10 with English sub?

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          • Sunny

            Oh awesome thanks!!  I had checked previously on hulu when the show first started but it wasn’t there…but so glad it’s on there now!!!  Can finally watch the show on the big screen!!  Yeah!  Finding joy in the small things!  😀  Have a good one!  And thanks again!

          • CDK

            Sure thing! 🙂

    • Sunny

      I agree!  Except I can understand ppl getting impatient with the English sub videos.  I am personally looking forward to seeing the English subs episodes back up.  With the English subs videos, we still need to see Ep. 10 onwards.  But I am sure they r working hard to fix whatever needs fixing.  Thanks for that and looking forward to catching up with Miss Rose Ep.10 & 11 in English subs soon!  Have a good one!

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    Please upload Miss Rose Episode 12 as soon as u can please i kinda wanna watch it now 🙂

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      orh sorry , did not see until the time to post it .sorry 🙂

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    i like the comedic scenes and also the romance! it’s great! wo ai Roy Chiu/Qiu!

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  • Ep 12 has too many Vivian parts…and her trying to interrupt Cheng Kuan and Shi Yi time together ;( Counting down….7 days….

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    Thanks for uploading the episode 12 of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for uploading with us.

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    I love this TWdrama but the ratings are very higher than last week’s episode. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    does anyone know the name of the song that was playing at the end of ep 12 part  1??

    • Joei Hen

      叮当-好难得 =)

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    love gao fu zong very much <3

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    Vivian is getting so annoying! -.-”

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    great show. Roy Qui is great as usual. He’s the MAN who he resigns!

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     when Vivian say daddy is so annoying

  • 13

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    When ep 13 with or without sub is gona come out?

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    i hate Vivian,,,she’s such a spoiled brat…so annoying….n btw Roy Qui is AWEOSMEEEEE <3

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    為什麼看12集會顯示說  停用嵌入式在youtube上面播放.   為什麼?? 要怎樣才能看呢?

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      點 watch on youtube 就會出現了

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    When is EP13 Coming Out?????==

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    The Hulu videos cannot be watched in singapore?

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      Same here in Vietnam.

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    ep 13 please…….:)

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    Errr , when is ep 13 ? I dun care if is it english subbed or not , just when will it come out ? 

  • Loving this drama. It’s so cute and funny. Great chemistry between the leads.  Thank you for providing this drama!

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    ep 13 pls pls pls *puppy eyes

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    does anyone know how many episodes are there in this drama?

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      i think there are 20 ep

  • shortyme

    gb, i think there are 20 ep

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    ep 13 please~~~


    EP13 PLEASE 

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      • Angelight313

        well some subs take up to 7 days a little too much… I’m grateful that is up but it makes no sense to me since I have no idea what they saying w/o the subs as you can see I’m not the only one upset with this by the way the places that did eng/span subs really fast no longer is showing Miss Rose in their site.I just got used to the fast service. Thanks anyway 

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    • Agree with you 100% CaroleAnne1.  I find it amusing that people will complain about a “free” service that people are taking their own time out to provide for fans such as us. Be grateful folks that this is even available.  This is actually provided much faster than the paid sites such as Drama Fever.

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          I don’t know they say they no longer will show this drama in their site maybe is bc of competition between them or copyrights infringment

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    total is 20 episodes. it is difference in between taiwan and China. Taiwan version is more than an hour per episode. China dubbed version is 45mins per episode.

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      whoa whoa whoa, sista. watch it on drama fever or something. the people at sugoideas are only uploaders, not subbers, so you shouldn’t pin the blame onto them – or anyone else, for that matter.

      wait, and appreciate~

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    Anyway, THANK YOU sugoideas for your continuous hard work in bringing these videos to us in such a timely fashion, and THANK YOU to the subbers – you guys are awesome. 

  • I was very appreciative that ep 14 was up for me to watch even though I couldn’t understand a thing…it was still a very cute episode.  Just watched the subtitled version on drama fever and now everything makes sense.  Looking forward to ep 15 when it comes out.  Thanks again for uploading the episodes!  Please don’t let the negative comments keep you from providing enjoyment for the rest of us!


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    • Chris Bonilla

      Don”t focus too much on petty things. big lips are not scary. It is the IN thing now. I happen to like big lips. lucious. 

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      單細胞 dan xi bao by 嚴  爵 yan jue

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  • don,t know the vivan is really cannot see or not really cannot see at the next ep , wish the gao cheng kuan 不会跟 luo si yi 分手。

  • Guest

    I don’t know if I’m biased or not… but I still think Office Girls was better; he’s better looking in that too imo 😛 I just feel Roy and Alice had better chemistry than him and Megan? And I really miss 史特龍 and Roy, such a hilarious pair! Somehow wish it was still Alice… she had a more natural look and less make up. Megan looks really powdery sometimes. Just wondering if anyone feels the same way or is it just me?

    But anyhow, not really complaining because they must have selected Megan for a reason. 

    • Guest688

       i agree Alice Ke and Roy Chiu were more touching in Office Girls They seems true  feelings in that drama. Megan Lai can play out funny scents with Roy really awesome. She fit to play the roll as a secretary in miss rose But just lack of in love feeling with Roy. Anyway Alice ke and Megan Lai have their own style of acting. Can’t be compare. I love them both.

    • Roymi

      agreeeeeeee ^^. Alice Ke and Roy are so matched in OG. The problem with Megan I think that she doesnot know how to express her feeling by eyes. The thing that Roy can do perfectly 😡

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    I love romance/COMEDY dramas.
    I hate romance dramas which have one of the main leads suffering or dying because of a terminal disease.
    Laughter is the best medicine for all kinds of ills.
    It is great to come back home after work and laugh while watching a love/comedy drama.
    Script writers, please continue to give us more romance/COMEDY dramas.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

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  • so the end episode will postpone to 25 ep. right?

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  • Kwongsam1985

    way better than office girls

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    • every monday will upload, no need 2 rush

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      Don’t forget there still have many points have to solve. Fire the General manager and those that we hate. Such as Kang You Wei and Sung Ting Ai. Besides Tang Yi Chun had secretly proposed his design to the competitor company All this need to solve first.

  • guest

    how many episodes are there ?

  • happy_cc

    hi there, anyone know what is the song name which is in Ep20 at minute 00:21:00?

    • lee_annah

      .我還是一樣【中視[愛呀哎呀,我願意]插曲】  by Della Ding 丁噹  Album – 好難得 hao nan de

      • happy_cc

         thanks a lot.. 🙂

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       may be ep25

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    in reference to the previews for ep 21…def getting draggy and cliche…vivian just gets more and more pathetic.

    • Fluffyteddybear

       This makes sense the way the drama is becoming. If anyone watched Ti Amo Chocolate you’ll realize why. The director for this drama is the same for Miss Rose as Ti Amo Chocolate. Stop dragging! Uh! Hate the way Vivian talks.

      • Fluffyteddybear

         PS But I did like Ti Amo Chocolate although Zhen Juin ruined a lot of moments!

    • lee_annah

       agree just feel heartache  for Luo Si Yi. What kind of damn kindness, it such a terrible burden for Chen Kuan. When we help others. Never asked for repay

  • lee_annah

    i wonder sugoidea will continue update miss rose or not? Coz  the link of miss rose had  disappeared on the schedule board for a few days

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    Why are they extending their episodes for the TWdrama Miss Rose? They are 25 episodes for the 20+ episodes, so they finished this TWdrama until January 13, 2013. Thanks very much.

    • lee_annah

       yes Hope sugoidea will continue update miss rose

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    • Guest

      They should both go away.

    • lee_annah

       agree! I really don’t understand Cheng Kuan’s mom. How could she requested her son to marry Vivian. As a repay of the kindness. Totally out of mind

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  • please fix episode 21!!

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      螺絲小姐要出嫁 22 preview and click search on youtube

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      just copy and paste in 螺絲小姐要出嫁 21 and search on google then u can see the ep21 youtube video

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    • livss

       No need to watch part 3 & 4 as damn draggy. just skip to part 5 😛

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    wow…aside from 2 scenes worth watching, everything else in ep. 21 was pointless and filled with some ridiculous dialogue…

  • Fluffyteddybear

    I am dying for ep 22 to come out! Squee! AH! <33333 this show!

  • Sheryl247

    Vivian is so gorgeous, it would be more believable if she were so ugly she had no chance of another guy looking at her.?  I do agree I am totally sick of seeing her and her father’s characters. I’d love to see them turn human and that wicked secretary to get eaten by dogs would be nice. 

  • lee_annah

    can watch at drama crazy

  • 总裁 你 要 luo si yi 离开高承宽 , 如果她肯离开高承宽 , 高承宽 也不会 跟 vivan 在一起, vivan so坏不会跟她在一起,vivan u so bad 故意从 staircase fall down , is vivan ownself  从 staircase fall down want , not gao cheng kuan the 错, 总裁 为什么你要怪高承宽。

  • luo si yi u don,t want 听 总裁 的话, 爱他就是要跟他在一起, 而不是离开他,不是爱他而要离开, 总裁你说的 是什么话爱他就是要离开他。

  • 当初高承宽 跟 vivan 根本没有在一起,  而是被逼的。

  • 高承宽 你不要跟 vivan 结婚, 她那么坏。

  • 总裁 你 always want 高承宽娶 vivan , he will not be happy and 辛福 . why u  一直逼她 跟她在一起。

    • Aspire Eric007

      幸福 not 辛福

  • Ndnsweetheart96

    english subs ?? please ?

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  • 22……………….

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      i want 22 til the final episodes wow perfect. I am an extremely greedy

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    • milky

      icic thanks =)

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    Does anyone know how they get the emotions on their phones on episode 21 part 1, 10:16?

    • Fluffyteddybear

      LINE it is an app on your phone.

  • Jearlie

    I wish to quickly see the end too. I think next week is last episode le… They prob drag the storyline to meet with year end.. Her.. But I still love the show!

  • Marianne

    Thanks for fixing the episodes 13 and 21 of the TWdrama Miss Rose, but they have to watch properly.

  • Marianne

    Thanks for the episode ratings of the episode 22 of the TWdrama Miss Rose, it’s too higher than last week’s episode. I hope that they finished it this coming Sunday, thanks for your support.

  • wish the last ep of  螺絲小姐要出嫁   高承宽 不会 跟  vivan 结婚 , go back 跟  luo si yi  在一起会。

    • lee_annah

      i hope Vivian can let Cheng Kuan go. If she truly love him

  • Sabrina Thou


  • kath

    have to wait for another week before we see the next episode….. so romantic when both of them are together,…….make me also to like to be close to my hubybbbyyy

    • lee_annah

       u are so cute Merry Christmas

  • lee_annah

    i want to see the Crazy fortune teller will pole dance at the Luo Si Yi wedding ceremony. fighting Luo Si Yi

  • Ilovechengxing

    I really feel the similarity…of cos there is differences too…

  • Rose

    How many episodes are left in this drama?

  • Beeling Chng

    where the last eps ???

  • Fluffyteddybear

    Last episode is 23, this Sunday. Well at least that’s what people are saying according to Miss Rose’s Wikipedia page.

  •  Ep 22 was cute.  Watching Luo Si Yi and Gao Cheng Kuan together made me feel all warm inside.  I just wish Luo Si Yi had a little more back bone to fight for her man instead of always being the one to do the “sacrificing”  I hope Vivian wakes up soon and realizes that if she forces the relationship with Gao Cheng Kuan, he will hate her and they will be absolutely miserable together!

  • 23

  • kh88

    can anyone tell me whats the best 2012 taiwan drama so far?

    • Needlesstosay

      MISS ROSE!!!!

  • lee_annah

    can’t wait for the ending. Finally Vivian wakes up She lets Cheng Kuan go to his love one. I hope Guo Xue Fu the actress who play Vivian’s roll, will get a better roll next time

  • Nameless

    8 hours 12 minutes more to Ep 23

  • Marianne

    I hope that they final episode of the TWdrama Miss Rose will be aired later this evening. Thnaks very much.

  • Marianne

    We miss you Miss Rose. We love you very much.

    • lee_annah

       hope Roy and Megan will be co-operating again in another drama in the future

  • Marianne

    There will be the final episode of the TWdrama Miss Rose will aired later, so please wait for it.

  • Marianne

    We gonna miss you so much.

  • lee_annah

     good but too rush the ending i mean the part of the general manager and Sung Ting Ai

  • Guest

    i hope roy does another drama with alice again with the same casts from office girl! 😛 this one was okay, but didn’t really like megan’s character and i thought the ending was worse than office girl… -_-“

    • lee_annah

       too simple and rush

  • Guest

    What a waste for talented Roy to be in this highly anticipated drama, yet, esp. towards the end when Vivian (a very bad actress here and in “Inborn Pairs”) dominated the episodes with her poor acting and big fat Botox lips… It was so painful to watch. Thank goodness this drama is over.

  • Jani2xu

    some parts were pretty predictable and some were drawn out. but it had some sweet moments. it was ok overall

  • Marianne

    Thanks for the final episode of the TWdrama Miss Rose and thanks for all of you to watch for it.

  • Marianne

    What a nice episode ratings for the last episode of the Miss Rose, it’s very high than the last week’s episode. We’re glad to watch for this TWdrama, but they have to subbed for it.

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  • Marianne

    I need the English subs for the episodes of the TWdrama Miss Rose, and i would like to help with you.

  • very good . Gao Cheng Kuan 最后是跟 luo si yi 结婚不是跟 vivan 结婚。

  • 24

  • sorry no 24

  • lee_annah

    Vivian pretending part too draggy But the points of the company and their happiness are too rush. Anyway in the beginning til ep 19 are interesting .The writer of miss rose is quite simply to write the ending

  • penny

    is there any new show starring by Roy Qiu soon ?

    • lee_annah

      i’m waiting too

    • Gary585376

      hes gone to china, to act a mainland china drama 🙂

      • lee_annah

        Usually china they don’t dub his own voice

        • Guest

          That’s not always true. Usually if you more well known or have established your name, your voice will be un-dubbed in your work, but in some cases, all voices are still dubbed.

          Look back at “Waking Love Up” – Roy’s voice was dubbed.

  • Jo

    Tentative Title “Red Wine My Fair Lady” a mainland china drama

  • Fluffyteddybear

    Joanne Tseng went to China, and now Roy Chiu. If not, a lot and I mean a lot of people are going to be in 金大花的華麗冒險! I might watch it. But what’s weird is that when there’s a Mainland China Drama, they just get like two or three really famous Taiwan people. More Taiwan people (celebrities) are famous than China ones in my opinion.

    • Guest

      Yeah, a lot of Taiwanese actors and actresses usually migrate over to the Mainland because China has a lot more freedom and self-direction for actors to expand their work. Look at some Taiwan’s biggest stars…Jimmy Lin, Ruby Lin, Barbie Hsu, Wallace Huo, Joe Chen…all went to China to expand their acting and they’ve all become A-listers. Roy Chiu is no exception.

      • Guest1

        i think they migrate over to China, not for their freedom and self-direction, but because China’s population is more than 50 times that of Taiwan’s, thus they’d reach a larger audience in a shorter amount of time.  And people that feel they’ve lost their spark in Taiwan will test the waters in China, and even if you “don’t do well” there, so to speak, you’re still reaching an enormous amount of people.

  • Fluffyteddybear

    Is Inborn Pair going to be the ONLY drama that I have watched and love that main characters ended up having a baby? Come people! The drama is short! One more episode would not have killed you!

    • Fluffyteddybear

      The drama has a great plot line! Just add one more speck to it!!!

  • to me, i think this drama ended in a perfect ending!!!:D

  • Fluffyteddybear

    Was Luo Si Yi suppose to bare in ep 22? Yes right?

  • Guest

    Why would Luo Si Yi break up with Kao Chen Kuan after they just did it? For goodness sake she could be pregnant then!