Women Flower / 女人花

Women Flower / 女人花
林韋君, 趙小僑, 陳德烈, 張雁名, 苗可麗, 丁國琳, 梁家榕, 陳俊生, 趙舜, 王中平, 陳為民, 余函彌
Broadcast Year:2012-02-29
English Subtitle:No
鍾佳瑜,原本是一個很有潛力的舞蹈系高材生,卻在大學畢業後,不顧父母反對,與丈夫正翰結婚。結婚六年好不容易懷孕的佳瑜,竟發現老公正翰與最好的朋友秀微發生婚外情。佳瑜絕望之下,更不小心誤殺正翰。從此之後,她失去了跟著自己二十六年的名字—「鍾佳瑜」,成了僅有代號的女犯…… 梁晶晶,一個二十齣頭的年輕女孩,卻因父親被人騙去所有退休金,母親也因受不了被逼債的打擊,帶著年幼弟弟離家出走,父親一時急怒攻心,竟精神崩潰導致失智,晶晶頓失所依又面對家庭巨變。為了照顧父親,維持家計,不但成為詐騙集團首腦人物周捷元的女友,也成為詐騙集團的一員,但在一次警方的誘撼行動中,晶晶被年輕有為的檢察官高翔逮捕了…… 每一個受刑人,背後都有著不同的滄桑血淚,然而誰的人生沒有過汙點?重要的是,重生以後的路,該怎麼走,才能精彩出頭天。人生雖然充滿荊棘,但通往希望的道路,永遠只有一條,那就是邁開大步向前走…
  • Weilai00

    why gao xiang suddenly can’t fight anymore???

    • chaepenn8

      i think the effect of his accident while he rescue jingjing. he was almost die at that time.  

  • Marianne

    I love to watch this TWdrama and i love it.

  • Marianne

    I’m giving you a chance to subbed on it.

  • Madeline

    So Gao Xiang lost his memory? I skipped around, so I’  confused!

    • jojo548

       just his memories of jing jing. he’s so mean to her now! 🙁 if he ever recovers, he’s going to feel soo bad. he was the one who loved her sooo much more than she loved him. now its the other way around. = = he really needs to recover like NOW. :'(

    • Guest

      to got hit by car when he tried to save jing jing. then he lost his memory of jing jing

  • Guest

    last time gao xiang treated jing jing very nice and also like jing jing very much… he also knew how to fight last time now he doesn’t 🙁

  • chaepenn8

    english sub please….

  • Weilai

    total episode is 40. Meaning 2 more episode and coming to the end…..

    • Frank Lin

      where did you get the info from cos it doesn’t seem to finish in 2 with the story flow. just wondering… thanks!

      • Weilai

        i got the info from wikipedia

    • Guest

      rly?! but the scene now seriously doesn’t look like this show is going to end soon ….. i tink there are more episode….

      • Weilai

        i got the info from wikipedia

    • chaepenn8

      i hope this info is not true. i don’t want to end this i need more romantic scene of  jingjing and gao xiang.  

      • Weilai

        i got the info from wikipedia

        • chaepenn8


  • Weilai

    see I told u all, last episode is 40….

  • chaepenn8

    sad coz this drama is end today. i miss jingjing and gao xiang also his mother too. 

    • Susysusanty1511

      you have blog penny lin?

  • Xin Xin

    Feel that the ending is miss off something. 
    Missing of Gao fei and Jia yu happy ending.
    Ending never end very well, if Gao fei and Jia yu get together in the end also that will be a super good ending.

  • Deepbleugirl20

    is this worth watching?

    • chaepenn8

      yes, it’s a complete package they have funny scene, action, drama & romance.

    • Weilai

      the starting is funny, but when coming to the ending abit draggy and also alot detail change suddenly also it ended abruptly i could say

  • Lammyhoan

    Engsub please :((

  • guest

    Broken 🙁

  • penny lin where I look for activities or news about you.you are the favorite actrees. I really idolized you.please give your blog and twitter account

  • you are the favorite actrees. I was idolized kamu.tolong give your blog and twitter account

  • Guest

    do u guys have any nice shows to introduce?

    • Awesomeseeker

      Inborn pair is awesome ! XD

  • Mnp

    can you upload this to your backup site? most of the links say “Private” now 🙁

  • milkshake

    English subs please. 🙂 tnx in advance.

  • Fairly

    Is the drama show nice?

    • Bigfanofnrh

      DAMN NICE!

  • Bigfanofnhr

    I really really like this show alot 🙁 but i just watched finished and im so sad it finished. I really like gao xiang and jingjing tgt and jiayu with gaofei. SO CUTE^^ REALLY WANT PART 2 OF WOMEN FLOWER. PLEASE PART 2. WE SHOULD HAVE A PETITION.

  • lol

    Why is this show private? i haven’t finish watching it