Spring Love / 美人龍湯

Spring Love / 美人龍湯
賀軍翔, 大元, 佐藤麻衣, 陳乃榮, 方文琳, 李璇
Broadcast Year:2013-01-27
English Subtitle:No
承襲百年家業的「龍湯」與互相對立的「美人湯」... 在這古實淳樸的溫泉鎮裡,他們找到了,幸福存在的理由!
  • len

    cant watch EP1, can you fix it? thanks

  • kelly

    can’t watch ep1-12…please fix it..thanks

  • Lim Hui Ern

    ep 14 is very good see

  • Lizzified Noel

    this drama best

  • Lizzified Noel

    but idk why but i want a spring love 2….

  • tash

    so good! this is definitely one of my fav dramas now! too bad it’s finished > <

  • Aussie

    I wonder why cant the actress speaks properly and be more refined. I may have been living in Australia for long time but I know what it is if they speak “ghettish” mandarin.

    • saturn

      one of the girls is japanese…

      • guest

        and the other act based on their charater

  • addicted2frog

    Do you know where i can find an eng subs with this Drama??