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lifeshow 沈春華 LIFE SHOW
Host: 沈春華
Genre: Variety
Sub Genre: Interview
Broadcast Year: n/a
Air Time: Sunday



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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/木子王册/100001648803311 木子王册

     when i can watch the Rainie on 沈春華 Life Show ??

  • Joel

    When can we watch JJ Lin Jun Jie on 沈春華 Life Show ??

  • Jason_vancouver

    When can we watch Jeff Chang on 沈春華 Life Show ??

  • yewcharkueh

    how come cannot find the recent one with rainie ??

    • Mandy

      coz it just displayed at 2100 2night~

  • 加油

    沈春華賴福秀真是個好秀 學習到許多人雖為名人但經歷各種挫折仍越錯越勇 值得我們所謂平凡人省思學習 不平凡的人生也要曾付出不平凡的代價 我們應該加倍努力 也會是自己人生舞台上的一齣布平凡的好秀    ~北卡州

  • Daydee

    will you upload the newest one, 2011-10-09 with Ariel Lin? Please…

  • TomLee

    Is 沈春華 Life Show on vacation last Sunday (Nov.6.2011)?

  • arby

    2011-11-20許傑輝 這集是重播2010-10-03

  • Guest

    沈春華 LIFE SHOW is no more.Her new show called
    沈春華Woman  Show.

  • Bell