The Sun's Daughter / 太陽的女兒

The Sun's Daughter / 太陽的女兒
Shi Yi Nan, Joanne Zeng, Penny Lin, Xu Wei Lun, Yao Yuan Hao, Yao Yi Ti, Zhou Cai Shi, Qiu Xiu Min, Lance Yu, Zhang Fu Jian, He Jia Xin, Cai Ming Xun
Broadcast Year:2007-04-13
English Subtitle:No
On her wedding day, the vivacious Hu Yang Yue died in a car accident. Yet, her spirit lived on in three girls, Yin Si Jia, You Ma, and Su Hui Ting, who were given a second chance in life because of her self-less organ donations.

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  1. Fan says:

    how come none of the links work??? please fix!!

  2. chaepenn8 says:

    very nice story. i like penny lin 🙂

  3. chaepenn8 says:

    finish watching this drama today and i’m happy coz the story is good. still hoping that i can watch this again w/ english sub.

  4. chaepenn8 says:

    please english sub……

  5. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation:)

  6. poohbear says:

    Just wondering why none of the videos work?

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