Wish to See You Again / 這裡發現愛

Wish to See You Again / 這裡發現愛
Vic Zhou, Chen Yan Xi, Ken Zhu, Kingone Wang, Terri Kwan, Ji Qin, Anthony Bao, Eric Tsang, Gu Bao Ming, Lin Mei Xiu, Vanness Wu
Broadcast Year:2008-02-03
English Subtitle:Yes
Xu Le (??) is a bestselling author who never left home. He was recently struck with a case of writer’s block and decides to search for inspiration. So he decides to work as a taxi driver hoping that by listening to his passengers; he’ll be struck with some inspiration. Coincidentally, Xu Le meets his high school classmate, Ah Hao (??), who is also a taxi driver. Xu Le has not seen Ah Hao for years. Ma Yong Rui (Xiao Ma - ??) is an heir to a five-star hotel and is also Xu Le’s and Ah Hao’s old classmate. Lu Yi (??) is now a fashion magazine editor and she was the dream girl that they all wanted. Pan Neng Xian (???) is a 24 year old girl who recently graduated from college, who gets a job as a PR assistant in Yong Rui’s five-star hotel.

17 Responses

  1. Vic Zhou lover says:

    i love vic zhou!!!

  2. janine clemente danao says:

    it’s very beautiful movie or drama that i seen 

  3. Hola says:

    Dont understand a shit

  4. Pearl says:

    1 star

    • Pearl says:

      complete fail WAY too draggy

      • Anonymous says:

        God, Pearl… what do you like???

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, I agree… it’s draggy… it’s only the last six episodes that are worth watching, but then it’s just too late, and you just fall back. I skipped them even though they were the main part of this drama. The first episodes were good, but then it really dragged… The plot is ok, but they really prolong everything… too bad..

  5. Fatso_antonio12 says:

    Where’s the English subbed???

  6. Grace Huang says:

    I got to say that I love Vic Zhou and the picture looks so nice like a new drama just came out. But when I got to first episode, I like the song but I have no idea what is the main point of this. I have given it so many chances to watch this drama but whenever I got to the opening, I would fail to watch it. Idk why but it doesn’t work out with me. Sorry, Vic Zhu!!! I couldn’t watch this drama! 🙁 P.S. you are still a good actor! Love you!:)

  7. Rae says:

    I really, really liked this one… the first episode was a little strange, but I was hooked shortly after. There are some syncing issues with some of the later episodes though (the sound is off from the video/subtitles) and there are some random parts that say they are 1:36 in length, but then keep going without English subtitles and no way to tell how long it will keep going… any way to fix this?

    • Rae says:

      PS I don’t think it drags at all… I felt like they wrap up issues a lot quicker than most dramas I’ve seen

  8. Teresa ♡ says:

    This show makes me cry so much. I love it so much. You have to watch it to the end, it’s worth it. My love, Zai Zai, I love you forever and ever. This is one of my favourites. I love it. I’m crying right now because I finished watching it. It’s so cute. I’m done. Life is done for me. I love you Zai Zai. <3 Zai Zai is the cutest like omg dying here asdhkashd I love him

  9. Anne Aquino says:

    very good. it would have been much better if the F4 were complete. Only Jerry Yan missing in this series.

  10. WoAiNi HuaZeLei says:

    this show is very nice 🙂 the story plot is unique 🙂 I Love XuLe and Neng Xian’s team up <3 as expected, Zai Zai did an awesome acting! and ghad! VIC ZHOU IS VERY HANDSOME! Wo Ai Ni my Hua Ze Lei <3 mwah!

  11. Anonymous says:

    de segurança necessária

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