Who's The One / 我的完美男人

Who's The One / 我的完美男人
Tian Xin, Leroy Young, Pink Yang, Johnny Lu, Xiu Qin, Xiang Ying, Serina Liu, Nie Yun, Ivy Fan, Gao Qun, Ye Min Zhi, Guo Shi Lun, Li Jia Wen, An Di, Tang Guo Zhong, Amanda Zhou, Ugur Rifat Karlova, Lin Jun Feng, Owen, A Bao
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Broadcast Year:2011-04-22
English Subtitle:Yes
Tian Xin plays a top plastic surgeon who helps a fat man (Leroy Young) win back his runaway bride. With killer exercise regiment, plastic surgery and unwavering determination, she transforms him into a gorgeous looking man.

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  1. LunaKiss says:

    For now, this is the only Chinese (tw) show I am following.  Liking it so far. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    nice drama, following:)

  3. Amelia says:

    where is sub english for episode 6

  4. odelia says:

    cool ! episode 6 damn nice 🙂 will be looking forward to all other episodes for ” Who’s the One ”  aka ”
    我的完美男人” :)<3CenTa

  5. TongTong says:

    THis drama is so good!!  ^^  All of them could act as well.

  6. TongTong says:

    THis drama is so good!!  ^^  All of them could act as well.

  7. fay dos says:

    looking forward to the next episode 😀

  8. ZigZag says:

    I still like this drama!!!

  9. Daniel-esp says:

    i think the main character is the best one, she’s very expresive. and is nice to hear them talking in chinese, hao ting! 🙂 Daniel

  10. Daniel-esp says:

    by the way when will be the episode 7 subtitle in English? i can’t understand all in chinese…

  11. guest says:

    i am loving this drama so much!! it’s the only twdrama that i must follow atm!! is there any direct download links to the eng subbed episodes of this drama?? i can’t find it anywhere! =[

  12. shimmer says:

     will there be any links in the download center where the series will be hardsubbed (english subs)??

  13. Ameliaaung98 says:

    can’t wait for next episode and thanks for the subs

  14. Abcde says:

    is there any way to change to setting so the parts play continously?

  15. guest says:

    Use the library function that comes with the software. What software used?

    • Guest says:

      library function? what software should i use? I have just been clicking subsequent “part” as i go, but its a pain

  16. guest says:

    Use the library function that comes with the software. What software used?

  17. Uisleeps says:

    oh my goodness!!! this is the most awesome series i have ever seen. yes, the 6month transformation is unrealistic, but still. one of the BEST dramas! i’m completely hooked! only on epi 5 but, still. LOVING IT!

  18. dramalover says:

    when us episode 11 with subs coming out!!??

  19. Uisleeps says:

    thank you so much for subbing this series!!! btw… is there anyway you guys can translate the bloopers? i see some of them are… and they are freaking hilarious!!! anyway, thanks again for your hard work!!!

  20. WJW says:

    this drama is so good. Love it! 

  21. LKS says:

    All the cast are new to me, but I am liking the main four 🙂  One of the good drama I have seen recently. The only twdrama I am following atm. 

  22. Uisleeps says:

    i just wanted to thank the subbers for their hard work again. i feel kind of bad asking for the bloopers to be subbed ><

  23. Guess says:

    I love this drama…i wish they have the ost on yesasia already…cause i can’t seem to find all the songs…

  24. Guest says:

    anyone know when the subs for epi 12 will come out?

  25. Uisleeps says:

    what the ….??!! it’s over? ohhh hell no!!! okay… it’s over, but still… *Cries… this is the sweetest series i’ve seen in a long time WAAHH…

  26. Vl20009 says:

    awwww, i can’t believe the series is over.  I loved it!!  hope to see the actors again in future dramas!!  Love the ending…I will definitely watch it again once the eng subs are ready for the last episode.  Thanks again to the team who does the english subs!  Great work and appreciate your time and effort!!  THANK YOU!!!! 

  27. Arlene Ong says:

    very very very nice drama:)

  28. Msrain says:

    i like this drama but i think it’s better if the fat guy is played by a girl and the doctor is played by a guy… 

  29. J727 says:

    I really like Melvin & Bryan..both gorgeous and refreshing.

  30. Ziggy says:

    it’s a nice drama. I like it. but the ending was way too quick! 🙁

  31. caroline says:

    can i know whats the ending song for this drama?

  32. Starry Charmz says:

    This show is damn nice!!!!

  33. Chung says:

    omg this drama is so good! i loved the cast and Tian Xin is sooo pretty! 🙂

  34. Chankhanh_hg says:

    I love tian xin

  35. Bientrangphale4444 says:

    i like tian xin

  36. Ngothientam55 says:

    tian xin so cute

  37. Elvinwan says:

    Can some one give me the names of all the other songs in this drama. I can’t find them anywhere except for the theme song.

  38. Shinhwa_best says:

    Qian Qian looks like Ady An lolz

  39. Bubble says:

    Good romance comedy.  Especially like the main female character.  Tian Xin’s interpretation is just spot on, not OTT.  Well deserved ‘gold bell’ acting award, IMO. 
    One thing (actually four things) very irritating about this drama – What’s up with the ridiculous thick caterpillar eyebrows of the two male leads!!!

    • Miriam says:

      that is the normal look on the male leads of every taiwanese shows.lol

      • Bubble says:

        Yes, seems like the Taiwanese really like men with caterpillars on their faces.  But these two guys are probably the worst I’ve seen.  That Melvin has eyebrows twice the size of his eyes… LOL

  40. Miriam says:

    i am now watching this. i know the lead star, tian xin. i watch shows mainly on their content, not on the stars who play on the show.

  41. Miriam says:

    i like the 2nd male lead rather than the main lead star.

  42. Miriam says:

    this is the first time that i DO NOT like the main male lead. he acts like a country bumpkin. his appearance has changed but his actions have not.i like tien xin and the ceo to be together because they are more matched!

  43. Miriam says:

    you know why i like melvin more than bryan? melvin looks younger and more handsome. his pysique is leaner, his hair suits him. he exudes more confidence and he ADORES the cosmetic doctor since they were young. his adoration did not wane even when he got older, albeit it becomes more intense. while Bryan is in love NOT with our doctor but with karen. she did not love him enough to marry him YET he still persists. if that is not being SILLY and STUPID, then i don’t know what it is!

  44. Chankhanh_hg says:

    bubble say that right. tian xin well deserved “golden bell” acting awards

    • Bubble says:

      Her cry scene in the last episode was very good.  Very complex, like she didn’t want to cry, and was annoyed with herself because she couldn’t stop her emotion.  

  45. miriam says:

    this series has a good storyline but i can’t seem to place “what is lacking”..Bryan was until the last few moments in the series being  persuaded by qian qian that she was not the right girl for him that he abandoned his plan to pursue her to the end. his character is NOT my type of a leading man.

  46. Chankhanh_hg says:

    I come from in vietnam,and I  can’t undestand language’s taiwan but I undestand emotion of tianxin .she is cast very good. I love her,so all.

  47. thea says:

    i love tian xin,,,,shes a good actress,,though i dont understand chinese…i search for the english sub of this drama…shes also a great dresser

  48. thea says:

    Tian Xin for me is the most beautiful taiwanese actress,,no offense to other actress..but that’s just my opinion….love her so much!!!

  49. Chankhanh-hg says:

    i love tianxin

  50. Jani2xu says:

    one of my favorite dramas! nice storyline.

  51. Imtoobabiish says:

    Her 2006 drama call Angel, is really good, too. Tian Xin is such a good actress. =), she deserved the Golden Bell Awards for best actress!

  52. zoe says:

    i love u tian xi!!!!!

  53. jy says:

    This drama really nice, I feel that it is underrated. Tian Xin acted really well here, no doubt why she was awarded the best actress award for golden bell awards. I personally feel Sonia Sui deserved it too for her work in The Fierce Wife, wondering if it is possible to award both for the same title (in Singapore it is possible, so i am wondering if this is allowed for Taiwan).

  54. Cathy Hirose says:

    May I please ask does anyone know where we can find a copy of English Subtitles for the above series, “Who’s the one”.
    I thank you in advance and appreciate all your help and support.
    Thank you

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