Fondant Garden / 翻糖花園

Fondant Garden / 翻糖花園
Jian Man Shu, Kingone Wang, Park Jung Min, Lia Lee, Johnny Lu, Angie Tang
Broadcast Year:2012-02-24
English Subtitle:Yes
鄭米恩 (簡嫚書飾) 個性開朗善良,從小將父親對製作蛋糕的心意銘記在心, 為了做出好吃的蛋糕,米恩總是忙到最後一刻才肯休息,現今在翻糖花園店內擔任蛋糕主廚。 朴希煥 (朴政珉飾) 韓國CNR企業的少爺,長相帥氣,個性活潑調皮,因此使得希煥的父親頭痛不已。 為了讓希煥能早日成材,朴父只好趕緊安排了大大小小的相親。 「拜託,第20次相親耶……天啊」 一個以傳承父親蛋糕手藝為志業、善良又開朗的女孩 遇上為了躲避父親的相親安排而落跑來台的韓國王子 儘管兩人國籍、環境背景不同, 「愛情」卻陰錯陽差的在他和她之間蔓延發酵 拯救希煥王子之天衣無縫落跑計劃正式啟動......

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  1. AznGurlThtLovesDramas says:

    this is a good drama. 🙂

  2. JF says:

    Kingone Wang is still playing a second lead? Sigh, someone give him a leading role. 

  3. Marianne says:

    I love to watch the pilot episode of the TWdrma Fondant Garden and i love this series for me.

  4. Marianne says:

    I love this series, thanks.

  5. CORAXD says:


  6. ABCD says:

    I know it`s only the first episode and I might be a bit hastened by saying that this is a really good drama but I`ll take the risk,really loved it.

  7. Zhu Heo says:

    very  like it ♥

  8. Zhu Heo says:

    very  like it ♥

  9. Gnitauny501 says:

    It’s only the first ep, but I’m already LOVING IT!! <3<3

  10. Amy Zheng says:

    I have a feeling i wont like the ending, but I should still say i love this drama, very funny. :)<3

  11. Samli_panther says:

    this drama is very funny and interesting. love it ^o^ 

  12. xerxen90 says:

    Jung Min is so cute..<3

  13. Samli_panther says:

    park jung min <3

  14. jalinda says:

    I’m loving it so far <3 

  15. dramalover says:

    so far only the first chapter but i know i will love cant wait until the next chapter!!!

  16. guest says:

    ahhhh,it`s no available in my location,thanks anyway for subbing it 🙂

  17. love says:

    Park Jung Min is so cute!!!!!!!

  18. Olivia Tran says:

    series got me hooked so far =)

  19. bobo says:

    does not work for eng sub please fix

  20. Bvonney says:

    When does this drama upload again?

  21. CORAXD says:

    PARK JUNG MIN !! <3 😀

  22. chocalat says:

    i just watched the first episode and i love it!!!!!

  23. Yayi1997 says:

    this drama is really good ~~

  24. michelleqq says:

    sooo good !!!! can’t wait for episode 2!! 😀

  25. Kattiawu says:

    hola!yo soy kattia yo quiero ver la novela episodio 2 la novela de fondant garden
    por favor

  26. KATTIAWU says:


  27. KATTIAWU says:

    YO QUIERO LA TELENOVELA EPSODIO 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 DE FIN POR FAVOR MUCHA GRACIAS!

  28. KATTIAWU says:


  29. chococat says:

    i hate chen ai lin and that xi huan in this show, faker and scumbag but not the real people just their characters 

  30. Gina L says:

    It’s so cute.  Can’t wait for the next show.

  31. Guest says:

    OMG this drama is absolutely FANTASTIC n  AWESOME!!!

  32. jess says:

    I’m intrigued already and it’s only the first episode! awesome, can’t wait to see how this drama will turn out :)!

  33. :) says:

    so addictive. i’m lovin it~

  34. Zlolita70 says:

    how often does the eps come out!!??

    i want to see the next one already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Yayi1997 says:

    how many eps have fondant garden ??

  36. Lianne says:

    When can i watch the ep 2? can’t wait to watch it

  37. Me too ! I can’t wait for Episode 2 of Fondant Garden ! xD

  38. Bao says:

    Ep2 can not see
    what time will pass up?

  39. Susie says:

    yay for episode 2! ~now the week long wait for ep 3 T_T

  40. Snowlotus says:

    Hm not bad, but this drama is a bit all over the place. I like how usually it just focuses on a couple of main plots. Like Skip beat, ex-boyfriend, and I love you so much.

  41. Yayi1997 says:

    you can see this on pps live <3

  42. Kissmywhiteass says:

    Are u guys lesbians or something?
    I don’t know why u like park Jung min … He looks like a girl n he acts like a lil girl !
    I cant stand this drama…
    But I really like kingone n he deserves to work with talented ppl… Just like him… Not trashy gays n stupids bitches around him !
    Thats it !

    • Cora says:

      lol , alot of people who are watching this drama because of him , u the loser who insult , if i insult kingone u happy ? but i’m not going to because im not a loser like u 🙂 thanks , BYE 😀

    • Yayi^oo^ says:

      you watch this for kingone ? pffff ahah park jung min is much prettier than Kingone >.<

      • Kissmywhiteass says:

        The word ¨Pretty* is used for girls ! 😉
        yeah.. She must be really pretty… 
        but Kingone is way more talented than the whole casting together ! 🙂 
        n im not watching this.. cuz i said i cant stand this drama.. 
        im not a loser.. n i dont support stupids boys who act like gays ! :S 
        u like him cuz he just looks good ok?!
        but without the perfect hair n make up n nice clothes.. he is nothing.. ok!
        HE CANT ACT ! 😀

      • Chia Yan says:

         I’m so agree with you. Jung min is a flower boy that you can’t find it anywhere.

      • Yayi^oo^ says:

        I also agree with you , PARK JUNG MIN is so cute <3

  43. Mandy says:

    You should add 2Eps every day :~)

  44. jess says:

    <3 I love the songs used in this drama! Hope this drama keeps getting better

  45. pink says:

    there are only16 episodes

  46. AImikomi says:

    Does anyone know the name to the songs in this series? I just know the opening theme is sung by Da Mouth called Maybe的机率.

  47. Gavincheng says:

    when does this show air in taiwan? day and time ??

  48. eeyore says:

    why so slow.. only 2 eps.. i cant wait for more… please more!! in this show park jung min so cute!!!

  49. eeyore says:

    how come ep2 dont have english subtitle. alot of them i cant read at all.. T_T

  50. Shorty Xo says:

    WHERE ARE THE ENGLISH SUBS ?! this is taking forever.

  51. Olivia Tran says:

    just wanted to know does this drama air on friday or saturdays?

  52. Gavincheng says:

    what channel is it on?

  53. Britenyxu23 says:


  54. 24Kpopshipper says:

    Ahh I hope they sub the eps! 😀 I’m really liking this drama! XD

  55. CORAXD says:

    im waiting ^^

  56. Dramaqueen says:

    Where is episode 3 ? thought it is coming out today ?

  57. your mother says:

    cant wait anymore

  58. hi sweetie says:

    its outtt

  59. Michelle23 says:

    YES!!! IT’S FINALLY OUT!! xx

  60. 24Kpopshipper says:

    YUUUS! The second ep is subbed too! :DDD Thaank you! XD 

  61. Tkuan55 says:

    米恩 =>

  62. BOBO says:

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE EP 4 ! ! ! ! 😀

  63. bubble tea says:

    episode 4 does not work

  64. guest says:

    EP 2 link doesn’t exist!

  65. l0l says:

    dis lok gey

  66. yes ep 2 doesnt exist!

  67. Luna says:

    Have ep4 come out yet?

  68. Pâm says:

    oowwww, epis 3!!! but not sub… uu I can’t waittttt to see 3 sub! *.*

  69. JeNnY says:

    cAnT fOR ePiSoDe 4.  

  70. chocalat says:

    thank you for uploading!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  71. WHT? says:

    what is up with all these korean actors in taiwan?!

  72. gertjon says:

    The correct answer is commercial consideration. Because the Taiwanese drama and the Korean music (K-pop)  now are popular in Asia. The Korea singers (like Super Junior、SS501) starred in the Taiwanese drama series, sharing each other Asian markets. This drama Fondant Garden, Korea male lead already joined the Taiwan company.   

  73. Abcd says:

    Argh the only thing that sucks is only 1 epi come out and its on every Friday. I have no patience to wait. The story left me hanging. I can’t wait!!!!

  74. tillon says:

    thank you for uploading…

  75. sofia says:

    I enjoyed this drama.

  76. Guest says:

    Loving this drama…=) Can’t wait for the next episode. 

  77. Shorty Xo says:

    episode 2 doesnt even exist.

  78. May Nwe Soe says:

    I am checking this page almost everyday although I know it won’t be coming out until next four days… lol… i feel so dumb. =3

  79. Pâm says:

    OMG! We need ep 3 subbed!!! Pleaseee!! y.y

  80. Strata says:

    女主角可愛. 說話時好像楊承琳. 

  81. Madiha_ says:

    ^^o^^Eng Sub,,thx..shii shii merce..comoo…VikiTeams
    شكرا علي هذا المجهود في الترجمة ^^5!!!

  82. Piggyli says:

    can anyone unload ep4

  83. Bbgdtonite says:

    can’t wait anymore!!!!

  84. Michelle23 says:


  85. Strata says:

    This show is weirdly addictive so far (3 episodes)… I dislike the male leads and the annoying voice-over for the Korean actor.  And the story line is rather typical idol drama like.  But the female lead is so CUTE!  No OTT screaming.  She makes the show very watchable (so far anyway).  

  86. MY15173 says:

    翻糖 :-*

  87. Pâm says:

    ooowwwww, I need ep 4 subbedddddddd…. Y.YYYYYYYYYY Pleaseeee *.*

  88. Olivia Tran says:

    don’t want to be annoying but does anyone have song info about the ending song?

  89. BoBo says:

    Getting more and more interesting. 😀 😀 I FEEL LIKE WATCHING EP 5 NOW ! ! ! BUT IT STILL HAVE NOT AIR. D:

  90. celint says:

    For people who want ep. 4 subbed be smart – here they embed videos from an other source, go look for the original source, it’s subbed already there

  91. Serene Law says:

    Cant wait for ep 5!!

  92. Princess Pearl says:

    New my fair princess got season 4?

  93. Madiha_ says:

    ^0^,,Thx,,,4Eng Sub..u..r doing well

  94. Xxhearts_luvnxx says:

    wait which guys is the main character??! kingone? or the korean guy..actually probbaly the korean guy cuz kingone ALWAYS gets rejected…ajskdlf;jaklsdfjk WHY.

  95. Guest says:

    Anyone know how many episodes this has?

  96. Choco Disney says:

    this drama is so cute~<3

  97. michelleqq says:

    14 hours left….aaaaaaa!!!! cant wait

  98. AMANDATHIEN says:

    13 MORE HOURS <3

  99. BOBO says:

    OH GOSH… 9 MORE HOURS ! ! ! 

  100. Guest5 says:

    4 hours left!


    I LOVE PARK JUNG MIN !!!ur such a good horsey!!!ngee heee hee heee

  102. Sherl says:

    Going a bit slow, but actually getting better and better 🙂

  103. mrs park says:

    now i have to wait for another 6days for ep 6!!!i cant wait!!!i wanna see mi en and xi huan together!!!park jung min fighting!!!!

  104. Cindy says:

    how many day isit for one ep?

  105. Amy Yang says:

    Description (English)

    Zheng Charmian (Jane Kidman book ornaments), cheerful and kind-hearted personality, from childhood on his father’s mind on making a cake in mind,In order to make a delicious cake, Charmian always busy until the last minute before they agree to rest today as a cake chef in fondant garden shop.Puxi Huan (Park Jung Min decorated)Korea CNR Master of the enterprise, looks handsome, lively, mischievous, and therefore Xi Huan’s father a headache.Xi Huan early timber Park parent had hastily arranged a large and small blind.”Please, on a blind date 20 yeah …… God”A father cake craft heritage Chi, kind-hearted and cheerful girlMet in order to escape his father’s intimate arrangements and running away to Taiwan, South Korea PrinceDespite the different backgrounds of the two nationalities, the environment,”Love” someone else in the spread between him and her fermentationSave Xi Huan Prince seamless bunk plan was officially launched …

    • Amy says:

      omg.. lol… u hav the exact same name as me.. =/ haha xD

    • Guest says:

      Did you use Google Translate or Bing Translator.  The Translation does not make sense at all if you use an online translator.

      It’s best that a person who is bilingual who can speak English
      and Chinese (Mandarin and
      Cantonese), read written Chinese and write in Chinese to
      do the translation to English.  I believe
      that person translation is better than using the ones found on the internet (For
      example: Google Translate and Bing Translator.).

  106. JustRaine21 says:

    why can’t i watch fondant garden ep 5 english sub??

  107. Madiha_ says:

    T.T Is their any volunteer summerize each ep in ENG
    the drama seems good @funny Iwanna 2 understand….

    • Madiha_ says:

      SORRY…..this comment 4 another drama Ex–boy
      friend.. no ENG SUB… Ilike TW drama plz accept.
      my apologize,,,,^0^

  108. Guest says:


  109. Thenewtravis98 says:


  110. BOBO says:

    三角恋即将开始在五小时之内 !!!CAN’T WAIT ! ! !

  111. mrs park says:

    3 more hours!!!!i cant wait to see my jung min!!!haha

  112. Jo says:

    why there is no Episode 6?? Can’t wait to watch. Really nice!

  113. Officially Ditched says:


  114. youuuuuu says:

    false hope. the link is there but i cant open it!

  115. ddccdcwvwvr says:

    its out!!

  116. ddccdcwvwvr says:

    404 – Not Found
    Sorry, no pages matched your criteria.WHY ???

  117. Chrissyplee says:


  118. jungmin91 says:

    its ok now!!!!aigoooo park jung min is so freaking hot!!!

  119. Michelle23 says:


  120. Sherl says:

    This drama is somewhat predictable, but it’s still pretty entertaining, something new for my taste–baking wise.

  121. Jo says:

    Is Episode 7 coming out soon?? Can’t wait to watch. Really nice!

  122. Clarinephua says:

    This show is soooo pretty 🙂 I like the name and the characters OMG 😀

  123. feane says:

    since the description is only in characters… can anybody tell me what this show is about? ^^

    edit: sorry, just found it in the comments :’D

  124. yoekchng says:

    jian man and jung are a cute couple in foundant garden! It’s so funny to see the behind the scenes! It makes me laugh!

  125. Michelle23 says:

    EPISODE 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once a week is too long…………………..

  126. kayla says:

    its out!!!!im gonna go watch my jung min now.ciaooo!!!

  127. MJ says:

    I wish someone would
    translate the description of  Fondant
    Garden / 翻糖花園
    which is written in Chinese and translate
    it to English.

    • Guest says:

      Zheng Charmian (Jane Kidman book ornaments), cheerful and kind-hearted personality, from childhood on his father’s mind on making a cake in mind,In order to make a delicious cake, Charmian always busy until the last minute before they agree to rest today as a cake chef in fondant garden shop.Puxi Huan (Park Jung Min decorated)Korea CNR Master of the enterprise, looks handsome, lively, mischievous, and therefore Xi Huan’s father a headache.Xi Huan early timber Park parent had hastily arranged a large and small blind.”Please, on a blind date 20 yeah …… God”A father cake craft heritage Chi, kind-hearted and cheerful girlMet in order to escape his father’s intimate arrangements and running away to Taiwan, South Korea PrinceDespite the different backgrounds of the two nationalities, the environment,”Love” someone else in the spread between him and her fermentationSave Xi Huan Prince seamless bunk plan was officially launched …

      • Joe says:

        The translation of the Chinese written description of Fondant Garden into English  does not grammatically make sense to me.  Did you use Google Translate or Bing Translator?


  128. Hikarisakura says:

    Episode 8!!!!!!!! Cant wait!! 🙂

  129. Marianne says:

    I’m waiting for the episode 8 of the TWdrama “Fondant Garden” and i watch for it.

  130. Marianne says:

    I like this TWdrama for me.

  131. chocolate says:

    I don`t like this drama
    I love it!!!!!
    Looking for ep 8!

  132. Sadduck says:

    This drama sucks so far…

  133. TAOZHONGGUO2010 says:

    google”indaigou”,go to this,you’ll find many very cheap and high quality stuff,without hestation:)

  134. melah says:

    who the hell says this drama sucks, its freaking nice

  135. Bubble_trix says:

    How many episode?

  136. Bbgdtonite says:

    the only bad point of this drama is:
    need to wait every week 

  137. chocolate says:

    Ep8 is not working!

  138. chocolate says:

    Just part1

  139. Kayla says:

    park jung min is awesome!!!!!muacks!!!

  140. Jazon_lau says:

    Love LOVE LOVE this series !!!!!!!

  141. MJ says:

    Man Shu as Cheng Mi En

    Wang as Han Xiang

    Jung Min as Park Hee Hwan

    Lee as Chen Ai Lin

    Lu as Tan Rui

  142. MJ says:

    Fondant Garden / 翻糖花園 / Fan Tang Hua Yuan
    # of Episodes: 16 (to be Confirmed)
    Runtime: Fridays only 

  143. Guest says:

    i wish i didnt start watching this yet…now i need to wait for the next episode to come out every week!!!

  144. OMG!!! super plus!!!!! PJM can speak mandarin!!!!! shit! he is really good!!! 110% better than the other korean actors/actresses who came to taiwan to act!!! look forward to more of him in Taiwan,… hopefully!   박정민, 파이팅! 🙂

    • jungmin91 says:

      yes it seems that park jung min is talented in learning foreign languages!he even picked up japanese the fastest among all ss501 members. 

      • he did plastic surgery on his nose? but its alright and it looks good! in fact I support him in doing the plastic surgery on his nose. good for him! and it looks natural and not too obvious! makes me wanna get one too! 😛

        • jungmin91 says:

          nope.that was just some rumors.they are not true ^^

          • really? but he looks different in some pictures. and I think he is doing extremely well! kudos to him! for being able to speak mandarin though pronunciation is not good but its still good because his market is widen and definite he will get much more support from the chinese speaking community! he is my number 1 now! for making it into the taiwan market…btw i am not a taiwanse 😛 hahha, i speak korean, mandarin, cantonese and english

          • jungmin91 says:

            well he’s looking different in some pictures mainly because of angle problem i guess.he’s my number one too!!high five!and he came down to malaysia once!!!and i wasnt able to make it because of those stupid exams argh!!hey check out his group ss501,they have quite a huge fanbase all around the world too and who knows u might like them too ^ ^

          • i only got to know a bit more of SS501 when I was living in Seoul. but by then they have dispersed. but i know all the SS501 guys are “go min nam” lols! just that i think they prefer to go into the Japan mkt cos of proximity. Kim HJ is on himself solo and his album was really popular… but now… hhaahah its PJM’s time!!! woots! must get hold of his chinese song in this OST!

          • jungmin91 says:

            oh no,they havent dispersed yet.its just that their management company refuse to renew one of the members contract,so each of them decided to go seperate ways for the time being by signing into different companies.but kimHJ stated that ss501 is still his top priority and they havent disbanded yet.i heard they are gonna have a comeback at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013,i hope its true,keeping my fingers crossed!i love all of them but my favourite is still pjm!!LOL!i hope his drama will make hiim popular like how boys over flowers did to kim hj.

  145. yoek says:

    can’t wait for next episode! 

  146. Jenny says:

    Ep 9 <3

  147. Jazon_lau says:

    “Mi en” has the cutest smile !!!! 🙂

  148. georgie says:

    Jian Man Shu who plays MiEn is so cute and talented and pleasant to look at… unlike Joanne Zeng who is a poor actress, so annoying and unpleasant to look at in “Ti Amo Chocolate”.  Just LOVE “Fondant Garden”.  Check-out for Jian Man Shu in “Year of the Rain” too, very nice.

    • Ms28 says:

      Joanne Zeng as Hong Xi En 洪希恩 – her/his hair looks the shape of a football helmet orbaseball helmet.

      I don’t know if her real hair is cut; however, if she wearing a wig.  It’s a very, very bad wig.  Looks like she is wearing a football helmet or a baseball helmet.  The hairstyle is bad to make her look masculine.

    • vitamin says:

      I really like Jian Man Shu and I would love to watch “Year of the Rain” too, but I don`t understand mandarin and I couldn`t find it with english subs.Do you know a place where I can find it with eng subs?

  149. Ms28 says:

    Synopsis of Fondant Garden / 翻糖花園

    Zheng Mi En (Jian Man Shu) is a talented pastry chef who works and manages at a successful bakery called Fondant Garden. Her boss and close friend from college, Chen Ai Lin (Lia Lee) always asks Mi En to bake cakes for her and pass them off as her own creations, convincing her prideful father that she is the one baking the amazing cakes. Ai Lin’s father sends Ai Lin off to a fondant cake-making competition in Korea, causing Ai Lin to drag Mi En into her mesh of lies once again.

    In the midst of this, Po Xi Huan/Park Hee Hwan (Park Jung Min) is a second-generation Taiwanese-Korean businessman from a Korean company who does not wish to inherit his family business. His father plans to use the upcoming cake competition as a way to force Xi Huan into an arranged marriage with the winner, who apparently has been chosen ahead of time. Xi Huan’s Taiwanese half-brother, Yan Han Xiang (Kingone Wang) runs the family business division in Taiwan, but wants to be the successor of Xi Huan’s father’s company. Because of this, Han Xiang is a little annoyed that his younger half-brother is uninterested in taking over the business, and yet might inherit it instead of him.

  150. Cj says:

    Kingone Wong is so old in this show I don’t like him.

  151. Joe says:

    Opening theme:
    “Maybe的機率” by Da Mouth

    Ending theme: “愛你” by Kimberley Chen

    Ending theme: “愛你” by Kimberley Chen


  152. chocolate says:

    This Drama is awesome!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  153. Sherl says:

    oh damn i didn’t think Park Jung Min is that hot…<3

  154. Jasmine-cheong says:

    hi please tell me whats th title of th song that park jung ming sing for mei en in episode 9.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Jungmin is still cute as ever _<"

  156. sugar says:

    why this drama dont have a english subtitle, please the information..

  157. Anonymous says:

    Okkkay I really gotta watch all these episodes! ^w^ This drama is great and cute! :3 Hehe! XD 

  158. mamania says:

    the girl can not act tooo boring

  159. fondant gardent says:

    idc people shut up

  160. Abigailhearts1577 says:

    i love this drama >_<

  161. yoek says:

    this drama is so cute! and the song makes it much cuter ~!

  162. Pearl says:

    lol I love how everyone went from loving kingon to hating kingon in the space of a few episodes XD

  163. Jenny says:

    Park Jung Min(HanJi)<3

  164. Zlolita70 says:

    sigh* i cant watch ep 10!!!!! why!!!???

  165. Jo says:

    Not a comment about the drama… BUT, who else loves the song “Ai Ni” by Kimberley?! I can’t stop listening to it…

  166. Kayla says:

    this drama is getting more and more interesting and u viewers,u will love park jung min>3

  167. becca says:

    im ode hating on kingone….. omgoodness i wanna punch him and slap that other bitch. nigga dont love you. shitss

  168. Lovetvxqforever22 says:

    jung min is dubbed, i even saw an article about it
    i’m surprised…since the guy dubbing seems to have a korean accent.

  169. Haily says:

    i miss ss501 this drama makes me like Jung Min more and more he is just too cute<3

  170. Anonymous says:

    This drama is simple and cute…

    I’d like to see Kingone in a romantic comedy with YEH, I mean the lead male.  

    This is all just pretend…. the best actors are the ones who can pretend the best.  

  171. jungmin91 says:

    next episode is going to be interesting!!!this drama just keeps getting better and better!!!

  172. jungmin91 says:

    and anybody here knows where can i download park jung min’s song for this show?title is huai ren (bad person)..ive searched for it on the net but all i get is the ripped out version from the show..i want the official studio version without people talking behind..if anybody has the studio version please please send it to me??^^

  173. minkiiee says:

    Omg what is kingone doing to park jung min in the preview!!! W T F~ just when i start liking kingone again D;;

  174. minkiiee says:

    and omg<3 they will finally find out that park jung min isn't someone who owes a ton of debt in korea.. LOl finally they will know his true identity!! i hope~ o-o

  175. hanji!!!! says:

    cant wait till next episode!

    its gonna be so interesting!!!!! 
    hanji!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ya!!!! :]

  176. Tehnicole says:

    how come all the video unavailable…

  177. 小翼 says:

    What’s the english song title when Han Xiang is at the pub? Episode 7 part3

  178. Greeniestpanda says:

    How much eps are in this drama? (o ^ o;)/

  179. sherly says:

    Park Jung MIn is so handsome n cute! ^^

  180. chocolate says:

    ep 11 doesn’t work
    can you please do sth?

  181. guest says:

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      I absolutely agree!  It’s so unfair!  I like the drama, but this is ridiculous how they are treating him!  What does Mi-En mean, “you know I don’t like to lie and be lied to!”  Then why do it?  She annoys me actually.  The only person I like in this drama is Xi-Huan.  And then Han Xiang despite everything.

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  231. cuando van a poner el episodio 16 ?

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  243. Matilda says:

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    • Miisy says:

       the show after this is love in the wind. few episodes came out already. its really weird cause its the same actress in fondant garden. lol.

      • CAT says:

        No.”love in the wind” is aired on PTS.
        The correct answer is “至聖鮮師” if you mean what’s the next on CTV.

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    • Miriam says:

      i agree. with kingone having played the 2nd lead for quite sometime now, it is time for him to be promoted to be the leading man.

      • Miriam says:

        because that is the only way he can get the leading female character. because it will always be like this in an idol drama but i think he has a chance in a FAMILY DRAMA..that is the 2nd man can get the lead lady.

    • 13anana13ri says:

       And I thought that I was the only one thinking this. He filmed 3 dramas with Rainie Yang, and he didn’t end up with her 3 times. D:

    • Tracywang says:

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  263. Tracywang says:


  264. Ashley says:

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