Garden Of Life / 生命花園

Garden Of Life / 生命花園
Eli Shih, Tsai Chen-Nan, Jennifer Yi, LU Yi-ching, Ko I-Chen
Broadcast Year:2012-02-18
English Subtitle:No
南投中寮輪椅農夫陳水合,因九二一震傷導致脊椎受損,下半身不良於行,美好人生一夕變色,因眾人的愛與善,從被無常打敗的人生谷底,敗部復活,重新站起。 不僅挑戰身體的極限,更超越殘障,在中寮仙峰山上打造一座花園,不僅治癒自己也療癒別人,看著花開花落,四時來去,體悟生命的道理,領悟人活著不僅是為了自己的生存,也為了生命的延續與擴大。 用自己經歷當例子,鼓勵更多人走出生命低潮,將得到的愛,延續擴展出去,他要活出生命的價值與意義,四川地震、緬甸風災、八八水災、海地震災…他從不缺席,藉由每一次的回饋付出,他期許自己要像蒲公英一樣,遍灑希望與愛的種子,讓這世界更美麗。

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  1. MJ says:

    See the word Description and underneath is a rectangular shape box and inside this box is written Chinese.  I wish someone would translate the description of  Garden Of Life / 生命花園 which is written in Chinese and translate it to English.  Hoping someone who is bilingual who can speak English and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), read written Chinese and write in Chinese to do the translation to English.  I believe your translation is better than using the ones found on the internet (For example: Google Translate and Bing Translator.  By using Google Translate or Bing Translator, the translation of the Chinese description into English will not grammatically make sense at all.). Thanks for your hard work if you do this. 

    • Guest says:

      Description: A man named Chen Shui He lost the ability to walk after hurting his spine during the Nine-Two-One Earthquake and his life took a turn for the worse ever since. However, after receiving much love and concern from the people around him, he has decided to challenge the impossible and overcome his disability. He grew a garden amid the Zhong Liao Xian Feng Mountain which not only gave him a peace of mind, but also provided a serene haven for those who came by. Witnessing the changing seasons and cycles of falling flowers, Shui He realized that people do not live only for the sake of living, but also to nurture the next generation. Using himself as an example, he encouraged others to step out of their depressed state and share the love to more people who needed help. He wanted to live the most out of his life; he was never absent from helping other people who suffered from catastrophes. He wished to mimic the dandelion – spreading the seeds of hope and love to make this world a better place. 

  2. guest says:

    i’m so happy to see ta-ai series uploaded on this site! miss these series so much since I left asia. thanks you!

  3. Sienna 987 says:

    Is there going to be a download link for this show (Garden of Life ) ?!:( can someone please put it up thank you so much!

  4. Daniel12 says:

    download link for garden of life please ? everybody is in need for it!

  5. u says:

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