Ti Amo Chocolate / 愛上巧克力

Ti Amo Chocolate / 愛上巧克力
Vanness Wu, Joanne Zeng, Dou Zhi Kong, Guo Shu Yao, Wang Zi, Lene Lai, Ah Ben, Bu Xue Liang, Michael Zhang, Guo Shu Yao, Ge Wei Ru, Zhou Dan Wei, Kun Lin
Broadcast Year:2012-04-10
English Subtitle:No
Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.

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  1. Gary585376 says:

    Yay Vanness Wu 😀 but wait…. 999+ episodes?…..

  2. Omg says:

    999+ episodes wth…. o_0

  3. Olivia Tran says:

    awesome! looks fun!

  4. Guest says:

    999+ episodes ? – must be some what draggy ..

  5. trololol says:

    HAHA WTF 999+ eps?

  6. Rainey says:

    Can’t wait!
    So glad that this is an everyday drama! 😀

  7. peiyu_2010 says:

    how many ep is there?

  8. mymelody says:

    hooray vanness is back…can’t wait thks a lot sugoidea u’re de best…

  9. Scopiorox says:

    I like Vanness when he played the lawyer in Autumn concerto….I enjoyed that drama but didn’t like Material Queen, hope this one will be worth watching ….at least his hairstyle in this one is better than the one in Material Queen…

  10. AznGurlTHtLovesDramas says:


  11. xj says:

    cannot wait!!

  12. Omg says:

    99999999999+    hahaha

  13. chocolate says:

    How many 9 are there?
    I am sure i am getting old while i am watching this drama!!!:-):-):-)

  14. Guest says:

    99999999999+ episodes ? Really ? someone should fix this . there’s no way there’s going to be this many episodes .

  15. SuperLameGuest says:

    watching this drama for two people, Prince and VanNess!

  16. Jo says:

    It’s probably a nice drama ut why copy Korean? THIS IS EXACLTY LIKE THE COFFEE PRINCE’s PLOT… Wy not just be unique? Taiwan doesn’t lack anything to produce good idol dramas with creative plots.

  17. ANON says:

    They like all the other producers/directors.. They want people to actually watch the drama. FOR Example BOF was bought from Taiwan….. 

  18. Nycz says:

    I was so happy to finally see vanness in another drama but once i saw the female lead, i am definitely not watching it….

  19. yayi says:

    come this drama every day ?? 

  20. gght says:

    whats wrong with the female lead sia ? she’s awesome ok ! dont watch dont watch lor . it’s your loss ~ 

  21. mnb says:

    whats wrong with the female lead?… i remember her from In Time with You.

  22. Summer says:

    wanna watch it cuz of Van Ness! haha!

  23. han says:

    this remind me of coffee prince

  24. eh says:

    so the preview says it’s supposed to be 80 eps… that’s still kinda long >.>

  25. mymelody says:

    can’t wait for de 1st ep..

  26. 胖胖 says:

    網主,拜託,用 youtube 啦~~~

  27. AznGurlThtLovesDramas says:

    is this drama coming out every single day?

  28. Yuenyi2856 says:


  29. GUEST says:

    sub plzz!!!!!

  30. xiaozhen says:

    who sing the ending song and the song title for this for this drama. can somebosy pls tell me

  31. Random93 says:

    wow it says theres 99999999999+ episdoes….lol

  32. wow! i can finally see this drama..i hope english subs would be fast as well. 

    thank you to the uploaders! 

  33. peiyu_2010 says:

    Only weekday got ?

  34. Vrnc411 says:

    Does anyone know what the title of the ending song is? thx

  35. MJ says:

    It must be a typographical error for Ti Amo Chocolate Episodes: 99999999999+

    • Jennifer Wu says:

      LOLOL i thought the same…
      i think its gonna be like inborn pair, they don’t know how many eps they’ll be doing. like a sitcom

  36. Olivia Tran says:

    two is out?! is this drama everyday?

  37. michelleluvsmochi says:

    i thought it came out yesterday…. and episode 2 is here already???? woooow i luv u guyz!

  38. Kay says:

    monday to friday i guess like inborn pair 🙂

  39. Serenetingting says:

    TiAmo Chocolate <3<3

  40. Slytherin_poof says:

    I hope it will be subbed soon! I’m so excited. 

  41. Deston says:

    How many episodes are there ???? 

  42. Tomcat says:

     This drama is going to be like Inborn Pair. Really long, but it is pretty good.

  43. Jrw says:

    WAIT, is this 2 a day or something? i thought the first ep came out yesterday, but there’re 3 already!!!

  44. Olivia Tran says:

    honestly i think Ella would have done better then Joanne…. i have never seen her improve its disappointing… 

  45. Blast-daye2 says:

    vanness is so danm cute! <3

  46. Olivia Tran says:

    Honestly credit to AH Ben he’s so amazing and talented in portraying his character. hope he goes on to bigger things =)

  47. Jess says:

    How come the episodes for this drama are released so quickly?

  48. Jess says:

    Btw does anyone know how many episodes there are?

  49. mymelody says:

    thumbs up to vanness…he’s still as cute as ever..

  50. MJ says:

    Ti Amo Chocolate/ 愛上巧克力 / Ai Shang Chocolate 
    Also known as Set Chocolate
    on Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
    Opening theme song: Undefeatable (不敗) by Vanness Wu and Lee Junho from 2PM
    Closing theme song: Tu Zhong (途中) by Jane Huang 

  51. guest says:

    dont have english subtitles for this drama!?
    too bad… dont understand. seems a good drama

  52. MJ says:

    Van Ness Wu as Fang Jia Hua 方家驊
    Joanne Zeng as Hong Xi En 洪希恩
    Michael Zhang as Fang Jia Rui 方家瑞
    MC40 as Wei Li 威力
    Wang Zi as Wang Zi Yi 王子翊
    Lene Lai 
    Ah Ben as Hong Xi Ping 洪希平
    Bu Xue Liang as Su Yi Cheng 蘇一誠
    Guo Shu Yao (郭書瑤) as Hong Xi Hui 洪希惠
    Ge Wei Ru as Ge Jia Yi 戈嘉怡
    Doris Kuang as Ye Mei Ren 葉美人
    Zhou Dan Wei (周丹薇) 
    Kun Lin (昆凌) 

  53. Guest says:

    # of Episodes: should have stated (To Be Announced) since nobody knows if it 99999999999+
    if it is 99999999999+ (To Be Confirmed) should have been stated. 

  54. Faith says:

    I’ve just watched the preview and it seems interesting, I can’t wait to see this because I’m a fan of both Van Ness and Joanne and I think they are such a good duo in this TV episodes

  55. Bliss says:

    This one is better than inborn pair…

  56. Yeeyuchu says:

    what is the meaning of 99999999999+ episodes?

    • Soo says:

      Meaning the drama is gonna go on and on and on foreverrrrrrrr. (LOL, How I wish). But since it’s a daily drama, I assume there’s gonna be LOTS of episodes … Seasons of it?!

  57. Ice says:

    nice nice:))

  58. Jwu1996 says:

    so is the second lead the guy who plays vanness’s brother, or wang zi (prince)? i was hoping for a love triangle between vanness, joanne, and prince, but it seems like they’re going for one with his younger brother instead… does anyone know who will like who, besides the main leads?

    • Bliss says:

      maybe wangzi will fall for Hannah??

      • Jrw says:

        that’s what it seems in one of those little sections (the one where one of the ti amo chocolate shop workers is holding out a chocolate to hannah, and then wangzi takes it instead), so probably… darn > <

  59. Guest says:

    Well it seems like this series is released daily, since it started airing on the 10th, and its been 4 days (excluding weekends) and there are 4 episodes out now… ohh i really wish its 1 ep per day

  60. Ailing1204 says:

    how many episode?

  61. Zylopes says:

    this drama is going to have more than 80 eps?

  62. Soo says:

    Based on what I read on the official website for Ti Amo Chocolate, this drama is a DAILY drama. Meaning 1 episode per day Monday thru Friday….

    LASJDFLKAJSDFLJALSD Omygod, hella exciting 😀 

  63. Whatsupbreyl says:

    this drama, 20 episodes 🙂

  64. michelleqq says:

    this drama is kinda boring so i quit watching it wen i waz on episode 2…. 😛

  65. Eyw says:

    ok leh….this drama quite nice.. ;p..Hehe….

  66. Jo says:

    The drama is good but I don’t see how it can go as far as 80 episodes, or how ever many it is supposed to be. Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing that much of Vanness and Wang Zi 😛

  67. meimei says:

    only watching this cos of vanness wu :D!!

  68. Tacocat says:

    This show gets better each day! I love this drama!

  69. Renesmee says:

    Does anyone else see 99999999999+ in the ‘episodes:’ section at the top? Haha, that’s a lot of episodes! ♥

  70. Vicki says:

    I dun understand how Van Ness can’t tell she’s a girl; her room is pink! Lol

    Though really loving this drama. Van Ness plays his character so naturally ^.^ Joanne’s character needs to chill, so annoying. 

  71. SAJD says:

    i find the drama quite borring leh… 

  72. Aqua_we07 says:

    Episodes:99999999999+oh my goshhhh…. this film all plays so natural,,,only the lead female cast… she is really fake! and so much episodes???ohhhh…how this will be good :oi thinked it will going like The Magicians Of Love…. going into a ruin -_-

    • georgie says:

      Agree with you 1000 times… the female lead’s acting is the most painful to watch and unpleasant to look at… everyone else is wonderful.

  73. NicLuvsDramas says:


  74. Random93 says:

    crap reading the comments below, is this show gonna be 80 eps?! shit…then i guess his not gonna realised shes a she until ages

  75. Cj says:

    I love this drama!!!

  76. Loolilo says:

    几点播出 ?

  77. Linda says:

    Actually, I don’t really like Joanne Zeng 🙁

    • Lianne says:

      she is cute and nature!!!

    • georgie says:

      Joanne Zeng is the reason making it sooo painful watching this drama… I just skip all scenes with her esp. when she talks.  She hasn’t improved in acting after all these years.

      • meimei says:

         LOL then there isnt a point u watching this then cos shes in every eps…plus she is also the main lead…

  78. mymelody says:

    gettin’ excited each day to watch dis drama..how i wish it airs on sat and sun as well…hihi..LOL anyway sugo u’re de best…and of course vanness…

  79. Joe says:

    Hong Xi En 洪希恩 – her/his hair looks the shape of a football helmet or
    baseball helmet.

    Hong Xi En 洪希恩 – her/his hair looks the shape of a football helmet or
    baseball helmet.

  80. Anonymous says:

    there’s a mixture of korean drama in it, so far i can spot there are scene from: you’re beautiful, city hall, coffee prince and boys over flower/flower boy ramyun shop(since there are 4 flower boy ) 

  81. Juedjhbd says:

    vanness in this show sucks. i mean in other shows he’s ok, but he looks damn old here

  82. Guest says:

    The story is kind of boring and the performance is so so only

  83. Yin says:

    Can’t wait to watch the 10 episode

  84. does any one know the title of the song here and the artist? i really like the song.

  85. Denise Smith says:

    i really like this series

  86. Ting says:

    omg~!! cant wait to watch episode 10!!
    want to know whats gona happen when he found out ‘he’ is girl

  87. Jo says:

    Hmm, I don’t know why people don’t like Joanne Zeng (the girl pretending to be a guy). She’s cute, she’s good at acting and most importantly she’s… New. Ok, not completely new but I’m so sick of seeing Rainie, Ariel, Janine… Just saying

    • Jj says:

      agree. i have to say her acting skills here is slightly off thou. i liked her loads in magicians of love, and im all for new lead actresses. but somehow her acting… isnt really convincing. i hope she improves as the drama goes on thou. i really like her and vanness. 🙂

  88. richie says:

    joanne so cute..:)

  89. Loolilo says:

    竇智孔吻郭書瑤的时候的歌是什么 ?

  90. liNg says:

    OMG, whens the episode 12c siah??? very looking forward to every ep! <3

  91. Loolilo says:

    竇智孔吻郭書瑤的时候的歌是什么 ?

  92. Bliss says:

    Wang Zi needs more screentime…

  93. Guest says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes there’ll be?

  94. ice says:

    im soooooo lurving this show despite the bad acting just coz d chemistry between d leads is so cute!

  95. Ting says:

    want to see episode 14!! whats change her mind change back to girl again~!!

  96. Mz jessiee says:

    waiting for espidoe 15 cant wait, itss sooo good 😀 😀

  97. Ting says:

    episode 13 預告 跟episode 14不一樣!!!

  98. Jj says:

    one day one ep alr v torturing, but two days without an ep is even more torturing! oh well, good things come to those who wait ;p cant wait for monday!

  99. Girl love says:

    how many eps this have? 80?

  100. KK says:

    where is the part when qiao qiao shows the shop that shes a girl???

  101. Bitsoflove says:

    they air everyday on weekdays?

  102. AGE says:

    there so many ep?

  103. Mz jessiee says:

    can some one put English subtitle please

  104. Jj says:

    in a few hrssssssssssssss 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Bliss says:

    When will there be more screentime for Wang Zi and the others?

  106. mn says:

    can someone please sub. im desperate

  107. there are no english subtitles!!!!!

  108. Sherly says:

    Omg 99999999999+ episodes??!!! WHAT?!

  109. Heaven says:

    When will be the next ep uploaded?

  110. Jtlt says:

    This is a really addictive show… the thing is the plot and the acting are not fantastic, but the chemistry between Joanne and Vanness is palpable.

    The guy who plays the mentally disabled brother acts really well!

    • Scopiorox says:

      agree, most of the scenerio’s are too much of a co-incidence but at least the comedy is entertaining….

  111. Scopiororox says:

    can anyone tell me 007’s real name? first time watching his drama…

  112. Jo says:

    To watch the Ti Amo Chocolate with english subs, go to dramacrazy. 

  113. loveinbornpair says:

    為甚麼一直有”真愛找麻煩”的場景出現??? 要我如何忘了它???

  114. Jwu1996 says:

    what, only 99999999999+ episodes? i want moar!!!

  115. Didi says:

    If you get a chance, check him out on “Mo Nu 18 Hao.”  He’s so good! 

  116. Alicet0125 says:

    what does it means? 99999999999+ episodes?

  117. Cutie says:

    total how many episodes?

  118. liNg says:

    when will ep20 come out?

  119. Snow says:

    Omg why is it this one drama I actually like has to be 80 episodes total…jeez

  120. marilyn says:

    hahaha episodes 20 please come faster!):):

  121. Can anybody please tell me where I can find the lyrics to Tu Zhong the closing theme song. I really like it. Pinyin or romanized is okay.. would really appreciate it.

  122. guest says:

    still love vanness

  123. Jtlt says:

    Getting a little disappointed that the show is a bit abrupt at points… I thought the kiss and the fake hug were written at inappropriate times (swatting of flies?) but I suppose the director had to spice things up a bit to make both the leads realise they have feelings for each other, in the romantic sense. 

    On another note I just realized that there is indeed enough material to last the show 80 episodes. They haven’t resolved the (1) father-son conflict, (2) mother-son revelation, (3) Jiahua’s ex returning, (4) the revelation that Xi Hui got kicked out of school, (5) chocolate-making contest. And I am pretty sure the (6) grandma will either die in the show/ suffer some grave illness, (7) the hua ren empire and their family will not accept Xi En, (8) Jiahua will return back to the empire with Xi En by his side.

    Haha am I forgetting to predict something? 

    Just hoping this show won’t drag out too long! 40 eps is more than enough… though I am already hooked no matter what

  124. Jenny says:

    Wow How Long is this Drama?

  125. Falalala says:

    Today’s episode was so good > < the kiss <3

  126. Guest says:

    does any1 know wats wei li’s name in real life?

  127. Scopiorox says:

    I hope it wouldn’t be too long, 30 to 35 is enough, there isn’t enough casts nor roles to justify it to 80 like Inborn Pair, nevertheless, I still look forward to watching it (although sometimes the scenarios are a little too co-incident but it’s a drama after-all),  , I enjoy watching it because I kinda like Joanne (she is quite natural as a tomboy) but Vanness needs to work on his emotions a bit more though…..jia yu Vanness…!!

  128. Lur says:

    I am really jealous of any one who does not need the eng subs cause I SURE DO AND I AM DYING!!!!!

  129. Mz_hypo89 says:

    mee tooo im dying for eng sub !

  130. mn says:


  131. ice says:

    ANYONE knows the other song in the show thats seemingly sung by Huang Mei Zhen?

  132. Mz_hypo89 says:

    im sitting here watching the show, and thinking , what r they saying,  can someone please eng sub this show .

  133. Anonymous says:

    does this drama really have more than 
    99999999999+ episodes? ‘;o

  134. Bliss says:

    Has Vanness’ subtheme ‘Interlude Singer’ ever been released before?

  135. LOL says:


  136. ice says:

    anyone has a problem playing ep 23?

  137. anon says:

    eng sub please!!!

  138. Weetheng_ says:

    why cant play??

  139. Sherl says:

    80 episodes total guys…it’s going to be a long run

  140. Erika11_keai says:


  141. xying says:

    that part of ‘she has to dress herself as a man for the job’ looks a little bit as the drama ‘coffee prince’ ^^ 

  142. Taro says:

    i know there are a lot of ppl who love the 007/xi hui storyline, and i think 007 is awesome and freaking HOT, but I don’t really like xi hui… she acts so cutesy and innocent, and I can’t really see someone like 007 actually falling in love with her- I feel like he would maybe just be amused and that’s it. does anyone else feel the same way? he just seems a bit too good (and mature) for her, in my opinion

    • Guest says:

      I agree. Dun think it would be like a love relationship, maybe he sees her as close to family cuz there was a flashback with maybe his sister or something playing the piano. I dunno, just my opinion.

      • Elle says:

        I love the storyline between 007/xi hui…i hope they develop further coz they have such good chemistry between the two of them…hahaha…

    • Jtlt says:

      I think xi hui’s genuinely cute though, she grew on me. I can’t see their relationship anything beyond a sibling-type relationship at this point though. Yeah, he’s so much older!

  143. Bugkl says:

    I was looking through the comments in the videos, and a lot of ppl are saying how unattractive/boy-like the main actress (xi en) is… first of all, that’s the point of it- she’s supposed to look like a guy! also, while she’s definitely wearing some makeup, it’s very little, and she definitely looks much better than i would if i did that. anyway, my point is- you can’t expect actresses to look perfect just because they’re actresses! and btw, i personally think she looks cute.

  144. Linda says:

    洪希惠的嘴是怎樣! 歪來歪去的,每次都迫我不看那段, 煩死了

  145. Yungsheun_988 says:

    A wonderful entertainment each cast play his or her role so well. Really it is like a chocolate that when you eat it you will not get tired eating, the more you eat the more you like.it. No matter how many times you see it regardless what episode it is you will not get bored of it. Besides the beauty of this drama, it has a good values content for peolple to learn like close family ties, acceptance of one another, and a welcoming atittude towards unknown guest, there is a strong values of love, patience, kindness, forgiveness, honesty  and understanding especially to people who are special. Congratulations to each one of you.  Carry on.  

  146. lena says:

    when is episode 25 going to upload?

  147. B3llz_daoz says:

    Every hw many days one episode will load?

  148. drama4ever says:

    Lol the actress looks cute as a guy and really pretty when she dresses up

  149. B3llz_daoz says:

    When is episode 26 coming out?

  150. Mz_hypo89 says:

    what was the song to when Xi En got heart broken by Vanness Younger brother ? i like  the song , but feel sorry for her 🙁

  151. xiao yu says:

    why cant i watch!!!!arggggg!!!!

  152. Jruii says:

    no offense, but xi hui’s skirts are really short… i would feel awkward even wearing shorts that short

  153. Val Chen says:

    is this drama worth watching?

  154. Bachfifi says:

    Thanks for uploading!!!!!
    When is ep28 will be upload?

  155. hahaha30 says:

    why is ep 28 taking so long to be uploaded?

  156. hahaha30 says:

    why isnt there any english subs? :((

  157. Xue12 says:

    Today they took so long sia…normally is 9.40pm will be uploaded….

  158. chocolate gril says:

    Where is episode 28?

  159. youdontsaylol says:

    what time will epi 28 be uploaded ? im desperate for it T_T~~

  160. Jiiaaayyuunn says:

    Episode 28 was slow today !

  161. hss says:

    how many episodes are there for ti amo chocolate?

  162. Bunsong Taing says:


  163. Ng Huiting says:


  164. Cornelia says:

    ep 30….. please…. i need my daily dose of Ti amo!

  165. guest123 says:

    this drama is dragging again….denying the love for each other and denying friendship due to the past. 

    • guest123 says:

      and something always gotta happen when the important moments comes up. Hong xi hui, i can’t stand you

  166. guest says:

    洪希惠沒演那麼爛吧!! 不喜歡她的人才看她不順眼.. 真難為她了..

    • Apple says:

      People that doesnt like xi en is purely crazy, xi en is so cute and she is quite pretty too. 🙂

  167. Meme saw says:

    The story line is dragging too long. Though I want to follow on but not as eager as when the story start.

  168. Carmen Lau says:

    i love this drama! ahaha <3 its so goddam funny! and theyre all so adorable 🙂

  169. ILOVEtiamo says:

    When is episode 30 coming out/airing?

  170. Anonymous says:

    hong xi hui’s character in this drama is so annoying in the beginning >_>

  171. Anonymous says:

    hong xi hui’s character in this drama is so annoying in the beginning >_>

  172. Starlight says:

    Overall i think that Wang Zi is the most handsome boy in this show, and Xi Ping is the cutest , haha 🙂

  173. Apple says:

    But honestly, personally i dont really like the 007 story cause of xi hui… x_x she spoils the whole 007 storyline…

  174. Apple says:

    But honestly, personally i dont really like the 007 story cause of xi hui… x_x she spoils the whole 007 storyline…

  175. Linda says:

    hou je is so fake!!

  176. 234 says:


  177. dance18 says:

    I watched the preview of this drama and its great. However, the drama still has no subtitles yet

  178. dance18 says:

    I watched the preview of this drama and its great. However, the drama still has no subtitles yet

  179. April says:

    they need to replace xi hui with a better female,, someone who is more compatible with 007. it’s surRENder NOT surROUnder!!!!! And she whines and talks to much, just shut up already!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am starting to lose interest in this drama because it’s taking too long. Normally it would be over before ep. 30. 

  180. Jj says:


  181. Guest says:

    I CANNOT watch this drama anymore.. sooo painful and wasting time to watch, esp. the Hong family. Cannot stand XiEn, XiHui, the Hong father and DaShi. I fast forward today’s entire show, what’s the point of watching it anymore. Stopped watching Love Forward and now will stop watching Ti Amo. Why can’t they make good ones like Office Girl and Inborn Pair.

  182. Anonymous says:

    xi en’s friend is the cutest ><!!!

  183. Jyujyu says:

    a lot of ppl really like the 007/xi hui storyline, but honestly, the only one i care about is qiao ke li and xi en’s… and i especially have no interest whatsoever with the da shi/hao jie/chocolate’s dad thing 😛

  184. Exactlyjoy says:

    dont have to b 007 , Xi hui is really annoying. keeping talking allllllll the time.

  185. Cheryl says:

    how come all negative comments about 007 and xi hui!!! xi hui is just following the script of this show to be whinny what? 🙂

  186. Jtlt says:

    I can’t help watching this drama. It’s just so addictive! Honestly, I think the actor playing xi ping is rather talented. And I’m only watching this show for Vanness Wu really.

    Does anyone know the song that always plays when 007 comes on screen?

  187. Jj says:

    finally some progress in this drama. finally xien and chocolate’s story line is proceeding well and finally xi hui knows tt she shld shut up at times and here comes the mystery woman.
    i believe the mystery woman is 007’s sister? or someone related. and also chocolate’s ex. and chocolate’s bro likes the girl, so hopefully they get tgt and xi en and choc will have their happy ending too. muahaha!

  188. Jj says:

    and i really like 007! his laughter in ep 31 is soooooo cute and attractive. omg!

  189. April says:

    they need to learn how two pick female casts…

    • Guest says:

      within the female casts, i like the main girl xi en and her mom….and the stepmom that’s about it.

  190. Guest says:

    they stretched this show too much… normally, these kinds of dramas would just take 25 at the highest or something…

  191. Would prefer 2-3 main plot only.
    The story shd focus on the r/s % :
    1) Xi-en & chocolate. How their r/s is built up
    2) Chocolate & his mom. When chocolate finally noe hao jie is her mom.
    3) Chocolate & his dad/step mom. How Chocolate finally decide to accept them.

    007 & xi hui r/s seem redundant. & now 007 assumed sister is appearing… I predict it shd last till 40 and above.

    • Guest says:

      it is her sister… go to wikipedia and search this drama and find her name. it says its 007’s sister

  192. Guest says:

    i really don’t like hao jie’s acting. Am i the only one who thinks that?

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      im into this drama, chocolate and xi en<3
      undoubtedly, i like the whole cast, they are all awesome and cute:)

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      For Ti Amo Chocolate Episodes with English Subtitle. You can watch

      I have a list of places to watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Mainland (China) Dramas & Movies Online.  However, if I try to list it here for you it will not get posted. 

      Therefore, you should just go a search online.  Keyword or phrase: Watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Mainland (China) Dramas & Movies Online

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    • MJ says:

      To find other places to watch Ti Amo Chocolate with English subtitle online (Internet – World Wide Web).

      Do a search online the key word or phrase:
      Ti Amo Chocolate Episodes with English Subtitle

      I hope that helps you.  I have a list of places to watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Mainland (China) Dramas and Movies Online.  I would give you that list so you can bookmark it / add to favorites.  However, my list of places would not get posted here.    

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    • LuMiaC says:

      99999999999+LOLNo, it means that it’s still on air, and base off from the audience ratings, this drama is pretty well-known and popular. So it’s more likely for the director to continue this film just because of the highly percentage of audience ratings. This drama will probably last for about another two weeks I guess? The plot is really interesting though, but the storyline is really long -___-  

    • HeTieShou says:

      I heard from some sources that it will have 80 and then some other sources say 100 eps so I am not too sure. This is reminding me of the Hk TVB series Virtues of Harmony. That series went from 100 to 200 to 300 or so episodes! They kept on extending it due to the high ratings. I wonder whether it will be that way with this series? I just hope that the overall plot will be good or else it will just drag…

    • Bugs_Bunny says:

      Wikipedia says there is 49 eps

      • Sk_ting says:

        Hope is 49 eps…
        1) Hope to see Zhen Jun forgive her brother wif xihui help.
        2) Jiarui finally won zhenjun ‘s heart.
        & lastly
        3) if chocolate mom is to die, please make it short n sweet. Wun really like see 5-7 eps chocolate v upset after knowing the truth and struggling in the hospital waiting to see her son. Too dramatic.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I hope so as well or else it will just drag. Where did it say 49? I went to wikipedia and did not see it say the total number of eps.

      • Jess says:

        i believe is not 49 but 90. they have too many sub plots [zeng jun and her bro, zeng jun and jia hui, chocolate and xi en, and plus the chocolate competition is no whr in sight. plus choc and his mom? mom n shi fu?]
        not to mention xiaoxiao and wei li hopefully! and i want more wang zi <3 i hope he gets his own sub plot too! so so many. if they actually end it at 49. many sub plots will be ended abruptly and the drama will be incomplete.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I had a feeling that it was not going to end so soon due to all of the subplots. It will be around 80 to 90 eps at least from what I feel.

  269. lynnie says:

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    • Jj says:

      not sure where did it go, but click onto any of the episodes available <<< and look at your right hand corner, there will be a scroll bar where you can select from ep 1-latest ep 🙂

  270. Huang_meli says:

    愛上巧克力在電視台九點就播完了﹐為什麼九點出還沒有上傳呢??? 真的好慢哦。。。。 希望能快一點

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      到别的地方下载啊,你那么急~ 还有别的地方可以下载啊!There are other sites to download, if u can’t wait. Inconsiderate.

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    • Jess says:

      if you want to watch it immediately, go over to taiwan and watch it on the tv there. uploaders need time to upload and they dont owe u anything. at least give them time and be thankful they are even uploading instead of complaining they are slow.

      • HeTieShou says:

        You guys don’t have to be so mean. She is just eager to watch the series just like many others are. By the way, it is good to know if there are only 49 eps. I think that is a decent link.

        • Jess says:

          yes, but did she think abt how the webmasters are putting in effort to make sure we get to watch it fast too? and plus shes not paying for it isnt it? wont die to be thankful and show that we’re grateful. many of these uploaders stopped uploading or closed websites because they feel under appreciated. i dont wish for another awesome website to close down thanks to people like this.

          im eager too. but at least i wait patiently and thank the uploaders for their effort.

          • HeTieShou says:

            I guess you are right, but sometimes people tend to forget that. However, you still tell them nicely instead of do it so harshly. I often did translations in the past and did not like it that I was rushed too but can understand people’s eagerness so I just ask for their patience nicely and they are fine after that. I don’t think yelling at them helps very much.

          • Jess says:

            i just felt that she was rude, thus giving my own two cents worth, thats all. 

            not nice making unreasonable request like immediate upload the minute the show ends, right? afterall they are doing a big favor to all of us and i really appreciate their efforts.
            afterall, they used to upload this series’ episode only at 10+ 11pm [singapore time] but now its usually up even before 10pm. so yah, i believe they understand our eagerness and am doing their best too. 

          • HeTieShou says:

            I guess so and people learn and then know that they need to be patient when others are doing a favor for them. Maybe she is still very young so does not understand that yet? I am not watching this series from beginning to end yet. I am just watching bits and pieces here and there since watching a series online is such a pain. I may wait for the DVDs instead. Plus there are so many other series to watch so why just focus on this one only? I think if you can’t wait for this series then just watch or do something else.

          • Jess says:

            i guess so. anw i just commented so others can see anyway. let others learn from it too. and yes i agree. i do other things while waiting too. 

    • illusionist says:

      I agree. Even downloading needs time. You can’t expect the downloader to straight away upload the video immediately after the show right?

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      gawd this is so gay.

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  294. blah says:

    this drama has too many episodes and drags out too much,.. don’t get me wrong, i love this drama, just think it’s too long :s

    • HeTieShou says:

      I agree and hope that this drama will not be too long or else it will just drag. I think that many times dramas are better if they are a more decent length.

      • STELLY says:

        yeah it said 80 eps but according to wiki its gna be 40 something. so i think it will end in a few eps :L
        kinda dont want it to end..but yea..it is being abit too draggy (not even a word lol)

        • Jess says:

          but QiaoQiao just said a few days ago on her weibo tat it’ll be 80 eps 🙁 oh well… we get more chocolate for moreee days hahha

        • HeTieShou says:

          I originally heard that it will be 80 eps, then I heard 100 and then now 49. Therefore, I am really confused. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I like the series and all but it is getting draggy and that is not good for a series that was originally supposed to be good.

    • HeTieShou says:

      I agree and hope that this drama will not be too long or else it will just drag. I think that many times dramas are better if they are a more decent length.

  295. blah says:

    this drama has too many episodes and drags out too much,.. don’t get me wrong, i love this drama, just think it’s too long :s

  296. lalala says:

    曾XX 怎麼那幸運啊! 吃過亞綸還有晨XX 還不夠… 現在連veness 也吃得到… 她長相一般而已啊… 為什麼我不是她TT

  297. Bliss says:

    I can’t stand Xi Hui…

  298. guest1 says:

    whats the name of the guy acting as xi ping?

    • Jess says:

      hes known as “ah ben” hes from bang bang tang. real name 
      翁瑞迪 🙂 acted in quite a few shows already. hes mad cute

  299. Coach-potato says:

    is it true that this show is going on till episode 99999999999 n more?!

  300. Dapjoira says:

    grr.,, why on youtube theres no ep 43&44?? pls. can someone upload it thanks

  301. Yiu says:

    i feel like there is so little going on with the main characters, xi en and qiao ke li… this drama is focusing so much on the other storylines that if they didn’t have so much time spent on them, i would wonder if they were still the main characters! shouldn’t there be some kind of problem soon? i kinda want another guy so there’s a love triangle and we get to see jealous qiao ke li 😀

  302. whats the actor name acting as 007?

    • #89757 says:

      竇智孔 Bobby Dou

      • HeTieShou says:

        Is Bobby that unknown that no one knows him? I feel a but sad, especially after he played Yuan Cheng Zhi in Bi Xue Jian. I guess it is because Bi Xue Jian is one of JY’s least popular novels.

        • #89757 says:

          Bobby also played 上官浩淇 in 天外飛仙 with 林依晨 (Ariel Lin, the girl who starred in It Started with a Kiss & In Time With You) and 胡歌 (Starred in Chinese Paladin & Legend of Condor Heroes) :)! That’s when I started to notice him!

          I think it’s because he went to the military for a while that his career kind of halted a bit? But he’s a pretty good actor 🙂 So hopefully, he’ll pick it up soon! I like watching his dramas!

          • HeTieShou says:

            The first time that I ever saw Bobby was in Yan Yu Jiang Nan as Xiao Tian Yu. That was one of his first series and he already did a good job. I think even before his army duties, he was not that known. It is hard to be noticed and famous these days due to the high level of artists in the industry. Glad to see Bobby in this series though and that more and more people are noticing him.

  303. JZ says:

    um… anyone else who cant concentrate on what ther doing anymore cuz they’re waiting for ep 45? hahahh

    • STELLY says:

      i have an uni exam tmr at 8am. and..i..just dont feel right and cant fall asleep until i watch ep 45! hahaha. oh..sigh.

      • JZ says:

        sighs.. im studying for yearly exams… but cant concentrate on this.. cuz of TiAmo chocolate… damn.. HAHA

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  306. What time will ep 45 be uploaded?

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    Love this show! Addictive.. It’s quite well written but i hope there could be more scenes of qiao ke li and xi en tgt…sry cnt help it but they are so cute tgT!!! hahah!

  311. crescendo says:

    how many eps are there in this drama??

  312. Joanne says:

    this wedsider see it to slow. why dont have put at youtube

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    i can’t see ti amo chocolate any more, is there any change to the type of video.

  314. Apple says:

    Honestly i kinda think zheng jun looks prettier without those thick make up..

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  316. This drama is getting more exciting!

  317. Tiamo says:

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  318. Guest says:

    so many episodes? -.-feel as if it is a waste of time now……

  319. Hason says:

    If anyone can help, Ive been trying to search for a music from this drama. On episode 44 at like 33 minutes has that music. :c If someone knows it can they tell me. I will appreciate it thanks. 

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    waiting for 47 🙁

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    guyz search it up on tieba.baidu with the chinese name 

  338. Erica says:

    am i naughty if i keep watching and waiting for it every mon-fri even i m having my exam this month?
    just be addicted to this drama even it has been draggy these days:)
    love xi-an & chocolate and xi hui & 007<3

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    every day there will be new episode uploaded here?

  341. V.V says:

    AHHHHH!!! I hate the preview for 47, it’s making me wanting more and more episodes and now I have to wait for tomorrow…sigh…

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    Please put subs!! please!! 

  343. Corinne Santos92297 says:

    I’m glad I’m Taiwanese :3

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    I’m so glad the episodes for this drama come daily mon to fri. Other dramas need to wait a whole week for an episode omg.

  345. Pam Jia says:

    How come only on episode 45, the description in chinese but not the others? Are there something wrong happened here? Pls don’t take it too hard and don’t take it to heart.

  346. jazymynxd says:

    oh my gosh episode 47. 007 and xihui are the cutest couple. i like them more than xi en and jiahua atm. xi en just sounds like a biotch right now. like b*tch please.

  347. SmileyyAngel says:

    How many total episodes are there?

  348. Dooo_dsj says:

    I need youtube version!!!!!!!!!!
    please post yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~`

  349. waiting says:

    refresh time again

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  352. Minkieex3 says:

    OMG @ ep 49 preview!! will vanness find out that she is his mother???

  353. Sk_ting says:

    Gg to love tomolo eps

  354. Hahaha says:

    who know the song at the ending when he start drawing

  355. Yunie says:

    omg i’m hoping for more xihui & 007 scenes.

    • 1<3EXO_M says:


  356. Gary585376 says:

    Anyone know the song at 28:30? 🙂 on ep 48

  357. 1<3EXO_M says:


  358. Guest says:

    Heard Wang Zi left due to health reason… so sad… he is about one of the few redeeming values about this drama. Most of the characters are sooo annoying. This show needs to end… don’t drag on anymore. Let other better shows take the spot.

    • HeTieShou says:

      Oh my gosh, he left?! I hope it isn’t true since it is fun when they are all together. What kind of health problem does he have? I have never heard of him ever having health problems before. But yea, even if he did not leave, this series is getting sooo draggy. They really need to wrap things up and end it soon before everything goes down the drain.

      • 邱胜翊永远的忠实后盾♥ says:

        He has some health problem too. He is too stressed as the filming of this series is quite rushing. In addition, he is unable to absorb the food that he consumed quickly, causing his weight to reduce drastically. Other than that, he also quited as JPM is on their progress to release their second album and they are having plenty of trainings. I have also heard that the record companies in Japan is planning to invite JPM to release a mini album too. Therefore, Wang Zi is too busy and health is unable to bear with these activities.

        It’s really a sad case that there will not be any more scenes of Wang Zi as I decided to watch this series all because of him =[

        • HeTieShou says:

          Thanks for the info! But I think he is still lucky to have good health overall. He is
          just tired and stressed which is normal for anyone who works a lot. Good to know that JPM is a more popular than I thought.

          I wonder how they wrote him off in the story? I have not been watching lately. I highly encourage you to watch a series for much more than just the cast or a particular artist. There is way more to a series than just the cast. I am a bit sad to see him leave too but the show has to go on until the end which I hope is soon because it is getting draggy.

    • Guest says:

      he left because JPM’s new album is coming out soon so they are pretty much busy and needs to travel a lot….not because of any health issues! He even post it on his fan page on fb

      • bbble says:

        He wasn’t feeling too well at one point due to lack of rest from filming and their new album and events. I don’t think he left this drama because he was sick, but too much conflicts with his schedule.  

        • HeTieShou says:

          Oh ok, thanks for the info! I had a feeling he was not having any health problems. I almost forgot that their new album was going to come out. But regardless if the reason, I feel sad to know that he has left. Hope you can come back for the later episodes when he gets the chance.

  359. Mimi says:

    Finally he finds out that hao jie is his mom

  360. Guest says:

    I wonder when this chocolate contest is happening…. 

  361. Patriciapoh says:

    Thanks for downloading so fast every day! I look forward every week day nite to watch this show! I love it. Thanks for ur effort!

  362. shineex says:

    how many episode in total are there?

  363. Guest says:

    Chocolate is sweeeeet….007 and xihui’s love is also sweeeet! Chocolate LOVE! <3

  364. Gary585376 says:

    Anyone know the song at 28:30? 🙂 on ep 48

  365. Samia_star says:

    Cant wait for next ep!!!! XI HUI AND 007 FOREVER!!!!!!

  366. Piggy1702 says:

    xihui n 007 is so Romantic =)… hope tat it happens on mi wahahas =P!

  367. Agnes_kwa says:

    where is the last ep?  the one which vaness n her gf gets married?

    • Jesus says:

      this drama hasn’t even ended…
      how are u gonna find the last episode?
      dude ! be patient n watch it from the beginning ….
      gash !

  368. Evonnedumbass says:

    How come Episode 50 is not out yet? It always update on which day?

  369. gracekuangyl says:

    this show would probably end in 80+ episodes or more…its like inborn pair…its the same category…from what i read online…its the second drama so far for some television project..=) so stop asking when its gonna end…it will end when it ends..at least it plays every weekday..=.= not once  a week

    • HeTieShou says:

      We have the right to ask since honestly, when a series(any series not just referring to this series) gets too long it loses the appeal that it has before since it can get draggy, redundant and just plain boring if the storyline is not good refreshing. For this series, I am sadly kind of seeing that and even if you had the best cast in the world, that cannot save it because there are way more important factors to a series besides the cast which sadly many people tend to forget and just watch a series just because their favorite actor/actress is in it.

  370. Rchan93 says:

    what are the songs used for this drama?

  371. cheryl says:

    why so slow? used to update at least 1 ep in 1-3 days. =/

  372. Sweetiemoon says:

    when u upload de movie

  373. Sweetiemoon says:

    so slow 

  374. AhNyuk83cyc says:

    hey girl, be patience… u all can watch it after 9:30pm~ every monday to friday~ i also waiting for it~~ 🙂  

  375. Guest says:

    Chocolates are so SWEEEET!!!Just like 007 and xihui’s love! SOOO SWEEET!

  376. kytana says:

    Hmmm… Not out yet? ):

  377. chocolate-addict says:

    its time to start reloading

  378. AHHHH I have been refreshing this like crazy!! WHERS ep50 lol

  379. Bluesangel2903 says:

    Is not going to be uploaded tonight?

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    • HeTieShou says:

      Sorry but you need to be more patient. Don’t you have anything else to do? Be grateful that the uploaders are doing this for you for free. Patience is a virtue and you need to learn that.

  381. Amanda says:

    come on, 2208 already

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    please upload it already 🙁 i’ve been refreshing for half an hour now!! 🙁

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  384. TiAmochocolate~lover~ says:

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  385. Gary585376 says:

    Anyone know the song at 10:50? 🙂 on ep 50

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    when is the nonsense going to stop….???

    And omg her dress =_____=””””

  387. HeTieShou says:

    I think the uploaders are pretty fast so I do not know why there are a few such impatient people? There are plenty of other dramas to watch and other things to do, so why wait around for each episode of this particular series only?

  388. Guest says:

    does anyone know where I can find this series with english subtitles?

    • Storm_Grey3 says:

      Since Links are not allowed as stated in the Notes section which is under the Search.

      Here is an idea:

      To find other places to watch Ti Amo Chocolate with English subtitle online (Internet – World Wide Web).

      Do a search online the key word or phrase you would type would be:

      Ti Amo Chocolate Episodes with English Subtitle

      I hope that helps you.

      I have a list of places to watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Mainland (China) Dramas and Movies Online. I would give you that list so you can bookmark it / add to favorites.

      However, my list of places would not get posted here because its states no links allowed in comments.

      • Lxsapphirexl says:

        I already did the search online, but there weren’t any.  They all say “video is no longer available” or “the video you are looking for has been deleted by the channel manager” .  Can’t seem to find the videos anywhere =(

        • MJ says:

          Will I typed the following listed below using my keyboard exactly as stated by Storm Gray3:

          Ti Amo Chocolate Episodes with English Subtitle

          Using the following search engines:

          Google Search
          Yahoo Search
          AOL Search

          Metacrawler web search
          Webcrawler web search
          Dogpile web search
          Excite web search

          I found many listings of places to watch Ti amo Chocolate with English subtitle

          The search engines list YouTube as a place to watch Ti Amo Chocolate Episode # in full – YouTube.  However, I would not use YouTube to watch Ti Amo Chocolate why?
          The answer is Videos are taken down by YouTube and deleted right away that is why you cannot find Ti Amo Chocolate to watch.

          • Lxsapphirexl says:

            aw…guess there is no hope…but then again, i don’t want to watch raw episodes because i wouldn’t understand anything.  Then the drama becomes pointless =/

        • Storm_Grey3 says:

          Guest … 2 days ago

          If the English Subtitle for Ti Amo Chocolate is no longer available there is nothing that can be done about it. All well.  Everybody will just have to live with watching RAW Episodes – No English Subtitle until the end of the drama series.  I guess the viewers will have to check back later to see if  TiAmo Chocolate came out with English subtitle if people out there are still interested in re-watching this drama.

          I checkout 3 weeks ago…not watching Ti Amo Chocolate…I go bored. 

          Came back to read the viewers comments about Ti Amo Chocolate.  Seen your comment decided to reply.  

        • Storm_Grey3 says:

          Since Ti Amo Chocolate with English Subtitle in not available.  Here the next best thing lets do a search for Ti Amo Chocolate Recaps.  Maybe there are websites or blog sites out on the www – internet doing recaps of Ti Amo Chocolate.

          Using your keyboard type the following in the search engine you are using:

          Ti Amo Chocolate Recaps

          Hopefully, you will get a list of sites that are doing recaps of Ti Amo Chocolate. 

  389. Kk21293026 says:


  390. MyMelody says:

    ep 50 soo touchinggg when vanness found out hao jie is his mum…he makes me cry even…but in de same time they gettin’ married although is for de sake of his mum but he’s juz wanna fulfill his mum wish…go chocolate….

  391. Guest says:

    i agreed with the dad 100%

    • Guest says:

      that jia hua shouldn’t get marry for the sake of fulfilling his mother’s wish and it’s not fair for the girl 

  392. Happy11555 says:

    i can see the plot developing being that the marriage will be on the rocks due to this sudden marriage….

  393. Happy11555 says:

    how many episodes are there going to be???

  394. Guest says:

    The show had become more and more boring !!!!!

  395. drama4ever says:

    U can totelly see that doesn’t wanna get married.! He only think about his moms wish. Like with the gown instead of listening to his girlfriend… The marriage is gonna be very bumpy!

  396. Siviay2000 says:


  397. Weina says:

    Why I can’t download this song?原來我早就愛上你 – 吳建豪It’s nice song by Vanness Wu…

  398. Nini says:

    I hate it when Vaness wu acts dumb and cute… It doesn’t suit the image like acting all innocent and stuff this drama is so draggyy I basically only watch it for 007 loveline so much more nicer

  399. Mickey says:

    Why so long..???
    Episode 50
    Can update faster a not..???

  400. TiAmochocolate~lover~ says:

    oops . raping the refreshing button !

  401. E_hwa29 says:

    If u feel that this drama is boring or dragging, pls change to other shows… pls do not always post your useless comments here… it is very unconfortable to see all the infavourable comments here…

    • HeTieShou says:

      Sorry but people have the right to post their opinions about any series whether it be good or bad. Everyone needs to respect
      that and learn how to accept other people’s views even when it is different from yours. As long as people are constructive about it then I do not see anything wrong with posting how you feel.

  402. Abc says:

    Super agree…

  403. jade says:

    TTT–TTT This is a Taiwan Family drama, not a idol drama, so, it has 80eps… i like Chocolate, he is a very live like character. very different with his previous roles, great acting!

  404. Bliss says:

    Poor Xi En…Chocolate is marrying her for the sake of his mother only…

  405. Guest says:

    LOL “Episodes: 99999999999+”
    and even though the drama is a bit long, I don’t think it’s dragging…I actually like how everything is not rushed like your typical taiwanese romance dramas…I like the chance to see things develop and the fact that I’m still watching means this isn’t a bad show since I’m usually quite picky…although I am wondering what happened to the chocolate competition…I was looking forward to watching it…

  406. gek says:

    i think this drama is pretty realistic..especially the characters, like they’re not like always extremely “good” or extremely “bad” . good people have flaws and learn from their mistakes while the “bad” people still have some good traits… well um.. i actually think 007’s relationship with XiHui is a BIT unrealistic..and uhh random i guess lol

  407. Guest says:

    chocolate is so selfish and dont care about xi en feelings..i was always looking forward for their relationship but it get too dragged and boring..i watch this  is because of 007 and xi hui only now..i want more of them..and also about wei li ,wang zi and xiaoxiao too…

    • Jem says:

      guys.. we get it. you guyz like 007 and xi hui , but stop commenting about how “oh gosh i dislike qiaokeli and xi en now, i use to love them .. blablabla” WE GET IT. these comments are getting just a bit annoying.. 

      • Jem says:

        oh and also ESPECIALLY the comments taht are like “IM watching this only for 007 and xi hui !! go away QKL & xi en”… im sorry but they’re a significant part of the drama. deal with it.

        • GEM NOT JEM says:

          Hey if you didnt realise, its a free society here. We can comment on whatever we want okay! IF U DONT LIKE, YOU CAN JOLLY WELL IGNORE THE COMMENTS WE MADE. WHO ARE YOU TO SAY OUR COMMENTS ARE ANNOYING.

          • Jem says:

            im speaking morally.. it doest matter if its a free society or not.. im sayig that you can comment on how much u love 007 i dont mind..  but dont criticize other actors / lines in the process

          • Guest12356 says:

            we’re just speaking the truth that qkl and xi en’s parts sucks.

          • Jem says:

            there we have it, perfect example, thanks

          • TIAMOCHOCOLATE says:

            exactly i support what guest12356 said..qkl and xi en part really sucks !!lol STRAWBERRY ..SUCH A CHILDISH AND DISGUSTING NAME… !! 

          • Jem says:

            LOL its funny how we’re criticizing names now haha

          • Ash says:

            wow not to butt-in or anything in this convo haha but seriously guys, this argument is sooo pointless and childish lmao!!

          • JEMEWWDISGUSS says:




          • Jem says:

            wow.. calm down child , im talking about the situation no need for personal attacks there. my IQ AND EQ s fine tyvm. 

  408. Lingemily says:


  409. Lingemily says:


  410. Lastromance30 says:

    Xi en is so bored and TH father seriously -.- can go die

  411. Jassoshisica says:


  412. Cheryl says:

    i guess everybody’s watching because of 007 and xihui only. :3

  413. 8533 says:

    omg…this drama is making me so mad…

  414. Lola says:

    Wang Zi is so cute!!! JPM is awesome!!!

  415. Larry says:

    hate xihui… retarded face….

  416. Sweetiemoon says:

    Soooooo Slow ………

  417. chocolate-addict says:

    huh? total episode is 56, i thought it was 80+

    • Jess says:

      yeahh…. thts what i thought too ..hmm

    • Jess says:

      yeahh… thats what i thought too.. hmm

    • Weina says:

      so izzit 56 or 80 episode? confusing….

      • Jess says:

        ive always thought it was 80 and they never actually officially  announced it was 56, but Van and Joanne both said 80..

        • HeTieShou says:

          I guess that was what they originally thought, but they may have decided that there is not much more to talk about, so are ending it? I personally think they should because there is not much more to talk about.

      • Iloveicecream50 says:

        should be 80 episodes considering, there’s one more character who hasn’t been introduced yet which is potrayed by Hannah Quilivan… (shown in the theme song) 🙂

  418. Guest says:

    did the parents forgot about xi hui’s existence and was too caught up with xi en’s wedding? What kind of parents are they?

    • Guest says:

      so if there’s 56 eps, does that mean the father allows his daughter to be with 007? Or they didnt get together at the end? So xi en will be happily married to a man who wanted to grant his mom’s wish? I WONDER….seems like they didnt make any effort for this drama, a lot unanswered questions, bad parenting on both families and doesn’t make any sense…sorry…this drama got boring after the middle and i would not recommend it. 

      • Guest says:

        And what happened to his chocolate competition??? All of sudden he’s building a chocolate theme park???

  419. Weina says:

    so izzit confirm only 56 episode? which mean next tuesday will be last episode.

  420. Jess says:

    nope guyz, its 80 eps , Van said “and tiring with this 80 episode tv drama I’ve been shooting. But all and all it has to be one of the most rewarding one as well. I’ve learned so much from it. ” just a week ago on his blog (: 

  421. Guest says:

    When will the chocolate competition be held ? did they all just forgot about it ?

  422. Mercury says:

    Iloveicecream50, actually she was in most of the beginning episodes. She’s a friend of Xi En’s( the one that pretends to be her on a date with Jia Rui’s character when Jia Hua still thinks  she’s male.) 
    I kind of figured they just didn’t include her anymore as she was mostly a minor character.  It’s not uncommon for characters to just randomly disappear( see Wang Zi’s character)

    Also, I think they pretty much abandoned the chocolate competition thing.. he found his mother so I guess there was no reason to have it anymore. Also, it’s definitely 80, at least if it follows the same procedure  as Inborn Pair and it seems to be following the same episode format so there’s still another 26 episodes to go. 

    • Jess_jess says:

      i thought he was gone only bcuz hes busy and cant film. SOBS!!!!

      • Guest says:

        I know . . . he is not as stiff of an actor that many people perceive him to be.  I actually think his acting skills is only different and not stiff.  JPM new album is awesome!

  423. anonymous says:

     anybody knows is there eng sub after ep14??

  424. 倪兒 says:


  425. teehee says:

    i like 007 and xihui more than the main couple 😛

  426. Jess_jess says:

    where is wang zi 🙁 where is xiao xiao! 🙁 i hate how they remove the ppl from this drama randomly. just get a fixed cast and work on a more stable story line than just randomly picking ppl out and messing up the story lines! 

    • loveshow<3 says:

      they did not remove wang zi,, wang zi said that it was because of his health problem but i think its because his group is ready for a new album,, i dont know abt xiao xiao

      • Jess_jess says:

        sigh!! i want to see the whole cast! 

      • Vanessa Lee says:

        wangzi is really not feeling well recently and the company decided to let him rest so he can fully prepare himself for their upcoming album..

        • Lola says:

          Regardless of the reason behind his departure from Ti Amo Chocolate, I hope everything goes well for Wang Zi and his group JPM.  However, if it was in fact due to health problems,  I hope he get well soon. 

    • HeTieShou says:

      We talked about Wang Zi leaving already. Just go back to the earlier posts to see. I have not been watching lately so was wondering how did they write him off? Did they say his character was going overseas or what?? I don’t he would just make his character disappear without a trace or else it would not make sense.

      • Memymemy123 says:

        they mentioned once that he went to take care of his grandma..and that it wud be a few days..but u know. . .  he didn’t show up yet :/

  427. STELLY says:

    loved the drama, still love it i suppose, but i didnt expect the plot to be like this..kinda went too far from what i expected. they should just keep it nice and simple and not too draggy…i hate it when theres too many issues in a drama..one after the other..

  428. Chocolate addicts says:


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  430. 007's fan <3 says:

    007~ <3

  431. CHERYL says:


  432. Lingemily says:


  433. Mercury says:

    HetieShou, they mentioned in passing that he went to take care of his sick grandmother in the south  one of the early episodes. 

    • HeTieShou says:

      You mean Wang Zi’s character?? When did they mention that? Sorry I have not been watching for a long time. Thanks a lot for the info! I had a feeling that they had to write his character off somehow because they can’t just let his character disappear without a trace.

  434. Lingemily says:


  435. Tt_02 says:

    Waiting again 😀

  436. chocolate-addict says:

    What happen? did the time slot change to 10pm?

  437. top says:

    no 007 today. and i dont think there will be tomorrow either )-:

  438. Guest says:

    Tmr last ep??!

    • Sher says:

      I thought it’s 80 eps in all? Baidu says this drama has 80 eps. Did they finally decide to axe some and cut the draggy-ness? I cannot wait for the story to move into the last arc, the past 10 eps or so has been draggy!

  439. Purple Rain says:

    I don’t think it end at 56 there is still more…

  440. Jess_jess says:

    there are confirmed 80 episodes in total. dont know why people keep coming up with what 56/58. vanness himself confirmed it.

  441. Mz_hypo89 says:

    YES can wait for more of this movie is good

  442. Jess_jess says:

    SPAMMING REFRESHHHHHHHHH! 58 58 58!!! this ep wld be awesome!

  443. bel says:

    did the timing changed or something ??  

  444. Lingemily says:

    有D悶悶地呀!  >.<

  445. Purple Rain says:

    man… I knew these was going to happen… 🙁

  446. Sherlock says:

    this is way too LONG ==

  447. 99 says:

    Very sad for XI EN  🙁 and QKL

  448. Jto120187 says:

    It was so frustrating watching Vanness being so indecisive! Ep 59 is going to be sad when they break up…after all Xi En did for Vanness. Ridiculous!

  449. Fionacitra says:

    Come on upppp 59!!! Although fel a bit lazy to watch it cause of Zhen Jun and Jia Rui!!!

  450. Keirarox says:

    Why so long ? I watch this becos of Vanness … He is so cool !!!

  451. Guest says:

    i’ve been fast forwarding this drama on the last 3 eps…now i am about to give it up entirely because it’s getting retarded. ANd you can basically predict the ending ourselves…

    • HeTieShou says:

      They should have already ended this drama because the few episodes have just been filler episodes.

  452. MyMelody says:

    OMG..jia hua pls don’t…do it…huhuhuhu…xi en…

  453. MyMelody says:

    gosh soooo touchingggg…..

  454. iheartshowlo says:

    dont break up with Xi En, Van Ness !!!!!!!!

  455. Be Real says:

    i think i might have to skip the next few episodes….. too sad to watch ….. and it is getting ridiculous  …. frustrating

  456. Guest says:

    This drama is getting way too  draggy, it should have ended sooner.

    Looking forward to the drama that’ll be airing after this one is over 🙂

  457. Kkw says:

    OMG… SERIOUSLY?!??! I love Vanness, but 80 EPISODES? that friggin ridiculous!!!

  458. Anon1 says:

    Hi guys! May I know when is the show showing? Like every Saturday or? And does anyone know the song title that one guy sang(slow)? Thanks <3

  459. Rachaelyip says:

    i love wating ti amo chocolate its soo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  460. sfsf says:

    really good drama but toooooo many episodes! 

  461. ZiYing says:

     I read on the Chinese wikipedia that it would be 60 episodes

  462. Guest says:

    is this a joke? 59 episodes..

  463. Lingemily says:

    waiting 007…^0^

  464. Guest says:

    what time it will show ti amo chocalate 60 ? 

  465. Tiamo! says:

    Can’t wait for Ep 60, upload them soon!! 007 & Vanness!! <3

  466. joanna says:

    Did anyone know which web can see the full drama pls reply me thanks

  467. guest says:

    do anyone know where can i watch this with english subtitle?

  468. Memymemy123 says:

    i can’t watch ep 61 rite now :[

  469. Christina says:

    love it!! it needs to upload faster! 

  470. CuteLuber<3 says:

    OMG i just love this series! i am from america and i can’t wait for more to come

  471. 维娜 says:


  472. Apes says:

    Lol I like chocolate ‘s grandma

  473. asdfsd says:

    vanness 帥呆了!!!1

  474. Memymemy123 says:

    i wait every day just to watch this! love it! <3 :]

  475. MooreWriting says:

    My Taiwanese mother in law calls me Chocolate so this show reminds me of her.

  476. Zlolita70 says:

    agreed with some- if not many people.. im more interested in 007 than chocolate…

  477. Memymemy123 says:

    r the episodes getting shorter or am i just getting greedier? :/

  478. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama for me.

  479. Marianne says:

    I know that you love me.

  480. Chang Aileen says:

    Waiting for 65!!!!!!!我好想要看喔

  481. Jess_jess says:

    finally! after the weekends, a new ep in few hrs. cant wait 🙂 

  482. Chang Aileen says:

    The episode should come pretty soon

  483. MyMelody says:

    loooving it…..hope everything will go on smoothly…go xi en…kambateh….

  484. 维娜 says:

    陸政君你这个狐狸精, 你不要破坏巧克力和希恩的幸福可以吗?

  485. Jess_jess says:

    refresh refreshhhhhhhhh 66 oh 66~~~ 🙂

  486. Anon says:

    Why dont thay have previews anymore. . .?

  487. Marianne says:

    I love this series for me.

  488. Marianne says:

    Do you remember love for me? I always love you so much.

  489. tk <3 says:

    GO xi en!! I hope the next episode, Xi en and Jia Hua will get back together <3

  490. Mz_hypo89 says:



  491. P_isandy says:


  492. MyMelody says:

    noooooo..they’re gettin’ married….disaster….

  493. Pachbelbysea says:

     omg they sooooo shouldn’t get married I MEAN SHE IS EVIL!!!

  494. Tigress says:

     i like to watch xi hui and zheng ting not chocolate and xi en

  495. Pearl says:

    they are dragging this way too much—> been skipping like no other mother f fer that more watch this for like 45 minutes!

  496. fiona says:

    《爱上巧克力主题曲 》 不败 吴建豪&2PM俊昊
    黃美珍-途中 (愛上巧克力片尾曲)
    黃美珍 – 夠好


  497. Kwaagnes says:

    ep73 is partial. u saw 48mins but when u play onli 12mins.. 

  498. Yi-YangC says:

    zheng jun deserves to either be killed or knocked out  unconsciously!!! But first I’ll blame that on jia rui bc of his stupidity of letting zheng jun back with jia hua

  499. Marianne says:

    I think that in English subs for the TWdrama Ti Amo Chocolate and i’m working on it.

  500. Marianne says:

    I can’t do this to me.

  501. Dime3834 says:

    I stopped watching at 30… wow this series is seriously dragging by…

    • Eigna313 says:

      at first, thats what i thought too… but then it starts to get better.. hehe fast forward =P!!! thats what i did XD!! haha!!!

  502. Stupid1919 says:

    Zheng Jun deserve to be punish, and her brother zheng ting look so hansome but his girlfriend xi hui is too young fo日 him ????? 一点都不配

  503. guest says:

    some bad acting on Zheng Jun’s character. However, you got to admit she does get to you.  So I guess in some part she was alright. If I was Vaness, I would tell ZhengJun, sorry..There is time and limit to what I can do for you but my life does go on and it is without you.and stop pamper her. 可怜之人必有可恨之处

    • Jess_jess says:

      actually i think vanness is too good for this. the script doesnt do justice to all the good actors in this show. like bobby dou [007] and vanness. idk abt zheng jun, never seen her before, and i dont think i really bother cuz her char is just irritating and senseless in this drama. =

      oh wells. the scriptwriter was changed apparently, hearing from one of the commentors. so i guess it’s him/her fault that the show started on a good foot but ended going downhill =

  504. Kk21293026 says:


  505. Happy11555 says:

    is the finale of ti amo chocolate this week???

  506. Kk21293026 says:


  507. tk <3 says:

    AHHH!!!! I love u Vanness!!! I love this drama and I guess I don’t hate Zheng Jun that much anymore =P yay things r finally getting better <333 and also only 4 episodes left… gonna miss this drama but I <3 it 🙂

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    As for how they resolved it, they mentioned  a while back  in the series in passing that he had gone to take care of his sick grandmother in the south. 

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      Not even a sorry  from 007 (bad)sister to Jia Hua and Xi En for trying to break them up and causing so much unnecessary pain to them….. bad bad story…It was a happy ending but not a satisfactory one in my view. 

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      • Hales Chen says:

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        • Lin44 says:

          not at all, I have watched many dramas with Joanne and have seen her paired with many actors before, and although I do like her with the other actors she’s paired up with before, but after watching this drama I think she has the best chemistry with Vanness! They make such a cute couple in this, I started watching this drama mainly for Vanness & Joanne and they are still the main reason I watch it till the end.
          As for ‘Magicians of Love’, well I liked that drama too and thought Joanne had good chemistry with both Ming Dao & Sam Wang, but this drama tops it for me, and Joanne’s chemistry with Vanness is so much better! =P

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    His story is more interesting than the main leads.
    Even after the drama ends, viewers still want more of him!!!

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  570. Fluffyteddybear says:

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    • Lin44 says:

      I agree with you, I love their chemistry! I used to love Joanne with Gino when I first became a fan of hers several years ago, but now I love her with Vanness the most! =D

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    Portuguese subs? : D

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    I think overall the writing is good and this drama is interesting for the most part, except for the last ep sucked. Besides that, I love the chemistry between Vanness & Joanne, they make a really cute couple!

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