Fabulous Boys / 原來是美男

Fabulous Boys / 原來是美男
汪東城, 程予希, 黃仁德, 蔡旻佑, 王思平, 陳為民, 包偉銘, 田麗, 張心妍
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2013-05-12
English Subtitle:No

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  1. Mochi says:

    Jiro Wang looks old in this drama

    • KagKa says:

      Too much make up most likely. They should just make guys wear CC cream and with some concealer for blemishes for a more natural look.

  2. Guest says:

    OMG I can not wait for this drama. Been waiting since I found out that Jiro is in this drama. Yea it finally airing.

  3. KagKa says:

    Re-make … I rather wished it was second season of the original than a remake … I highly doubt I will catch a remake especially when I adore the original.

    • jirowang says:

      i loved the taiwanese Meteor Garden and I still gave the Korean remake of Boys over Flowers a chance. Glad I did, I really enjoyed that series! So why not try watching this? Besides, Jiro don’t disappoint 🙂

    • jirowang says:

      I loved the taiwanese Meteor Garden but I still watch the Korean remake of Boys Over Flowers. Glad I did! I enjoyed it as much too. So why not give this series a chance? Besides, Jiro don’t disappoint 🙂

      • KagKa says:

        I adore tw Meteor Garden, the other “re-make”, I only caught a few episodes …
        I actually quite like Jiro, so I will give it a chance, ep1, from the preview, the girl seemed quite okay too 🙂

  4. Betty Liu says:

    yay, new drama! and since i don’t watch korean ones, i’m excited to see what happens.
    oh and here comes betty with her hd upload request! i’m sorry, but i really would love it if it’s either recorded from an hd channel, or on a 720+ upload. or both =P thank you very much sugoideas upload gods =)

  5. 嫣允 says:

    When will you Upload the drama ?? 1 hour after it airs Or the next day ?

  6. Fei lun hai fan says:

    yay jiro wang is in this drama

  7. Guest says:

    The Korean one had better flower boys. Why? ;A;

  8. 嫣允 says:

    I like Park shin Hye Expression when she said It didn’t start like that , hyungnim & go minam Fighting

  9. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 1 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  10. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  11. Marianne says:

    Please help to subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  12. Storm_Grey3 says:

    Fabulous Boys

    Title: 原來是美男 / Yuan Lai Shi Mei Nan
    Also known as: Fabulous Boys
    Genre: Romance, comedy
    Broadcast period: 2013-May-12 to 2013-Aug-04
    Air time: Sunday 22:00
    Opening theme song: Yue Ding (約定) by A.N Jell
    Ending theme song: Hao Bu Hao (好不好) by A.N Jell

    Notes :

    You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009) Korean TV-Series
    Title: 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo
    Also known as: He’s Beautiful / You’re Handsome

    Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
    Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyeo (Female)
    Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
    Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy

    Ikemen desu ne (TBS, 2011) is Japanese remake of the 2009 SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” (Title: 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo. Also known as: He’s Beautiful / You’re Handsome).

    Takimoto Miori as Sakuraba Mio (Male) / Sakuraba Miko (Female)
    Tamamori Yuta as Katsuragi Ren
    Fujigaya Taisuke as Fujishiro Shu
    Yaotome Hikaru as Hongo Yuki

    Jang Keun-Suk – as himself (ep.8)
    Name: Jang Geun Seok / Jang Keun-Suk
    Hangul: 장근석
    Birthplace: South Korea

    Fabulous Boys (2013) is a Taiwanese remake of Korean TV-Series You’re Beautiful (that aired on SBS, 2009)

    Cast of Fabulous Boys

    A.N Jell:

    Jiro Wang role as Huang Tai Qing 黃泰慶
    Name: 汪東城 / Wang Dong Cheng
    English name: Jiro Wang
    Also known as: 大東 / Da Dong

    Cheng Yu Xi role as Gao Mei Nu 高美女
    Name: 程予希 / Cheng Yu Xi
    Also known as: 樂樂 / Le Le
    Real name: 蘇笠汶 / Su Li Wen

    Hwang In Deok role as Jiang Xin Yu 姜新禹
    Name: 황인덕 / Hwang In Deok
    Chinese name: 黃仁德 / Huang Ren De
    Birthplace: South Korea

    Evan Yo role as Jeremy
    Name: 蔡旻佑 / Cai Min You
    English name: Evan Yo


    Wang Si Ping (王思平) role as Liu Xin Ning 柳心凝

    Chen Wei Min role as Mark 馬克

    Name: 陳為民 / Chen Wei Min

    Bao Wei Ming (包偉銘) role as An Shi Jie 安士杰

    Tian Li role as Mu Hua Lan 慕華蘭
    Name: 田麗 (田丽) / Tien Li (Tian Li)
    English name: Lily Tien

    Zhang Qin Yan (張沁妍) role as Ke Ti 可蒂

    Renzo Liu role as Jin Da Pai 金大牌
    Name: 劉亮佐 / Liu Liang Zuo
    English name: Renzo Liu
    Also known as: 阿斗 / Ah Dou

    Da Mu (大目) role as Dancing instructor

    Amanda as Fan club president

    Xia Yu Xin (夏語心/寶咖咖) role as Fan

    Xiao Tian Tian role as Fan
    Name: 小甜甜 / Hsiao Tien Tien (Xiao Tian Tian)
    English name: Riva Chang
    Real name: 張芳奕 (张芳奕) / Chang Fang Yi (Zhang Fang Yi)

    Park Shin Hye cameo role as Korean girl (ep1)
    Name: 박신혜 / Park Shin Hye (Bak Sin Hye)
    Chinese name: 朴信惠 / Pu Xin Hui
    Birthplace: Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea

    Gao Yu Shan (高玉珊) role as Gao Mei Ci 高美慈

    Huang Yi Jia (黃一嘉) role as Assistant Lin 林秘書

    Xia Yu Xin (夏語心) role as Ding Ya Zi 丁亞姿


    曲別: 片頭曲
    歌名: 約定
    演唱者: A.N Jell(汪東城、程予希、黃仁德、蔡旻佑)

    曲別: 片尾曲
    歌名: 好不好
    演唱者: A.N Jell(汪東城、程予希、黃仁德、蔡旻佑)
    作詞: 蔡旻佑
    作曲: 蔡旻佑

    曲別: 插曲
    歌名: Panis Angelicus
    演唱者: 曾沛慈
    備註: 第1集 原唱人:Charlotte Church

    曲別: 插曲
    歌名: 半個人
    演唱者: 汪東城
    備註: 第1集

    Credit goes to Chinese wikipedia and the key search word is 原來是美男 (台灣電視劇) and dramawiki

  13. Weiwei says:

    Nice fast next come ep2

  14. K_nia says:

    sub plz….

  15. lala says:

    Finally Evan yo in drama.. woohoo Jeremy..

  16. kdrama says:

    omg park shin hye is in 2:00 of part1. I love her!!

  17. Kelly says:

    Update fabulous boys plz

  18. jirowang says:

    I am a big fan of Jiro’s dramas and I feel that Fabulous Boys is gonna be a fantastic drama despite some haters insisting that the Taiwan version is inferior to the Korean one. I believe that Jiro has his own style of acting and he definitely be a different 黃泰京! Go Jiro, 大東加油!

  19. jirowang says:

    I am a big fan of Jiro’s dramas because they are usually light hearted. Besides, Jiro is also very humorous and expressive himself and I really like that. In fact, I first liked him in Hana Kimi. Loved his loyal and cute character!

    Some of you may feel that this drama is not comparable to the Korean one. But i have got to say that Jiro puts in his 101% in his acting and I can already feel that this drama will be good! There quite a number of successful remakes around so why not give this a chance?

    Anyway, who says that Jiro can’t be compared to the Korean lead? They should not be compared to one another. Jiro will act out his own style. GO JIRO! <3

  20. pororopiggy says:

    Jiro Wang as Hwang Tae Kyeong! fantastic! he is comparable to Jang Geun Suk! the Jeremy character is also very well acted. very hopeful re-enacting of the taiwanese team! I am going to chase after this… episode by episode! woots! can’t wait, can’t wait for the next! yay!

  21. lulu says:

    i rather rewatch the original.. this version is a waste of time… characters arent matched up well– lack of personality.

  22. You have really no good taste in dramas! Jiro Wang is a great actor and play’s the role very well!If you not like it then let it and go!

  23. hiyabara says:

    does anyone noe how to sub a video ?
    cuz i really want to help

  24. says:

    me not going to see this BAD, BAD, show.

  25. vivian wong says:

    I think this version is better than the original one

  26. vivian wong says:

    Too bad the episode comes out only on Monday . I wish it comes out every single day

  27. Annyss Anisa says:

    Wow! I’ll watch this <3

  28. chocobutter says:

    Drama looks good

  29. jj says:

    cant wait for the next expisode!!!!

  30. Sabrina Thou says:

    Where’s Ep 2 , i’m waiting(so exited)


  32. chocobutter says:

    I think it comes out on saturday and sunday at eight pm

  33. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 2 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch it.

  34. Marianne says:

    Please subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  35. vivian wong says:

    Can’t wait for episode 3!!!! So excited!

  36. Guest says:

    If ya want to watch this drama with subtitle dramacrazy have it.

  37. sharon says:

    i wish that i can see ep 3 now la

  38. J says:


  39. Bliss says:

    Can’t wait to watch this!

  40. GUEST says:

    not bad this drama~!! 😀

  41. drama4ever says:

    I simply can’t start watching this. This is a drama where it shouldn’t be remade with the exact storyline. It gets WAYY 2 boring. Believe me.! Plus Jiro just DOESN’T fit this character at all.

    • No one force you to watch it!! Do you not like then dont’t watch and let us Jiro Fans in Peace!!!

    • drama4ever sucks says:

      Shut ur fucking mouth up okay? I’m not Jiro’s fans but it is actually a really good drama

      • drama4ever says:

        AHAHAHAHAH. U actually made an account with that name just 2 diss me. OMG hahahahahah. I don’t know if u are or aren’t Jiros fan, but all I know is that u are either not normal or a childish 13 year-old going through puberty and gets bullied and therefore releases all anger through the internet… xD

        • tkanimelover says:

          Well, for calling someone else childish… I see exactly how mature you are. I’m sorry that you don;t enjoy Jiro’s acting, it must be such a chore – but really, no one is forcing you to watch the drama OR like Jiro. If you don’t like the drama, just don’t watch it. Haven’t you heard that if you have nothing nice to say you should just keep the thoughts and comments to yourself?

          • drama4ever says:

            I’am sry but do u only comment on something if u like the drama/character/politician/food/movie/…. What a world u come from. Can’t comment on something u don’t like. I guess Hitler would be your leader then. Anyways this is a comment board. It’s meant 4 both bad and good comments. Besides if this was a good drama there wouldn’t be that many people saying it’s bad and Jiro is unsuitable 4 this character cause his acting is way under the radar.

          • tkanimelover says:

            No. I comment on something after I have watched the entire thing. – It’s called seeing the whole picture.

          • jy says:

            jiro is really not suitable I support u n is he went to do something with his face he don’t look the same as before so OMG haha

    • 路人 says:

      沒有你說的那樣啦 - 不是特別喜歡jiro/之前也沒有看過韓版/日版,但已經覺得這個真的很好看~ so…可以看一看在做結論吧 :)!

      • drama4ever says:

        Actually I’ve already taken a look at the 15 min. preview. By the way I’am not chinese so I can’t read it. I used translator :”)

    • logicisoverrated says:

      Weird. I’ve always thought that it was an actor’s job to take on different roles, even the ones that don’t suit him. I mean, how can an actor actually improve if he doesn’t challenge himself and keeps playing the same kind of characters over and over and over again? But, hey, logical thinking is overrated anyway. Thanks for taking some time of your day to comment on a drama you can’t/haven’t even watched, though. You must have a lot of free time on your hands, huh? ^^

      • drama4ever says:

        Hahaha. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of free time. The drama I follow is ending soon so I’ve 2 find a new one. U know it takes a while 2 stumble upon a really good drama nowadays. There are typical cliche dramas like these which I want 2 avoid. This is just a reminder 4 those who’s also tired of dramas like these. Besides an actor can take other roles if he’s good at showing the character and then gets better and better. While Jiro doesn’t suit this character at all + his acting is bad in here + I’am getting tired of him.

        • logicisoverrated says:

          Hmmm… So… let me see if I got this right. You admit you didn’t watch the
          drama yet and you don’t intend to watch it. But, still, you know that Jiro’s
          acting here is bad and that there’s no chance we’ll improve. Without
          actually watching the drama. And with only 2 episodes out. Wow! You’re
          getting more and more impressive. I’m really… fascinated with the way
          you think 🙂

        • logicisoverrated says:

          Hmmm… So… let me see if I got it right… You admit you didn’t watch yet the
          drama and you don’t intend to watch it. But, still, you know that Jiro’s
          acting here is bad and that there’s no chance he’ll improve. Without
          actually watching the drama. And with only 2 episodes out. Wow! You’re
          getting more and more impressive. I’m really… fascinated with the way
          you think^^

          • drama4ever says:

            I watched the 15-20 min. preview. And his acting was bad. It will only a get little better if we look at it statistically. Therefore in this drama he will not portray his character well enough 2 not waste my time. I don’t watch dramas where the lead actor isn’t portraying his character well enough or is bad at acting. :”)

  42. emma says:


  43. killthenoodle says:

    ‘ve watched the Korean and Japanese versions and i like how each adaption are similar but different. The Taiwanese version is doing just that, i really like the characters and i do believe Jiro has made his own version of what he feels his character should act & feel, yes, he doesn’t do all the cute funny faces we expect but he brings his own expressions which makes it raw, fresh and different. I love all 3 adaptions because I love the “You’re Beautiful” script.

  44. Sabrina Thou says:

    Ep 3,i’m waiting you

  45. lie-ying says:

    If you don’t like the fact that it is a remake just don’t watch it if you don’t like it. Come on, a lot of dramas have remake versions. Since I’ve already watched the other versions and I’ve really liked them and was dissapointed that it ended already, the remake versions are not always exactly the same as the other ones. If you don’t like it, there’s a X on the right side and just don’t bitch about it here.

  46. flesia says:

    ep 3 ,i’m waiting you

  47. jaywalker says:

    Looking forward to episode 3!!!!!!

  48. vivian wong says:

    Just two more days of episode 3!!! So excited!!!

  49. I love this show and Jiro Wang <3

  50. redbeanmochi says:

    For those of you waiting for subs, I’m recapping it on my Taiwanese drama blog! It’s called GiveMedramas 🙂 I have ep 1 and 2 posted, ep 3 will be posted monday after it airs!

  51. feilunhai fans says:

    nvr watch the Korean version but I like this drama a lot mainly b/c jiro is in this drama. I’m amazed by how different he is now not just maturing but acting skill wise too. I luv all members of fei lun hai. I hope to c more drama where it shows their improvement in acting and of course their singing career too.

  52. 美男好看! says:

    Aaaaaarrrrhhhh so good!!!! episode 4!!!

  53. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 3 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  54. Marianne says:

    I have to subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts and I hope that they subbed on it.

  55. Sabrina Thou says:

    Ep 4……………where are u??(finding)

  56. yvonne94 says:

    i like this damn badly , especially Jiro ~~

  57. Angela lau says:

    Episode 04 ………..i am waiting for u………. ^^

  58. esther_lim says:

    I love this show!!! though I have to say.. It’s crazy annoying how we have to wait a whole week for an episode!!! If only they aired an episode each day!!! oh…. I really can’t wait for the next episode!!! HUANG REN DE IS SO HOT!!!! hahaha

  59. my episode 3 recap is posted! 🙂
    (you can find my drama blog url by clicking on my name, it’s in my profile)

  60. Bliss says:

    If only other fahrenheit members are in here too…

  61. Piggy says:

    5days one episode is killing me:(

  62. Sabrina Thou says:

    EP 4……………..

  63. esther_lim says:

    I can’t wait for episode 5!!! why do they have to air only one episode a week??? It’s pure torture having to wait so long just for an episode!!!!! I wanna watch it all now!!!!! hahahahaha

    • lol says:

      i wait until went to watch the korean one first

      • esther_lim says:

        Hahaha I’ve been really tempted to watch the korean one after episode 1!!! ahahaha but I keep telling myself not to watch it because then i’ll start comparing and stuff and I wont be so excited while watching this cuz i’ll know what happens hahaha XP

  64. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 4 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch on it.

  65. Marianne says:

    I have to subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  66. Sabrina Thou says:

    Ep 5…….<3?

  67. Give Me Dramas Episode 4 Recap is up!

  68. LOL says:

    i want ep 5 😀

  69. Cammie says:

    This drama is great! xD

    • guest says:

      I first try to watch because in description stated comedy. Never thought it is so good even it is a remake

  70. Cammie says:

    黄仁德。。<3 帅呆了!^.^

    他长得有点像 吴尊,还有韩组 2pm 的nichkhun!! :O

  71. daydreamin says:

    why do they have to air only one episode a week? I have no patient to wait for so long,i really feel like watching the whole episode& this show is awesome*

  72. Abbs says:

    Please fix the video? It’s down. 🙁

  73. Piggy says:

    Why can’t see the video:(

  74. vivian wong says:

    Why can’t I see the videos

  75. LOL says:

    i cannot watch the video!

  76. fabboyfan says:

    which day does each episode air??

  77. hohliu says:

    Did they not screen last Sunday ? I wonder if the drama was cancel last Sunday. Does anyone know?

  78. shin says:

    still dont have episode 5 =(

  79. Cammie says:

    I’m so excited! 😀 Who else is excited too? Vote up my comment ^_^

  80. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 5 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  81. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  82. taeminnie says:

    Who acts as xin yu ge?

  83. Phoebe Lim says:

    the cast seems amazing… hope the drama is as good:)

  84. Phoebe Lim says:

    watched the first episode. don’t really like the guy playing Jeremy.

  85. dishonesttruth says:

    xinyu so handsome

  86. Jessie says:

    So does all three guys like her …

  87. Chelsea says:

    I Wish That It Was English Subbed Already. I Just Want To Know What They Are Saying!

  88. Episode 5 recap is posted on givemedramas(dot)com!

  89. Cammie says:

    Really like Xinyu and Taijing 🙂 <3

  90. Cammie says:

    Really like the songs 😀

  91. peek a boo says:

    I love this movie super cool and super funny

  92. peek a boo says:

    I really like the song

  93. ken says:

    waiting 1h 5min more for ep6

  94. hohliu says:

    There is just no chemistry between the two lead characters.

  95. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 6 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  96. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 6 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch it.

  97. Marianne says:

    I want to subbed the TWdrama Fabulous on D-Addicts and I want to subbed on it.

  98. lol says:

    is marianne a robot?

  99. luvtwdrama says:

    hey, anyone looking for recaps of this drama can head to DramaNut

    • katrinna_b says:

      Thanks 4 posting this link. I don’t speak Chinese but love JIro. I’ve been looking for english subs of this drama but haven’t found any. Watching Ep 6 raw and then reading the recap has really helped. It might be easier if you included that it is dramanut dot com Sorry for correcting you. It’s just easier to find. Sorry.

  100. Fabulous Boys episode 6 recap is up on Give Me Dramas!

  101. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Please advise when episode 7 will be uploaded. Thanks.

  102. Lee Lai Yin says:

    I waited 2 days for episode 6 to be uploaded…but it was well worth…episode 6 had several scenes of 新禹.

  103. Hc says:

    When is the uploading period uh?

  104. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Please advise when will episode 7 be uploaded…it used to be indicated under the ‘upcoming drama episodes’…please upload soon. Thank you

  105. peek a boo says:

    I am waiting for the episode 8 I have watched episode 7

  106. Gijoe says:

    Pls upload ep 7…….

  107. Gijoe says:

    Thx thx

  108. RL says:

    new episode not here yet?

  109. Zico_x24 says:

    Mei nan should go with xin yu loh , he dk who treat her he best ..

  110. cole chong says:

    thx4 uploading:0
    cant wait til next week..

  111. Samantha says:

    I love this show!!!! I might want to be a chinese actress when im older!! 😛 Cant Wait Until Next Week! ehh love this show!!!!!!!!

  112. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 7 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  113. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 7 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  114. Marianne says:

    We are currently subbed the TWdrama Fabulous Boys on D-Addicts forum and I want to watch the TWdrama on English soft subs, so please download the episodes on your computer. We appreciated to us.

  115. guest says:

    What is the song that mei nan sing in the ep 7?

  116. A.N♥JELL 高美男 says:

    is every episode come out only once a week?

  117. Bliss says:

    Xin Yu played the piano for real?? So talented!

  118. A.N♥JELL 高美男 says:

    when will epi 8 upload anybody tell me?

  119. yuki says:

    what is the song gao mi nan sing in ep 7? anyone knows?

  120. Episode 7 recap is up! you can find it on my drama recapping blog (Give Me Dramas), or on my profile.

    let me know if there are other dramas you guys wanted recapped as well!

  121. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Thank you for uploading. I watched episode 7 on Monday 1230am. I feel so sad for Xin Yu. When Mei Nan sang that song, she was directing and thinking of Tai Jing.

  122. Guest says:

    For people who want Fabulous Boys English subs. You can get the soft-subs from D-Addicts.

  123. Lee Lai Yin says:

    School is going to reopen next Monday…but episodes are uploaded at 1230am. I will be a zombie if I sleep after watching the entire episode. But the drama is getting more interesting.

  124. esther_lim says:

    I’m in Australia and so every night i have to stay up until 2:30am to watch the show. Its becoming more and more anxious! I love this show! Wish I had some special pass and could watch all the remaining episodes in one day!!!!! hahaha

  125. Lee Lai Yin says:

    I will watch it…drama is getting more exciting.

  126. Rainieyangbigfan says:

    is it one episode per day??

  127. Anlii says:

    When Will Come the next ep?

  128. jan says:

    Will there be english subs?

  129. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Episode 8 will be uploaded Mon 1230am…I must watch…Hwang In Deok. So charming !!!

  130. Xavier Earthytrek says:

    super nice also watching cause of Hwang In Deok ~~~ hahaha

  131. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Kids are sleeping…it’s back to school…but I am staying up to watch…will be a zombie at 6am…but I want to see Hwang In Deok.

  132. cole chong says:

    hmmm..y no jiro’s fans here:(

  133. YEAYY :D says:


  134. jirofanisme says:

    I’m Jiro’s fan.

  135. cole chong says:

    another hour to go-.-

  136. michelle says:

    what time they upload?

  137. Lee Lai Yin says:

    So sad…was hoping for more romance between Xin Yu and Mei Nan but instead it was Tai Jing.

  138. Lee Lai Yin says:

    I am crazy over Hwang In Deok…

  139. esther_lim says:

    Every Monday 12:30am I am the happiest person alive because i get to see a new episode of Fabulous Boys. About 1 hour 15 minutes later I always feel like I wanna cry cuz i gotta wait another whole week to watch the next episode. WHY DOES THE TAIWANESE TV BROADCASTERS LIKE TO DO THIS?!?! ITS TORTURE!!!! ='(

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      I scrolled down and when I read this, thought it was what I posted…you echoed my sentiments:) it is a big torture to wait 1 week for 1 episode.

  140. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 8 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  141. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 8 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  142. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Thank you for sharing with us…黄仁德is simply charming. Though I would have liked to see more scenes of him, this episode also showed Tai Jing had a sad childhood.

  143. Meron says:

    EP 8

  144. leftovertoast says:

    Does anyone knows when will EP 9 be uploaded?

  145. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Monday morn around 1230am

  146. cole chong says:

    hey,anyone know d
    song title sang by Mei Nan in Ep8?love d song..so touching

  147. Lee Lai Yin says:


  148. Ahel says:

    Really enjoying this drama 🙂

  149. JJ says:

    I couldn’t wait for epi 9!
    So rematch the Korean version :p

  150. Meron says:

    Asking for more and more.. EP 9 >< Is Hwang Ren De really handsome? At first, I thought so. He's getting like going to get Meinan away from Taijing. Then, that Xin Ning, the cunning and scheming one.. Meinan will get bullied in ep 9 if some parts are gonna follow Korea's version. Aww. ;(

  151. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Crazy over huang ren de. My heart really breaks when mei nan doesn’t catch his hints. Didn’t watch Korean version…so don’t know the entire story.

    • Meron says:

      Korean version is Meinan with Taijing. But I think Meinan will choose Xin Yu.. Cause maybe the director like different from Korea’s.

      • Lee Lai Yin says:

        It’s getting more exciting with every episode. Can’t wait for episode 9. Wonder who will Mei nan choose…

      • esther_lim says:

        I really hope there is this twist where Meinan will go with Xinyu instead of Taijing cuz thats what i am praying for hahaha. But at the same time, it would also be nice to see meinan go with taijing. So whoever she ends up with, I dont mind just dont leave the other guy alone. Give him some other friend or girl or something if not it will be pitiful for the one thats left out. After all, everyone deserves a happy ending =D

    • esther_lim says:

      Huang Ren De’s expressions are so innocent it kills me whenever he is heartbroken because meinan is sad over taijing… My heart dies a little whenever I see him sad ='(

      • Lee Lai Yin says:

        i just can’t stand the way he either keeps quiet or else drops hints which the silly girl doesn’t pick up.

  152. Guest says:

    Fabulous Boys with English subs (ep 1-5), visit KY He Youtube channel!

  153. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Don’t watch Korean drama…but huang ren de has really made me go gaga. When will Mei nan reveal she is a girl? Xin Yu will confess ASAP.

  154. Michelle says:

    Best DRAMA <3

  155. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Eagerly awaiting for midnight.

  156. vivian wong says:

    Is it only 13 episode

  157. leftovertoast says:

    Can’t wait for EP 10! It’s gonna be really interesting!

  158. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Yes, episode 9 is only so-so…that big liar really too much. Can’t stand her.

  159. esther_lim says:

    The big reveal in next week (episode 10)! It’s gonna be so epic! Can’t wait! =D

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      yes, it will be EPIC when the ‘truth’ is out…poor girl will not need to be at the mercy of tai jing’s ‘girlfriend’.

  160. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 9 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  161. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 9 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  162. Marianne says:

    I love this TWdrama for me.

  163. Lee Lai Yin says:

    thank you for uploading at 12…i get to watch it earlier. appreciate

  164. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Episode 10 will be very exciting…I am waiting eagerly…

  165. Bliss says:

    Xin Yu deserves a better girl…Mei Nan’s terribly disappointing…but then again, he’s not the first lead…

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      Mei Nan’s heart is with Tai Jing…I feel very sad for Xin Yu

      • Bliss says:

        Oh well, funny we’re actually referring to Mei Nv here, or Gemma…wonder when is she gonna meet with the ‘real’ Mei Nan…13 episodes are too short!

  166. Jennifer Tsang says:

    Thank you for the latest uploading, I am waiting for Episode 10.

  167. Give Me Dramas says:

    Episode 8 has been recapped for anyone who needs subs! You can find it on Give Me Dramas.

  168. LIANGPOPO says:

    Its quite clear that Meinan already fall for Taijing. The next episode is the >< kissing scene of Meinan and Taijing.

  169. mandy klein says:

    I can’t wait till the kiss between Mei Nan and Taijing…so cute <<<3 Jiro is a very good actor .I saw him in so many Drama's before and he changed a lot in all this Years .

  170. mandy klein says:

    Only 3 day’s left:D

  171. Lee Lai Yin says:

    today is thursday…mandy dear, 4 more days to episode 10.

  172. Bliss says:

    When will the touching dinner scene between Mei Nan and Xin Yu where he gave her a bouquet of flowers appear? They’re purposefully dragging their relationship…

    • Nope says:

      It will happen in the next episode. But don’t get your hopes up because it’s a fantasy scene… While Xin Yu is waiting for her and imagining her reaction, she’s being kissed by Tai Jing

      • Lee Lai Yin says:

        what? it’s not real? sob sob sob.

      • Lee Lai Yin says:

        you mean it is xin yu imagining?

      • Bliss says:

        Are you sure it’s just imagination? Because the scene looks really plain and real to me, not like fantasy ones where the lighting is brighter or they’ll add in some colorful borders…

        • Nope says:

          Well, it’s just 2 days before the episode airs, so you can wait and see for yourself 😉 Or go check the original version to confirm that nothing ever happens between Mi Nam and Shin Woo because she’s in love with Tae Kyung and only sees him as a brother. He never stood a chance. Not for one moment…

  173. Lee Lai Yin says:

    saw a shot where xin yu hugged mei nan and tai jing was looking from afar. mei nan seemed to be crying after reading a letter. any idea?

    • Bliss says:

      A letter? I didn’t see that…I am disappointed that the kiss scene between TJ and MN comes so soon…heartbreaks…

      • Lee Lai Yin says:

        Why did that kiss happen in the first place? Sorry Jiro fans…but I can’t stand his character…his pride is too important to him.

        • mandy klein says:

          Because there are only 13 Episodes. it must give a rush ending ! The korean version has
          16 episodes 😉

  174. mandy klein says:

    at the end are only one couple …it’s Taijing and Gao Mei Nan,that was the ending in all the other versions before and it end too in the taiwanese version 🙂

  175. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Sob sob sob.

  176. Meron says:

    The shot that Xin Yu gave Meinan a flower, stretching out his hands. THEY BOTH WERE SO CUTE

  177. raymond says:

    when the next epi will come out ?

  178. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Episode 10 onwards should be getting more exciting. Even if Mei nan ends up with tai Jing, I hope to see some romantic scenes between Mei nan and Xin Yu.

    • mandy klein says:

      It will come, but it’s only Xin Yu who love’s Gao Mei Nan .It’s..a one Love Story! Because Mei Nan has only Eyes for Tai Jing;and love him ,then that’s the skript that make this rule;D

    • mandy klein says:

      In the korean version Shin wo alias Xin Yu is crying ,because Gao mei Nan choose Twang;) Sorry i forget the Name for Taijing in the korean version;D:D

      • mandy klein says:

        I’m so nervos about the next Episode,because i love Jiro Wang so much,he’s so handsome and manly;) I hope he get in real life a beautiful wife and sweet kids too,because he love’s children so much..he will be a good father in the future<<<3

      • Lee Lai Yin says:

        I will be the next one to cry then. Preview for episode 10 shows Xin Yu hiding Mei nan. Exciting.

  179. Lee Lai Yin says:

    my eyes light up when i see xin yu…omg, i think i am the one being buzzed by the taser gun. hahaha.

  180. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Just finished episode on tv…episode 10 next!!!

  181. Kwang Wen Hui says:

    I think next episode is going to be more exciting

  182. Rainieyangbigfan says:

    yay, episode 10 is going to be uploaded soon!!! so excited!

  183. Lee Lai Yin says:

    very exciting. yes, xin yu !!!

  184. YAY JIRO says:

    Waiting desperately for ep 10 to be out!! Though there’s school tomorrow but whats sleep without Fab Boys <3 My Jiro *.*

  185. cole chong says:

    jiro jiro <3<3

  186. RL says:

    Very fast upload!! Thank you!!

  187. lepurushi says:

    very fast thank you!!!

  188. kans3r says:

    Hihi. Thank you! However Part 2 shows ‘private.’ Pls help! Thanks!

  189. Lee Lai Yin says:

    It was shown private for a while…but now it is ok.

  190. esther_lim says:

    I have to say… The cast for this drama was a really good choice. First of all, Jiro did very well portraying the character of Tai Jing which is very different from his usual characters. Secondly, Cheng Yu Xi is performing really well for a new comer ( not to mention how the crew did well in making her look more manly and at the same time making her look very girly when she dresses up as a girl ). Huang Ren De is an amazing choice for Xin Yu because his expressions says a thousand words which just makes the audience expect more of Xin Yu and Mei Nan. Last but not least, Evan Yo is doing very well in portraying a bubbly and active character which is something I would’ve never expected from him.
    Have to give a big shout out to the crew members and casts of Fabulous Boys as this show, in my opinion, has amazingly successful from episode 1-10. Really can’t wait for episode 11, 12 and 13!

  191. Guest says:

    Who has interest on a very high quality of all ep Fabulous Boys? I can send per Emai! 😉 Please let me know ,i help everyone who can not watch or would like a HD quality because i like the Fabulous Boys only on high quality too;) PS: All Videos of me has a full episode from FB 😉

    • mandy klein says:

      Don’t trust her ,it’s not me and in can not upload the video because the GB to big and i don’t have videos of HD .I watch it only here on this site!!!

  192. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 10 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  193. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 10 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  194. Lee Lai Yin says:

    absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!!

  195. Val says:

    If you think this is nice show, go watch the Korean version one, much much better. Korean version call ‘ you’re beautiful’

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      Thanks, but the one I am crazy over is Xin Yu.

    • JJ says:

      I watched the korean version too. Both are equally good. The Taiwanese cast is awesome. Evan Yo had really done so well to portray his charachter. He is so talented. Simply love the song he sang and wrote. Not to say, I love Jiro absolutely!

  196. chloe says:

    I like the Korean version, but I love the Fabulous Boys! The characters are more defined and consistent as well as the flow of the story. Well, another thing is I love Jiro Wang. 🙂

  197. Meron says:

    15 or less persent % for Xinyu and Meinan’s chance together.. Taijing has hmm.. Maybe, 60+ %?

  198. Lee Lai Yin says:

    xin yu doesnt stand a chance at all…that is what makes it so heartbreaking…for doing so much and attending to mei nan’s needs. that arrogant jerk tai jing values his face so much.

  199. mandy klein says:

    I’m so very nervos about ep 11,then it’s pure romance of Gao Mei Nan and Taijing <3

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      Why tai Jing? Why not Xin Yu? I am crazy over Mei nan with Xin Yu.

      • mandy klein says:

        Because the story board is almost written with Taijing and Gao Mei Nan at the end 🙂 In all the other versions before ends the Gao Mei Nan with Taijing;)

  200. Lee Lai Yin says:

    I am very nervous too…looks like I will be doing Mei Nan’s pig snout when Xin Yu professes his feelings.

    • mandy klein says:

      However i like the taiwanese versions the most;) Because there are more emotions between the mainleaders;) <3

  201. mandy klein says:

    Why can’t there a new episode every day? Every Week i wish the sundy cames near,but i don’t like sunday’s * * It’s only why Fabulous Boys comes out then 😛

  202. mandy klein says:

    Who can say when Jiro Wang’s Horror Movie “Bloody Doll”come’s out? Airing time should be july 19th is this right or not?

  203. mandy klein says:

    When came the movie of Jiro Wang “Bloody Doll out? Airing time should be July 19th! Is this true or not? Please let me know ;(

  204. hope says:

    Does anyone know how many ep this drama will end?

  205. Lee Lai Yin says:

    i am so sad the preview for the next episode is no longer avail…it gives me something to hang on to till the next week.

  206. JJ says:

    I only watched till ep 8. Because i want to accumulate all the rest of episodes and watch them at one go. Also I hate to let the drama end so soon. that’s why I hadn’t watch the latest videos.
    Am I weird? Lol. Not sure if I’m the only weird one here :p

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      Understandable…it is frustrating to watch one episode and wait 1 week for the next.

    • wd says:

      don worry i waited since before this drama had its first episode so that i could watch it all at once… waiting for the last episode to air…

  207. senacee says:

    I need eng subs 🙁

  208. :) says:

    Yay ! Not bad ! They upload so fast , they always upload on sunday night !

  209. Ibox says:

    Loovee this drama ❤i’ll be waiting for the next episode 11. Cnt wait to watch the next one

  210. Amy says:

    Wait too long to have the next episode. I love this drama because it can help you to realese yourself from the day to day tough work. It is not like HK drama that too much fighting, bloody, etc. Our life is already too heavy, we want our spare time to be more relaxing. Thank you for share this drama to me.

  211. Lee Lai Yin says:

    HK drama too much sex and violence. This drama is perfect…romance and fluttering hearts are always sweeter.

  212. ABC says:

    Hey, When is episode 11 uploading?

  213. ABC says:

    how long more to wait ? =/

  214. banana says:

    why still havent released? 🙁

  215. banana says:

    why part 1 cant watch??

  216. Kesohnler says:

    I think going forth Jiro should act in more serious roles like this, he really did well in this serial and I can relate to his maturity and growth as an actor. I can also relate to his character very well. Jiro forever!

  217. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Episode 11 is fixed…watched it after part 5. Very heartbreaking for Xin Yu.

  218. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Left 2 more episodes. 🙁

  219. cole chong says:

    altho im a jiro fans, but stil pity shin yu:(
    thx4 uploading <3

  220. cole chong says:

    but d korean version hv 16ep..taiwan only 13ep?

  221. cole chong says:

    who know when is Jiro Wang’s Horror Movie “Bloody Doll” airing? cant wait

    • mandy klein says:

      It should allready airing,but now there is a new date of august 28th ,i don’t no is this true or not ,but you can’t find the movie anywhere 🙁

  222. mandy klein says:

    I wish Jiro could play a role of a sweet father and husband already;) He’s so smart and handsome with women 😉 Jiro you’re the best!!!

    • Lee Lai Yin says:

      after watching episode 11, i have a different impression of jiro. he can be so gentle, considerate and loving. WOW !!!

  223. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 11 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  224. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 11 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  225. Marianne says:

    The English subs version of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys is on V I k I . c o m and I love to watch it.

  226. cole chong says:

    ….but the movie is towards ending d…so sad yeah guys…:(

  227. lim says:

    I prefer korean version

  228. Meron says:

    Xin yu FINALLY shouts at Taijing, lets out his burden.. 😀

  229. Lee Lai Yin says:

    He knows where he stands with Mei nan…so he got mad when tai Jing shouted at her…understandable.

  230. go forward says:

    Jiro is more mature, hope RenDe also will improve as well. 加油

  231. J says:

    this is nices then the korea

  232. Jeremy says:

    Jeremy is so cute he and mei nan is the best

  233. 泰京 says:

    泰京is really co

  234. Lee Lai Yin says:

    i am sad…bcos the show is coming to an end SOON. won’t have my ren de to watch out for. he’s so charming i can melt.

  235. Yenny 洪佩甄 says:

    why i can’t download this video?

  236. sol says:

    Is episode 12 coming out tonight?

  237. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 12 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  238. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 12 of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  239. leftovertoast says:

    I feel so sorry for Xinyu!!!! )’: He did so much for Meinan and yet there isn’t any much progress between them…
    Even tho I wished that Xinyu and Meinan could be together but this show is primarily about Taijing and Meinan and ultimately, the both will be together. However, Taijing and Meinan looks cute together.. Love the part when Taijing gave that ‘punch’, but it turns out that he kissed Meinan instead.

    Ohyeah, poor Jeremy too!! ): Apart from Xinyu, Jeremy is sweet towards Meinan too.

    I prefer this version over the Korean one actually. Nonetheless, I’ve really enjoyed watching Fabulous Boys! It’s one of my favourite Taiwan drama! (;

    As much as I’m looking forward to episode 13 but it’s coming to the end.


    A big thank you for uploading Fabulous Boys weekly!
    Really appreciate it! (:

  240. Guest says:

    A big thank you for uploading Fabulous Boys weekly!
    Really appreciate it! (:

  241. JJ says:

    I find the TW Meinan is prettier than the Korean Meinan. Just my opinion 🙂 no offense!

  242. Lee Lai Yin says:

    This episode is a sob sob one for those who love Xin Yu.

  243. ange says:

    cant view ep 12 part 1

  244. adelinewin says:

    ep 12 has been block

  245. Lalalalala says:

    Ep 12 part 1 has been blocked. Is there any other links or ways to watch episode 12? Thank you in advance! (:

  246. Meow~ says:

    Awwhh… Episode 10 doesn’t work 🙁

  247. ongsyongxi says:

    is anyone gonna sub this drama i really ant to watch it?? Thanks

    • Guest says:

      It’s already being subbed. Subs are out up until episode 11. Go and look for lyricalxiaozero blog on google.

  248. zzz says:

    Ep 10 Part 1 , please fix it.

  249. Guest says:

    where ep 13 ?

  250. Dorjee says:

    Newbie Meinan acting is good because maybe she really have a real crush with TJ that’s why it looks
    so convincing and the first accidental
    drunk kiss is also her first screen kiss

  251. DNWX says:

    Why i cnnot watch isit too many ppl watching nw ??

  252. Guest says:

    is Ep 13 the last episode??

  253. Guest says:

    So excited to watch the last episode… What time will it be up?

  254. ivy says:

    where ep 13 ?

  255. Guest says:

    is epi 13 gonna upload at 12am?

  256. 原来是美男超级大粉丝 says:

    等不及了!原来是美男最后一集了。。。我不知不觉地爱上了黄泰京,姜新禹,Jeremy 和高美男 <3 像天使的他们永远都会在我里的。。。这是一部好的偶像剧,是我看过所有偶像剧最喜欢的。。。虽然有点舍不得,但该结束的也该结束。。。旧的不去,新的不来!

  257. TDQ says:

    where is ep 13?

  258. TDQ says:

    Where is ep 13?

  259. Guest says:

    Hi! Anyone know what time will it be out?

  260. Guest says:

    Episode 13, Part 6 is unavailable! =(

  261. V93 says:

    The best part of last episode is 黄泰京 said ‘我爱你’ to 高美男 & KISS!!!

  262. Tan Ming says:

    Jiro Wang the most Shining North Star and who can sing such beautiful
    song without music just like the song
    “the water side”

  263. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Yes, that ‘piggy rabbit, I love you’ is sweet…but I will miss my Xin Yu a great deal after last episode.

  264. Marianne says:

    Thanks for uploading the episode 13 (final) of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and thanks for uploading with us.

  265. Marianne says:

    What a nice episode ratings for the episode 13 (final) of the TWdrama Fabulous Boys and I hope that they watch for it.

  266. Guest says:

    I love the end of this version a lot its better than the K version. I think this version the end and the Japan version of the end were much better. Anyway I still like all three version. of this drama. ^_^

  267. Lee Lai Yin says:

    I think the cast for the Taiwanese version is well chosen. Though Evan, le le (Mei nan) and Jacob are new, they brought life to the whole drama.

  268. Tan Ming says:

    In FB, Jiro is like Guilong, sia tian, shi lang, Mars and Naite rolled into one TaiJing

  269. love a.n.jell says:


  270. love a.n.jell says:

    wish 原来是美男will never end

  271. DaDONG fan#1 says:

    I came her for DaDong only!!!

  272. Guest says:

    Fabulous Boys is more than a decent remake of the K-version.
    Jiro Wang nailed it and he did an amazing job portraying the character.

  273. Lee Lai Yin says:

    Still watching it again and again.

  274. JJ says:

    I hadn’t have enough of this drama and jiro 🙁
    Hope he will hv more dramas soon!

    • Tan Ming says:

      Jiro has a supporting role
      as Kublai Khan in China’s
      remake of Return of the
      condor in 2014 O___O

      • JJ says:

        Yes, read about it too but no pics and further news of his pics yet.

        I went back to watch his older dramas. Just finish Absolute Darling! Ending is so touching that I watched the last page 5 times and also cried 5 times!

        Will be starting The X Family soon. Actually I watched before

        • Tan Ming says:

          Ya lor, I rewatch cute
          n innocent Shi Lang, sexy,funny Mars, evil n hot GuiLong again n again.
          Must be getting Jiro Fever liao!!!!

          • JJ says:

            Hi 5! U know of any Jiro fanclub I can join? Btw, I watched the behind the scenes of FB epi 13. So funny when he called his fans ‘汪太太’^_^

          • Tan Ming says:

            if u r a sporean,then its quite difficult 4 us to join bcause we r too far away but I think he has a
            facebk a/c n if
            u want more news abt Jiro
            u can type
            baidu wangdongcheng
            but all in Chinese:)

          • JJ says:

            Yep! Sporean here! Okie, will check out his FB 😀

    • mandy klein says:

      You have the Jiro Fever like me;D One day without Jiro is a boring day!!!

  275. JJ says:

    Actually, among all the songs in the OST, I like Evan Yo’s 好不好 the most. It was also written and composed by him! So talented!!

    P.s. sorry if anyone find me irritating as I kept posting comments here. I simply can’t have enough of this drama and Jiro 🙁

  276. JiroWangFan17 says:

    I Love This movie especially with Jiro in it :)….. I hope that he can create more dramas and comedies 🙂 ….

  277. fabulous boys says:

    Hi, can you pls fix the download links coz it says hotfile is over and everything are gone. fix it pls~ thanks in advanced.

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