Host:屈中恆, 孫鵬, 庹宗康
Broadcast Year:2005-04-25
Air Time:Monday - Friday

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  1. This show is blocked in your region, sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. This show is blocked in your region, sorry for the inconvenience. 請問該如何排除呢 真的很想看QQ

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    國光幫幫忙 2011-07-13  沒有播嗎?

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    黑亮到底在搗什麼? 這星期國光都這麼慢出

  8. Vic1212 says:

    when is the Instant Noodles episode gonna come out??

  9. Chris says:

    i am happy i got to watch..doesn’t matter is upload late..thank q for loading it. tumb up for u man !!!

  10. stephanie says:

    I sincerely thank u for uploading all the shows.  It is ok if it wasn’t up to date.  Please ignore the idiot who complained while he doesn’t contribute anything.  Keep up the good work

  11. R0971005178 says:

    WHY I CAN’T SEE THE VIDEO    {{THIS SHOW is blocked in your region

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    why no more update? please update fast ! alot day didnt watch already.

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    今天沒有 國光媽???

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    • Ginalife82 says:

      批評有分好與壞  好的批評是鼓勵  而那位TROY是屬於壞的批評 也就是人身攻擊 你們說是不是

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    这年头一定是受经济的影响, 无所事事的人太多,在网上找理由发泄。祝事业失落的人尽快找到好的事做! 😛

  26. Guest says:

    I have seen GGBBM for 2 years, I think it is a very interesting and meaningful show! I like it!

  27. Carla says:

    This is a fucking stupid show…

  28. ling says:

    别人的嘴要怎么说就怎么说 我们爱看国光 是我们自己的兴趣~东西总是有反面和正面的评语..我们喜欢就好.. 通常会骂人的人,是修养不够好.何必与修养不好的人说话呢?这样只会降低我们的修养水平咯..国光加油!!

  29. WBK says:

    我不明白怎么会有这么牛逼的人说什么chinaman, 您是什么玩意?我就操你妈逼了,敢不敢不傻逼,你们台湾爱他妈比的回归不回归,最好别他妈比的靠着大陆,我们断绝联系看谁吃狗屎

    • stitch says:

      go get a life…

    • Qweqw says:

      yea you are a fcking chinaman retard. Taiwanese are just cooler than you chinaman, that is why you watch our shows.

      • Nono says:

        ur s.o.b.

      • Jason says:

        。。。so in you opinion, we watch ur shows means u r cooler than us…then taiwanese watch korean dramas means koreans are just cooler than taiwanese…and you guys never watch any tv programme or movies made by other countries or area???? what a rediculous theory…

        • Yes says:

          Perhaps you should master the english language prior to making any further invalid accusations, chinamen.

          • Kaninabucaojibaipuniama says:

            First of all, I don’t belong to either Mainland Chinese or
            Taiwanese gang. I am just a curious Chinese dude who accidentally came across
            your comment. I saw your comment about the previous guy poor English and urge
            him to master his English. However the irony is that you had made more grammatical
            errors than him. It is quite funny or should I say interesting looking at the
            choices of words that you used. “English language”? Honestly, I don’t think
            that is such phase or term as English language. Direct translation from
            Chinese? 英语= English language? No, my friend! There is
            redundancy in this term. English, the word itself means language spoken by
            people from England or the people from England. You don’t add the word language
            after English. It is grammatical error. Secondly, the word “prior”, you used it
            awkwardly in you comment. A preferred word in this context will be a very
            simple and commonly used word, “ before”. Thirdly, “Accusations” means a charge
            or claim that someone has done something illegal, hence it is inaccurately being
            used to describe his action. Finally and probably the main reason why I have
            posted this comment. “Chinamen” or “Chinaman” is a derogatory term used by
            other races to humiliate or insult Chinese-speaking people. This is regardless
            of you nationalities or origins.  We
            do not use this word among ourselves, meaning Chinese-speaking people, you

          • Guest says:

            I think you got your derogatory terms mixed up. For the Chinese race, the defined nomenclature is chink. Chinaman is the derogatory term for people from China, it is mainly used by asians or chinese people that are not from China. The west seems to be picking it up though. Your own command of the written language is abysmal at best, you will do well not to flaunt your own shortcomings.

          • antistinkychink says:

            Such a proposition you were making…most importantly don’t spam the comment board you “chink”!! Your Daddy Honky just about to get dizzy.

            I LOVE TAIWAN!!

          • Hahaha says:

            cant win the argument, correct their grammar!!

      • Hjy Tg81 says:

        酷你妈逼,不是爹爹嘴臭,你别他妈比的买made in china的好么??跟我们大陆断绝所有关系好么??你敢不敢??不敢就是我孙子,操你妈!!

  30. uno due tre says:

    哇哇哇 好大的一場言語戰爭ㄛ
     何必這樣呢   我替他們跟你們說聲道歉
    但容我說一句話台灣本就不屬於中國  為何硬要把我們列入你們呢 最終得到我們的身體 但得不到我們的心  

    • Antareslee2005 says:



    • Guest says:

      說台灣不屬於中國之鼠輩就已間接承認輝煌的中華民國敗給了共產黨。身為華夏之後、口說炎黃之語,怎能因中國暫借給了共產黨而忘記祖宗呢? 眾人無需長他人志氣而滅自己威風。切記只要中國國民黨還存在的一天,中國還是台灣的,而台灣也永遠是中國的。不願承受這些事實的漢奸們請滾到日本或韓國,好讓”正港”的中華子民建立良好的溝通橋樑,謝謝。

      • uno due tre says:


        • Guest says:

          哈! 你滾的越遠越好,因為華人世界永遠不會歡迎你。還有請你不要再以國語回文,因為漢奸只會說倭寇話。真虧了陳ㄚ扁八年霸、貪政,把台灣層次搞得如此劣質,竟生出你這般對不起列祖列宗的海盜狗。像你這類生物應盡早滾開,也許還可強化台灣,延緩統一。

          • UNO DUE TRE says:

            請問一下 那一個總統沒貪污  只是沒有被徹底糾出來而已 你別太天真了   那你不要拿台灣護照 換中國護照  那你去英國…歐洲….等地 就得拿簽證  除非你有綠卡  你不覺得很矛盾嗎   在護照上已有區分了 再者我並沒有忘祖啊 我依然記得我的祖先是從對岸福建來的 但我出生在台灣  我就是道道地地的台灣人
            你憑什麼叫我不能寫國字   還有我希望台灣能堂堂正正的成為一個國家
            但我們跟中國還是可以像兄弟一樣和睦啊 有何錯有何不妥  能換來你這激進的言語辱罵 有點心智幾近變態

          • Guest says:


          • UNO DUE TRE says:

            很會亂遷拖……  你 哈哈哈 這樣你也能掰  真有你的  隨便你怎麼說 我還是堅定我是…TAIWANESE….

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    • BB says:


    • BB says:


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      • Y.H says:


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          • Hahachinadog says:

            haha 不是台商去投資你們早就全部放棄中文講英文吃他們大熱狗了吧 一群小機歪0.0 
            放棄傳統反正是你們一貫的作風不是嗎 反而死咬著”以前”台灣是你們的 拜託請把我們丟掉就如同你們輕易的把傳統美德人格丟掉一樣

            繁體變簡體 簡體要放棄成講英文就有錢拿應該不難吧一群哈巴狗50步笑百步 zzz

          • Guest says:

            台灣島這麼小顆, 要來幹嘛, 再怎麼說你也不生活在台灣, 你根本就不了解台灣, 台灣何去何從關你屁事? 如果哪天政府莫名其妙去拆你家你會有何感想? 別拿什麼歷史上台灣是中國的這種屁話, 你怎麼不說現今的事實是台灣跟中國是兩個不同的世界? 兩邊哪裡一樣? 連說話的方式都不一樣

  31. TFeng-SF says:

    一个个的都是太闲了吧???!!! 看个综艺节目也要撤到种族问题…….台湾是不是属于中国 吵这个有什么用呢??? 就算台湾回归了 那又能怎么样???? 还不是一样讲中国话 一样吃中餐 相对而言 台湾就算不回归 独立了 那又能怎么样??? 就 不讲中国话 不吃中餐了????  这种事就交给国家去管 你们再操个什么心阿 都安静下来 看国光吧…….

  32. says:

    說這麼多有什麽用 是不是又不是我們可以說了算的 自己覺得不是的我們尊重你的個人意見 自己覺得自己是的 我們歡迎 就這麼簡單 大陸不又不是沒了台灣就不行了 有什麽好計較的 自己說自己不是中國人的 那是自己的問題 整天一句我們 我們的 你能代表台灣 還是你能代表大陸

  33. Asdlfkjasl says:

    大家都是中国人 只不过有政府在扯淡而已

  34. S412173442 says:

    First of all, Ive never heard ppl say chinaman…i dont even know where y’all get that, but all i know is all y’all better just shut the fuck up and watch the program, this aint cool at all… so dont judge any of us, cuz different person got different opinion, Pause

  35. Kane says:

    為什麼點標題 沒有視頻

  36. Henry Lin says:

    no matter people’s republic of china or republic of china, they are not our business, ok? Fuck of!! i hate to see the chinese argue together. 

  37. Derekzhang says:


    • Guest says:

      actually no lol.  a lot of people ask tentatively, are you chinese or taiwanese.

    • Alex says:

      朋友 这是你自己想当然了,你呆在国内不出国门才会有这样的想法,我现在这么说也只是告诉你事实而已,不含任何政治立场,别的地方不敢说,反正欧洲老外都是把台湾和中国区分开来看的

      • Derekzhang says:

        我待国内,你在国外,你见过世面是吧。 你上街问问人看,最好有人说你是taiwanese这个“种族”的。。巴拉巴拉什么欧洲人,我们是华人!

        • Hahachinadog says:

          第一篇說國外 後面說國內 哈哈笑死我了有木有 能不能在矛盾點? 高端黑呀 你一定是台灣人對吧 依照你說的國內都沒見識鄉巴佬囉

        • guest says:

          lol @ your ignorant comment, Mr. Zhang. You’re only making fun of yourself by posting such an uneducated reply. One word of advice for you, before posting useless response just to embarrass yourself, maybe the first thing you should do is look up the word Taiwanese in an English dictionary, if you have one, and let us know how Taiwanese is defined there.

    • guest says:

      我在国外,外国人会问你是不是“Chinese”,但是如果你回答他们你是“Taiwanese”,他们也不会听不懂,不过“Taiwanese”这个词还蛮不常见的,“come from Taiwan”比较常见。可是,我个人感觉,外国人了解到的台湾基本都是关于政治问题的,中年人或者更年长的人,很愿意跟你谈论这个问题 ==|||。感觉上,如果没有这个政治问题,台湾也许不会这么被熟悉和关注。

  38. Henry Lin says:


    • UNO DUE TRE says:

      不是排外  在台灣都這麼說的 很普遍 無須大驚小怪  並沒有政治色彩    只是要對語法上的用法有所區別而且  

  39. guest says:


    • Guest says:

      台灣政府是台灣人選出來的 才不是什麼國民政府想回去的人自己回去
      不要亂管國外的問題 插手他國事務

      • guest says:


  40. 123 says:

    不管台湾独不独立,我觉得大家都是中国人何必吵来吵去。 台湾说的也是中文,不是原住民的其实都是中国人, 我自己就是从小在澳洲长大,就算入了澳籍也很自觉自己是中国人。我认识很多的ABC都是就算不会讲中文也都自认是中国人。当然啦我相信大部分台湾人还是知道自己是中国人,只是少数优越感很强的人才会说让“大陆人”滚开什么的。 总之我们是同样的人种,何必吵来吵去???

    • 1232 says:

      美國印度都事是講英文…甚至英美有一大段歷史相通 難道他們都覺得他們是英國人嗎?
      如果你說都是華人就算了 國族跟種族又不一樣 我覺得原住民跟我一樣都是台灣人 我並不覺得台灣人比較高貴什麼的 但我們就是有一樣的國家情感跟認同 有著共同的記憶以及對土地的愛 會吵來吵去的原因就是中國政府對台灣這樣的國家認同處處打壓 甚至延伸到很多層面去 並不是鄙視中國人 討厭的是這樣的政府跟政策 但很多中國人認同他們政府這樣的政策 這才是爭吵的原因  在共同語言的情感上我是有的

    • Zzz says:

      如果妳說大家都是華人..那還說得過去 照妳的思考邏輯  加拿大 美國 英國 法國 之類的  他們都講英文 難到他們大家都是美國人? please use your brain and think before you even try to comment, you sounds ridiculous, doesnt even make any sense and no one is gonna give you a shit  rofl 

      • 123 says:

        what im saying is when people ask “what nationality are you” to an australia born chinese, they answer ‘chinese’ instead of ‘aussie’. and FYI, French don’t speak english, and use YOUR brain before speaking. all canadians, americans were from britain. Also technically, Australia and canada is a part of Britain, thats why theres no presidents in these two countries. America had a civil war and became independent. All i’m saying we belong to the same race and no matter what happens(taiwan became independent or not) we shouldn’t be fighting. btw this is what i said in the original comment.

        • Haha says:

          o realli? u sure the question was nationality instead of ethnicity? u still keeping chinese nationality? means u’re on visa to stay in australia while u were born there? that’s really some impressive patriotism towards china. 

      • 123 says:

        what im saying is when people ask “what nationality are you” to an australia born chinese, they answer ‘chinese’ instead of ‘aussie’. and FYI, French don’t speak english, and use YOUR brain before speaking. all canadians, americans were from britain. Also technically, Australia and canada is a part of Britain, thats why theres no presidents in these two countries. America had a civil war and became independent. All i’m saying we belong to the same race and no matter what happens(taiwan became independent or not) we shouldn’t be fighting. btw this is what i said in the original comment.

        • Me says:

          Nationality to an Australia born Chinese = Australian
          Ethnic group to an Australia born Chinese = Chinese
          Please get this right 🙂

      • 123 says:

        what im saying is when people ask “what nationality are you” to an australia born chinese, they answer ‘chinese’ instead of ‘aussie’. and FYI, French don’t speak english, and use YOUR brain before speaking. all canadians, americans were from britain. Also technically, Australia and canada is a part of Britain, thats why theres no presidents in these two countries. America had a civil war and became independent. All i’m saying we belong to the same race and no matter what happens(taiwan became independent or not) we shouldn’t be fighting. btw this is what i said in the original comment.

      • 123 says:

        what im saying is when people ask “what nationality are you” to an australia born chinese, they answer ‘chinese’ instead of ‘aussie’. and FYI, French don’t speak english, and use YOUR brain before speaking. all canadians, americans were from britain. Also technically, Australia and canada is a part of Britain, thats why theres no presidents in these two countries. America had a civil war and became independent. All i’m saying we belong to the same race and no matter what happens(taiwan became independent or not) we shouldn’t be fighting. btw this is what i said in the original comment.

        • get your fact straight says:

          just wanna point out civil war in US is about ending salvery and it has nothing to do with independency. 

        • gyfs says:

          also..  when people ask if you are Australian, will you say “no, I am not Australian.  I am Chinese! ” ???  Of course, you won’t coz you are Australian.  Just like Taiwanese is Taiwanese. 

      • guest says:


    • 78 says:

      you just doesnt make any sense , just shut up rofl

    • UNO DUE TRE says:

      我們都是中國人 種  連泰國 馬來西亞 新加坡等都是 我同意你的說詞 但對於老外 我們就有差別了 連香港人都說他是hongkongese 新加坡人是singaporean              我們並不覺得有什優越感什麼的 我們只覺得我不想要被中國政府統治
       那台灣人會瘋掉 沒有任何言論自由   思想自由…………
      連網路facebook google 都要受限制
      然道你們接受諸如此類的事嗎 你們是麻痺了還是是不知情

      • guest says:


        • UNO DUE TRE says:

          就是回歸了  還稱自己是hongkongese 這才諷刺 呵呵  回人話用一下你的大腦 否則回的只是 just  doesnt make sense………..

        • Me says:

          I live in Singapore for about 7 years too…. the PM has always been a chinese ever since independence from M’sia

      • Me says:

        I was born in HK but live in New Zealand for a long time… for your information, I don’t call myself a Hongkongese, I am a chinese. To the Kiwis, chinese are chinese, there is not Hongkongese or taiwanese. you get your fact right buddy 😀 and by the way… don’t know where you get this from but I have never heard any of my friends calling themselves Hongkongese 

        • Liniumz says:

          you need to get your fact right, I have lived in the states for more than 15 years, all my HKnese friends called themselves HKness, you prob don’t have too many friends… shurg~

        • UNO DUE TRE says:

          Liniumz is JUST one of my facts ,buddy.

        • Wtfman says:

          And who cares about the Kiwis? All theyre good at are herding sheeps and rugby

          • oscarchu905 says:

            This is a really late reply, but don’t diss kiwi’s, though I am Taiwanese, but what you said is rather disrespectful. I’d like to see you do better at herding sheep and play rugby, you’d probably get your ass kicked by year 13 rugby students.

    • sexmachine says:

      我愛中國妹~我要娶中國妹~台灣妹太多耍心機了,還是中國妹純樸和乖,嫁給我拔123~or please dont tell me u are a dude…

  41. Guest says:

    It just became part of my morning entertainment to read how bunch of peeps argue on a stupid subject while eatting my breakfast. Man I can’t remember how I ended up enjoying reading the comments instead of watching the show, but hell it sure is funny.

  42. JIJIJID says:


  43. Ff_fanatic says:

    I love sweden

  44. Ff_fanatic says:

    and the czech republic

  45. Guest says:

    And I love the United States, and Canada.

  46. Guest says:

    haters gonna hate

  47. Wtfman says:


  48. Shanjidai says:

    如果把420p 提到1080p 那会多好。谁能给我1080p 的连接。

  49. Youisahornyfuck says:


  50. crunchy biscuits says:





    • 123 says:


      • sexmachine says:

        台灣被中國統一是早晚的事,只希望在被統一時中國已是民主化些, 我以前也跟你一樣的想法, 跟你講我還是深綠的哩,等出來世界走走你就能體會到現實這層面了,台灣之所以走不出國際除了受到中共打壓外,也是自己國內那些政客不斷再演戲(當然不是以偏概全)藍綠私底下很多都是互相的, 都是為了貪圖自身利益罷了,這也是台灣民主的漏洞, 那不是大中國主義思想,只是權力至上人們的野心罷了, 中國未來50年將是世界第一強國,這是改變不了的事實,如果台灣人民為了政治理念在這樣內鬥下去人民們也不會好過, 其馬中國現在地大物資廣還有本錢在這樣鬥下去,台灣可是沒有本錢這樣, 對台灣來講這樣下去窮得越窮,富有的當然更富有,倒不如讓所有人到這片土地上為自己好好衝刺才是上上之策

        • Guest says:

          別說是中國了 英國 德國 各自都有獨立的聲音
          如果中國不能容許別人獨立 那根本就不民主
          台灣的經濟並不差 未來怎樣是現在政府的責任
          更何況統一以後經濟就會更好嘛? 看看香港吧!
          有出來走 才知道為什麼我們需要獨立
          人本來就是有尊嚴的 別人越欺壓你 就越要反抗 若我們連這種反抗的能力都沒有 那就真正什麼都沒有了

          • sexmachine says:

            你的說法我一概認同,我個人一貫以來都是隨機應變, 有時場面話還是該講的, 至於出國留學生統一又或者獨立比例,我也清楚獨立占的多不用查(我本身就是留學生), 藍或綠都一樣(不過排除掉那些以金錢權勢為自身利益著想的人), (還有英國本身就是個獨立的個體押), 中國本來就不民主押不然怎麼連他們國人都愛國不愛擋了呢, 台灣經濟尚可是因為靠的是那主要的幾個大集團在撐,加上能促進經濟的龐大消費族群,不過你要知道這些人往往大部分都是比較取向中國的,我當然也不希望被統一, 不過現實的就是被這些自私的人所操縱著,有時只能逆來順受, 不過我不選”逆來順受”, 我比較屬於”隨機應變”款, 有時對付你所謂的”欺壓”不是一昧的反抗,這樣只會突顯自己的弱點, 更會被滅頂, 那該怎麼辦呢? 我的作法通常都是以四兩撥千金為主,以退為進有時效果會很意想不到呢,人心難測這樣可能會比較為”心機”重,不過對付這幫人就只能這樣,如果你也是海外生希望你能理解我所要表達的意思語重點.

          • Peace Yo says:

            中國不允許別人獨立 那根本就不民主?????–>如果要民主就是少數服從多數.那多數人是支持統一啊(起碼多數中國人)


            中國是覺得台灣是中國的台灣省. 台灣人可以否認. 因為大家觀念立場都不一樣.

      • Guest says:


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  51. sexmachine says:

    中國人,台灣人,別吵了?拜託如果人心沒有這麼多的渴望與利益關係,大家就都能和睦相處怪就怪在我們生在一個人類最極度高智商的紀元,如果生活只要是 睡覺 做愛 吃 獵捕 那該有多好 不過當然古代要是有保險套這東西也不會釀成現在這局面,我愛跟大陸人,香港人,台灣人所有華語系人做愛!~人與人之間透過做愛就可創造出些許的和平,大家不要在未被政黨們所操縱的社會牽著走了,找對岸的人們做愛吧~!和睦相處為王道!~

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      她媽媽是台灣人吧 ~ 

    • Ankemaybe says:

      I fail to see how Makiyo’s nationality has anything to do with this incidence.  Nobody’s perfect thus NO country is perfect.  Let’s not demand perfection from someone when we know that we are not perfect ourselves.  Furthermore, laughing over someone’s misfortune is definitely unkind.  

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    罵日本人 中國大陸當然開心阿

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    已經好陣子了,為什麼都不能看? 囧

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    This show is blocked in your region, sorry for the inconvenience 


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    I can’t watch this variety show on YouTube
    But I can watch here!!!!

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    平常都 1 2 點就上傳了 現在是怎麼樣

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      bro, mate, buddy, my friend can u not been such an ignorant guy, u should b appreciated that these people pos these videos for us to enjoy, so please b patient and b a real human being

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    This website is a privilege, not a right!!
    如果要complain, 請complain你自己為何沒有時間準時看電視播出的時間。
    These people updating is doing YOU a FAVOR.

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    可以給一點解釋嗎? 禮拜五的 禮拜六才上傳?

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      He is just doing his job,making people happy! Always some people like u have to say shit! If ur that good, why arent u on the tv? Well since ur not on the tv n he is,so how about just shut the fuck up! 3 of them have their own role to play,so either like it or fuck off

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    樓主剛更新之國光幫幫忙 2012-07-31 這輩子一定要看的經典鬼片!!, PART 2是看不到. 請修理一下.謝謝! 

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    I am a chinese singaporean, and 国光帮帮忙, had been the best variety that I been chasing for these few months. I had to say

    康哥 朋哥 屈哥 主持的实在太好了,各有各的独特主持的代表性与风格。我只能说 佩服,敬仰,赞拉!!!

    • kt says:

      is Singaporean Chinese. dont put us Singaporeans to shame with your pathetic english.

      • kt's mom says:

        and you,re a fucking fag?

      • Nicholas Gambit says:

        Your English is not great either.

        • kt says:

          oh really? tell me about it.

          • Guest says:

            “It is Singaporean Chinese. Don’t put us Singaporeans to shame, with your pathetic English.” Go back to school or, rather, go abroad to study proper English. You Singaporeans speak English in a way that is really unruly and deeply flawed. What you said to Owen Lim is really ironic. Shame on you.

          • Nicholas Gambit says:

            “It is Singaporean Chinese. Don’t put us Singaporeans to shame with your pathetic English.” See the difference? Go back to school or, rather, go abroad and study proper English. You Singaporeans speak English in a way that is unruly and deeply flawed. You even dared to comment on someone else’s use of language with your equally pathetic English. Do you get the irony? Shame on you.

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      i also from singapore i watch it youtube

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    Facts on Mahavir Jayanti

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