The Outsiders 2 / 鬥魚 2

The Outsiders 2 / 鬥魚 2
Dylan Kuo, Ady An, Show Lo, Michael Zhang, Joelle Lu, Xie Cheng Jun, Pang Yong Zhi, Carmen Tang, Xue Yuan Cong, Zhang Guo Zhu, Ken Lo,
Genre:Action, Romance
Broadcast Year:2004-09-29
English Subtitle:No
After Dan Zi kills the guy whom Ah Bao sent to rape Yu Yan and gets locked away in prison, as a result of that, everyone’s life changed. In order to not let herself be Yu Hao's burden any longer, Yu Yan tries diligently to get rid of her delicate and weak image and turns herself into "the big sister". Even though Yu Hao doesn't like Yu Yan's transformation, yet he is unable to stop her. Yu Yan is not willing to let Yu Hao know that she was raped before and for this reason, it is harder to convince him of the reason why she has to change. As a result, misunderstandings and conflicting opinions gradually draws a barrier between them...
  • Oliviawongso

    no subs???

  • Oliviawongso

    no subs???

    • Harvey Real

      why doesnt anyone have subs for Outsiders 2?? please get it subbed!!

  • Jh111

    罗志祥very shuai!(^.^)

    • Sallycanruary


  • dramaaddict

    This show is really good; worth watching.

  • Aibi Alvarez

    i hope you can subd this series……please!

  • iloveShowLuo4ever

    This drama was seriously amazing! Show’s dramas are also different and you tend to remember all of them! I wish the ending was a little bit happier like Ah Lian didn’t die and him and Lei Lei lived a happy new brother-sister life together, but I guess that’s how 黑澀會 dramas end. Can someone explain the end to me though? Where Ah Lian’s chief of police or whatever is about to get killed by Hu Yei and turns into Ah Lian? Can someone also explain what happened to Lei Lei? Please..very much appreciated!

    • cnchingyin

       Ah Lian’s chief of police or whatever is about to get killed by Hu Yei and turns into Ah Lian, that is his imagination, because he is too mean to forget that there is more colorful in ones life, it is not just black & white. Lei Lei got a mentally illness, she locked herself in a more peaceful life.

  • Phamlisa91

    can anyone please direct me to the outsider II with ENG subs please!! ive been waiting for tooo long :

  • Elimoon0

    First drama that I watched from Show
    Cried a lot T-T
    Heart hurt </3
    Loved it <3
    Love Show <3

  • show810

    watched this just because of Show!! 😀

  • JY_3138

    watch this bcuz of show n
    this movie suit show cuz he used to be tai ke hahaha

  • Poooop

    could you please get english subtitles? :3

  • Poooop

    could you please get english subtitles? :3

  • Hilol

    english subtitles.. i’m begging you, please?

  • Rumoo

    eng subs? 🙁

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