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The Outsiders

complete The Outsiders / 鬥魚
Title: The Outsiders / 鬥魚
Cast: Dylan Kuo, Ady An, Lan Cheng Long
Release Date: 2004

My Secret Garden II

complete My Secret Garden II / 我的秘密花園 II
Title: My Secret Garden II / 我的秘密花園 II
Cast: Ariel Lin, Cheryl Yang, Liang You Lin
Release Date: 2004

Magic Ring

complete Magic Ring / 愛情魔戒
Title: Magic Ring / 愛情魔戒
Cast: Joe Cheng, Kimi Hsia, Winnie Qian
Release Date: 2004-10-30

Lover of Herb

complete Lover of Herb / 香草戀人館
Title: Lover of Herb / 香草戀人館
Cast: Margaret Lin, Zhang Tian Lin, Yang Ya Zhu
Release Date: 2004

Beauty Lady

complete Beauty Lady / 靚女郎
Title: Beauty Lady / 靚女郎
Cast: Joelle Lu, Ambrose Hsu, Ting Ting
Release Date: 2004


complete Mars / 戰神
Title: Mars / 戰神
Cast: Vic Zhou, Barbie Xu, Megan Lai
Release Date: 2004

Love Contract

complete (fixed better quality) Love Contract / 愛情合約
Title: Love Contract / 愛情合約
Cast: Ariel Lin, Mike He, Zhang Rui Jia
Release Date: 2004-08-24

In Love With A Rich Girl

complete (fixed better quality) In Love With A Rich Girl / 愛上千金美眉
Title: In Love With A Rich Girl / 愛上千金美眉
Cast: Chen Qiao En, Jason Hsu, Wang Li Ren
Release Date: 2004

Hi! Honey

complete Hi! Honey / 嗨! 親爱的
Title: Hi! Honey / 嗨! 親爱的
Cast: Pace Wu, Shi Yi Nan, Margaret Lin
Release Date: 2004

Blazing Courage

complete Blazing Courage / 火線任務
Title: Blazing Courage / 火線任務
Cast: Lan Cheng Long, Joseph Chang, Ady An
Release Date: 2004-09-12

100% Senorita

complete 100% Senorita / 千金百分百
Title: 100% Senorita / 千金百分百
Cast: Chen Qiao En, Penny Lin, Wallace Huo
Release Date: 2004