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Chao Ji Pai Dang Super / 超級拍檔 Super

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Chao Ji Pai Dang Super / 超級拍檔 Super
William Xie, June, Wang Yi Ren, Lance Yu, Ma Shi Li, Guan Yong, A Pang, Ba Ge, Xu Ai Xin, Gao Yi Xiang
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Comedy
Broadcast Year: 2006-09-13
Status: complete
English Subtitle: No
He(Xue Hao Ren) is News TV’s youngest, most popular anchorman. She(An Xiao Qi) is a small time news reporter for a small area network television who idolises him.

A traffic accident sets up a chance meeting with him, but he ends up stealing her news exclusive! Betrayed, she swears to defeat him from that day on.

In a comedic twist of events, she somehow becomes his fiancée?!

Small fry vs the great whale. The two enemies begin their new life under the same roof.



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