Angel's Wings / 天使之翼

Angel's Wings / 天使之翼
Dou Zhi Kong, Hong Xiao Ling, Zhou Cai Shi, Chen Sha Li, Zhen Xiu Zhen, Weng Jia Ming, Fang Cen, Xia Ru Zhi, Yang Yi Zhan, Lin Zai Pei, David Huang, Chen Cheng Xiang, Lin Xiu Fang, Chen Qiong Mei
Broadcast Year:2007-12-10
English Subtitle:No
Su Yan Jun Ling regrets that her disapproval regarding her son's poor choice in marriage not only drove him away, it also led to his untimely death. Now, she has to get back her granddaughter and properly raise her to be a lady of her high social status... away from her low-class mother's negative influence.

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