Letter 1949 / 家書-我在1949, 等你

Letter 1949 / 家書-我在1949, 等你
Dai Jun Zhu, Lin Yo Wei, Huang Hong Sheng, Zhang Chen Guang, Shen Hai Rong, Gu Bao Ming, Zhu Lu Hao, Yin Xin, Wu Zhong Tian
Genre:Family, Romance
Broadcast Year:2009-11-09
English Subtitle:No
No Descriptions Available.
  • xls

    It’s a good show, wondered why no one recommended.

    • ojpew

      haven’t start watching taiwanese drama until 2012

  • Lovetwmandarin

    Please Re-activate this drama… Right now it’s been blocked. The actors/actresses all are Sooo talented… My Mom wants to watch it too. How can we get episodes 11 to the final episode.

  • Kim Tan

    Please put this back as I have watched Episode 1 to 10 but can’t watch Episode 11 & 12.  This is a very good drama…I want to know the ending.

  • why cant i watch it :<

  • Henny Dumais

    i just wish that this drama is subbed to english as many viewers are not chinese and wished to watch tw-dramas…