Because Of You / 星光下的童話

Because Of You / 星光下的童話
Baron Chen, Megan Lai, Lego Li, Tanaka Chie, Luo Bei An, Jatfei Wong, Bai Yun, Wang Cai Hua, Allen Chao, Ge Lei, Renzo Liu, Fan Guang Yao, Huang Jian Wei, Zhang Xin Yan, Wu Zhong Ming, Xin Yang, Kang Xiang, Ben Bai, Alice Ceng
Broadcast Year:2010-01-31
English Subtitle:No
Sun Fan is a stunt double who dreams of becoming a big star. When he suspects Fang Zi Hao, a famous singer, trying to steal his girlfriend, he beats the living daylight out of Fang. His attack against Fang incurs the wrath of Yu You Tong, who is a die-hard Fang fan. She mobilizes the fan base to attack him online. But to her dismay, instead of ruining him, the internet makes him an overnight star as people praise his skillful fighting moves. Because of one fight, four strangers suddenly become entangled in more ways than one.
  • Toni, please do!!!

    please make eng subs

    • Anonymous

      I second that! I wanted to watch this since last yr but couldnt cause it never played but i do wish they put eng subs up! PLEAZ!!

      • bobo

        i know right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aww…no english sub…can someone pls sub this drama in english..i really wanna see it =(

  • Thyme

    I’ll add my voice to those pleading for an english sub.
    Thank you so much!

  • nainka

    This drama is great.

    Could someone tell me when I can download raw video??? I looked everywhere without any result.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Kala

    Could you kindly add subs ???? 

  • sweetkulasa

    no english subs. don’t understand mandarin 🙁

    • Richadiana Kartakusuma

      yea me too

  • Grace Huang

    This drama is very good and i like it because the main lead female and male make a great pair!! >_<

  • Mic

    The plot is very weak, so is the second pair. But Baron and Megan are good together because the both have this very similar acting style. Hope they can join together in a much better drama.

    • Kimberly King

      Your wish has been answered – Bromance is out and it looks good.

      • deeotherday

        yah… bromance is good. looks like baron and megan really comfortable in working together. ^^ bromance is so fun and cute, very entertaining.

  • arxheen

    no English sub for this drama,,dying to watch it..baron chenis so ♥♥♥

  • Riong

    I hope they will continue to sub this drama. Baron Chen and Megan Lai look very compatible. <3 They really are cute couple in their latest drama "Bromance".