Down With Love / 就想賴著妳

Down With Love / 就想賴著妳
Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Xiao Xian, Gu Bao Ming, Michael Zhang
Broadcast Year:2010-01-24
English Subtitle:Yes
Jerry Yan will play a lawyer who is good at divorce and inheritance lawsuits, who is very cool, smart, sharp tongued, and cold. Ella Chen plays the role of a nanny of two children.
  • Yukiki Makino

    A good funny show haha^^

  • Pearl

    3 stars

  • Miriam

    3.5 stars

  • Yiewyiewyiew

    This is best series from Jerry

  • tracyyy

    ahh they’re soo cute, jerry and ellaa

  • nikka

    ella chen and jerry yan are so compatible..;)) CUTE COUPLE hehe !

  • Guest

    ella chen and jerry yan are so compatible..;)) CUTE COUPLE hehe !

  • Redd W

    Unsure if anyone has reported this but the english subbed videos are broken.  Well, youtube stated that they were missing or deleted..

  • guest

    i love this dramma! rewatching right now! 🙂

  • Alicet125

    Ella and Jerry together creates a whole new chemistry. Luv them both!!

  • Souffle

    The user account who uploaded this drama has been terminated due to multiple 3rd party copyright infringement. Would Sugoideas be able to fix it for us?

  • likes drama

    PLz fix for us, i suddenly have a craving to watch this!!

  • Jhonnalyne_ramos

    very very nice drama..i really love it! laugh trip ever!

  • Kiwii

    Ella & Jerry best couple!!

  • Kiwii

    No behind the scenes? 🙁

  • SeafoodYumYum

    OMG!!! Thankyou so much for posting this!! ^^

    I’ve watched this drama so many times 😀 It’s my favourite XD 
    I love Ella and Jerry X3 

  • Cathygeli

    Love it!!!!:-)

  • precious87

    yey!  Jerry Yan is the best in Down with love, one of his best acting performances…really looking forward to his new drama series this year In Love We Trust..Jia Yo Jerry! I love you!…you’re my only one ASian SUperstar and my all time favorite actor-singer, and the most handsome model I saw,,OMG! forever loyal to you!

  • Nisatulungagung

    I like this drama DOWN WITH LOVE .. This is my favorit drama .. The story’s touch my heart
    Especially JERRY & ELLA story

    • Pixiechick836

      i love this show i am so obsessed with thsi show i watch before i go to bed yang guo and yu ping are such a CUTE COUPLE!!!!!

  • Ju Ni Lim

    love it

  • error

    Can’t watch.

  • singer

    I like the songs in the movies , especially the opening and ding songs.

  • princessgirl123

    such a good couple luv siao ding ding but umm hate ding hui fan ruins the whole drama.

  • Xuxusqueen

    Rewatching this yayy! This is one of my favorite Taiwan dramas, well, I must say my most. 😉 I never get sick of watching this over and over. I actually loved CE first, but this JE has different feels for me, stronger chemistry. ‘Though Ella is already married, they’re still the only couple I’m shipping in my entire fandoms. I wish there’d be a project that they would pair up again. ~forever JE baby <3