I,My Brother / 我和我的兄弟‧恩

I,My Brother / 我和我的兄弟‧恩
Gui Gui, George Hu, Amanda Zhou, Jack Tan, Thomas Guo, Winnie Zhong, Jason Tsou, Ying Cai Ling, Na Wei Xin, Xie Li Jin
Genre:Family, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-01-08
English Subtitle:No
Me & My Brother tells about a simple town's 19year-old youth Da Hui (Jack) facing a poor childhood and maturing early together with a 20 year old with an IQ of a 10 year old, older brother Da En (Thomas). They lose both of their parents and depend on their grandmother since at a very young age. He and his childhood friend, Lu Wei Wei (GuiGui) had a relationship of simple love, but fate had them break up and have regrets. This drama not only tells of the two brother's kinship story, it also includes friendship and relationship elements.
  • Nomy

    Can you upload I,My Brother Episode 01 with better version?

  • Ioveigigii

    i am a big gui gui fan and cuz she’s in here i am hoping to watch this. i thought it might be a good drama, however, this drama is so boring. once again, don’t get my wrong, i don’t have anything against the actor, its just the story. i think its boring and very bad ending but tats just my opinion….

    • Samantha

      I love gui gui cuz she’s so cute and that’s the only reason I decided to watch it.  The reason I think the drama was bad was cuz of the directing and/or editing.  Felt that there were choppy parts and that some part of the story could’ve been developed more. 

    • i watched it bcuz of gui gui too….i thought it was good…i hated that da hui and wei wei didnt end up together and the ending sucks..

      • drama crazy!


  • Amytanlin2

    the ending sucks 

    • Samantha

      totally agree

  • eng sub PLEASE!!!

  • BigFAN!!

    Can you upload ones with English Subtittle. Please!

  • Cathynguyen534

    can u plzs add eng subs thxs

  • lalala

    can you please upload the new taiwan version on 中視? thank you!!!!

  • Pitopazano

    how about lets just pretend tiffany never showed up… and that weiwei ended up with da hui.

  • Athena_xD

    why does every one have to end up dying….. though da hui’s acting in the end was really passionate… totally cried…. anyway…… about the story…. why dont end with… uhhhhhhh everysingle one dies….. what is that suppose to mean?!  UGH! i want weiwei and da hui together! omg! whats tiffany gotta do with this?! shes a criple!== ughhhhhhh come on!!!! she should end up finding this really nice doctor and he takes care of her! this is making me more and more fustrated== omg! ughhhhhhhhhhh but it was…..  a new perspective and new type of story to act out(: havent really seen one that talks about so much different emotions. IT NOT THAT BAD AFTERALL
    ps. big fan of guigui(: 

    • Pitopazano

      haha we can still pretend and make up a sequel by ourselves…about how tiffany and da hui realize that they don’t love each other and they break up –> tiffany meets a doctor randomly at a coffee shop or on the street and the doctor falls in love with tiffany and helps her get her legs to function properly again –> wei wei and da hui meet each other again like a couple years later and they re-fall in love with each other again.

      voila! perfect ending! yay!!! 😀

      • Auburn

        so gui gui ‘s character ended up with dennis right

        • guest

          technically she didn’t end up with anyone…

      • Brendon5123

        its not perfect!da en … 🙁

  • lalala

    please keep uploading the taiwan version! thank you!

  • Amii Dee

    You can watch it here : http://en.viki.com/channels/1419-me-and-my-brother

    Since now theres better quality. Viki has subbed part one. Please subscribe 🙂 !!!

  • winnie

    i love love LOVE this drama…it was so good! probably because i like emotional dramas…i didn’t know this drama was going to be so sad and almost tragic, since says comedy as one of the genre. but it’s still really good, i like how there’s not sappy love story, and i have to say, i watched it because of gui gui, and she’s such a great actress in this drama! her crying scenes were so realistic, and of course, EVERYONE was good at acting, which is a plus! anyways, highly recommended if you are the type who likes emotional, touching, and somewhat very cute (yet little) romance! 😀 enjoy!

    • Syasyibi

      yeahh..i agree..

  • Siti Mornie

    love this story..it make me sad..:))

    • Hany_bieber

      guys this email is wrong..the true email is hany_bieber…hahaha..the story make me sad and cannot stop to cry..:((and the syasyibi is also me..

  • Hany_bieber

    wo ai ni…li da en:)))i love li en he cute…<3

    • Hany_bieber

      *li da en:))

  • Hola

    This drama sucks…

    • NicLuvsDramas

       if this drama sucks thn DONT WATCH!!

  • Jennifer201vu

    Eng Sub would be nice =)

  • davia_sapphire

    I have a question, the older brother dies at the end right?

  • Minnie Wong

    Watched this show because of GuiGui~