PS Man / 偷心大聖 P.S.男

PS Man / 偷心大聖 P.S.男
Lan Cheng Long, Wen Sheng Hao, Sonia Sui, Bianca Bai, Xiao Xiao Bin, George Zhang, Zhong Xin Ling, Zhao Zi Qiang, Chen Mu Yi, Dai Yu Jie, Li Hao Ting, Lin Bo You, Xiao Min Qiao, Chen Yi Yu, Tao Yan Wen
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2010-02-28
English Subtitle:Yes
After Xia He Jie was arrested for crashing a private event that Amanda attended, he was sentenced to 158 hours of community service in a kindergarten. And thus, it began the most hellish 158 hours of his life. There he met Ma Xiao Qian, a teacher who not only didn't fall for his charming personality like the rest of the female population, she made him suffer for every minute of his community service. What he didn't know was that Xiao Qian was a former neighbor who he had bullied relentlessly as a child. Now, she is bend on revenging for the miserable childhood that she endured under his tyrannical reign.
  • Guest

    This is a very good drama.  Really funny at times, and really touching sometimes too!  I like it a lot!  Acting by everyone in here is good~

  • Zua Her

    I have something to say. Ep 6 Doesn’t work. i hope that you guys will reupload it. i really like this drama. It’s very good. He’s so cute and the main girl is so pretty. I hope for them to do more dramas. Keep up the good work.^^

  • Bee

    cutest drama ever!

  • Nienting
  • Guest

    i really wish to finish this is so awesome!! plz fix it. thnks:)

  • In need

    Does any one know where the eng subs r? I can’t find dem.

  • Episodes 3 onwards to 10 is like… Please help! ):

  • Pearl

    3 stars

    • Pearl

      WAY WAY WAY too draggy at the end

  • Great

    It’s a great show. Makes me have butterflies in my stomach & not many shows can do that.


    great, will go to watch…

  • Wow! The film is so cool! I’m gonna download it and watch later. Thanks!

  • JXJie

    It was a classical taiwanese drama but i enjoyed it 😀 (even if the end was a bit disapointing)

  • Murial

    OMG I luv this!! <3

  • Tiara Wall

    i do not want to download, cause mess up my comp, can u tell me to find it with down load in…


    man…i try anykind webside….they do not have engl sub…..i hate it when 1/2 way watch and then can not watch anymore cause of language…..can u help me to find it pls….is very rare this kind of drama..i want to watch this drama…pls help

  • Viciousliltigerr

    fell in love w/ wen sheng hao after the fierce wife.  this is a pretty good drama also

  • mili

    why only works the videos in the original language and always all the web site erase the videos that was translated. i don’t understand!!!
    How can they expect that people can see the dramas if they always erased it. it’s no fair.i’m agree with tiara

  • Alsha

    Love the ending 🙂

  • Wita Tandiah

    can you tell me  how downloand this ?

  • Are there any plans to restore download links? I can’t find raw files anywhere else :/