The Fierce Wife / 犀利人妻

The Fierce Wife / 犀利人妻
Sonia Sui, Wen Sheng Hao, Chris Wang, Amanda Zhu, A Bao, Hu Ying Zheng, Patrick Li, Mini Bin, Guan Yong, Zhou Jia Li, Pan Li Li, Xi Man Ning, Janel Tsai, Fu Lei
Broadcast Year:2010-11-05
English Subtitle:Yes
Xie An Zhen was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her cousin. And the ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits.
  • Sherry

    Really dun understand tat end wat she really wan

  • Lasille Lee

    Im on the last esp! Wonder how its gonna be like..Hope tianwei and anzhen can be tgt ! they are so cute!!  

  • Rickykhoo

    wow great show im ,man but still make me cried  thumb up  

  • Mamamiah

    I though got episode 28

  • Jerry8878

    Nice so cute

  • Mamamiya

    why must upgrade flash player

  • Enchanticfariy

    awsome show

  • Enchanticfariy

     lol,how to thpe the comments in the show, i really wanna know

  • Enchanticfariy


  • Enchanticfariy

    this show rocks,cause have many things to do cannot stay up late to watch show

  • Enchanticfariy

    LOL people

  • Enchanticfariy


  • :)

    therefore is got together anot the ending!!!

  • I love this drama. It reflects the real life in the real world. It ables me to sit back and have my own reflection. Thus making me an improved human being…in my own married life. Thank you, Sonia, for your resplendent acting skill.

  • Susan_sng

    The ending should be more romantic, at least they should be embracing and locked in each others arms, its over a year you know.  The Director does not know how to end the show in a lovey dovey manner, how about reshoot the last 1 minute of the show.

  • Maureenie

    fantastic show, good acting – touching at times but title is not correctly titled – she not fierce she is too timid, serene and fragile. Of all casts Mr Lan Tianwei is so good in his acting – natural and depits his character. He won her and that’s a good ending but not romatic enough to show that they love each other so much that Soniahas to look for him Very moving indeed especially the very end.  You can see each other eye contact and the smile on each other heart. What a moving ending.

    • Miriam

      i think that there is a wrong interpretation of the word XI LI which should mean ,,,,with sharp mind . Fierce is not apt for the word xi li.

  • Iampreeyanan

    this is a good series about real life. very good.

  • Honeydew774

    I enjoyed this drama very much. It’s just that I don’t quite understanding the ending. What does it mean by the handshake?

    • Love

      they love each other but both of them want to treat each other like friend ,i sometimes don’t need to get together,maybe~   

  • Chaiwattokung

    The entire story is very much like a famous thai series more than 10 years ago.

    • Miriam

      the storyline is so GENERIC and COMMON.
      it will differ in the way it was presented.

  • Vivalosdodgers26

    Does anyone else have a problem accessing the english subbed videos??

  • melo454

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out ^-^

  • cher

    any idea when will the movie be out?

    • Snowbell Ser

      Aug 17th in Taiwan… For the other countries it’s still TBD

      • Simmm

        May i know what movie?: /

        • Guest

          The fierce wife movie because the ending wasn’t as good do they decided to film a “final episode” which is a movie:)

          • simmm

             OMGGGG . i just saw the teaser movie !! are you from singapore?

  • Aigoo

    What made this drama so successful was the fact that it wasn’t the typical “idol” drama with unrealistic events – everything in the plot was so real and possibly happens in everyday life, so viewers were able to relate to it so well. On top of that, the cast (esp. Amanda Zhu) did such an amazing job.

  • Qiankz

    Episode 6 without english subbed version please ..

  • 家鈴

    where can we watch the movie

  • Onefaith

    i didn’t watch the series but I caught the finale yesterday and it was pretty touching in some parts.

  • shemelon

    can anyone tell me where can I watch the movie? x

  • Laaaa

    If anyone don’t know what is the ending on movie: She chose Lan Tianwei in the end. 🙂

    • Eh

      where did you go to watch the movie?

      • Guest

        I’m pretty sure Laaaa watched the movie in Taiwan this summer, as did I. That’s the only way anyone could have seen the movie.

    • Ty

      Although the ending of the movie is pretty obvious without even having to watch the actual movie (the trailers released give enough away already), I still think a spoiler alert of a sort should be put up. 🙂

  • Cm2watson

    ; _ ; i want to watch the movie so bad.. 🙁

  • Grace

    I love this show! Especially Amanda Chu! Though her character isn’t nice, she’s such an amazing actress. (: 

  • i love this show

  • ???

    someone should upload the fierce wife movie final ep here!

  • Please final ep

    if you can please upload the final episode of fierce wife. PLEASEEEE 🙂 

  • Guest

    I can’t seem to watch any of the episodes right now. It redirects me to a link and tells me that it is unavailable! Please help, I’d really like to rewatch the drama. Thanks!

  • Aas

    Episode 1 with Eng subs not working 🙁

  • Lynn6

    The DVD for Fierce Wife Final Episode is finally out…at least this time it ends with a loving hug, not ambiguous handshake!  Happy watching

  • Shirley

    the fierce wife is actually how many episode????