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Father and Sons / 父與子

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Father and Sons / 父與子
宗華, 沈世朋, 方馨, 傅子純, 陳宇風, 唐豐, 朱慧珍, 阿龐, 葉家妤, 林義芳, 柯叔元, 錢君仲, 楚宣, 宋逸民, 李興文, 蘇晏霈, 張嘉心
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Family
Episodes: TBA
Broadcast Year: 2011-07-19
Status: On Air
English Subtitle: No








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  • ISaac

    faster la w here is the 241

  • boss


  • :)

    i don’t think we’re going to have 241 today, because yesterday they uploaded two episodes already

  • boss

    where is 241? please……

  • boss

    next please 242…..

  • Francisco Mikeong

    too slow to post the new episode !

  • boss

    hello….242,243!! please!

  • Marianne

    I have to subbed the TWdrama Father and Sons right here, please help me.

  • Marianne

    I’m watching the TWdrama and i love this family drama for me.

  • boss


  • boss

    come on….244 please

  • boss


  • boss

    come on 245!!!!!!

  • boss


  • Huang_meli

    post the new episode!!! PLEASE 247

  • Boss

    248…249!!! thanks

  • Marianne

    Oh no, there are the epsiodes that we made it with me.

  • Marianne

    I want to upload the episode 249 of the TWdrama Father and Sons but i have to do it with you.

  • Boss


  • Boss

    come on! 249…..quickly!

  • Boss


  • Boss


  • asdfj


  • 黃妮可

    where is 仲群and玉珊?

  • Marianne

    I love this series for me.

  • Marianne

    I love to watch the TWdrama just for me.

  • Abc

     i love you sugoideas!

  • Marianne

    I’m watching for the family drama Father and Sons on YouTube because you loved it.

  • Marianne

    I know that you forgive it.

  • Sadlkfklsdflkse

    Its ending this weekend
    YAY!!!! it sucks 

  • Cek2204

    What a letdown! It seems like the last episode is hurriedly put together for an ending.  There are so many unanswered questions of each of the characters.  The ending, albeit it’s a happy ending,  left such a bad taste as if one is robbed of many episodes. To the producers and story writers, this is poor scripting and though the ratings must have gone down in order for it to end so abruptly, do remember you have a loyal following for this drama and we are disappointed. One thing is for sure – I’m not watching the forthcoming new drama!

  • Juliet_tan918

    Don’t know if you guy are of the same thinking just like Life at the night market story even it’s was a long series but the ending was made abrupt finished, don’t know if taiwan series directors are all the same mentality.what a waste of our (viewers) time.

  • Marianne

    Thanks for watching this TWdrama and thanks for watching with us.

  • Marianne

    I hope that you like it, thanks.

  • Mnp

    any chance of reuploading fathers and sons to your backup site?? or any other way of being able to watch this series?

  • Edison21

    Hi, some of the earlier episodes 158 and 159 not showing up. 


  • annielee

    im downloading this series for my mom, but epi 1-105 not working, anyway to reupload ?

  • Florencia_yy

    Where’s ep 1??

  • Mnp

    hi there, any way of reuploading this series to your backup site via hotfile? Most of the YouTube episodes no longer work either. Please. Thanks. I’m willing to donate for the effort if necessary!

  • ren

    where to see ep 1-210?