Love Keeps Going / 美樂加油

Love Keeps Going / 美樂加油
Mike He, Cyndi Wang, Eli Shih, Albee Huang, A-wei Chang, Liu Ruiqi, Michelle Zhang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-06-05
English Subtitle:No
風靡全亞洲的音樂才子韓以烈(賀軍翔飾演)是某衛視知名綜藝節目的評委,他性格怪異,作風霸道,經常讓暗戀他的經紀人楚少茵(柳岩飾演)為其收拾爛攤子。査美樂(王心凌飾演)是一個堅強善良的平凡女孩,她相信只要努力付出就有回報。為實現男友韓以風的夢想,她放棄自己的事業開了一家麵包店。美樂陰差陽錯之下與冷酷霸道的未來小叔以烈相遇,美樂的熱情真誠如陽光般照進了以烈冷漠的內心。 某著名餐飲連鎖店創辦人何言劭(張倫碩飾演)打算收購美樂的麵包店,以風與美樂之間的感情出現危機,以烈陪美樂度過了人生最灰暗的時刻。少茵百般阻擾以烈與美樂的交往。言劭對美樂由欣賞到日漸動情。面對以風的回心轉意、言劭的強烈追求和少茵的從中破壞,最終,以烈與美樂用最感人、最溫暖的愛情證明了「真愛無敵」,譜寫了一曲穿梭於兩岸之間最動聽的「美樂。加油」。
    • Abcd

      if there is a love keeps going(II) .. loll

    • 123456

      How to get the book that this show adapted from?

    • thunders

      the ending is kind of weird:(

    • Joey

      im so sad,,,i have no dramas to watch after this end. T.T

      • Lala

        Watch yang guang tian shi, its really nice ^^v

    • Lalalala

      May i know where can i watched the non- cut out scene vid of last esp.

    • killthenoodle

      i’m confuse so is he alive or is he dead ???

    • Leowdoreen

      I think J-King alive if not where got the concert tickets to watch ;P

    • xionggurl

      the ending could have been better by showing the concert

    • wenxuan

      the ending is so touching but then don’t have yilie, damn weird. if have him, ending could be more touching.

    • wenxuan

      the ending is a bit confusing for me. cause they never saw wheather yilie is still alive anot and wheather the operation is successful.

      • Anon

        Well, it’s sort of implied that yilie is still alive and the operation was successful at the end because of the concert he was having. If he was dead or the operation was unsuccessful, I seriously doubt he’d have the ability to hold a concert. But yeah, I agree that the ending was not really satisfactory for me. 

        • Unknown

          They changed wat they wrote in the mei li jia you story , it was supposed to be yu cheng putting the concert tickets into his pocket and smiling

    • Soccerking_zidane

      spoiler alert!!!

    • Zclownd Jackie

      so what’s after this series? i wanna watch more from mike he and/or cyndi wang ><

    • fenni

      is he alive at all?

      • 13

        hes alive. in the end you see a bunch of J-kings concert tickets, so u can infer hes alive =)

    • Ariel

      the ending is make like that because the director wants some of the audience to think that he is dead but then there is this scene where the J King tickets are in the table, which means that Yi Le is not dead. If he is dead, how is there a concert? So Yi Le is not dead at all.

    • Ariel

      I wish they will make the scenes longer. Maybe go to Yi Le’s concert and Yi Le is being mean to Cyndi! Haha that would be cute

    • Say12649

      so good

    • Guest

      Meile and Yilie’s kid is soooo adorable!!!!! <3

    • Chris

      Hated Cyndi’s voice in Momo Love and I really didn’t like Mike He in Calling For Love…BUT I love them in this! They’ve changed/improved and they’re a perfect match 🙂

      • Amanda

        Watched MoMo Love coz of JIRO <3

    • lena

      i don’t know why but i think this is the best romance show i have seen.. very touching and it shows that true love does exist ^^

      • Guest

        this is a show… how can you say that a show proves that true love exists in real life??

      • Miriam

        love in the real world is not as romantic as love in the celluloid world. actually, life is quite boring in the real world so we want to catch up with life in the celluloid world because anything goes there….. excitement, thrill, pleasure, all emotions exist in that world and so we can vicariously FEEL IT and become part of it by watching the shows. that’s why romantic shows are a HIT!

    • Annoymous

      I like to see this in english sub…But all the english sub that is posted in here cannot be viewed. Can someone kindly convert or do english sub for non chinese speaking…?? thanks…

    • C-elestia

      Ep 13 is it《爱上查美乐》25集大结局 at youtube?

    • Vl20009

      up to episode 13 (english subbed) but it says youtube video cannot be found or has been deleted.  can you please look into this and restore?  Many thanks in advance. 

      • Guest

        Trying to promote my friend so yeah 🙂 Lots appreciated!

    • Wilson

      What is this show about?

    • Pearl

      5 stars

    • NiC

      How come I can’t see those Episodes links???Even I already updated the latest Flash edition

    • Jvteh


    • Miriam

      cyndi’s heaven wedding gown did not make an impression on me; i discontinued watching momolove at the first few episodes(did not connect to me at all); i hope i would love this drama series. i find cyndi’s features distracting specially her nose and i find her roles monotonous playing gentle and likeable roles. (does she know how to get angry?) BUT she is quite a very good singer.

    • Miriam

      look at her nose …episode 1 (12:03).found too beautiful to be genuine(reminds me of elvie hsiao’s(hsiao-a-xuen). i could not concentrate on her facial features because her NOSE distracts me from her performance! (actresses use their faces to convey emotions and act out their roles thru facial expressions). by the way, I don’t hate cyndi.she’s quite lovely because of her nose..

      • hellokitty

        Nose job is so common and that is not as baffling as when those Koreans have their jaw chiseled and the whole face just change like Lee Da Hae..Her face changes every year or 6 months…..She really wants to be white hahahaha

    • Miriam

      i am very satisfied with this series. it is one of the “MUST-SEE”drama series this 2011.

    • Shann

      How do i download it? 

      • CK

        If you have real player

    • Apple

      So touch! 🙂 Love it so much ! 

    • Pearl

      5 stars;
       but the end is crappy just so you know; they ran out of money to film mike or yi le ‘s concert

      • Cassandra

        Just watched this and the ending is so much like WHy WHy Love where we really didn’t know if he is alive or not.. I gues he is alive for they are all going to his concert..Why didn’t they show him at all..even if he is just fuming in the concert hall for they were late  or something. Love it though still

    • wendy

      although the end wasn’t as “complete” as i expected, it doesn’t affect the fact that its a really good drama compare to other chick flicks, some of which reflects paradox in both storyline and human reaction..  its really worst my time to watch~

    • Emilyl150

      mike he in this drama looks so different from why why love and calling for love
      but still love him <3 :] 
      he's my favorite actor kingone wang is my second 😀

    • where are the subtitles

    • Hotdog123

      nice show

    • daia

      i hope i can watch with sub title….
      plezzz provide the sub title..

    • a_amir

      please add english subtitles to love keeps going!

    • Stephanie

      It’s really a nice drama:D

    • rekakure21

      would really appreciate it if “YOU” add ENG SUBS.!!

    • tracy

      SOOO GOOD OMG<3!! i love cyndi wang a lot now. and mike he, ughhh i realized what a fantastic actor he is since whywhylove and devil beside you and sunny happiness. i just wish it would've been longer because i really wanted cyndi and mike to have more lovey-dovey scenes. ugh s0 cut3sz

    • The ending was really bad i was hoping for something better at least show a scene of the main actor and actress together with their child would be good but nice drama though

    • i like everything expect the ending. they make it TOO fast. they should have taken their time to make this show. if they did, then this show is worth to watch from the beginning. 

    • they look so good togther this is like my favorite drama the love the passion and the little happiness in between

    • i love it wheb they were trying on wedding dresses and the one where he sang the song he made for her when she was down plus the makeover to get back at her ex

    • cyndi

      where are the episodes??????? pls fix it

    • lala

      seems like the eps don’t appear here on the main page so go here for it! sugoits . info / love-keeps-going-episode-01/5/

      (remove spaces)

    • Welly S

      i like this film coz it’s very touching…

    • hotdog

      where’s the episodes?

    • TTTT

      I agree but the male lead was not good looking he was too stobern In the beginning I don’t know I feel like he should stop acting