Material Queen / 拜金女王

Material Queen / 拜金女王
Lynn Hung, VanNess Wu, Daniel Chan, Jessie Chiang, Harry Zhang, Annie Chen, Na Wei Xun, Meng Fan Gui, Lin Mei Xiu, Qu Zhong Heng, He Wen Hui, David Chen, Yang Li Yin, Linda Liu
Broadcast Year:2011-06-17
English Subtitle:Yes
外型甜美、身材姣好的模特兒楚曼(熊黛林飾演) ,總是善用她的女人心機,把男人玩弄於股掌間、個個為她掏心掏肺!但在她的標準裡「他的時間,絕不會為沒錢的人停留!」在紙醉金迷的巴黎,她邂逅了年輕帥氣的小提琴手-蔡家豪(吳建豪飾演),還將他誤以為是身價上億的威廉諾曼,因此使出渾身解數來媚惑他,甚至取消了她與一個家產百億但已年過半百且其貌不揚的暴發戶婚約,但當楚曼發現家豪其實只是個在家中賣菜的窮小子..她會如何抉擇呢?沒有了金錢,拜金女王與窮少年的愛情是否就此會劃上句點呢?
  • Fan

    AHH CAN’T WAIT !!!

  • amelia

    Van Ness u are back, can’t wait, actually Ady An more match to van ness and she is also pretty got big eye. This modal from china very action!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abc

      model from china? lol she acted in ip man n she’s aaron kwok’s wife

      • Blossom

        she’s Aaron Kwok’s g/f. and she’s frm. HK.

    • Guest

      I agree, Ady An and Vanness were such a great match!  I always thought Ady’s beautiful even though she’s not the glamorous kind!  This actress here looks a bit… old for Vanness…  But I hope this drama would be good nevertheless.

    • Mag

      Totally agree with you Amelia.  After Autumn Concerto, I cannot watch Vanness pairing with any other actress except Ady An.  Hopefully, they will pair up in another show soon.

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  • Akb48

    drama is aired on fridays?

  • Guest

    When the subs will be available?
    Pleaseeee :))))

  • Carrot

    Although I know many think that the girl doesn’t suit Vanness, but she just seems to have that Princess air around her that not many people have.

  • Carrot

    Btw you might want to change the tag from “Van Ness Wu” to “Vanness Wu” so that users can search for old dramas acted by him. O.o


    Material Queen ep.03:
    in 1 day, 1 hour ? why ?not today?

  • Amelia

    This model act likes bitch leh can’t stand her character!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cherries

    love this drama. very different from the typical tw dramas

  • Dreamyqueen

    faster upload ep.4 pls!!!still waiting!!

  • Nycz

    is this drama good??

    • Awesommmy

      Yes!! It’s an awesome drama 🙂 Do watch it :))

  • Aeries_psy

    awesome!! my favourite drama!!! LIKE!!!!!

  • joycee

    where is ep5 of Material Queen?

    • alison

      next week

  • Person210

    What is this about?

  • alison


  • awesome drama!! THUMBS UP! 🙂

  • kalia

    i some how find this drama annoying…vanNess is cute…but its kinda boring…

  • At first, i was really turned off by this drama, but then eventually, if you give it some time, it’s actually quite interesting.

  • Johannaclemente

    the preview is not so good… the first few episodes not so enticing but continue to watch it you will get hooked!

  • arch

    where is the eng sub for episode 6

  • Leloo Chan

    Hi guys 😀

    Is this drama worse 2 watch ? cast seems really doll  !

    • The first 2 episodes are good, but it became dull after a while. But I’m still watching it, cause it’s occasionally good and occasionally bad.

  • Those who love Mu Cheng & Guang Xi, quick quick, come and look at this new VanNess MV:

    • MIkCy

      cute 😉

    • Originee

      thanks for posting. Love the MV!

  • MIkCy

    engish sub plssssssssssss!

  • LoveDrama

    Please add the english sub for Material Queen.  I love the drama and need the eng sub to better understand what is going on as I only understand a little bit of Mandarin.  Thank you so much for your hard work.

  • Minnow_chen

    subs for Material Queen Ep6 plssss

  • Minnow_chen

    how to add sub?

  • C.C.

    One of a kind! <3

  • KrazieKaiBoi

    Eng sub for ep7 & 8?

  • amelia aung

    actually money is very very important , we cant get anything without money, if we have good looking and pretty we can get use of it, but ugly how?????????  this word is really reality, you got money than have power to control people.If you want it don’t ever regret.

    • amelia aung


    • eight


    • dave

      Saying “You can’t have no money” is not the same as saying “You need a lot of money”. The female lead wants to have lots of money, and she thinks she can’t be happy without being rich. That’s not necessarily true.

      • Ser_tce

        Its true that have alot of money can be a bit problematic. But u see so many famous actresses like barbie, xiao S, lin zhi ling they all went to marry super rich 2nd generation misters despite knowing their husbands for few months and weeks. Plus toose actresses they themselves are also rich.
        They are betting their marriage in exchange with monetary value and luxury life.
        Perhaps couples can be sweet during 1st few days, but I think relationship will be super problematics since the actresses only knew their husbands for few months before marriage.

    • Anonymous

      i dont rly like the main actress, shes not so outstanding, like im not questioning her acting or anything, its just that they dont match in my opinion

    • Well if that’s the case than be realistic and earn your own money instead of hoping to get a rich husband/wife. 

      Liking luxury items isn’t an immoral act, but being together with someone you don’t love just for the sake for having an endless supply of gold (which couldn’t be carry over with you after you die) isn’t doing justice to yourself.


      And I agree with what “dave” said, money is a necessity, endless supply of money isn’t. I just need enough to get by life. Living in a common high rise building is sufficient why do I need to live in a bungalow that takes up unnecessary space?

      Taking the public transport gets me to any place just fine why do I need to own a sports car that can barely fit much people in, and worst still it adds on to the burden of our Earth’s ozone layer.

      Don’t you see, money is a thing “created” by humans and we’re being manipulated by the thing we create.

      • Serenity

        Because, we all want to live in a dream.
        Some might prefer a simple house over a bungalow, but some might not. Its just the way people “opinionize” things.
        Especially in the States.. Its all about the name brands then it comes to the comfort / style / overall performance of the product.
        I prefer my brands, my sports car & my bungalow, but depending on getting a rich husband to supply me with all that is my final destination.

  • Ntbstyle

    the show is good..i love seeing how she’s dressed in each episode!

  • tracy z(:


  • Phamandre

    Subs for ep 9 please

    • hurry up and learn mandarin ppl plz. Mando’s really IMPORTANT!

      • jess

        sometimes people can learn through reading subtitles. And plus, I’m sure Phamandre is just as excited as the rest of us who are watching it w/o subs. 🙂

  • Serenity

    The girl is just way too tall for VanNess !
    Couldn’t they of gotten a taller guy..
    maybe a shorter girl?
    ha, still love this drama <3

    • what tryingto say girl??? U got a problem with vaness, i like vaness. The girl is pretty good too.

  • tracyy

    it would be cool if rainie yang and vanness wu are together in a drama, my favorite two actors!:)

    • to hell with that. Gosh, Rainie Yang has to go with Mike He. They are the best couple!!! Vaness wu has to go with Ady An from Autumn’s Concerto. Get it right GIRL!

      • Rainie Yang with Show Luo is great too! Two comedians together and you get a hilarious show!!! 

    • Barbiegirl69

      I have been dying for that combo!!! Raine and Vanness are my favorite two actors! I would not mind a Jerry Yan and Rainie too:)

  • Corrine

    i love the main actress fashion, she look soo perfect…

    • yeah. Her hairstyles are sooooooooo awesom. The make-up then the clothes. She’s sooo tall too.

      • Corrine

        really love her style…^^

      • thxs you ppl, who agree with me. Xd


    Is this drama nice?

    • flyingninjasdf

      YES. Vanness is amazing!

      • PERSON

        not rlly dude ma friend is workin there and she says he makes every1 wait for him and stuff HE IS TARDY, but i dont hate him

    • LaMOO

      very very nice 🙂

  • watcher

    Didn’t think much of the leading cast, but the story and direction really captivated me to continue watching and get addicted.

    The antagonist shines through with more depth in my opinion. But I love every minute of him and the show. RECOMMEND the show! Thanks so much for quick updating of the episodes! *rewatching the old eps while i await the next~*

    • yeah. The plot just gets better and better. No disappointment will be approved of in this production of this fantastic series. MATERIAL QUEEN!

  • That_lady Rachel

    how many ep are there in all?

    • Anonymous


      • That_lady Rachel


  • Puipuijune

    what time will the show show in TaiWan ??

  • C.C.

    omg getting better and better and more excitement…

  • Oh my gosh. This show is just too perfect, plus even tho the main character in this drama’s personality is kinda twisted and is a material queen. U cant blame her to be the way she is, since she grew up that way. Realizing the truth of reality that it’s really cruel, at a very young age. The plot is excellent, and the guy that vaness plays is just too awesomey epic. If only there were guys like vaness (cai jia hao) in real life. Sigh… Seriously typical guys out there, aren’t worth us girls. Girls, you’re too pretty and too precious for the guys out there nowadays. They dont know how to appreciate us and take us for who we are. XD

    • Asdf

      lmao “us girls?” how pathetic.

  • pink calla

    I kind of did not watch it at first because the title is a giveaway but Vanness has always been an actor I admired so I started watching after the end of HEARSTRINGS and I am addicted.

  • pink calla

    Amen sister. Women don’t need to depend on men.

  • tracyy

    omguhhh the theme song is BEYOND addicting! his voice is super hawt:)

  • Voonfungling

    when can we watch de nx episode??? gettin’ excited..

  • mini

    omg lynn doesnt know how to act at all!

    • Voonfungling

      yup still prefer ady an…wit vanness..

  • Guest

    whats the english song on ep12 when lynn first got walk in swimming pool talking to vaness?

  • Dreamyqueen

    camping here n waiting for ep. 13 !! faster plsss….

  • I Love Music S

    why material queen ep 13 is not out yet?

  • honeystars

    omy…wat happen to ep 13? panda-eyed yet wanna stay awake to watch it. kind soul, kindly upload for us, many tks in adv. 🙂

  • tracyyyy

    OMGAWD after watching the preview, i think ep 13’s gonna be EPIC<3
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, vanness's sho cuteeeeee!

  • tracyyyy

    OMGAWD after watching the preview, i think ep 13’s gonna be EPIC<3
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, vanness's sho cuteeeeee!

  • Jennifer

    one ep comes out per a week??

  • ??

    when come ep 14 ??

  • Crystalbel1

    Can post episode 14 soon? i Love to chase it

  • Crystalbel1

    Can post episode 14 soon? i Love to chase it

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  • o(^.^)o


  • Crystalbel1

    Episode 14 coming up soon??? Faster upload leh i do not want to wait

  • why ur 1 hr like so long =(

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    faster !!!! i cant wait toooooo 

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    it says will come out in 1 hr but i wait for a hr already but it didnt come out nah… 

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    Why is the 1 Hour so long ? is not moving can it be faster ?

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    How long must we wait? Hurry

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    14 14 14 14 !!! faster pls….

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    Please kindly advise is it coming out? I need to sleep leh

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    @55781f00597032523b69e5d6775ba67f:disqus yahlor i also wait until damn tired ZZ

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    I’m sorry if I sound rude. But many of you seem to be DEMANDING that the site upload ep14 now. Everyone is anxious for the latest episode to be uploaded but I think we should also remember that this site has no obligations to upload the episodes for us. It is in fact, I feel, an added bonus that sugoideas is ALWAYS among the first to upload the episodes. So please, be patient people, and be nicer  in your comments. Don’t demand.

    • Voonfungling

      yup i totally agreed wit u..normally i’ll watch after 1 day anyway u still hv 2 wait after u watched de latest ep right? yup like u said be patient or else move 2 taiwan LOL….

  • Immaturelysherina

    sugoideas upload tme is highly inaccurate! 🙁

  • Kamo

    14克拉….I’m cry~~~~~QQ

  • oohhh its 0% ….
    yesh yesh !!!! thkssss

  • Sherina

    finally! 🙂 

  • Immaturelysherina

    is it me or is there smth wrong with part 2 of ep 14?:( can anb hhelp pls? kindly appreciate it!! 😉

  • Xkodiesx

    is this material queen nice to watch? if it is nice like it.

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  • IB

    It’s really nice to watch!!!

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  • Lilytansl

    I love Material Queen..yes!!

  • Katzeta573

    This show has simply been getting more and more retarded. It has been 2 years already and JiaHao decides to act like a sissy-man by taking revenge on a woman / ex-lover? If I were ChuMan I would dump his ass and completely forget about him because the last thing I would want is for “the love of my life” to act like a spiteful, unforgiving, melodramatic girl. Besides, what does ChuMan still see in him after the way he treated her? Not to mention the gay-looking outfit and that hideous cone hair he was sporting for that atrocious cheesy-looking so-called MV. And what the hell is wrong with ChuMan? I mean, she acts like some desperate woman running out of time. And don’t get me started on the acting skills. I just don’t understand why girls “cry” watching this……???!!! I find it incredibly cheesy and unrealistic. But then again, everything on TV is unrealistic, even the “reality” tv shows (Jersey Fucking Shore for instance). I’m simply amazed at how society embraces such bad shows and encourage more of it. The only character I sympathize with is Peter. ’nuff said. 

    • Luigi_zheng425

      I completely agree with yaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what kind of stupid show is thissssssssss ah!!!!  “oh look at me im chuman and im an orphan, thats why i go for rich people cuz i dont believe in love…blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” SIGH i totally agree with ya girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • Barbiegirl69

      idk I love this show.. I like how it is different from most idol dramas and Jia Hao being mad still is normal.. she hurt him and now she is fighting for him as well as she should.  I like that she is different and i bet some women can relate to her because there are women out there who want money and fame… so idk I love where it is going.. just wish they were back together already!

    • Guest

      if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it

    • Heriman228

      dislike  ur comment !

    • Wanghsiener

      Don’t say negative things here where everyone watches this show here because they actually like it. keep it to yourself!

    • MaterialQueen

      To all of y’all who are affected by my comment: AM I NOT ENTITLED TO MY OWN OPINION? GEEEZ.. calm down! It’s not like this drama directly affects you. The whole point of this little chat arrangement is for one to express oneself so pick up some balls and stop acting like a girl. 

      • LA

        Exactly. You can express your own views, and so do the rest.

        Firstly, I’m standing neutral for now as I’m only starting the drama in a while’s time. Secondly, since you have you right to speak, the rest have the right to disagree with you. They shouldn’t be asking you to keep the comments to yourself or something like that. But you should not add in whatever nonsense like “pick up some balls and stop acting like a girl”. That’s the part that’s exactly unbearable. Speak with fair chances please.

        • MaterialQueen

          true. i welcome opposing arguments as well. 

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  • Lola

    this show is alright….

  • Malin

    我爱     拜金女王!!!!

  • Mike


    • Misz

      agree… i stopped after ep 4… i watched this show cuz of vanness but i cant take it any longer.. this drama is boring

      • hein

        yea i agree. its too repetitive and the dialogue is so bleeeeh.. 

  • 黛林

    楚曼是从那部电影”叶问”的女孩 =0 i like very much ^^

  • i want ‘ yan kai ming ‘ back to this drama !! ~

  • Dreamyqueen

    camping liao… waiting n waiting…. fasterrrrrr

  • Cccc

    ep.15 pls!

  • Love this drama, but can’t they end it already?
    It’s really dragging the plots.. 

  • Pearl

    What is with shows these days? the main characters are uglier than the
    minor characters; gui gui and mixed guy couple is cuter than the main
    couple danson and deaf girl couple is cuter than vanness and that gold
    digger chick , in material queen -.-””’

  • Pearl

    once again vanness is playing a revenging role just like autumn’s concerto
    he’s actually pretty good for this role due to his acting skills and experiences

  • Blossom

    can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • Sunflower

    OMG cant wait for ep 16 this drama is so inspiring…
    I’m so in love w/ vanness wu…
    He’s such an amazing actor …
    N danson tang looks so hot !!
    Omg can’t waiiiiit 😀

  • CrazySTuBii

    when is the new episode upload ??

  • Dara

    I’m obsessed with this show now, i started watching 2 days ago and I marathoned it lol omg it was sooo good. And Danson Tang is hella cute :3 I don’t even care if people thinks this drama is boring or whatever.

  • Rrr

    I love how they are willing to spend so much on this drama. I don’t understand how people can still criticize on this awesome drama.. -.-

  • Crystalbel1

    Exactly it is a nice drama…with nice view of Paris..and the sacrifice Chuman can sacrifice for Jiahao in the show i love it man…hooray

  • Immaturelysherina

    upload soon!! 🙂 naise~

  • Ser_tce

    I thought that old uncle is her dad… but they officially in relationship.. =? confused 

  • Dreamyqueen

    i want ep. 17 !! exciting now…. 

  • Sunflower

    OMG ! Sooo weird … Why the old mAn would ask her to have a relationship with him? Can’t wait for the next ep just to see how far chu man goes now… I kinda like her now… I thought she was just a annoying bitvh who only cares bout money… XD
    Btw I’m so jealous at yi Xian’s character ! 😉
    Can’t wait !
    N I can stop saying this but…
    Danson tang looks sooo freaking hooooot!
    Love this drama!

    • JW

      Dason definitely looks like a delish “artsy-dandy” guy in this drama!!! love him~ 🙂

  • Blossom

    I think the old man is helping Chuman…but wat did he ask Chuman to promise…..???? Hope nothing drastic!! 🙁

  • Jasmin

    Any idea how many episodes in total for this drama?

    • Blossom

      4 more to go……:-)

    • Blossom

      sorry i meant 20 ep. for this drama.

  • tracyyyy

    VAN NESS WU<3, his voice makes me swoooon:')


    Can’t wait can’t wait !! LOVE IT!

  • Moonlight4994

    OMGGG. its so interestingg, DANSON IS SOOO CUTEEE. and omgg, this whole plot was mad good, van ness & Lynn Hung<3<3<3

  • Ami

    i love this drama!!!

  • Blissfultune

    danson is the selling point of this show

  • Hilda

    who is danson? O.O

    • Kiki

      danson tang. go google it.

      • Xxhearts_luvnxx

        is he the guy that is with yi qian at her teachers house??

  • Blossom

    The story is so much better than ‘Love You’….

  • Min1-_-b

    when is this drama play  ?

  • Littleliar

    Oh my god !
    Cant wait for tomorrow !
    Who’s excited for tomorrow? ^^

    • Smendieta08

      Meeeee.. I cant wait.. best drama i have seen in a long time

    • Ayumi

      what a nice drama the most interesting drama ever 🙂 i cant wait till tmr ….

    • angelwishezz

      what happens tomorrow? O_o

  • Voonfungling

    wow ep 17 very fast can watch thumbs double up..

  • xXxAnY_StaRxXx

    oh my god!! i like this DRAMA!!*________*♥♥

  • Sunflower

    Is she really gonna get mArry with the old man? ;S omfg!
    This drama is getting more exciting …
    Im dying to see the next episode…
    We all have to wait another week.. :/
    Can’t wait to see danson again 😉

  • Sherlyn

    This drama super nice. Vanness so handsome. And, is it possible to post every episode everyday..?? Heehee.. =D 

    • Kiki

      it only comes out every friday…-_-

  • Sunflower

    4 days n 22 hours to go…

    Why time is so slow…..

  • Amaranth_luph

    i’m dying waiting for the next episode 

  • Blossom

    Always looking forward to Friday……!!!

  • Blossom

    Must admit this is drama is much better than ‘Love You’….

  • Blossom

    must admit this drama is so much better than’Love You’!!

  • dreamalittledream

    damn…16 hours to go…..urghhh..hurry up. 
    patience is not my thing 😀 

  • Sow_chu

    Faster faster…i can’t wait…

  • Blossom

    Love this drama sooooooooo much!!

  • handsome idol

    watching watching….

  • Dreamyqueen

    can someone tell me where can find ep. 19?? arrr… getting interesting but still got to wait so many days !!

  • JL

    how many episode are there in total?

    • VL

      I read in Wiki there are 20 episodes

  • Sunflower

    I’m so in love with this drama…
    This episode made my laugh n cry !
    Can’t wait to see yan Kai Ming back!
    The old man is creepy!
    Gash! Have to wait another week to see what’s going to happen !!

  • Linlin_1063

    Love it

  • Joweinah_1994

    i really like it

  • love

    …… Episode 16 does not have english subtitles? I clicked on the episode with the subtitles but there were none…

  • Pauliyanna

    love tis show… do u think the old man is just trying to pull jai hao and chu man together?

    • Sunflower

      Hope so..
      We have to see 😉

  • sushi8

    what drama is after this..anyone know?

  • Cherlynn_lee

    where is the ep19&ep20?????

    • Eileen

      LOL. one episode per week

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    nice movie….waiting for update~~~

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    I can’t wait!!>_____<♥

  • Miriam

    i am not really into vanness. i wanted to watch him in autumn’s concerto but the drama series dealt with illness so i did not watch it. old myself i am at least going to watch one of his drama series , which is this one, and SURPRISINGLY, i love it. i am now at episode 7, so far, so good.

  • Miriam

    i don’t watch many drama series so this is the first time this series caught my eye.WHY? becuase  tthe lead lady is scheming and not virginal unlike other drama series. the lead man was not the first man to have her. therre were already many men before him. she did not discriminate.she can even tolerate short, ugly, old men as long as they are quite rich. But now, she wanted the perfect man…handsome, young and rich. i would like to see her development as a transformed person.

  • Miriam

    i love her guts even though she had been humiliated, still she went on as if nothing happened. maybe of what she had gone through in her past, she had been immuned to hurt and abandonment.

  • Dreamyqueen

    counting down in 4hrs …. ya hhooooo!

  • I CANT WAIT!!!!!

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    DOWN to 2 HOURS!! whoo hoooo

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    One hour…
    Im so excited!

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    1 more hours. excited

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    today’s ep will be delayed because the source is recording the golden bell award

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      huh? but its said to be loading now?

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      So what time will it be uploaded???

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      will delay for how long? 

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    how long do i still have to waittt?!?? 🙁

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    Btw… who cares about the golden vell award?!?! >.<

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    where’s ep.19?? Pls. release…….

  • Blossom

    where’s ep.19?? Pls. release…..

  • buffy

    oh dear…i’m falling asleep already…:(



      • Winbraver36

        i’m dozing off as well..=_=
        which country are you from?

        • ROYLOVE


          • Winbraver36

            i’m from hong kong xp

            yayy next week’s the finale 😉

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     I cant wait to see epi 19 too!! Especially with Daniel Chan back!!

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    everybody waiting for ep 19 !!! come on !!

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      yeah, i’ve been waiting for ep 19 since this 5am (lol, too excited). but bec my local cable company pulled out CTS.  D:  but did they show ep 19 last night, wasn’t there an award show or something?

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    19 19 19 19 19 19 19 upload 19 please =)

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    singing Vanness’ song  while waiting for ep 19  “So is this all I’ve been waiting for…Waiting for ,waiting for…Is this all I’ve been waiting for”



      • Michelle

        yup! I got this song stuck in my head. “Is this all I’ve been searching for”…… lol

    • Gisella Landolfi

      I’ve been doing that in my mind too!!! xD

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        yup… lets all do it together!! =D

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    Ohhhhhh~~ really want to see epi. 19!!!!

    have been waiting since came home from school!

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    19 please~

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  • Chinyou93

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    first half of this series is beautifully written. the second half, however, seems to be written by different set of writers. lost my interest right after JH returned from Paris and chose to be a jack-a**.

    i also don’t like seeing Vanness’ character in MQ. actually, i never like the ‘torn between 2 women’ kind of guy. i prefer seeing Vanness as Guang Xi in AC, who’s dare to love, dare to hate.

  • Cindy

    I liked it in the beginning but then it’s getting silly. The same excuese over and over. When ChuMan ran away from her wedding because she truly loves JH and not KDG, then runs into JH on the street, wouldn’t they run to each other and just hug? Why the same b*s with her saying let me go and let me go marry KDG… I’m sick of this now…

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    2 stars


    with the big ideals of love is more important than money=.=”’
    we all know that but do we all follow it?
    do we blame it on societal pressures or ourselves?

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    • Reese

      Justin and Chu Man is better…Seriously.. 🙂 But I some kinda agree wif you too!At first I wanted that to happen!In the end..It turns out the different way 🙁 Must be dissapointing.. 🙁

      • Coz ynoe they look btr tgt, I didn’t like the Chuman’s actress perhaps that’s also the reason why I like Yixian btr but I guess in the end Yixian found her happiness as well? Hai… love is complicated.

  • Don’t get why Justin just can’t forget abt Chuman… it’s kinda unrealistic and rlly made this drama a lot less addictive… hai.

  • Omg Lynn Hung is so damn tall alr can she effing stop wearing such high heels and her eyes are so damn big alr dunnid to stare until like that right!!! Makes Vaness looks like a boyboy liddat…

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