My Splendid Life / 我的燦爛人生

My Splendid Life / 我的燦爛人生
Jerry Yan, Yedda Chen, He Bin, Yvonne Yung, Xing Zi, Liu Wei, Fang Fang
Genre:Romance, Comedy
Broadcast Year:2011-11-22
English Subtitle:No
Qing Tian-Xian (played by Yedda Chen) lost her father in an accident. Her entire wealth was taken by her step mother Man Yi Lin (played by Weng Hong). She become homeless and later found a job at a restaurant group where she met Yu Hao Liu (played by Jerry Yan). Qing Tian won the the trust of Yu Hao's grandmother, the owner of the company. Wanting to inspire Yu Hao who does not seem to be motivated to run the business, the grandmother announced Qing Tian as the heir of her entire wealth. Yu Hao then got into fierce competitions with Qing Tian. In the process of competition, the two actually were able to discover more merits of each other and finally found their true love.
  • Tinhyeu09

    Please someone post eng subs for eps 01-38, thanks………

  • MJ

    My Splendid Life /  我的燦爛人生 / Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng

    Also known as: My Wonderful Life 

    Opening theme song: I’ll be there by Xin Zi and Mao Fang Yuan

    Ending theme song: Wo De Can Lan (我的灿烂) My Splendor by Jerry Yan

    Insert song: Yang Guang De Yi Yi (阳光的意义) The Significance of Sunshine by Yedda Chen


    Jerry Yan as Liu Yu Hao
    Yedda Chen (陈彦妃) as Xia Qing Tian
    He Bin (贺彬) as Gao Zhen Xuan
    Yvonne Yung as Lin Man Yi (Xia Qing Tian’s stepmother)
    Xing Zi (馨子) as Jiang Meng Yuan
    Liu Wei as Xia Qing Lang (Xia Qing Tian’s younger brother)
    Fang Fang (方芳) as Pan Shu Hui (Liu Yu Hao’s grandmother)

  • MJ

    My Splended Life is a Mainland
    China remake of the 2009 Korean drama titled Shining Inheritance

  • Viciousliltiger

    Totally hate it when taiwanese actors are mixed with mainland actors.  it just don’t seem right ..

    • I dunno

      Blood Brothers & Share simmilar glorious 5000 year + history

  • drama4ever


    • tk <3

      … how is it lame??

      • drama4ever

        It’s soooo boring. Why do u think it has so low ratings. It’s boring cause we have already watched shining inheritance. Dramas like these aren’t meant to be copied in every country.

        • Michelle23

          it isn’t copied actually…. they may use the same storyline but everything else is not copied. also i was a great drama, if you didn’t like it and you knew it had the same storyline as shining inheritence, why did you watch it???

          • drama4ever

            Actually I usually like remakes. They just have 2 be good. Like Hana yori dango being remaked a lot. All of them was awsome. Or Hana kimi the remakes. They all were very awsome. I didn’t finish this drama at all, cause it got way 2 boring

    • gino

      i would never think that it is lame!

      • tk <3

        ikr!!! this is not even a bit lame but u know who is lame? u the one called drama4ever

  • Armanihippiegirl

    its awesome!

  • Lithosina

    Thank you for you hard work and Please reupload In love with a rich girl T.T I want watch it! 🙁

  • i love it! thank u i enjoy watching it? its just a shame because no translation in english,but as fans of jerry i have no chose,,as i understand about the story,, its was sad funny and happy,,,

  • Maisie

    Does anyone know the name of the song it was played on the final episode when the other guy gave her a hug and said goodbye outside of his restaurant? 

  • Kgjv

    the videos doesnt work anymore!!!!

  • Pearl

    4 stars

  • Pearl

    after watching this; I didn’t bother watching shining inheritance -.-”’

  • tk <3

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! This might be the only one or the best drama he’s been in! He did a good job =) I love him but I also love Vanness! <3 they are so cute 😛

  • nia

    please post subtitles for this drama..

  • liis

    we need English subs please

  • Funny

    Excellent drama.
    I couldn’t move my eyes when I saw Jerry.  He’s so handsome!

  • jerry .. i love u even more. you are the only prince charming that i’ve been dreaming of. wish too see F4 in one film again or i could say, meteor garden 3 !!!!!

  • Cathygeli

    English sub please

  • Ladyreith87

    Jerry yo will always remain my as my no. 1 Asian Superstar, even if there are new faces of artist now are coin out,..I really don’t care.. I love you so much, forever! we will support you all the way. Hope you are always happy.

  • Ladyreith87

    Jerry you will always remain  as my no. 1 Asian Superstar, even if though there are new faces of artist now are coming out,..I really don’t care.. I love you so much, forever! we will support you all the way. Hope you are always happy.

  • thank you

    I do not ever think to watch this drama, since the cover is not attractive and the text is in simplified chinese. But after watching down for love, starring by jerry yan, I start to looking for his other drama. Firstly , what comes in mind is the meteor garden. May be after that is this one, after reading the comment here. Thanks for the comments all.