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Sunny Happiness / 幸福最晴天

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Sunny Happiness / 幸福最晴天
Mike He, Janine Chang, Li Yi Feng, Zhou Zi Han, Li Jing Ming
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Year: 2011-02-13
Status: complete
English Subtitle: Yes
和你相遇的那個盛夏,我終於明白 :

   項允傑擁有許多頭銜,頭銜多不稀奇,稀奇的是以上的各色頭銜,均非虛名。直到有天, 一個小男孩闖進了項允傑的完美世界,幾番兜轉,允傑這才發現,原來當年前妻根本沒有拿掉他們的孩子,這個八歲小男孩,竟是他的兒子!沒錯,這年盛夏,項允傑遭逢突如其來的人生大震撼,過往他擅長的一切手段,完全派不上用場,陰錯陽差,允傑得把 一切希望交付在一個跟他吵過嘴、打過架、甚至互看不順眼的一個年輕女孩身上。





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  • oh my!!!

    the chinese actress acting as wen lan is really old and ugly.. can’t they find a prettier and younger actress??? she is too old for mike he, looks like his older sister instead of his wife..

    • J.C

      You have a lot of comments… if you don’t like the actresses then don’t watch the drama. It’s as simple as that…

      • Serenity

        People have their opinions, & I agree. She’s a bit “older” for her role in this film.

    • Miriam

      i hope the casting directors will drop in and see this. it is good to have BOTH positive feedbacks and Negative feedbacks.they can LEARN 1 or 2 from the comments here. If all comments are positve, that would be so boring and there would be NO IMPROVEMENTS. so, for me, your comment is OK. i might also make comments such as what you dish out. hahahah

    • Miriam

      i am now watching the series and i don’t find her old. she’s pretty in her own way. she’s ok considering she already has a child in this series.

  • moo moo

    i think janine chang still need to improve her acting skills.. can she not twitch her mouth for 5 seconds? she’s twitching her mouth throughout the drama which irritates me a bit…

    • J.C

      You have a lot of comments… if you don’t like the actresses then don’t watch the drama. It’s as simple as that…

    • DL

      I think she’s not used to this kind of roles… give her a chance, she hasn’t acted in many of these roles before:) she seems more comfortable in 痞子英雄 and Wayward Kenting kind of characters… 

    • Miriam

      i think she did this as a trait for her character role here. although she’s poor, she is petulant. maybe, by twitching her mouth, she is showing DEFIANCE!but you can’t judge her using that to define that she can’t act. In fact, she is much better than the “others”(i won’t mention anmes), specially her actions and speech(teeling the majordoma that she is quitting. she’s angry because her request of not converting the orphanage to a shopping mall?has been turned down.(what businessman in his right mind will grant this request?) 

  • Serenity

    If only the main girl was replaced with Cyndi or Rainie.. :D
    & the brother is kinda hot at times <3

  • Kianseng71

    Janine Chang really can cry!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gabe-Galasso/100000635052473 Gabe Galasso

    janine chang is hot. 

  • jjwyl

    I’m on the second episode and even though I don’t hate the main girl, her mouth actions/gestures are kinda getting on my nerve    T__T

    • Misz

      wait until u see the ex wife… u will definitely hate her

    • Miriam

      korean actresses use this kind of action quite much. for me, it adds realism rather than have a wooden expression. she is only this way whenever she gets irritated or angry.

    • Anne

      then don’t watch it…. i think the actors blended well in this drama… they were awesome!!

  • lilian

    Good Drama !!

  • Jeny409

    can anyone tell me where to download english hard sub of this drama please???

  • Mikicat5

    i like the brother alot, hes sooo awesome!!!

  • Pearl

    5 stars

  • Miriam

    i have seen janine with jerry yan in “THE TOWER”. her acting is quite ok for my taste.

  • Miriam

    yin chao looks a little bit like Show Lo

  • Miriam

    she can act. as proof, watch episode 2, part 3 , around 9:45 onwards.she looks angry,acts angry and feels angry.

  • Miriam

    i am now at episode 3. i have reservations about this series since i like the lead stars to be each other’s FIRST LOVE. Yu Jie was a divorced man with am 8 year old child to boot. if i were the lead lady, i would rather select a nice bachelor and not yu jie. But since,Yong Yong had been an orphan and she loves children, i don’t think it would be hard for her to fall in love with him.
    i will watch this to check further developments in the story.

  • Miriam

    i am not quite INTO this series, don’t know why? don’t know if  i will continue or not? not romantic enough? too long conversations? way too long episodes(up to 25)?

  • Miriam

    i am NOT watching this anymore. so bored. it did NOT HOLD my attention. this is an idol drama, how come it feels like a family drama?so, the romance i have been anticipating did not materialize. I was into episode 7 already but i felt NOTHING! better watch the latest mike he’s”meile, jiayou” which i fully enjoyed.

    • michelleqq

      ikr!!!!! “meilejiayou” is like soooo good. now that’s romance.:)

  • Lovetvxqforever22

    actually, i find more ppl like this than mei le jai you
    if they didn’t throw in the ex-wife part, it would have been much better
    or at least cast someone younger

  • Guest123

    I don’t get it, why is it up to 16 episodes only for the Taiwanese version (without sub) while there’s 25 with eng sub??

  • Macristina Palmer

    mike’s acting is really good…want to see him in person..lol

  • jacko

    good one..

  • Misz

    trying to watch this for the second time but its so hard…. the ex wife and the child really ruined this drama… this drama would of been so much better if those two werent in it

  • guess

    korean version is much better than this version, as korean actress is jang nara and the actor is jang hyuk.

    • Coolalien123

      korean everything just sucks bullshit

    • Beatiful Princess

      what’s the korean vison called?

    • tomoyo_sakagami07

      Chincha? seriously there’s a Korean version for this? What’s the title?

    • Guess

      You got the wrong drama.  I don’t think there is a korean version to this drama.  But there is a korean drama and taiwan drama that have the same storyline. Korean drama name is Successful Story of a Bright Girl the actress is Jang Na Ra and actor is Jang Hyuk and the Taiwan drama name is Sunshine Angel the actress is Rainie Yang and actor is Wu Chun.

  • Guess142

    to: Coolalien123
    korean doesnt suck okay..keep this comments positive and let everyone enjoy their drama.

  • Hye Rim

    There are only two things which I find this drama not good enough: FIRST, they should’ve casted a younger lady to play as Yun Jie’s ex-wife. I don’t itend to be mean but the lady (Wang Lan) looks like Yun Jie’s Aunt and not an ex-wife. SECOND, several episodes only give viewers to keep flashing back memories. The story plot keeps on stepping back instead of moving forward so it eventually made the drama draggy.

    • Polly

      I totally agree with you on Wang Lan being bad choice as ex wife. I almost gagged when they did flash back younger days. they put old woman in young woman’s clothes. gross.

  • Jani2xu

    the ending didn’t quite live up to its expected hype. but otherwise, a pretty good drama.

  • jinxy

    This drama was pretty boring for the first 9 episodes. The wife really is too old.

    • michelleqq

      i agree. the ex-wife is like woaaahhh.

  • Jie Li

    The last love drama that I watched was Autumn Concerto and that was really romantic.  So I came into this drama with high expectations.  I loved Sunny Happiness.  I think both Mike and Janine did an awesome job and the ending was emotional.  Lots of tissues used for the last episode. 

    • tomoyo_sakagami07

      I respect your opinion that they did a good job on this but there’s one cast who didn’t fit into the character. So disappointing. Ironically speaking I am a cry baby but I just didn’t feel like crying even a single scene on this. I was expecting a very high storyline of this, but it didn’t go well, anyways, it was good. I didn’t like the ending. 
      [SPOILER ALERT]The plot didn’t give a satisfactory ending on other casts. It was only focused on Yun Jie and Yong Yong. It wasn’t even showed how Wang Lan and Xiao Nian continue their lives. And my main point is, they must’ve showed a scene on Wang Lan and her son Xiao Nian b/c they are also the important characters here. They were the ones who made the twist of the story.But this drama made me like Janine Chang after all. Out of 10 I’ll give this a 7.

    • http://twitter.com/blessedjhulie julie

      yeah really true ive strated watching this drama from 7pm and finished at 6 am its really good like autumn concerto aswell.. and the last episode ive got blown away with their acting soo real…. love it…

  • from the left coast

    loved the show! 

  • Angela Moe

    Heyyy I’m from Myanmar .I love this drama a lot .Because of this drama I become to like and watch Chinese dramas.I love the actress .She’s too perfect with her role.Hope to watch more dramas.

    • kiddo

      like the actress too 

  • Hi

    Why cant I watch it anymore???

    • Onelastpromise

      if u want to watch the other episodes (episode 1 is working), u have to click on ep 1 w/o subs, and from there u’ll see a scrollbar with all the episodes, u can click from there, it’s working there. ^_^

  • Kartini Jiang

    please send the korea drama web

  • anonymous

    this drama is really good! i love it! its one of mike he’s best! but i think he’s best one is LOVE KEEPS GOING, cyndi and mike really have great chemistry! tho i love him n janine too :)

    • sanchez

      i love “love keeps going” too! lol

    • Cdee911002

      Out of all the dramas he’s (Mike He) has acted in, I still think that my favourite and the best one is by far Devil Beside You. Of course he’s improved soo much by then too…but somehow I really love watching DBY. 

  • guest

    dont you guys think that yun chao is kind of a resemblance of show lo?!! omg they kinda of dress a like n have the same hairstyle :D <3 

    • guest

      omg they kinda of do haha li yi feng (yun chao) or show lo?

  • Lisa

    The links are broken! (;>o<;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1797533281 Zoë Garrison

      same here

  • asdfghjkl;

    The house is from 就行想賴着你 <3

  • Janet


  • al

    actress is great.

  • yiyi

    mike he looks a little bit like roy chiu …