Waking Love Up / 愛情睡醒了

Waking Love Up / 愛情睡醒了
Roy Qiu, Tang Yan, Jones Xu, Qi Wei, Wen Sheng Hao, Wang Yiming, Cao Yanyan, Shi Yanjing, Zhou Xiaoli, Li Shipeng
Broadcast Year:2011-09-13
English Subtitle:No
Unlike the heiress in the My Daughter, Tang Yan’s character this time is a poor hotel maid that’s nevertheless equally lovable. Because of an accident, she falls in love with the CEO of a major company, played by Roy Qiu, who had lost his memories. When he regains his memory, the two are faced with challenges both in love and in business, and must work together to save both themselves and their homes.
  • woah and there was only ep.1 this afternoon…

  • Yang_fan330


    • Ded


      • Yang_fan330

        哦,原来是这样啊, 我都不知道 🙂  谢谢你告诉我~~

    • Mikicat5

      no shizzz everything is exactly the same as the prince And the frog, and thats becuz she starts off with a dream, then she wakes up. then she would wear his ring, and that also happened, its like exactly the same,  will they get sed for copying prince turns to frog?

      • Summer

        It’s a remake; of course they won’t get sued.

  • Annoymous
  • Kokting212

    Hello. Will it be available for download?

  • Gigi

    LOVE QI WEI!!!!!!~

    • AMG

       QI Wei and Roy Chiu make a good combination in Unbeatable!

  • hellokitty

    yeah its like prince who turn into a frog. this drama is actually really good! SO MAN HOT GUYS!! HAHA., just when i thought james wen was hot… lol roy qiu is EVEN hotter!!!!omg!!!<3

  • serendipity

    I hope the download will be available soon.

  • Mikicat5

    wth this is such a copy of the rpince and the frog, tho, i do like the main characters more, look better

    • Little-angel520

      it is, this is the chinese version….

  • Jaynechan

    Is this a China one?

  • Csdm

    where’s 39 and 40???

  • disappointed

    this is soo gay that they don’t show their actual voices. All the male actors have such nice voices…



  • shan

    I prefer the sub mains then the main characters, i think they can portary the character better than the mains:)

  • Earthroot

    when is this drama shown?

  • Tjhangtony

    where 39 and 40???

  • Tjhangtony

    please upload episode 39 and 40???

    • gb

      U can go to letv to watch the final episodes. Already out now.

  • Liv

    anywhere i can find the subs for this series?

    • Emily

      viki.com has some of the episodes subbed, they are working on it!!!

      • Liv

        Thanks Emily. Such a pity that they replaced the voices of several of the Taiwanese actots =/

        •  They actually dubbed everyone’s voice!!!! not just Taiwanese.
          I used to hate that when I just started to watch Mainland China’s voice, and say OMG wht they dub zaizai’s voice.
          QiWei and TangYan’s voice was dubbed too…

  • Annoym x.x

    Can’t beat the orginal one. -__-

  • Bachfifi

    Good Drama but too long!!!! Thanks anyway!

  • xls

    Good show. Liked it.

  • Tjhangtony

    thanks ulpoad episode 39 and 40…^^

  • AMG

    Download links for TV version are available in my website!


    • misz

      you dont have this drama on your website….

      •  http://asianmediagalaxy.blogspot.com/2011/10/waking-love-up-updated-ch38.html

  • Random93

    this show is actually better than i thought it would be. usually i hate remakes, and always think the original is better but this is pretty good. i think that this actually had some better bits than the original, the things that happen on this one seems more sad and dramatized, which i like. it is abit long but its acceptable. i especially liked how they changed the 2nd female lead! she was realkly annoying in the original series, much better character here, although i prefer the main female leads character in frong turns into a prince, but its ok.
    definietly recommend to watch it.
    ps. roy qiu is hot here 🙂

    • smileyy

      its not necessary a remake. the prince to turn into a frig ,and waking love up , has different characteristic to it . both are really good! 🙂

      • smileyy

        * frog 🙂

      •  I still think that it is a remake, as they have too much similarity (especially jumping into the pool to test if they remember about themselves).
        But I still have to say, Waking up love did a great job. I personally like 季如风 ends up with 小贝,but 骐贝 is ok too. OMG Roy Chiu collaborated with Tang Yan for 3 series…. zzzzz

    • my cousin actually refuse to watch it because she said Roy Chiu’s hairstyle sucks here. LOL She should see his hairstyle in My Daughter!

      • Diz

        I actually think he looks better with his hair cut. Didn’t like him before, now he looks more manly. Love him in ” unbeatable” as well. Wish they’d sub it.

  • april

    when will this be subtitle in english.  i’ve seen through episodes 10 sub in english through other sites when will you guys do the subbing you have the entire show i would really appreciate it if you could sub it in english…..thx

  • 123

    the songs are awesome (:

  • Eleeroshambo

    love roy qiu!!!

  • randomLOL

    Despite having 40 episodes , It’s really worth to watch it ! The show is really nice , especially the last few episodes when it starts to get more and more exciting ! Love this show a lot , Their song is also very nice ! ^.^ Do watch it !

  • taeminnie

    once you start this drama it is so hard to stop! Love Roy Qiu!!!! The character that he plays is so interesting!

  • Guest

    anyone knows when this drama will be uploded at sugoideas… i can only find the TV version to download where some parts got cut off..

  • SweetCookizie.

    Roy (l) & Tang yan <33.

  • Gogologo92

    Where can you watch it with english subs anybody know?

  • Safiadream

    You can watch it with english subs on the above link.

  • Joycylin

    this drama story like the wang zi bian qing wa story lolz….but i’ts also nice…love roy qiu

  • lalala

    There are quite alot of nice songs here! anywhere knows some of the titles and who sang it?

    • SweetCookizie.

      Most of the song are sung by JJ Lin & Lv wen.
      (I love all the songs too <3)

    • Luke Meng

      Theme song is 爱情睡醒了, sung by 袁成傑. Ending song is 如果爱忘了, sung by 戚薇 (who plays MuZhiQing). The rest of the songs are by JJ and some are by by2

  • Leowdoreen33

    I know that Roy Qiu has got another 2 more dramas but not uploaded here… Can someone kind enough to upload these – Unbeatable (2011), Xia Family Three Daughters (2010)

  • Leowdoreen33

    another one more drama is ‘Love is really good’…

  • Gisellekent

    I don’t think Tang Yan is pretty… i think she is pretty stupid and damn in this episodie.

    • TCDD

      What do you mean by “damn” ?

    • Luke Meng

      I think Xiao Bei is both stupid and pretty.

  • Leowdoreen33

    Can somebody tells me which website can l watch Roy’s 3 other dramas since no one here can upload?

    • Teraza88

      You can watch it on viki.com

    • SweetCookizie.

      You mean ‘Xia j’ai san qian jing’ ?

      • Leowdoreen33

        Yes and also another unbeatable… do you know which website l can watch?

        • bluebear

          you could watch unbeatable and xia jia san qian jin both at youtube

    • Luke Meng

      Roy is also in “Office Girls”, which is available on Sugoideas

  • Christabel Tan

    the show same as the taiwan drama 王子变青蛙

    • Lovetvxqforever22

      it’s supposed to be a remake

  • Melissayim98

    how u know????

  • Joanna

    will there be english subs soon.

  • Jani2xu

    though it has 40 episodes, it’s worth watching 🙂

    • Kiki

      yes, it’s really worth watching.
      btw do u know the name of the song and singer for the episodes 40 when they are kissing ; )

      • Luke Meng

        For this series, I would guess any song is by JJ Lin. But if you’re referring to Xiao Bei and Xiao Yu’s kiss at the end of episode 40, it’s 爱的双重魔力 and the artist is BY2

      • Jus_rub

        JJ Lin – Ji De

  • Mich

    No english subs

  • Luke Meng

    Just finished this series! Such a good drama! I think that 40 episodes is the right length of a drama. The Taiwanese dramas with only 13 episodes are too short; you barely get to know the characters, then its over.

    And I think my new favorite actor is Jones Xu.

  • SheraineLuvSNSD

    Although it was a long drama , it was worth to watch it…

  • Jingle1

    Much better developed than original. Roy beats Ming dao hands down. Much better than many overrated kdrama like my princess which is Bad

  • Jingle1

    Mainland drama growing in appeal. Rich in naturally gorgeous scenery of china. Much like Kdrama capitalising on beautiful Korean temperate country landscape. China s film production quality is much better Taiwan. Better acting and story development. Glad I understand enough Chinese to watch without eng sub… But still eng sub will make mainland
    Chinese dramas more popular because they are good.

  • Perfcreation

    Roy is definitely better for this role… naturally cool and confident.. and needless to say, good looking. mingdao is nowhere close.. more suited for country pumpkin roles.

    it’s such a pity Roy left showbiz for so long and only  reappeared in recent years.. hope he finds greater success this time… 

    • haha

      agree that ming dao does not look good…

  • Tammie

    Does anyone know why it says this has subs, when it does not?   Help! 🙂

    • Yang_fan330

      it clearly says that it doesn’t have subs. so.. what are you talking about?

    • Yang_fan330

      p.s. mainland dramas won’t be subbed.. not enough people watch them to be subbed i think (or they’re just too long)

  • Missmmha

    Such a good remake! better then the original!

  • Melinda

    The story is very similar to a Korean Drama, Save the last dance for me. Starring Kim Yoo Jin and Ji Sung.

    • Findthebee

      ehh i thought its similar to prince turn into frog. oops. 

      • Missmmha

        prince to frog is a taiwanese remake of save the last dance for me. Waking love up is a mainland chinese remake.

        • tomoyo_sakagami07

          There u go. To sum it all up Melinda right above and Findthebee both have a point. Thanks to u Missmmha. ^_^

  • 12380

    frog prince is much better 🙁 

    • mimi

      agree that this movie has room for improvement but frog prince is definitely not a better movie

  • Midnight Summer

    havent had the chance to watch such an amazing drama in a long time =)
    roy qiu is always so hawt! <3

    • Bluegirl123

      hell yeah!!!!!!!

  • gonna start watching this now

  • ..

    just started it the starting is same as prince turn into frog..hopefully this drama is as good as frog prince

  • Shi Ying Teoh

    this is a very good drama =)

  • Nancy

    hay alguna versión con subtitlos..? no entiendo nada..

    • tomoyo_sakagami07

      Lo siento pero yo no conozco a ningún sitio con subs español. 🙁

  • Qi

    does anyone know who sings the song in ep 32 4/4?

    • :)

      jj lin singing his song ji de. the majority of this show’s ost is by jj lin

  • Lori Tai

    omgg , such a good drama . Definitely recommended for ppl to watch it (: GO GO WATCH IT , if you r hesitating or if you have nothing to watch ;DD 

  • lalalalalala

    going to try to watch this show now

  • chocalat

    this is one of my favorite drama!!!

  • alphy

    please… english subtitles  🙁

    • Bluegirl123


  • Vvwan2002

    I just don’t understand, why don’t they use the original voice?

    • michelleqq

      ikr its not like i hate qi wei’s voice even though it sounds like a guy. In fact, i love her voice!!!! 🙂

    • Guest

      honestly, i think it’s perfect with the voiceovers

    • Tw_meimoon

      They should use the roginal voice. the cover voice like scratching iches outsite the leather boots. They can not exprese the real emotions. Itis so awkward to listen the cover voice.


    邱澤的演技越來越精湛了‧不虧是男主角‧看看他早期照片,隨著年齡增長,變得更帥更有魅力了‧加油 邱澤!希望能看到更多你的作品

  • Meh :D

    So glad I never watched Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa and this instead kekekeke. Roy Qiu’s too asflaksjdfh-ing cute. 

    • Bluegirl123

      uh huh

  • Britney

    actually i like the story even thoug my eyes are tired to  read the subtitle it doesan`t really matter bcuz i like Roy Qiu. i like all the caracter,,

    • Treasuri

      OMG, where do you see it with sub Britney. I have been searching for sub for the past I don’t know how long now, and I still can’t find it can u email me the site that you saw it on Thanks a million. [email protected]

  • Tiffany

    I likes Xiao Bei at the beginning, but she gets really annoying after…Even though, it is a MUST SEE drama…Because ROY is inside hahaha. So hawwwwwcute and handsome as hell :3

  • Voonie Choo

    this drama is freaaaaaaakin awesome

  • vikas

    plz upload or anyone tell me this series english sub
    plz i m looking for engsub for 2 month
    now i m very tired to write more comment
    plz help

  • Ginger

    This is such a lousy show.  I don’t understand how anyone can watch 1 episode let alone 40!!!

  • May

    English subtitle please looks like a good drama and with Roy Qui  at that.. He is such a good actor . 

  • Vanchinsok

    I’m very like this drama so much and I do love Tian Qi and Xiao Bei ……………………………..

  • Gary585376

    their airing this drama on sundays now after alice in wonder city 😀

  • xxxx

    this is the same story as “Prince turns into Frog”

  • Gary585376

    wheres the taiwanesse version of this? which is airing on CTS

  • Gary585376

    Can someone post the taiwanese version with their original voices please 🙂

    • Guest

      The version airing on CTS surprisingly, retains the dubbed voices. It’s the exact same thing, only the opening sequence is different, the subtitles are in traditional Chinese, and some of the drama is cut (shortened).

  • good

  • hi

  • I generally watch shorter dramas and this one seems so long!  Is it worth the time to start it? 

    • Guest

      yupp. it’s very nice

    • Suumonmyint

      yes!!! worth it!! :>>>

      • I just wish it had english subtitles!

  • this dramas had been cut a lot….why? i watch on tv only i realize then this drama watch online was had been cut a lot!!! what is this???

    • Zi Yong Yap

       got cut a lot meh

  • Annetan2001

    Love this drama…..

  • Irhen Xiang

    Akuuu suka bangettt sampaiiii Laptop Q penuh sama foto2nya Pemain Waking Love Up..
    aku suka Roy qiu sama Tang yan,
    Serasi dan Kereennnnnn

  • dwisekarasih

    lumayan buat belajar pinyin-nya.. ^u^

  • Maeda Yuzuki

    where can I get subtitlenya?