Half a Fairy Tale / 童话二分之一

Half a Fairy Tale / 童话二分之一
Janine Chang, Lee Joon Hyuk, Zhu Zi Xiao, Liu Mei Han, Shi Da Sheng, Wu Ma, Tang Zhen Gang, Chen Sha Li
Broadcast Year:2012-08-27
English Subtitle:No
Zhao Ting Yu and Zhao Ting Yuan are twins who were separated at a young age. With their grandfather getting older and older sister Ting Yuan having contracted a serious illness, Ting Yu was brought back to protect the household and take charge of the family business. To stabilize the Zhao family business, the two sisters must overcome their initial estrangement and work together to withstand the scheming Jing Qing Yu. Fighting alongside them are Ting Yuan’s fiancé Du Yu Feng and Jing Qing Yu’s own son, Jing Wei. In the process, Ting Yu and Ting Yuan realize their own strengths as they taste both the sweetness and bitterness of maturation, but most importantly, they finally experience the true meaning of “family.”
  • Maranne

    I love this Cdrama and i love to watch it.

  • Maranne

    I love to watch this Cdrama and i love it.

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       you’re creeping me out.. you’re everywhere.

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        I know right… and you say the same thing every time too…. Please Marianne STOP lol

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          Now she uses Maranne? Is it a typo or she wants to be in disguise? Love to see who she is… She is starting to crack me up, in a creepy way. LOL

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    OMG! It’s finally out!! 🙂

  • Storm_Grey3

    Half a Fairy Tale / 童话二分之一 / Tong Hua
    Er Fen Zhi Yi

    Also known as: Fairy Tale of 1/2 / Half a Fairy
    Tale / Fairy Tale in Half

    Genre: Romance, business, suspense

    Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-27 (start) to ??

    Broadcast network: Hunan TV

    Air time: 19:30



    頻道: 湖南衛視  –  所在地: 中国  –  播映日期: 2012年08月27日 –  播出剧场: 金鹰独播剧场 – 播出時間: 周日至周四19:30-22:00三集联播
    – 備註: 周五-周六19:30-20:10一集播出


    頻道: 湖南衛視  –  所在地: 中国  –  播映日期: 2012年  –  播出剧场: (未定)  –  播出時間: 周日至周四19:30-22:00三集联播  – 備註: 周五-周六19:30-20:10一集播出

    Half a Fairy Tale / 童话二分之一 Cast:

    Janine Chang as Zhao Ting Yu and Zhao Ting Xuan

    Chen Yi Tong (陈依桐) as young Zhao Ting Yu and Zhao Ting Xuan

    Lee Joon Hyuk (South Korean actor) as Du Yu Feng

    Cai Xu Kun (蔡徐坤) as young Du Yu Feng

    Zhu Zi Xiao as Jing Wei

    Liu Mei Han as Jing Qi

    Shi Da Sheng as Jing Qing Yu

    Wu Ma as Zhao Huai Guang

    Tang Zhen Gang as Yang Ze Xin

    Chen Sha Li as Tang Bao Qin

    Zhang Zhi Tong (张志彤) as Granny

    Li Bao Quan (李宝泉) as Du Bing Chun

    Gao Bao Bao as Sun Fu Mei

    Xiang Jin (项瑾) as Xiao Mo

    Zheng Wan Qiu (郑晚秋) as Li Hui Lan

    Liu Yan (刘岩) as Wang Feng Xia

    Yu Zhou Xi (俞周希) as Xiao Juan

    Yuan Yu Liang (袁玉良) as Hao Ming Xiang

    Sun He (孙赫) as Jiang Yun

    Han Feng (韩枫) as Sun Zhe

    Li Qian (李倩) as Chen Guang

    Wang Peng Xiang (王鹏翔) as Wang Jin Bao

    Xu Di (徐迪) as Zhao Qing Rong

    Zhou Xiao Jian (周晓健) as You Gui

    Chi Yuan Yuan (迟媛媛) as Ju Wa

    Li Li (李莉) as Xing Cha

    Gao Peng (高鹏) as A Chu


    Zhang Han as Fan Jun

    Zheng Shuang as ??

    Cr: DramaWiki & Chinese Wikipedia keyword search is  童话二分之一

    Profile on Lee Joon Hyuk
    Name: Lee Jun-Hyuk (Lee Joon Hyuk)
    Hangul: 이준혁
    Chinese name: 李俊赫 / Li Jun He
    Profession: Actor
    Birthdate: March 13, 1984
    Birthplace: South Korea

    TV Shows:

    Tong Hua Er Fen Zhi Yi (Hunan TV, 2012)
    The Equator Man (KBS, 2012)
    City Hunter (SBS, 2011)
    Secret Garden (SBS, 2010, cameo)
    I Am Legend (SBS, 2010)
    Three Brothers (KBS2, 2009)
    City Hall (SBS, 2009)
    Star’s Lover (SBS, 2008)
    The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008)
    First Wives Club (SBS, 2008)


    Peach Tree (2011)
    I Saw The Devil (2010)
    Fortune Salon (2009)
    2008 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award for First Wives Club
    Education: Han Shin University (Department of Advertising and Public Relations)

    Cr: DramaWiki & AsianMediaWiki 

    Cr is the abbreviation for the word Credit.

    • Pirie

      Au contraire re dubbed voice to get a medium voice (?) that sounds pleasant (?) to the viewers’ ears? If anything at all, the dubbing is to annoy the viewers. Unless the drama is sooo good that we are willing to suffer through the dubbing, most dramas made in China so far are not worthy.

  • happy

    Love the main characters! Ep 1 to 3 seems not bad. ^^

  • Mayuumii

    This sounds a lot like 100% Senorita, but I’m still super excited to watch it! ^o^


    Why is this drama dubbed!!! 🙁

    • Guest

      Lee joon hyuk is Korean and can’t speak mandarin

    • guest

      because in mainland ,,, every dramas is dubbed 😀

      not only cause korean actor dude…
      buttt allllllll dramas,,,is dubbed.
      its usually happened with mainland drama 😀

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    What happened to 3 episodes a day? There has only been one episode posted today! -sob- 🙁 Does anyone know why today only one episode was posted? As in does only 1 episode broadcast on Friday or is it just that the person only posted one episode on Youtube?

    • mushyily

      its only one fri and sat and 3 the other days 😀 sadly

      • Happy

        Tq for the valuable info

  • Sagile

    This is really a good drama, prefer this drama over 100% senorita.
    This drama really touch my heart. Looking forwards to the next episodes <3

    • Pirie

      BUT canNOT stand the dubbing of Janine Chang nor any others… Dubbing of only the Korean guy is understood.

  • 假哦

    i cant stand how the younger sister is protraited here. so annoying and obnoxious. thinks she is bruce lee or 楚留香


    where is EP24?

  • Ebbie

    Omg tomorrow episodes qing wei finally knows the truth!! ;DDD 

  • loverace

    jing wei with xiao yu VS jing wei with xuan xuan… hummh…. i prefer xuan xuan!!!

    • Lovee

      Xuan xuan is more feminine!! 😀

  • Carol

    I want 
    Du Yu Feng and 
    Zhao Ting Yu to be together XD

    Jing Wei and 
    Zhao Ting Yuan to be together XD

    • loverace

      PERFECT!!! =))

      • Carol

        Yah !!! 😀

  • sy

    can the up-loader don’t upload from  湖南卫视 and then jump to  腾讯  视频 can choose one ?? because the part they stop at is different . 

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    will ep 29 be out today as well? 
    thank you 🙂

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    total how many episod??

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    when will the ep 30 be uploaded?? T.T

    • JC

      Monday. There is a ceremony in Hunan TV from now to sunday.

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        Tq,JC. Was waiting for ep 30. ***sigh**** Monday seems too be so far away. Last ep? 30?

        • JC


          • loverace

            i thought will be 31 or 32 something.. coz its written 30+ XD okay thank u!!

      • loverace

        argggggg so sadd!!!! T^T

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    waiting for episode 30 can you upload until the end episode please  😉

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    very excited waiting for ep30…

  • Guest11

    cant believe that ep 30 is last episode?  seem like there are many unsettled things… also is really sad that jing wei only know abt the true identity at the 2nd last episode?!! 

  • Agnes-ng97

    when is ep 30 coming out

  • Jingfeng

    when is ep30 coming out 

  • Guessing the ending

    From the song: ting yuan die (funeral scene); yu feng and jing wei at the airport (running away), and at the end, ting yu getting marry to yu feng, with jing wei coming back to give his blessing… So only half a fairy tale! Who agrees with me?

    • Miko

       what eps does she dies?

  • loverace

    will the upcomming episodes be uploaded at morning or night??…. begging for morning!! XD

    jing wei and ting xuan please…. dont fall in love with ting yu ='( poor ting xuan…

  • Miko

    whats eps does Ting Yuan dies?

    • Lovee

      Ep 32

  • Lalalalalal

    Why ep30 haven’t come out yet?:(

    • loverace

      i’ve checked this site for about 5 times this day……

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    please…faster upload ep30….i been waiting from the midnight until now….i got teat later on…but i cant concentrate in my study because i so excited to watch ep30…please….please…

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    when is ep30 going to upload???

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      WHEN WHEN WHEN???? 快點啦 拜託拜託…. T^T

    • JC

      You can find it on YT.

  • loverace

    why half of the ep 30 is the same as ep 29?? = =
    i’m waitting for so longgggg time and….. a bit dissapointed

  • jenny

    when is ep 31 coming out?

  • loverace

    thanks for uploading ep 31!! =))

  • Iillusiional

    Is 32 out?

  • loverace

    there is 33!! hahaha omg…. is that mean yu feng will choose to be with ting xuan?? how bout jing wei??!!

    • Xiewendy

      Ting xuan is dead! But because of the the wish in the bottle, he couldn’t let go…I think he run away at his wedding and come back at the end of the movie ( after few years )!

      • Riki

        If he wasn’t sure of his feelings, why did he agree to the marriage ? Didn’t he think of Ting Yu’s feelings if he ran away from the wedding ? It makes him a big jerk. I hope Ting Yu won’t accept him again if he did run away from wedding and then came back for her later, even years later. 

  • I think the one Ting Xuan ultimately loves is Yu Feng 🙁 Even when she was about to die she went to dig back up the ‘promise’ they made when they were young 🙁 
    I wonder what Ting Xuan wrote on the piece of paper!!!!! 

    • OMG now I kinda ship yu feng and ting xuan :'(!!! 

      Also they could have developed the jing wei and ting yu storyline as well!!! 

      • I think Yu Feng does care for Ting Xuan and love her more than he think he does!! 

        and Poor Jing Wei he loves both of them and he doesn’t know 🙁 

        • Many people have said Ting Xuan is really pitiful but in a way both guys in the end ultimately love her and not Ting Yu 🙁 


          • omg they should extend this drama so then it can be a love triangle between ting yu – yu feng and jing wei!! 

    • Riki

      I think it is very selfish of Ting Xuan to hold on Yu Feng with that promise (If that was written on the paper, havent seen ep.33 yet). Knowing she is dying, she should just let go rather than making Yu Feng ‘guilty’ about it. By holding on to him, Yu Feng and Ting Yu will never to be happy together. She loves her sister and yet she is destroying her happiness. 

    • kiki_marshmello

       ” i am the happiest.” 🙂

  • Sad

    Oh my, I actually cried when Ting xuan passed away that part!!!! Soooo soooo sad!! 🙁

  • loverace

    dissapointed with the ending………………. means both of them love both ting yu and ting xuan.. and the worse is even they dont realize what is LIKE and what is LOVE… =((

    • yeah I’m disappointed with the ending as well! They both couldn’t tell if they loved Ting Yu or Ting Xuan more!! That’s so crazy! I wish they both came to a point of realisation to WHICH twin they loved cause at least that would be some form of closure!! 

      So in the end…. I reckon both of the guys love Ting Xuan but since she passed away… they resort to Ting Yu. THATS SO UNFAIR!!! 

      BUT I RECKON IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND SIGH since Ting Yu seems like the protagonist of this drama

  • Ivy Lau

    really dissapointed with the ending!!!!

  • Cung_elisabeth

    the ending make me accept,why yi feng  not together with siau yi.just like that yi feng go,,,,,

  • Guest

    Arrghh…. Dislike the ending!!!! So disappointing.

  • Sad

    Why didn’t ting yu and yu feng get married at the end!? Didn’t expect the ending will be like this as yu feng seems and ting yu both love each other. Though is unfair to jing wei and he love both twins but i still hope that the ending was ting yu and yu feng together! Disappointing ending 🙁

    • Carol

      Ya same 

  • Carol

    Haiix the end not really good -.- 

    I hope have 
    童话二分之一 II

    • I want a 
      童话二分之一 II too!! But Lee Joon Hyuk enlisted for military service so if there is he won’t be in the drama 🙁

      • Twdramaaddict

        Not much point if that’s the case;( lee joon hyuk is so hot!!

        • Carol

          YAH he look hot and cool

      • Carol

        Ya lor 

  • Alicia_mjx

    Dislike the ending so much -_____-

  • Davdynamite

    omg! I can’t believe it just end like that! :'(

  • Cc

    can u upload the other ending please?

  • Noelyap78

    that is another ending in TengXun , actually that was some different at the end, this drama had 2 different ending, hope that anyone can upload another ending!TQ

  • EQ

    What the heck!!  How could they end like that?!?!?  If it was going to be like that, they should have just taken out the extra minutes in Ep. 30 and move everything over to make it end at Ep. 32 instead of making us wait a whole day for this!!!  Oh geez!!  They are so mean!!  They really wanted to hype us up with an extra ending part to this series so we tune in just to hit us with that.  If the other ending isn’t good, I can’t watch this series anymore.  All the torture and no one ends up good.  I feel sorry for the big sister, but even if the little sister ended off good, at least it wouldn’t be so bad.  I really hate how she had to drag that bottle out before she died though.  Oh, I’m so annoyed at this series!!! 

  • Fairytale

    Yeah totally agree this ending sucks!!!~ Xiao Yu/ ting Yu nr even liked Jing Wei the entire series~ so even if du Yu fang wants to leave how can he say that Jing wei will make her happier???
    Plus the whole way du Yu fang has maintained that he likes Xiao Yu so much so that he is willing to hurt ting Xuan~ who until Xiao Yu arrived was the most important part of his life~ then suddenly he wants to take photos of elephants more?? Geez~

    • MM

      Totally agree with you! I can understand that it didn’t need to have a perfect ending but this ending is not making any sense. The ending cannot even tell us who loves whom.


      I totally agree… like I understand they don’t want a “perfect” and “unrealistic” fairytale ending but letting Xiao Yu end up with Yu Feng would still stay true to the drama title! Since Ting Xuan can’t have happiness, at least one twin can experience bliss and happiness! 

  • Ihatethisending

    What a way to ruin a good show~ easily could otherwise have been my favorite show of the year…

  • I actually wouldn’t have minded Ting Yu with Jing Wei if the one he ultimately loved was Ting  Yu but nooo he has to do the “I love both twins” dilemma & it seems like he likes Ting Xuan more anyway! >:( ! 

    So it’s sort of like “since your sister passed away i’ll just use you as a substitute” -________-

    But I’ll just pretend that the one jing wei loves is ting yu haha

    • or maybe ting xuan shouldn’t have died but her death was inevitable because it contributed to the storyline/plot cause otherwise it wouldn’t match its title ‘Half a Fairytale’ 

      • EQ

        Hehe…are you trying to reason with yourself so that you can continue to like the series?  I will choose the second ending and fantasize my ending for Yu Feng and Ting Yu and reallllly ignore the first one if I want to continue to watch this series.

        • haha yes 🙁 trying to redeem the drama from the crapppy ending! 

          No doubt it was a good love square though! Just sad that both guys couldn’t tell who they loved! 🙁 

    • It also doesn’t make sense because I think the one Ting Xuan ultimately loves is Yu Feng since she went to dig back up the promise before she died which demonstrates how important Yu Feng is to her! 

      Then it becomes a complicated love square! :S 

      Jing Wei -> Ting Xuan Yu Feng <- Ting Yu

      So then it makes it seem like Yu Feng and Ting Xuan are the main couple here so it kinda makes sense Jing Wei ends up with Ting Yu? 


  • me gusta

  • <3


    • Ihatethisending

      What is it??

      • click on the youtube link for the last episode, the same uploader posted the 2nd ending! Watch the last 5 minutes of ‘ep 28HD version 2’ , ep29HD version 2 and ep30HD version 2

  • EQ

    Thanks for posting.  Both endings don’t really have a good definite ending, but I prefered the second one more.  At least it makes a little more sense to me.  This way, there is a chance that Yu Feng to be with Ting Yu because there was no indication that Yu Feng picked Ting Xuan and not want to be with Ting Yu at all.  The other ending was just weird for me.  I don’t know why Yu Feng called Jing Wei and say that he could make TIng Yu more happy when Ting Yu just thought of Jing Wei as a friend and nothing more.  It totally screws the whole Yu Feng and Ting Yu storyline over and with him saying things like he likes her even though he’s sorry for Ting Xuan or something (bad explaination, sorry) and then him pushing her to Jing Wei.  Half of me thinks that the only change in he two versions is how Jing Wei looks at the situation.  The first version has him not focused on trying to get Ting Yu while the other version has him totally distraught over Ting Xuan.  Again, I would rather he is distraught over Ting Xuan because it just means that he really did love her and not just both.  I really don’t like the first ending because it just makes both guys so not knowing which twin they like.  The second version actually seems to draw a line for me on who they actually like.  So, if I had to pick between both, which I really would rather a wedding with Ting Yu and Yu Feng, I would rather the second ending than the nonsensical first one for me.

    • Ihatethisending

      Yeah I prefer second ending too~ although they don’t show Du Yu Feng and Xiao Yu together it seems implied~ or at least left for us to assume so~ which, after watching the first ending, is good enough for me!!
      I actually think a wedding would have ruined the sober mourning mood of the last episode anyway~ I just would have like some more definite proff of a Du Yu Feng/ Xiao Yu union.


      I don’t like the second ending because it says “妹妹繼續姐姐的人生 續寫自己另外一半的童話故事” which says “Ting Yu continues to live her sister’s life and writes her own ‘other half of the fairytale'”

      I don’t like how Ting Yu has to live under the shadow of her sister! Ting Yu and Ting Xuan are completely different and I reckon she should live her own life, Ting Yu is actually already really unique and shines by herself without living in the shadow of her sister.

  • EQ

    Do you think that they purposely aired a nonsensical ending for it to hype us up for the second ending?  I think a lot of people would have been pretty satisfied if the second ending was the one that aired.  I know I would because it makes more sense to me.  I still would have rathered a Yu Feng and Ting Yu wedding…without him running off.

    • Ihatethisending

      Maybe they just couldn’t think of another way to end it but already promised two endings??~ which is vaguely ridiculous…

      • ROYLOVE

        But there was actually 5 possible endings and Hunan TV had a poll to see which 2 endings were the most popular… and they were the ones we’re given! 🙁 


        • dsfs

          what were the other three possible ending?

          • 1. Ting Xuan insists on watching the sunrise and disappears into thin air. Ting Yu continues to live her sister’s life and writes her own ‘other half’ of the fairytale.
            (I don’t like how Ting Yu has to continue her live as her sister….) 2. Everyone grieves the death of Ting Xuan. Yu Feng leaves with beautiful memories with Ting Xuan. Ting Yu and Jing Wei start their own fairytale. 
             (The first two endings were the ones we were given.
            3. Ting Yu sacrifices herself to save Ting Xuan. Jing Wei is unable to forgive himself for not being able to save Ting Yu and leaves broken-hearted. Yu Feng stays and takes care of Ting Xuan. 4. Ting Yu cannot control her love for Yu Feng and blames herself for hurting Ting Xuan. She decides to forget everything that happened and return to her village. (This doesn’t make sense since Ting Xuan already decided to give Ting Yu and Yu Feng her blessings?)5. Both sisters fell in love with the same person. When faced with family and love, which will prevail? To be continued….   

  • Emiliza_hippi

    can someone tell me whats written on the paper

  • ZhuZiXiao

    Just wondering is Jing Wei’s voice dubbed? 

  • ep 13

  • Peacebeeepsheep

    May I know the ending song’s name??? 

  • thuy

    does anyone know where I can watch this english subbed?

  • L_suanching

    Hi, will you posting the latest drama after this show? It is called Home Sweet Home, 我家有喜.I have watched a few esp from Youtube, it is quite nice!

    • SweetHongSheng

      I think they only upload Chinese dramas that feature Taiwanese actresses/actors 

      • chloexkiub

        Yeah, agreed. or either more popular Mainland dramas, like New My Fair Princess

  • Miriam

    uuhmmm, this series last 3 episodes have 2 versions, sounds interesting, the first time i know it is shown in this way. i think this will be my next after WHAT IS LOVE.

  • PSY

    is this drama worthing to watch?
    does it have a happy ending?
    i have pretty high standards..
    or different point of views..
    i like
    The Queen of SOP / 勝女的代價
    When Love Walked In / 愛情闖進門
    and did not like 
    Say that You Love Me / 愛情是從告白開始的
    Love Actually / 愛的蜜方
    debating on whether or not to watch it..
    any idea guys?


      You won’t like the ending… Not that I think of.

    • Riki

      Ending wasn’t good. A big disappointment. If i knew it would end the way it was, I wouldn’t have started it. 

    • guest

      good show with crappy ending…. bleh

    • Guest

      It was really good, But sad ending. Say that you love me was good

  • YUmmyMe

    wonder when will he find out that they are twins?!

    • HongSheng

      he finds out reallly late in the drama around like episode 28 or later 

  • peiyu_2010

    I love it

  • you

    why cant i watch it anymore? 

  • Ally

    The first version ending wasnt that bad. Like i would like to see them get marry but yu feng dont feel right marrying ting yu thou. SO i understand.

  • Aliangcool

    i like the soundtrack songs of this drama. can you provide it please?

  • Lanny Moore2011

    I dont like the ending…….

  • i like this drama !!!!!

  • jayyepeeen

    I am not sure if I should watch this. What’s the meaning of bad ending? Sad? Or badly thought out? I am in a dilemma cuz this looks promising and this has Lee Joon Hyuk! But if it’s not good, then.. :/

    • sillymarc

      Sad, but imo not bad. Actually quite good.

  • Meljofeda

    what a diffrent versions in episod @4e3240fd3ee04e525d36dc521ea4d3dc:disqus 8,29,30 n did somebody knew what amassgae ting yuan give to jingwei?

  • My tears fell watching this drama,
    Good drama I like it,^~^

  • JessXian

    ending was different then expected but still awesome.
    a recommended drama gotta watch XDD 5stars
    dont back up not watching because of people saying it has sad ending. still really worth to watch

  • Candyland1986

    how can i download the episodes?

  • Cristina Li

    i wish it was a good ending. the ending should be when ting yuan finish her surgery in wherever she is and she was all well and healthy. then the next day ting xuan and jing wei and ting yu and du yu feng get married. then they should show us some parts of when they are living together and their happy lives after the marrige.

    • LITTLE

      good ending!!! i like it!!!


        GOOD THOUGHT**

  • Alyvia Gan

    Does anyone know in what episode did Zhang Han from SOP Queen appear?

    • Emily Chung

      first episode

  • smile ary

    can someone tell me Zhang Han appears in which episode and length in minute ?