I Love You So Much / 粉愛粉愛你

I Love You So Much / 粉愛粉愛你
Lan Cheng Long, Li Jia Ying, Nick Chou, Shara Lin, Tom Price, Mao Di
Broadcast Year:2012-01-29
English Subtitle:Yes
The story centers around makeup products and the makeup artists who make women beautiful.
  • Zhien_hua

    I was hoping something like that would occur in a drama… well this is going on my list  ^.^ hehe… finally the second lead gets the girl.. and instead of me just fan girling the second lead and shouting at the main girl *as if she could hear me* for being so blind and letting the nice one go, she actually chose the one I want and that’s a first among the taiwanese drama i’ve watched

  • Gary585376

    It makes no sense why ler di ended up with shao feng as through out the whole drama, even until the last episode ler di has been liking yu jie and in a split second she changes to shao feng :S bad ending, very bad ending

    • Scst2111

      Can’t agree more. I dislike the ending. Nonsense. Waste the time following the show.

  • Notti_tomato

    Yeah…i am happy that le di finally is with shao feng..great ending..

  • guest

    terrible ending, too realistic :(( but i will choose nick too in real life. but still, this is a drama, it’s supposed to has an expected ending. and the last scene just make this whole 16 episodes a waste of my life. it just makes no sense :O  if really has to choose nick over blue, i think the scriptwriter needs to elaborate more on the love line after choosing 🙂 just like what ‘in time with you’ did 

  • guest

    Although it seems that the director tried to finish this drama quickly, i should admit that i love the story plot at the end (although i know most audience expect that she n Yu Jie to be together) but let’s see from other point of view n not to be bias. What i get from the quick snapshot of last scene/episode from this drama is ‘being loved is much better than loving someone’ From the very beginning, we can clearly see that Shao Feng’s support was infinity towards Le Di. Yet, we clearly knew that Le Di is loving Yu Jie so much. I don’t even realise until the end when Shao Feng have done a lot of effort to fully support whatever Le Di’s love and do! Somemore, he even reminded Le Di in making sure her true feeling. For me, Shao Feng has done perfectly. If I was Shao Feng, I will do the same thing (although it might sound ticklish, but for me..loved by someone is much more fortunate than loving someone). Being loved by someone, we may feel the meaning of love and by the time, we can slowly respond it rather than by loving someone that we know he/she love us so much but it still (i think) our love much greater than him/her. It’s totally different when we are being loved by someone. He/she gives much greater love to us. Nowadays, it’s higher percentage n rate for those who r giving n delivering their loved than the one who is receiving love. sometimes, we should think wisely n broadly. cheers

  • Joyceyeap_85

    really a terrible ending… how can a ppl love to death for almost whole drama then can suddenly change love someone else… the writer shouldn’t just simply change the ending bc of the vote.. i think most voter vote not for the drama but bc the 2nd lead is handsome… 

    • Jane Wu

      she didnt just change her mind and decide to love Shao Feng. She decided to let go and be with someone who loves her knowing that she may not love him as much he loves her but his love makes her happy. and plus, she had a crush on him in the beginning. so circular.

    • 5J’s4ever

      I disagree.It’s not a terrible ending but a very nice one. I think it’s just fair and right that she chose Shao Feng. If you listen carefully to every single word that she’s says at the end, you will realize why she decided to be with Shao Feng. And besides, she also has feelings for Shao Feng from the start.

  • Deepbluegirl20

    OMG finally the type of ending ive been waiting for.. okay i watched this drama non stop and i see how some people are upset with the ending. I hate when they make the second person all alone and never gets the girl no matter how much he protect the girl. Now all i can say that the lead girl know what she wanted .. she know what kind a person she could depend on and not waste time with a guy who couldnt make up his mind. i know the theme songs point out who goes with who .. but hello blue disappear at the end of the song ..so it was fantasy for the main girl.. just like she said at the end

  • lublub

    why i can’t watch ?

  • Christine Koh

    Waste of time watching.  Le di said she chooses Shao Feng because she is not confident of holding on to Yu Jie because Yu jie is too perfect! What kind of love is this.  Lack of confidence!  She loved Yu Jie for the entire 16 episodes!  And last 5 mintues, she turns to Shao Feng due to a lack of confidence. 

    • Aryael

      I would rather think of it as she has finally learned her lesson, matured and understood who is the person who truly loves her. A lot of women nowadays live through live not realising who are the ones who truly love them, always chasing the dream of perfection when perfection is right by their side.  🙂

  • Lee Lisa

    I think it ended too fast! If she chooses Shao Feng, there should be some hints all along the drama to show that she is also desperately in love with Shao Feng, or that she wants to go with him. It just seems like she suddenly changes her mind. Nope…don’t like the ending cuz it’s voted –  people are obviously going to be biased watching the drama, and will choose the second boy as he never gets the girl.

  • ddd

    After hearing the comment, i stop watching at ep1 🙂

    • Maria

      u shouldnt red what’s on the comenta board u should watch it for urself and then say what u think.. in my personal opinion this drama is good enough to be watched again 😉

      • Maria

        sorry for the typo…
        comment board *

  • ^^

    Although I was expecting Le Di to choose Yu Jie the whole time, I’m very glad she chose Shao Feng. He was by her side the whole drama, and he loves her unconditionally. I like the ending because it’s not a typical Asian drama ending where the girl always chooses the lead male role. It would be unreasonable for her to go back to a guy who does not know what he wants and leaves her whenever he feels like it. The ending was abrupt, but I liked the overall plot.

  • FAIL

    after seeing one whole paragraph

    saying who choose who

    i stop watching

  • lanjia0

    Lanjia0 show 

  • guest

    OMG… if you are going to post spoilers please put **SPOILER before your comment 🙁

  • Taiwanlove

    does anyone know the vietnamese coffee shao fei drinks? episode 3 part 2 around 8:00min in the episode

    • Taiwanlove

      i meant “yu jie” srry

    • Aigoo

      It’s a very famous brand called Trung Nguyen, and it’s the G7 Instant Coffee. It’s a 3-in-1 coffee mix and it can be found in many Asian supermarkets.

      Hope that helps!

  • confusexgirl

    what happened to wen xi? did she disappeared or died of the car accident? confused ><

    • Julieycf

      she survived but she lost her memory, i think.

  • Julieycf

    I am upset with the ending. I hope there will be a sequel. The ending reminds me of “fierce wife”

  • Pearl

    3 stars

  • Dramasftw

    So..if she chose Shao Feng, then does Yu Jie go with Wen Xi? I’m sorry, I haven’t finished the episodes but based on the comments below, I just HAVE to know.

    • Pudding<3

      The ending doesn’t really say who Yu Jie end up with. 🙂

  • Pudding<3

    Nick is so cute and handsome! <3

  • Nick! ♥♥ 

  • Alsha

    Le Di choose Shao Feng, is the right decision. Shao Feng always by her side and support her without taking any advantages. Yu Jie really hurts her when Wen Si back to his side. And cant make any final decision who he want to be. I think this really hurt Le Di so much. Le Di++++Shao Feng=Perfect Couple.

  • Aryael

    Beautiful! FINALLY, an idol drama that teaches the young generation what is true love. All this while, we have been fed a staple of woman ending up with the man everyone admires (even though the man treated the woman badly or hurt her) and forsaking the patient, understanding and supportive man that has always been by her side, but finally, a woman who is smart enough to know that being loved is as blissful as being in love and that love is not just about the heartbeat but also the feeling of security, warmth and being treasured by someone and being at the same status quo plus mutual respect. Such relationship lasts forever and is much deeper! This drama’s ending is a much realistic and mature take at what defines love and relationship. Brava! Highly recommended!

  • Fione Soo Jing Han

     Nice show <3

  • Fadhilahibrahim

    what is the song that yu jie sang to le di on the first episode?

  • Aigoo

    Random as hell but if anyone is interested in the brand of skincare featured in this drama, it’s a Taiwanese line called Divinia. Unsurprisingly, it is endorsed by Lee Jia Ying herself. The products can be found at Watsons, Cosmed, and Sasa stores throughout East Asia – the products are decently priced, too.

    • Can you give me a link for the products? I can’t seem to find them online.

  • Sarah Zhang

    I am disappointed the the end result.

  • why keep got advertisement then cant watch anymore.. 

  • Maggie_magistra

    get a lot of added value in life :))

  • Guest

    I hope Nick does more dramas…he so cute!!

  • Jiinyiong

    I can’t seem to find the sub song anywhere? Anyone know where to find it?

  • Jen68

    Why it ended at Ep 16 only?

  • Wefewfefwe

    i love this drama!!  finaly the man got the happy ending ,who deserves the woman 😀

  • amNadia

    Love the ending. Don’t know why my friends hate it.
    Wish there are more ending like this who the guy deserves the girl. Love it and recommend it.

    • kike

       the guy that end up with la de is nick wu the one playing a little brother cheng fung.

      • kike

         nick chou sorry for the miss spell

  • Jenny

    like it

  • becky

    perfect ending! i always get so sad when the second main character doesn’t get the girl! but this was perfect. wilber pan is perfect.

    • Linda

      LOL the guy she end up with is Nick Chou not Wilber pan tho they look alike! hahah

  • Roseanna Zhen

    i just wished yu jie wouldve ended up with wen xi because they were really in love 5 years ago and just beacause he thought she passed away thats why he fell for another girl i feel like this ending was okay but i just really wished yu jie and wen xi ended up together i really hope they make a drama that yu jie and wen si ends up togther so badly please for a lil fan fan can you please

    • Shoper Zhen


  • Shoper Zhen

    I wish they made the second version of yu jie and wenxi together like for real

  • Shoper Zhen

    Can you guys make a second version?

  • dhanumech

    can i know how can i download this drama