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Love, Now / 真愛趁現在

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love now Love, Now
Annie Chen, George Hu, Dou Zhi Kong, Harry Zhang, Li Wei Wei, Yang Yong Cun
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Episodes: 72
Broadcast Year: 2012-11-01
Status: complete
English Subtitle: No




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  • dAn

    71 last episode ??
    Sad :((

    • elim

      72 will be the last episode.(: not 71.they extended.

  • Joanna

    where is ep 71??

    • guest


      • phyllis phee

        Anybody knows any website can watch live broadcast for this drama?

  • Ivy Chan Xd

    Elim y u know 72 is last ep

  • :((

    Last ep 72 on 5 Mar & last 幕後花絮 behind the scenes on 完全娛樂 on 4 Mar as stated on drama’s facebook. Latest pics looks like sad ending….idk..go see for yourself..

  • :((

    There’s a pic now on facebook where SD kissing his daughter..shes so cute! Have to wait to see if its happy or sad ending…1 more hour till its up here……:p

  • Ivy_lrst

    why i can’t watch from episode 45 on wards…??? 

  • Vvienlim

    At Youtube only episode 71-2 and 71-3….Where is 71-1 and 71-4??

  • Vvienlim

    Think YR died becoz of accident. . . :(( Sad…

  • Vvienlim

    Epi 71??

  • zhennixi

    Since I don’t read characters and have to wait and watch it subbed on another site, I’m going to just think that he dreamed she died while unconcious and that YiRu is still alive that’s why she was there at the end of the episode.  Please don’t burst my bubble.  Let me dream this happy thought for the next 24 hours please. :)

    • Aryael

      He’s in a coma and is living in a dream world where he thinks that YR is dead and they have a daughter. The scene in the school where he woke and YR spoke to him, she said that he is her beloved husband and she is confident that he is able to overcome this. She then told him to please wake up, which puzzled him. In reality, she survived the accident and had delivered. The nurse came to tell her that it was time to feed the baby and as she was about to leave to care for her baby, he called out to her while in his coma. She turned in surprise and hope…. that ends episode 71. Seriously, the title of this drama “Love,Now” says it all. The writer will throw every possible barriers to a happy ending to both of them – from misunderstanding to cancer to accident. This is to depict that in life, these things can happen to anyone of us. For now, just love your loved ones and cherish the time you have together.  :) As for the ending…..after all they have been through together, I have a feeling that it may turn out to be a good ending for all.

      • Vvienlim

        Yes.  Luckily . . . I guess…happy ending soon :)

  • Ivy Chan Xd

    If either one of them die it will be very sad. I don’tlike it. pls give happy ending. Pls cast til 80 ep. Pls pls pls.

  • Mpangels11

    Do you have these  eng sub

  • Amaliahermawan03

    I don’t like if YR must died…

  • Diago Kaz24

    ep 72 the last episode?

  • Pirie

    What a great drama. Everyone is pretty good, BUT, the major credits have to be George Hu and Annie Chen. Their acting have improved leaps and bounds. The fact that they both look sooo amazingly naturally good-looking along with the talented acting, is raising the bar for the Taiwan entertainment industry, maybe all the Asian films. It will be hard pressed for others to follow.

    • http://twitter.com/petitetriple7 jess

      well said! This is probably the best onscreen couple yet! Can’t wait to see more of their upcoming projects in the new future! 

  • Aryael

    Finally, it has ended! *sigh of relief*

  • Ivy Chan Xd

    Anymore drama from them again?

  • zhennixi

    I feel lost.  What do I watch now? Any suggestions? I like romantic comedies.  Something that’s airing now.

    • sh

      Watch love now from episode 1 again. I’ve enjoyed doing it. Currently no nice show that i can hook on it daily.

      • zhennixi

        Technically, I’ve seen it twice already.  I watched it here as it aired and then a few days later I watched it with English subs on another site.  I’ve seen it subbed up to episdode 67. 

    • Abc123

       king flower is a really good drama.  number one rating in taiwan right now. hilarious , touching and romantic =]

    • Lynn6

      I like King Flower too..coming to a close in another few episodes. I just started watching “A Hint of You”, “True Love 365″ and “Borrow your Love” to see which one is worth continuing on. A Hint of You is another 80 episodes. Of course do not expect to see the same gorgeous looking leads like GH and AC, just dont compare but follow the stories.

  • lolhi

    watching Summer Fever now cause of George Hu!!!!!! 

  • :p

    aha! end of my withdrawal spell because tonight showing new drama by 1 of my favourite actresses ‘Happy 300 Days’,..preview looks fun! :) I am selective on the dramas I watch only those by my favourite actors/actresses..hahaha!  if love,now got season 2… I am thinking it could be YR dying since thats what happened in SD’s dream :p

  • Amaliahermawan03

    Why now on you tube no episode 72???

  • Afina Arrosyid

    woah the reason I lft my work just for this drama….I love both actor and actress

  • Bavaria19

    does anyone know is GH and AC being reletionship with??

  • YR2013

    Why there is only 72 episodes? I thought there is 80 episodes:(

  • Anate

    hello friends please when they begin to translate in English

  • Gigi

    Need another drama… since this ended.. George and Annie let get at it…

  • Cheonsa Miso

    Love George <3 so handsome and adorable! This drama is so cute too ^.^

  • Meesh

    i wish george and annie would date in real life <3
    they are such a perfect couple~

  • Koumamo Piebo

    this is so sad that is drama is not sub, I would love to actually know what they are saying.

  • AnnieChen

    What’s next for Annie Chen?? I really want to watch more of her tv shows/movies… I absolutely LOVED this show and “Inborn Pair”!!!

    • anon

      watch “love around” ! her new show , still with george hu!

  • Anne

    Hi… Do you know what is the name of the Actor who played Ou Yang Doctor? He’s so good looking..

  • semrarea

    where can I find english subs of the episodes?

  • http://twitter.com/vckzen kunal ghosh

    first time watch any taiwanese drama i love it soo addactive

  • Guest000

    Annie Chen & George Hu will be acting together again . The name of the drama is 真愛黑白配. I don’t know if it’s 100 % confirmed, but it will air after 金大花的華麗冒險 King Flower.

    • guest

      Wow.. that will be great… waiting for their great acting.

    • Lynn6

      Fantastic…thanks for sharing the news, look forward to their incredible pairing and acting

  • MwvvKoh

    Why suddenly the drama can’t be watched from this site?

  • Vicki

    why cant view it????????

  • MwvvKoh

    It says “content not available”!!!!

  • Mwvvkoh

    Chocolo20110411, please load back all the episodes

  • mwvvkoh

    Chocolate201204111 pls reload.the episodes or allow access

  • ahsdfweqflkj

    PLZ reload. we can’t watch it

  • vickie

    I really hope can watch ‘mini movie dive in 2013′ actor by annie chen, bolin & kai ko on youtube

  • Leonhome

    Please reload cant watch it suddenly sooo sad:'(

  • Jamaica


  • Alyvia Gan

    For those who wants to watch but can’t! If you can’t watch it here, just paste 真愛趁現在 on the Youtube search panel and ta daa!

  • addicted2frog

    why is there no one who wants to place Eng Subs on this Drama

  • Elinor Alcovendaz

    where can I watch love, now with eng subs?

  • nnnunu

    why i cant see

  • ts6258

    The link for all the episodes says only available on Dailymotion, but when clicked it is blocked. Can someone re-upload the episodes from a website that we can access? Also having eng subs would be a plus. Thanks so much.

  • ning

    can you put this in english subs

  • vickie

    a least perfect ending for Yi Ru & Shi De..