Mystery in the Palace / 深宮諜影

Mystery in the Palace / 深宮諜影
Gan Ting Ting, Kevin Cheng, Michelle Yim, Liu Ting Yu, Zhang Dan Feng, Catherine Hung, Ni Qi Min, Zhang Zhao Hui
Genre:Romance, Suspense
Broadcast Year:2012-02-08
English Subtitle:No
A drama about the court conspiracies and politics between the royal wives, princes, and officials during the reign of Kang Xi. When Princess Yi Dan fell with her brother, Emperor Kang Xi, in a night of passion, she left the palace out of remorse and guilt. She gave birth to Han Xiang and was murdered by a mastermind. Han Xiang grew up and entered the palace as a maid in search of her roots and her mother's murderer. There, she became entangled in the palace's conflicts and competition. Prince Ge Tai falls in love with her and, despite the taboo it might implicate, Han Xiang can't help but reciprocate his love.
  • Klaroline

    isn’t this incest on incest? i mean a bro n sis get together n then a child is born…then  the child falls in love with the prince. so, it’s sis n bro again…

    • Vicki

      More like cousin and cousin, cuz Prince Ge Tai is the son of Kang Xi’s brother. But yea, Kang Xi and his sister…really?!?

      • AznGurlThtLovesDramas

        HOPE THEY ARENT BRO AND SIS cuz like in an episode….it said ge tai might not be the son. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Emperor Kangxi and Princess Yi Dan are cousins. You don’t have to be the emperor’s offspring to be called a princess/prince. The emperor’s brother’s kids are also called prince/princesses. Hopefully Han Xiang and Kevin aren’t twins! I’d be extremely pissed if they can’t be together after 37 episodes.  I guess this mysterious relationship is the writer’s way of hooking us into this drama. =)

      • Ghktfrd

        Kangxi and Yi Dan are not cousins. Kangxi is her uncle. Kangxi and Yi Dan’s father are brothers.

  • Lim

    wat a plot??!!

  • Xiaoming1311

    really love this seri. plz upload next eps as soon as possible . thank you very much foe sharing

  • Random93

    finally a series i actually like! i was not too happy when i found out it was gonna be based on this period, but thankfully its not another one of those concubine & king storys. i am sooo sick of those! the plots quite interesting & i really like kevin cheng in here 🙂

  • Amyy_23

    im waiting for ep 11

  • Auburn

    Wait, Can anyone explain this to me. A princess falls in love with her brother, then leaves the palace and gives birth to a daughter and this daughter falls in love with her own brother.Is that right.Gross

    • guest

      I think they are more of a cousin. the princess and the king that is

    • Random93

      yea i think their more like cousins, the princess didnt fall in love with the king btw, what happened between them was an accident. what i dont understand is if she doesnt love the king & hates the fact that she slept with him, why give birth to the child? doesnt make sense. now their trying to make it seem like the daughter falls in love with her brother, but i really doubt it. if they really end up as siblings, which i dont think so, im guessing someones gonna die.

      • Kutijenn

        because she doesnt want to abort and kill her child. it doesnt matter if she loves the king or not the child is innocent in her eyes. society back then aint like today where ppl can easily abort.

    • KFC

      Princess Yi Dan and Emperor Kangxi are cousins but brother/sister by title (due to the Empress Dowanger adoption of Princess Yi Dan as her own daugher). In the old days, it was ok for cousins to marry, given the surname must be different, as in one can marry a cousin if the tie is through a mother.  If the the ties are both through fathers, carry the same surname, this will not be allowed.  Remember in the beginning, Princess Yi Dan and Gai Te’s dad was suppose to be married but due to one night of mistake with the Emperor, Princess Yi Dan left in shame with her unborn (Princess Yi Dan didn’t leave because it was a taboo, she just couldn’t face her love, Gai Te’s dad, after sleeping with the Emperor).  As for Han Xiang and Gai Te, both are tied through their father (being Gai Te’s dad shares the same surname as the Emperor), it was considered a taboo for Han Xiang and Gai Te to wed.

  • Guest

    Episode 13 and 14 don’t work :[

  • Msthng

    epi 13 and 14 not working!!!! when will it be fixed?

  • Monalisa

    epi 13 and 14 not working!!

  • 布朗尼

    404 – Not FoundSorry, no pages matched your criteria.

  • Jo-anna

    Fck up!
    Can’t watch it!
    So damn pissed off!!

  • Souffle

    Episode 13 and 14 are not working! Please fix it, thanks.

  • Guest

    Episode 13 & 14 are not working!!!!!  等不及了~~~

  • Msthng

    Will episode 15 and 16 be uploaded later?

  • Yatie_802

    i really like this drama. can anyone tell me when i can download the RAW episode. I wish to keep a copy of this series.
    many thanks in advance.

  • Ironicalresemblence

    ep7-8 not working 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • careensio

    ep 5-8 not working.. kindly fix it.. (:

  • jac

    If Ge Tai is (possibly) the son of Princess Yi Dan, why does he have 2 elder brothers? I mean, was Lie Qin Wang already married when he almost married Princess Yi Dan? doesn’t really reconcile…

    • Auroreworth

      Not sure who gave birth to Ge Tai but Princess Yi Dan’s child is Han xiang. Han xiang’s Dad should be Kang Xi. 

      • jac

        i meant for him to be suspected not to be Lie Qin Wang’s son he has to be born before Lie Qin Wang was married right?

        • Guest

          Ge Tai has 2 ELDER brothers, that means Lie Qin Wang was married before he was suppose to marry Yi Dan

    • Jen M

       he probably got married after princess yi dan went missing. they said ge tai is adopted which gives the possibility that he could be princess yi dan’s son considering we dont know who killed her.

  • Kj

    When will ep 19 & 20 be out?
    Will it be 2 eps per day?

  • Guest

    No english subtitle 🙁

  • Kim

    When will episode 21 be shown?

    • Yeeyenkok

      i think not showing on sundays

      • Swellkisses

        yeah it does. It comes on everyday. 

        • Yeeyenkok

          thanks…nice to know ,)

  • guest

    episode 24 part 3 is really messed up

    • Ai

      right i was getting all excited because han xiang was gonna wake up but then the last 4 minutes was messed up 🙁

    • Mfam9118

      yes i agree episode 24 part is not in order.  How can Han Siang still be around when she is supposed to be sick in bed!!!

  • Kutijenn

    anyone else touched by the the guy’s love for her and cried in episode 24? =/ lols

    • Guest

      yes, very touching  🙂

  • kim

    something is wrong with episode 24 part 3

  • Vilean

    Please fix Ep. 24 part 3. Thanks!!

  • awesome sunshine

    Eps 5 to 9 not working =( Thank You.

  • Xiaoming1311

    ep 25, plz

  • Monalisa

     Who killed YI DAN GEGE? Comment 🙂

    • Guest

      i guess it right all along 🙂

  • Lulu3045

    ep 1 is gone = (

  • Robby1021

    pls fix ep 25

  • Tomoko


  • CherAB2119

    The Mystery of The Palace 《深宫谍影》 EP01 – YouTube first 

  • Xiaoming1311

    cant wait 4 the next ep. omg. 

  • Ai

    please fix ep 28 part 4 please why is this happening

  • can die trying to guess who is the 黑衣人

    • kim

      who do you think is it ? i think it is the yi dan ‘s father 

      • Yuri458

        My list of suspicions in who can be the黑衣人: tai zi/prince’s helper, yi dan’s father, yi dan’s father’s helper 

        • Yuri458

          ah and one more, ge tai be le ye’s ah ma 

          • wonder what happen to the missing eunuch.could he be the 黑衣人?

          • Guest

            Why would there be one missing eunuch?  Didn’t 2 kill 2; then 1 kill 1; then the head eunuch (An Gong Gong) kill the last?  With so many dead bodies in there, he would not have left the grave open & leave (so that one crawled out), would he?

        • Guest

          interesting how 
          黑衣人 could go in and out of the palace whenever he wants  🙂

    • Kutijenn

      its probably not the princess’s father… but the nun’s husband. she refuses to tell who he is… so i assume… he’s someone the court knows. she says hes a terrorist… so im thinking he’s wu san gui. the guy who tried to get the king drunk in the beginning. in history he tried to rebell against the king. his wife became a nun… but in history the wife wasnt a princess. 

      it probably started out as the concubine’s plot but afterwards the guy used it to his advantage.

      • I also read in one Chinese forum that it’s wu san gui but eeeewwww pedophile…the nun was so young, WSG is so old….不会吧。。。

  • Chelsea Forest

    where’s ep29????

  • 布朗尼

    怎麼30集直接跳36集了 中間的5集去哪裏了?

    • Sf


  • Xiaopengyouyuan

    whyyyy aren’t it working!!! except ep 37!! pls pls fex it!!

  • Ai

    this drama is actually good because it doesn’t follow those love/sad story this one has suspense and its very mysterious causing me to foreshadow what’s gonna happen next and OMG kevin cheng can pair up with any female star and still look cute together

  • Shao Mei Qi

    is it working for anyone?

  • niemod

    please fixed episode 5 to 10 , cant wait to watch it !!

  • Belongs2-u

    Video no longer available!!! some of the drama are same problem!! how to watch??

  • lojhgfkoyifk

    So many TVB actors.

  • Anonymous

    Wait…so what was the thing Chun Zhu dug out of the grave? How could that have saved Han Xiang? How would Chun Zhu even know about it? Sigh…The more I think about the last few episodes, the more loose ends I find. This drama had so much potential. It was good, but it could have been spectacular!

    • Charmslk35

       Chun Zhu knew about the little statue because she once overheard 
      Han Xiang & her foster parents talking about how she’s Yi Dan’s daughter and stuff.

  • Strange

    Is Ge Tai Yi Dan’s son?? Can someone tell me?

    • Charmslk35


    • Guest

      when Ge Tai was brought to Lie Qin Wang, it was at the time Yi Dan was supposed to be married to him (or the period immediately after).  Lie Qin Wang had the energy to deal with the baby, given that he didn’t have a wife & was overwhelmed with grief ??

  • Abc

    The hong kong actor Kevin and hong kong actresses like empress dowager and royal concubine acted extremely well. the main lead actress is also natural in her acting skills. however, the ending of the story is very shallow and lack of interest. I rather stick to supporting purely tvb drama in future. The script writer for this series still has a long way to go in improving, tvb drama is still a million times better… 

  • michelleqq

    on the news people have said that this drama doesn’t make sense and it got that lowest ratings….
    i agree. 😛

    • Guest

      Please share your opinion where the drama doesn’t make sense.

      • michelleqq

        i’ve ony heard that the girl isnt supposed 2 be his sister because they’re parents were cousins or something so i’m not really sure…

      • Random93

        the story does make sense but theres just so many holes in the plot & unanswered questions that u cant help but get annoyed. i dont wanna spoil anything but if u watch the ending…it is seriously unsatisfying..completely agree with the low ratings.

  • Soh

    I really like to watch the drama, sadly my mandarin is not good, so I need a site with English subtitle.
    Any recommendation ? Thanks

  • Amy

    I’ve just started to watch this drama; episode 4 is duplicate of 1. Can someone pls fix the problem ..
    Can’t wait to watch episode 4 🙂

  • wert6y