Ti Amo Chocolate / 愛上巧克力

Ti Amo Chocolate / 愛上巧克力
Vanness Wu, Joanne Zeng, Dou Zhi Kong, Guo Shu Yao, Wang Zi, Lene Lai, Ah Ben, Bu Xue Liang, Michael Zhang, Guo Shu Yao, Ge Wei Ru, Zhou Dan Wei, Kun Lin
Broadcast Year:2012-04-10
English Subtitle:No
Vanness plays a successor of a business. His dream is to open a chocolate store and be an expert in chocolate. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Joanne is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part time work. One day, she ends up working for Vanness and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.
  • cheynick

    Hi Subbers, when are you going to have this completed with english subs.  Thanks for all you hard work.

  • Alice


  • lol

    zheng jun can just go eat shit.

  • Steph

    wonderful drama

  • please subbers,when will you sub this drama??thanks for all your hard effort

  • i <3 this show very much

  • the end is very nice

  • i <3 this show

  • you99

    趙海峰 man he’s pretty good 

  • 007 Fan

    Actor Dou Zhi Kong as Lu Zheng Ting in this drama (he comes on the scene in episode 8) will sweep you off your feet and keep you wanting for more of him as the drama continues.
    His story is more interesting than the main leads.
    Even after the drama ends, viewers still want more of him!!!

    • Stacey


    • Rhonda Bricken

      You are so right!!!!!!

  • annie ooi

    good  to  see

  • Fluffyteddybear

    I miss Joanne Zeng and Vanness Wu together! 

  • Amandafoster33


  • Fluffyteddybear

    Joanne kissed Yao Yao on the lips! I can’t stand the fact!

  • Cocktail_dc

    english subs please 🙂

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  • Swtpanda Real28

    PLease english sub <3 pls pls pls pls

  • rocky

    The 1st 40 episodes are subbed on dramacrazy

  • why im watching this long period drama?u know what because of Lu Zheng Ting & Hong Xi Rui,,i barely wanna know how they will be ended..XDD

  • Mymelody

    Love it…

  • eng sub please……………

  • lolhi

    this is a great drama and all but like i feel like the ending was very rushed. they should have showed 007 and xi hui’s wedding and also jia hua and xi en’s child. wang zi should have gone back from the south instead of letting him disappear and not come back episodes before the drama ends.. 

  • Fluffyteddybear

    Does anyone feel like Joanne and Vanness act so realistic in the drama? Who thinks they’d make a good couple?

    • Lin44

      I agree with you, I love their chemistry! I used to love Joanne with Gino when I first became a fan of hers several years ago, but now I love her with Vanness the most! =D

  • 7Hui

    I’m watching because of 007 and Xihui. 🙂 

  • Xi_zhuan

    feel like lu zhen ting and hong xi hui is the main cast..

  • 007/Xi Hui

    Admittedly, I think, like most of the us here, I ended up rooting for Lu Zheng Ting and Hong Xi Hui…. at first, I was totally like, okay… those two (Chocolate and Xi En) are the main couple. Okay. They don’t look too bad, quite cute….annnnd then they introduced 007 and Xi Hui and it was done. Like sealed deal. From that moment on, I LIVED for any moments in the episodes with them in it. I wish it was longer or if they made a sequel or something. It’s unsatisfying for me since I want more 007/Xi Hui. Their story and relationship is so much more interesting (and fun to watch).

  • Bone

    I’m from Brazil, would be asking too much.
    Portuguese subs? : D

  • Choonin

    english subs plssss

  • friska

    indonesian subs please..

  • kiera baffenie

    im from korea

    • Stay Happy


  • Lin44

    I love this drama for the most part but hated the ending, too much focus on Xi Hui & her relationship with her boss in the last ep, and too little of Vanness & Joanne. I started watching this drama for Vanness & Joanne and they are still the main reason I watch this till the end, I have no interest in Xi Hui & her boss relationship so it’s very disappointing that the last ep was mainly about them. Vanness & Joanne are the main couple and the leads so they should’ve had more screentime in the last ep.
    I think overall the writing is good and this drama is interesting for the most part, except for the last ep sucked. Besides that, I love the chemistry between Vanness & Joanne, they make a really cute couple!