Summer Fever / 戀夏38℃

Summer Fever / 戀夏38℃
George Hu, Wu Ying Jie, Wang Rui, Yuan Xin Yu, Jay Shih, Yang Zi Shan, Lin Zong Ren, Lin Mei Zhao, Zhang Xiu Qing, Akio Chen
Broadcast Year:2012-10-31
English Subtitle:No
Lin Ming Kuan lost faith in love after his crush, Li Jing, left Kinmen and never to be heard from again. Yet love arrived back in his life ten years later when Li Jing returned to the island, and with her was pianist Chen Wen Qing. Jing wanted for them to be back together, but he grew close to Qing instead. His friend Sha Chong, on the hand, tried for Jing's affection. In the mean time, Ya Zi was love sick over Sha Chong. And Xu Lei loved Qing's frankness. All their internal turmoils was eventually brought to light by an car accident.
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    GUI GUI <3

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    Title: 戀夏38℃ / Lian Xia 38℃

    English title: Summer Fever

    Broadcast period: October 31, 2012 to ??

    Air time: Monday to Thursday 22:00-23:00

    The Cast:

    George Hu role as Lin Ming Kuan 林明寬
    Wu Ying Jie role as Chen Wen Qing 陳文青 / Chen Tian Qing 陳天晴
    Wang Rui (王睿) role as Xu Lei
    Yuan Xin Yu (苑新雨) role as Li Jing
    Jay Shih role as ??
    Yang Zi Shan (楊子姍) role as ??
    Lin Zong Ren (林宗仁/茂伯) role as Uncle Hui 阿輝伯
    Lin Mei Zhao (林美照) role as Mrs. Hui
    Zhang Xiu Qing (張秀卿) role as Sha Chong’s mother 沙蟲媽媽
    Akio Chen role as Sha Chong’s father 沙蟲爸爸

    Jia Xin Hui (賈欣惠) role as ??
    Wu Rui Zhen (吳芮甄) role as ??

    It is a TV adaptation of the 2009 movie Summer Times


    曲別: 片頭曲  – 歌名: ??   – 演唱者: ?? – 作詞:  ??   – 作曲: ??

    曲別: 片頭曲  – 歌名: 夏天的味道 – 演唱者: 吳映潔 (鬼鬼)  – 作詞: 黃朝亮 – 作曲: ??

    Credit goes to : Chinese Wikipedia keyword is 戀夏38℃ and Drama Wiki

  • can’t wait to watch summer fever <3

  • the trailer is very nice and the story is interesting… hope it will be a happy ending <3 george and gui <3

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    Can’t wait for this !
    Quick soooon AHHHH.
    Can’t wait.
    Love GUIGUI so much <3

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    Guigui and george are soo cute together <33 I love GuiGui with the other guy too heheh 

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    Like Annie Chen better…

    • then don’t watch this drama lor…Gui Gui is better for me!

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      then you should watch her drama with george thats airing tomorrow. should be good too…but i’m a major guigui fan so i’m so pumped for this drama

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      I don’t see the point of your comment. Regardless of how the internet is suppose to be a place for freedom of speech sometimes people just can’t seem to understand what freedom of speech entitles them and sprout the most nonsensical comments or even just useless ones like yours.

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      I think you are an ugly, fat, disguisting girl who is jealous and can’t see it in yourself. ahaha

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    i hope it’s not a melodrama

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      but it sounds like a melodrama haha

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        that’s right .. it’s reallyy seems like a mellodrama .. and maek me feel so nervous for every eps .. ><

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    the main actor and actress is very matching…good pair

    when will this drama start ?

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    oh my god, oh my god guys!! ITS TOMORROW!! ITS TOMORROW!! so excited. can’t wait to see gui gui and george together!!! whats even better is that its airing 4 days a week!! wooh!! so pumped!!

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    omg the drama seems so sad from the preview 🙁 does gui gui die? 

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      yes and no. Guigui has a role of twins. So yes, one died. And no, the other didn’t. 

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    does it air everyday?

    • nope i think its only airs each week from Monday to Thursday!

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    is anyone going to do the english subtitles please???

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  • Thanks for episodes 1 and 2 of the TWdrama Summer Fever and i like to thanks for your support with you.

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  • Is anyone subbing this drama? I’ve been searching for it, but can’t find it anywhere. If there is one, please let me know. 

  • ep 3 where are you ? xD

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    for those that are waiting… can go youtube watch ep 6 preview if u have not..

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    • I couldn’t find it !!! 🙁


    Guigui singing and acting getting better! <3 Guigui and George Hu <3

  • guigui is getting prettier and prettier <3

  • I want in English subs for the TWdrama Summer Fever on D-Addicts. I hope that they subbed on it.

  • Thanks for this episode, that they love it.

  • ep 7?

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    • ep 7 is going to be out on Monday. This drama airs every mon-thurs! 🙂


    Waiting for Ep 7 !! ^^

  • why ep7 haven’t air yet? 
    This drama airs every mon-thurs! 🙂 what the means ??

    • It’s air on Monday to Thursday ,  10pm-11pm. And ep 7 air on Monday. Please at least give the uploaders time to upload the drama.

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  •  why i cant watch ep 13??

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    George is so talented and good looking in both this drama and “Love, Now”. Guigui is cute and good acting too. Keep-up with the good work, George. Just LOVE both of his new dramas.

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      I love the show ” Love, Now” because George and Annie have very good chemistry and looks .  I have not started this show yet  . Is it worth watching? Pls comment , viewers 

      • u really should watch this drama! you won’t regret it! it not only focuses on the romance between gui gui and george but also family relationships and friendships! definitely a drama that is worth-watching! love the chemistry between Gui Gui and George! ^^

  • Please add English subs for this TWdrama Summer Fever and i want to subbed on it.

  • You have to watch this TWdrama so they can’t focus on it.

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  • go on youtube it is there

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  • I want in English subs for the TWdrama Summer Fever, i want to subbed on it.

  • Thanks for this episode, i’m sure that they watched for it.

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    I absolutely love this drama!! Gui Gui and George Hu have perfect chemistry and I can’t get over how cute they are!!! <3 

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    I’m scared to keep watching this drama because the more I love it now, the sadder I’ll be towards the end. Huhu : (

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    how episode are there?

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    It 30ep…

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    I wish there was eng sub!!!!

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    does anyone know what 小青 illness is in english

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      It’s called Lupus.

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        wow… it’s interesting to know that dramas nowadays use different illnesses then the typical cancer. and I have lupus too! it’s a scary part of life… 

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       Monday to Thursday

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    what does he ending of this mean….does it mean he goes with xiao qing little sister at the end or what

    • Tonio Smart

      Yes!! The older sick twin’s letter says she is returning his love back to her sister, whom he met first when they were kids at her house front gate. 3 years later they start a relationship. In the original movie version, the younger twins tells A Quan thaat she was in love with also. :>)

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    So the female lead dies, what illness does she die of 

    • Rina

      Systemic lupus erythematosus

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    they could have a better ending.

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    why cant xu le be with the younger sister instead of Lee Jin, i mean seriously, Lee Jin should go die in a hole and maybe fuck herself. Yes, I know, she somehow became good and helpful and all those shit, but still I don’t really like her that much. And i thihnk Ah Kung should be Xiao Qing’s always, and forever. 
    for some reason i actually think xu le looks REALLY cute with Xiao Qing’s sister <3

    just a thought. 

    • OMG I KNOW ah kuan should just be with xiao qing like ONLY her and not her sister -____- 

      I want xu lei to be with xiao qing’s sister too!! 

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    best drama of the year ! 🙂

  • watching this show because of the comments at the bottom.. the beginning eps are really boring..hope it gets better

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    I really think that this drama was really great. Touching & very sweet love. But even if they based this drama off of “Summer Times” and copied the exact ending… they should’ve went the opposite direction. The director had the ability to change the ending, but he/she didn’t. D: I didn’t want Xiao Qing to die… It was supposed to be forever love with Ah Kuan and Xiao Qing! I also kinda felt like Tian Qing was betraying her sister a little. /: She took her lover Ah Kuan! WAAAAAHH. Or in the beginning, I wished Xu Lei or Tian Qing told everyone. That might’ve changed the ending. & I agree with everyone else who thinks that Tian Qing should’ve ended up with Xu Lei. LOL. It just looks right that way. Last thing, I wish that this drama was like “I Love You So Much”. They had a poll where you could choose who the female main lead would end up with. The one with the highest percentage gets to end up with the female lead! (:

    • same I really dislike the ending 🙁 I actually rather they copied the exact ending of ‘Summer Times’ because in the movie ah kuan doesn’t end up with the twin sister… I think if Ah Kuan ends up alone it’ll stay more true to himself since he claims his love for Xiao Qing is ‘everlasting’ and ‘forever’… 

      YEAH! if SOMEONE just told ah kuan xiao qing was in hospital that would’ve been better cause then at least ah kuan could accompany xiao qing through her last days 🙁 

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    真的沒有所謂的永遠。三年就moved on..

    • I KNOW…. I remember the scene where Ah Kuan says his love for Xiao Qing is forever and everlasting and Tian Qing asks “Even if there was a person that looked exactly like me?” and Ah Kuan says “Of course I’ll only love you”…. but just 3 years and he’s moved on…..

  • Summer Fever

    The ending looks like the person Ah Kuan really loves is Tian Qing, Not Wen Qing. Cox during their young times, the ending shows that the girl Ah Kuan first met and liked is Tian Qing.
    In the last letter that Wen Qing wrote to Ah Kuan is saying that she RETURNING his love to Tian Qing. That means the girl he met when he was younger was actually Tian Qing, not Wen Qing and Wen Qing knew about it and still went ahead to fall in love with him. So in fact, Ah Kuan and Tian Qing didn’t betray Wen Qing as they did know and like each other when they are young already. Is just that Wen Qing came into the picture. So I wld say the ending is a happy one still. Since the right people are finally together and Wen Qing did get to spend her last part of her life with Ah Kuan.

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      yeah you are right.. it’s a happy ending <3

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    What happen to episodes 20 & 21 🙁

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    It is such a great story but the ending is disappointing , I really wanna know who do ah kuan really loves is it xaoi qing or tian qing. Does ah kuan loves xaoi qing all because he thought xaoi qing was the girl he met in his childhood. Does ah kuan and xaoi qings love actually exists? The ending makes me sad , I have an complex feeling about all the mistakes that was made at the very start. its just makes me very sad , it feels like its all a lie and wrong/ mistake at the beginning. I know love has no right or wrong but I don’t the ending at all , it just make as an audience feel like its was all a dream and the last few episode when ah kuan was with tian qing was actually the real moment of TRUE love so it just so sad , grief,sombre and Wu nai towards this love story. 🙁

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    This drama is so awesome that i literally watched all 30 episodes at one go hahah. From like 7/8PM till 10AM. XD Didnt really like the ending but this show made me cry a lot. RECOMMENDS THIS SHOW 😀

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    All times favourite